Pomona coach Johnny Brown resigns; regretfully

Pomona High School football coach Johnny Brown helped turned the Red Devils program around this season, guiding them to a 6-4 record. But Brown resigned from his post on Friday after learning that school officials are searching for a new head coach and have interviewed candidates without notifying him of their intentions, Brown claims. To continue reading, click thread

“At this time I am very dissatisfied in the relationship with the athletic department and the administration at Pomona. It was brought to my attention by several of my student-athletes that before the winter break the administration and athletic department began a new search for a head varsity football coach,” Brown wrote in his resignation letter. “As a Pomona High School alumni and eight year employee of the Pomona Unified School District, the embarrassment of this is tremendous with my peers and in the community. I was selected to be the 2009-2010 head varsity football coach with the confidence and partnership of the athletic department and administration at Pomona based on my coaching resume. Along with a great season, two student-athletes received football scholarships to the University of Texas El Paso and Eastern Michigan University.”

Brown was a longtime walk-on defensive coordinator at Pomona who graduated at the school in 1987, and who had been coaching there off and on since 1995. He said he understood if the school needed to hire a coach with a teaching position, but he wishes they would have handled it better.

“I was perfectly fine being the defensive coordinator here,” Brown said. “That’s all I really wanted to do. They asked me if I wanted to be the head coach, and I thought it would be a great opportunity and I thought we did a lot with the kids. Now, I have all the regrets in the world, I go from the head coach to nothing when everything was perfectly fine before they hired me.”

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  • phs does it again!

    Once again the Pomona High School aborts any chance of continuity within’ its program. It seems like every time Pomona High gets someone in there to coach the football team that really cares, they find a way to screw it up. Johnny Brown was the perfect fit for the Red Devils. The new administration thinks that they are going to walk in and make Pomona High the Chino Hills and Warren of the valley; isn’t that correct Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Biagioni. Hey, I hear Monger is available why not offer him the job. How about Redlands, Jim Walker, heck wasn’t he the head coach for Pomona for one year and realized what he was up against.

    Since the one coach that took them to the semi’s and back to back league championships, Pomona can’t seem to keep someone.

    Administration, you guys messed this one up again!


    First of all it’s important to understand the ramifications for the student- athletes. I am not aware of all of the reasons or problems but I do know that JB was great for those kids. He trully cares about them and as an alumni I think the administration needs to try and reach out to coach brown and kkep him there. People don’t know this but he is probably responsible for 40 kids getting scholarships over the years from the LA area OC and the IE. the guy is a class act and this is just awful.

  • The Know

    Get ready for Anthony Rice from Colony. Word is he is the guy they want and he is being forced out at Colony. Rice was already speaking with school offials before the X mas break. Funny thing for Rice is that with less talent at pomona than colony his coaching will be exposed.

  • Pomona is Stupid

    It’s sad to see that Pomona High School could screw one of their own the way they did. Johnny Brown has given over half of his life to that school. He’s been a role model to thousands of kids over the years both at Pomona, and the surrounding communities. If Pomona High will backstab a loyalist like JB the way they did, who the hell would want that job?

    Great job Admin., you chased off a great coach, mentor, friend, and man! No doubt that JB will land on his feet.

  • to The Know

    I tend to agree with you about Rice being forced out of Colony. Explain one thing to me, He has two CIF rings, league titles, but can’t land a job better than Colony. He applied to Riverside North, Rancho Cucamonga when it opened a few years ago and Santiago. What gives? Now Pomona. I give it two years at best.

  • C’mon

    We’re going from Johnny Brown to Anthony Rice?? I know for a fact Rice can’t coach. Colony is getting rid of the guy for a reason. He has two rings, but even Robledo could have coached those players to success. The Pomona program was headed in the right direction. The kids responded very well to coach Brown. If it is Rice, expect him to bring some of his thug coaches with him. Our kids will not be in good hands. He will try to bring players to, but mark my words CIF will be notified.

  • Bring Back Big John Crapola

    All this drama for Pomona, since when. How about bringing back Big John Crapola. Man is a great coach. If you don’t believe me just ask him. He’ll tell you how great a coach he is. Been pushing for the Damien job for years and keeps getting passed over. Man’s a winner in my book.

  • CIF rule

    A player can’t follow his coach per CIF, this even overrides the one time freshmen transfer rule. The kids from Colony can transfer out but the one school they can’t transfer to is Pomona if that is where Rice ends up.

  • I guess from the inside (administration) out (effect they have on the student athletes with their decision making) I am starting to understand why Pomona has become the armpit of the San Gabriel Valley as far as athletics is concerned. Crazy stuff!!! Down with P-Town here’s to continued years of losing thanks to their dumba55 administration…. sounds like a mess

  • One foot in one foot out

    Lets see that’s four coaches in six years. The last two leaving after posting identical 6-4 records and just missing the playoffs. Before the last two years Pomona had not been ranked in the CIF polls for a decade yet got into the top five the last two. No playoffs since 2003. Did not have a winning record since 2002 and you blow out Cayer and Brown who turned this all around and put Pomona back on the map, when before the red devils were as relevant as Ganesha.
    I’m sure Fasting, Biagioni and Sweeney have to be proud of what they’ve done.
    Kids were getting scholarships, school climate had improved. Now what.
    Good Luck Rice. You will need it with these guys in charge.

  • TRUTH is

    Truth is everything worked into Mr.Sweeney’s favor
    If people don’t know this is the same Sweeney that applied for
    The same head coaching job as Caparo did but lost out
    Now he has the main spot in which he hired his partner
    Anthony Rice who was trying to get out of Colony for the past few
    Which puts Anthony Rice into a win win situation
    For example if Pomona makes it to CIF in the next couple of years
    Rice and Sweeney both know that Rice will get a big time offer
    From a big time school and he walks away
    But if he does not perform well and Pomona goes downhill it wouldn’t
    Really make a difference because they’re excuse will be Pomona
    Wasn’t good from the get go !!!

    Pomona Admin you will be sorry that you let a great coach like
    Johnny Brown go

    P.S. Ask Coach Rice who really helped his former players get D1

  • Two Paths, the High Road and the Low Road, you decide

    Why can’t coaches take the high road anymore? I understand it’s tough to get fired. No one likes the feeling of rejection and humiliation but that’s when character, integrity and humility take over. Take a lesson from Mark Verti. When he was forced out by pressure from every direction he resigned and fell on his sword because he loved his alma mater. If class was a prerequisite for life than Mark will live a long and happy one. Ironically Mark did okay for himself as he added a Championship Ring to his coaching resume as a part of the Upland’s coaching staff this year.

    Coach Brown, I do understand your frsutation but learn from that other coach from Duarte who gutted a program he helped built, destroyed all his goodwill and ultimately hurt those he loved most, his players because he couldn’t control his emotions, our his mouth.

    Pomona could do worse than to get Coach Rice, if that’s the choice, who has a fine resume himself. I am not privy to any goings on at Colony but I have read glowing articles of his work ethic and production. His players move on, he wins and he wins often.

    If the choice is to lash out like Crutchfield or throw yourself on your sword like Verti than there is no real choice at all. What would any coach ask of a player who was cut/or asked to leave the team: support the school, don’t spread rumors and move on.

    Maybe those values are what humble even Verti’s strongest detractors. He just wasn’t ready for the Amat job but he was a great example for anyone who loses his dream job…hold your head up high and walk away a winner instead of a whiner.

    Verti can walk on Amat’s campus and people will still greet him with “Hey Coach” , I wonder what people would say to Crutchfield on Duarte’s campus, might go something like this…”And we trusted you? %%$@^&^ What are you doing here?”

  • LA Football


    You should start up a new tread on all the Head Coaching position that are open. I been hearing a lot out of LA. Garcia started looking through the application, but wasn’t pleased with what he found. He started making phone calls, and I mean phone callSSSSSSS. The school district isn’t giving the LA football program any special treatment. Basicly this head coaching jobs comes with non-teaching status (aka off campus coach). That can work at schools like Long Beach Poly, but LA isn’t a Long Beach Poly.

  • Tech Support

    Two Roads,

    Maybe had Coach Brown been actually TOLD they were “going in a different direction” he would have pulled the Verti and resigned (or moved back to D Coordinator which seems to be all he ever wanted). But the fact is they started a job search before the job was open. Does Paul Allen run the Pomona Athletic Department too or something?


    Well, prepare yourselves for a VERY long comment… Let me start by saying that there are two (2) VERY good people in the middle of this debacle, Johnny Brown and Anthony Rice… I know both of these guys to be competent FB coaches and EVEN better people.

    Now, for the meat and potatoes. I have to acquiesce that the PHS administration erred in how they dealt with this situation as they have essentially pitted two VERY good friends against one another. Johnny Brown is arguably the best defensive mind this side of the 110 Freeway… I have watched him grow as a person and a coach… He puts his heart and soul into what he does as he did this season and every other season before. Brown will undoubtedly land on his feet because his reputation is stellar… There is not a classier guy and no doubt, JB would have won more games than he lost at PHS…

    Anthony Rice on the other side is the same. He spends his own money to help his kids get out and he will enlist the help of people outside of Colony to help as well. There is no harm in doing this, as it is truly about the kids… Right? He has won two (2) CIF Championships and been to the playoffs every year as a first time HC… No easy task… Try motivating and pushing kids through a 14 game season. Once again, no easy task…

    Contrary to popular belief, there have been NO clandestine meetings between Rice and the PHS administration… Now, for arguments sake, let’s say Rice were to come back to Pomona Unified School District, notice I did not mention PHS, it would not be JUST to coach FB… I know that he has aspirations of getting into administration and superintendant level admin… Without a doubt, the track is faster in PUSD than in Chaffey Joint Union… I will not and cannot blame him for being upwardly mobile…

    In closing, in the end, it is STILL about the kids…

  • ST G54


    Lack of professionalism over @ PHS..


    I can’t stop laughing “Colony” Rice can’t coach!!! What a joke for someone to even say that.Even if you take away the CIF championships understand this..His athletes get better every game.I know this for a fact because we have had the opportunity to play them every year and watch his team on film. Personally, I think hes a pretty good coach and does a good job with his kids. Now, lets talk about him leaving Colony!
    I have heard bits and pieces of whats goin on but, we here this every year with Rice. Around December thru Febuary this guy entertains these blogs for all that can be entertained “Rice is Leaving Colony”. I think its hilarious how we all bite at the bit when we talk about him leaving Colony High School.Is Colony a power house program? NO!Is Colony better than a Upland or a Claremont? NO!Is it even one of the TOP ten programs according to coaches in the area? NO! So why give it that much PRESS. So as the Rumor keeps poppin in on all the Blogs, keep this in mine he’s not a Pete Carol so why do we treat him like one. Leave it alone and who cares where he goes. If its Colony, Pomona, or where ever!!

  • kjh


    Is it really about the kids?

  • Area Coach

    First of all, JB may be a good coach but he is an off campus coach. PHS football is a diamond in the rough. Many area coaches know this. They haven’t had a “Great Staff” there in a long time. Maybe one good head coach with no help or 1 good coordinator with a bunch of “wristband wearing and spatt it up coaches.” I know of at least a hand full of coaches with credentials that are interested in that job. So, JB didn’t have a shot anyways. Admin at PHS would have to be idiots not to try and get their head coach on campus. I find it hard to believe they were scared to talk to JB about that. I’m sure JB would understand. It sounds to me like the admin at PHS aren’t satisfied with a 6 – 4 football team that lost to Garey and did not make the playoffs. If they would of talked to JB the day after the last game, JB would of been upset about that too. Grow up and welcome to highschool football.

  • Bob

    Can anyone give me a list of the open High School Head Football coaching jobs in the area???

  • Two Paths, the High Road and the Low Road, you decide

    You are the biggest sellout in POMONA! You are a basketball guy & you have no clue about football. How could you speak on behalf of jb when you stabbed him in the back? But thats your long time friend right? There has been inside information leaking about you being the brains behind the move at pomona and you have been quoted saying “Sweeny!man you know I can get RICE and JB here together,Aww Sweeny JB said he really didnt want to be the head man but JB’s my guy I can get him to be the DC don’t worrie about it I go it under control?


  • Coaches-Coach

    Pomona has had it share of problems both on and off the field since the early 80’s. The drugs and gang issues have force good families to up root and move or visit their boys in jail or rehab facilities. Coach Brown has survived all of that and still gives back to the community. His father was a great man in the community. So Coach John Brown had that same work ethic for Pomona.

    I know parents that would not send their children to Pomona if it were not for Coach Brown.

    Coach Brown wanted to continue the long history of outstanding student athletes. All on his watch, there are numerous scholarship athletes in college, providing for ther families, avoid the gang issues and becoming a contributor to society.

    “Winning a trophy but losing the greater prize is too high a price to pay”
    -Mike Singletary

    We need the Pomona Alumni (JoJo Collins, Jimmy Brown, Tank Collins, JJ. Flanagain,Husain Abdullah, Johnny McWilliams,Lamar Grey, Reggie Gatis, Shane Mosely,Delanie Walker,Greg Hoyd, Leonard Huddson, Leroy Johnson) to call or write these administrators and ask why would they want to make a change like this. If it is the walk-on coaching problem, Long Beach Poly high school has a walk-on coach. So it can be done…….

    Bring Coach Brown Back!!!!

  • Coaches-Coach

    Pomona has had it share of problems both on and off the field since the early 80’s. The drugs and gang issues have force good families to up root and move or visit their boys in jail or rehab facilities. Coach Brown has survived all of that and still gives back to the community. His father was a great man in the community. So Coach John Brown had that same work ethic for Pomona.

    I know parents that would not send their children to Pomona if it were not for Coach Brown.

    Coach Brown wanted to continue the long history of outstanding student athletes. All on his watch, there are numerous scholarship athletes in college, providing for ther families, avoid the gang issues and becoming a contributor to society.

    “Winning a trophy but losing the greater prize is too high a price to pay”
    -Mike Singletary

    We need the Pomona Alumni (JoJo Collins, Jimmy Brown, Tank Collins, JJ. Flanagain,Husain Abdullah, Johnny McWilliams,Lamar Grey, Reggie Gatis, Shane Mosely,Delanie Walker,Greg Hoyd, Leonard Huddson, Leroy Johnson) to call or write these administrators and ask why would they want to make a change like this. If it is the walk-on coaching problem, Long Beach Poly high school has a walk-on coach. So it can be done…….

    Bring Coach Brown Back!!!!

  • Michael R. Victor

    @ Two Paths,

    I see you have taken the LOW road so I will join you. First, calling me a SELLOUT WILL GET YOU HURT… Please believe that… Now, I have had NO contact with Sweeney or ANY other Pomona administrator since about a week or so after the season… I HAVE always been supportive of Johnny and his endeavors and will continue to do so inspite of all this negative rhetoric. If you really know, then you would know that he and I have an ENTIRELY different issue… We have been friends for OVER 30 years and we WILL resolve whatever issue we have amongst one another, not on this blog…

    I NEVER approached Sweeney and much of what SUPPOSEDLY has been done was done unbeknownst to me, Michael Victor… What Sweeney and those guys have done is DEAD wrong… I know it all too well… More than anything, if you are going to slander my name, make sure your facts are in order. Furthermore, I am a basketball guy that loves football… That lets me know you some of your facts straight… However, if you call me any other name and slander me further, just put your name out there as you have mine because I AM REALLY FROM POMONA AND I AM REALLY READY FOR WHATEVER SO IF YOU ARE NOT, DON’T PLAY A GROWN MAN’S GAME ON A MESSAGE BOARD. I’LL GIVE YOU CHANCE TO MAN UP, HIT ME AT michaelvictor163@gmail.com. From there, we CAN REALLY DIALOGUE…

  • HAHA

    John Brown is a good coach!

    But C’mon you mad me laugh with this comment

    “Robledo could have coached those players to success”

    That is not true Robledo is an idiot and knows nothing about sports. Have you seen the guy he never played sports, that body type is only found in dough-nut shops. He writes for crap too!

  • The Know

    Two things:

    1. Sources say Anthony Rice will be announced as early as this week. (how can they do that with out flying it?)

    2. Sources say Johnny Brown is taking his services and joining Crutch at “West Pomona” aka Baldwin Park. James Heggins likes getting all those guys to transfer. Look for Answorth the fr. from covina to transfer over now. The door is open……..

  • Observer

    Well I don’t know anything except that Jonny Brown did a good job filling in when Pomona needed a head coach. He did a lot of things at Pomona that other coaches couldn’t have done. There are a lot of behind the scenes that he did well.

    As well as this Victor guy, he is know for going around and trying to steal kids promoting D1 scholarships. I don’t know if the guys can coach or not but I will say that I don’t think the Strength of the Pomona staff was fundamental coaching, but rather getting the kids out to practice and games. I think other coaches could do a better job with fundamentals but may not have been able to get the kids out and keep them out, which was Jonny’s strength.

  • Michael Victor

    @ Observer,

    Trying to steal kids? Wow!!! I have been accused of quite a bit but tampering with kids is NEW to me… Get your facts straight, kids and parents approach me, not the other way around. I have ALWAYS encouraged kids to STAY at their home school… I would love for EVERYONE on her to stop posting anonymously and use their REAL name/moniker because I am SURE I know less than half of the posters on this board… Johnny is GREAT coach and he is FAR more knowledgeable than most of you care to know… Getting kids out to practice and games is NOT the problem… In the words of Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson), “If you’ve never been to the hood, don’t come to the hood…” But when you do, have your facts together…

    Michael R. Victor I

  • HAHA

    Michael Victor is a clown!!!

  • Dumbo

    About the only thing Victor is good at is Name dropping. Sorry Victor, go hang out with Snoop Dogg (AKA ????) I’m sure you know though. Go buy some more Pomona kids D1 scholarships.

  • for the kids

    Mike Victor,

    Seems to me that people are becoming unhappy when parents pay you to get their kids schoalships and you don’t produce. Isn’t that why the problems are beginning?

  • Hello

    Why would Rice leave Colony to go to Pomona??? Hello… The guy has a college degree, he’s not stupid.

  • YOUNOWHO!!!!

    Hey Mike Victor,


    Now What????

  • Michael Victor

    Ok, Dumbo, for the kids and unowho, do we really have to go there? I am done responding to guys who can’t even MAN up and post under their real names… Problems? Nah, Bro, I am batting a 1,000 this year… Name dropping? Whatever… Sellout??? Now what??? I don’t shadow box so if you can’t post under your name, please kool out with the disrespectful lingo because you wouldn’t say it to my face… Also, I am tired of reading through all of your misspelling and typos, proofread your stuff, dummies…

  • Owl

    Batting 1000 huh??? How did you get that average, from the money you took from all the D1 kids you were suppose to have. How much did Pete Carroll charge you???? How about Urban Myer??? Lloyd Carr??? Whatever you telling kids they got to pay from a D1 scholarship was a joke. Too bad for the kids. How much did Eastern Michigan cost??? Well they didn’t win a game so who really cares.

    Are we “Kooled Out” enough for you.

    P.S. Sorry I didn’t drop any names and allias’ for you.

  • YOUNOWHO!!!!

    Hey Mike,

    Let’s see how bad you really are. Name the time and place b*tch!

  • Observer

    This will be great. M. Victor (probably will show with an Entourage with all his name dropping) Who will be in it….? Roddy Layton, Ice Cube, EasyE (oh he is dead) Snoop Dogg. Who knows vs. YouKnowWho

    Fred you gotta cover this one.

    Possible Venues:

    Chilis West Covina: That is where many coaches love to hang after the game.

    BJs in West Covina: Too Crowded

    TGIF West Covina: Also Crowded

    Apple Bees San Dimas: Another Favorite Spot

    T- Philips La Verne or Glendora: Good Location and food.

  • Vince

    Hey you have never been to the hood, and why you don’t answer your E-MAIL SELL-OUT. And why you don’t call J.B. back he E-mailed you and I used my real name and i’m at pomona HS everyday.

  • WWE

    Hey Guys:

    How about we do a comparison of Mike Victor and the Scouting Guru? This should be interesting to see what services they provide.

    MIKE VICTOR……………

    Scouting Guru…………..

    I hate to say it but, I actually think the Guru comes out ahead.

  • cole trickle

    Wow, I have been reading this post and quite honestly have all of you lost your minds. J.B. no offense, but since you have been in the coaching game as long as you have, THEN YOU KNOW THINGS LIKE THIS ARE COMMON IN HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS. As far as off campus coaches, lets see Pomona is not L.B. poly so I would tend to believe that on campus coaches would be the best thing for this program and school climate. Next, I find it extremely degrading to assimilate Pomona with lack of degrees individuals. You see when I think of Pomona of course the obvious comes to mind but I also think what a rich city in tradition.I guess i am responding to this thread because now it has become an attack on people who are there for kids whether that is J.B., school officials, Rice, Mike. Grow up, this is high school athletics, it pretty much is a business if you want to be successful. The last thing that strikes me odd also, is that not one of you have commented that if a Rice did take this job, how blessed would that be. I mean he is also a Pomona product who wants to come back to his community. He has also played at the highest level and to be quite honest with you his coaching resume is better than anyone’s at Pomona or has been at Pomona. Instead of making this all negative maybe you should spin it as a positive move for this school. J.B. you have stated you have no problem moving on, we’ll good luck but why leave in a path of destruction. This is coaching, it is a part of the business, I am one reader who is tired of reading uneducated responses by people who are either J.B’s buddies or some of his coaches. Thus, I am responding impartially because I can care less about any parties involved. It sounds to me that some of these posters are coaches for J.B. who know that there next coaching job may be difficult to get. Stop pouting and grow up. Stop tarnishing peoples names and instead show some logical proof in these blogs why J.B. should have really stayed. Prove to me an outsider what is it that makes him so perfect for the job. State your case, but as in any effective argument state it with relevant and supportive facts. Not facts you have because you and him are buddies. In fact if it is Rice, lets really look at resume’s then to prove. Let’s look at coaching records, accolades, student athletes, supporting staff, these all play a part. In fact from what I’ve heard the coaches who are interested in interviewing for this position including Rice are all certificated teachers, this would mean Pomona would get an on campus coach to further build a relationship with his players. WOW, what an odd revelation that would be “an actual teacher and a coach on the same campus” hell I must be a genius. Some of you on this post are straight hypocrites. let these grown men work out their own issues without the yes men getting involved. J.B. move on in fashion, because from what I’ve heard you haven’t been so quite either, with some of your comments about taking players with you also.lastly, I do think its also comical that an on campus guy would come on here and even say a word about all this or toward another individual. Coach your sport coach, its basketball season isn’t it. Good luck to all who have been put through this thread, it sounds as though you all need it. Whomever takes over at Pomona I also wish luck to because it seems that people who claim to be adults are to busy with their own agendas then to realize that the most important thing now is that to get the right person in that job who can mentor and guide these young men. Mike Victor keep doing what you do, a lot appreciate it, the ones that don’t are the ones that wish they could.

  • It is just too bad

    It is too bad that Rice and Victor are seen as heroes. First of all Rice only cares about the kids that are good enough to make him look good. That is why he has recruited 5-10 kids to come in every year. It is not about “kids” for him. It is about his ego and how far he can climb the ladder. Mike Victor does try to get kids into college. Very noble on his behalf. However, buying kids grades and making money off of them is pretty shady. How does Victor have a connection to BYU? I know for a fact that student athletes buy grades from Mike Victor through BYU. How a self proclaimed Pomona thug gets connected to BYU is pretty funny to me. On the bright side some of these kids have taken advantage of the opportunity and are doing well in college. While others learned the hard way that they actually had to do some work in college and they could not just buy their grades any more. Rice has had very little to do with any Colony kids going to college. Victor has done all the work. Illegally but he did do the work. The NCAA should look into Mike Victor and his connection to these students and any student from Colony who has any BYU courses on their transcripts.

  • Michael Victor

    @ Cole Trickle,

    I AM a John Brown Loyalist, contrary to EVERYTHING that has been portrayed on this blog… I really don’t think it’s sour grapes on JB’s end. There is a certain way to handle things and this situation was clearly mishandled, hence this tremendously long thread…

    @ it is just too bad:

    Grades being bought? Wow, what an accusation… Untrue… There are numerous avenues for kids to go to get their grades together… BYU has not cornered the market. I guess if I send a kid to APEX Credit Recovery, I bought those as well… There is some academic integrity left in the athletic world… Please don’t make unfounded accusations, it is not healthy…

    “Self-proclaimed Pomona Thug”, wow… Again, I have an AA, a Bachelor of Arts in History and I am currently 9 units away from completing my Masters in Education… Did I buy all of those? I grew up in Pomona and I love Pomona with ALL of my heart but as far as being a thug, nah, not even close… Having said that, I have watched some of the best athletes that my City had to offer either, one go to jail for LIFE or two, get killed in the streets so that made me resolute in my belief that there is NO LONGER room at the bottom for African-American kids. Do I cheat for them, no… Do I fight for them, yes… However, I DO know that one of the best vehicles out of the belly of the beast is athletics… Be factual in what you say, please… By the way, my name is Michael Victor, pleasure to meet you… Whoever you are…

    Now for JB and Rice, both of whom I have dialogued with… Therefore, I will not address another post from heretofore… Rice is seemingly unconcerned with what is being said on this board/blog as there is speculation every year at this time… I spoke with JB last night and cleared up the mess that this blog and the Pomona Administration created between us… For the record, JB is NOT mad at Rice… So pleae, everyone stop stirring the pot… Once school is out, I will be calling JB to further discuss this and other things but please EVERYBODY, including MYSELF STOP speaking on Rice and Brown’s behalf. These are two grown up, professional men who can speak for themselves and speak to one another when they so choose. Furthermore, much of what is being doled out is COMPLETE misinformation…

    Michael Victor

  • It is just too bad

    So Michael Victor… can you explain how a certain student athlete from Colony who can barely pass a Special Ed English class can pass Spanish I and Spanish II from BYU. The sad thing Mike is that most of Colony’s staff and all of that young man’s friends know about this. Why people have not stepped up and said something is beyond me. You know as well as I do that Colony no longer accepts those classes that you have provided. However, the NCAA Clearinghouse House does. That is a nice loop hole. You are a self proclaimed thug because, “I AM REALLY FROM POMONA AND I AM REALLY READY FOR WHATEVER SO IF YOU ARE NOT, DON’T PLAY A GROWN MAN’S GAME ON A MESSAGE BOARD. I’LL GIVE YOU CHANCE TO MAN UP, HIT ME AT…” You do have good intentions for the kids you serve, so I guess you are just the modern day Robbin Hood. Peace.

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