Girls Soccer Top Ten: Nothing changes at the top, Bishop Amat, Los Altos lead the pack

Above: Ashley Caligiuri, the daughter of U.S. Soccer hall of famer Paul Caligiuri, dribbling for the Mustangs against Ganesha.

Girls Soccer Top Ten
1. Bishop Amat (16-0-1) – With a 4-0 win over Keppel, the Lancers have now outscored opponents 63-3. League starts this week.
2. Los Altos (15-1-1) – The Conqs take on Bonita in a big league game on Thursday after a tremendous start.
3. Walnut (8-3-2) – Won four of last five, and looking like big favorites in San Antonio again.
4. St. Lucy’s (7-4-2) — After a slow, injury prone start, the Regents are back and take on Glendora on Wednesday in a big Sierra League match.
5. Charter Oak (13-2) – Only two losses, but one came down the street against San Dimas, losing 4-2 to the surging Saints.
6. Bonita (6-4-2) — Went 2-1-2 in the Claremont tournament, and beat rival San Dimas, 4-2, in their big rivalry game.
7. San Dimas (6-3-1) — Impressive on paper, 44 goals and nine against with a victory over Charter Oak in the books.
8. Glendora (5-6-3) — The Tartans’ losses have come against powerhouses, so their record doesn’t do them justice in comparison to other area teams. But how about this, they beat South Hills 2-0.
9. Sierra Vista (12-2) — Give it up to the Dons, who host Azusa today for sole possession of first place in the Montview.
10. Northview (8-4) — Vikings forward Khalalah Todd is on an incredible scoring streak, already with 28 goals through 12 games, and average of more than two a game.

Girls Soccer standings, schedules and leaders
Del Rey League
Miramonte League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
San Antonio League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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  • LA Futbol

    After getting ranked #1 and #2 in Div. IV, it will be interesting to see how Amat and LA do in their respective leagues. Amat faces tough competition from Bishop Montgomery, La Salle and St. Joe’s. The Conqs have battles with Bonita, Charter Oak and Diamond Ranch, not to mention the rivalry game with Wilson (anything can happen there!)

    Hopefully these two take care of business and remain #1/#2 for the remainder of the year. I’m marking the calendar for the Div. IV Finals in hope that it’ll be an SGV rematch!

  • LA Futbol

    Conquerors took care of business today against rival Wilson 3-0. After a sluggish first half (0-0 at the break) the Conqs dominated the last 40 minutes and earned a solid victory.

    Anyone else have any scores or updates? God knows we aren’t gonna get ’em from the Trib so let’s keep each other updated! Bonita v. Charter Oak?

  • Soccer Lvr

    FINALLY Sierra Vista’s Lady Dons made the top ten!!

    Lady Dons won against Azusa 3-1. The goal Azusa made was a penalty kick, which was so obviously not a penalty. I even have the video to back it up. Thanks Ref! Otherwise it would have been another shut out!

    SV is now #1 in the Montview league. SV is 13-2. They play Workman in a home game on Thursday.

    I really dont have anything against Bishop Amat and Los Altos. I am sure they are amazing teams. I was even thinking of taking my daughter to Bishop Amat, but I wouldnt have been able to afford the tuition. But I would like to hear about coverage from other teams.

    So I agree with LA Futbol, give us some updates.

  • 17-0-1

    Bishop Amat won today 7-0 against Mary Star of the Sea. They play Bishop Montgomery on Thursday at home. It should be a good game. Amat is now 17-0-1.

  • Soccer Lvr

    I just found out a little while ago that Sierra Vista is #1 not only in their League, but also in their division!!



    Bonita beat Charter Oak 1-0

  • diogenes

    Bonita managed to hold Charter Oak’s powerful offense to no goals in their 1-0 league opening game Tusday and takes on equally potent Los Altos Thursday at home. We should be able to detect a pattern in the Bearcats’ season. Look at their scores–0-1, 0-1, 2-1, 1-2, 0-0, 0-0, 1-2, 1-0, and 2-1 in addition to 1-0 over CO. The only variables in this string of tight, low scoring games were their 4-2 win over San Dimas and the 6-0 romp over West Covina. Defense is obviously a strength, but ball control may be another asset. However they do it, they are going to be a factor in Miramonte play. Next week’s promise of daily rain adds uncertainty to the outcome of most East Valley games.

  • diogenes

    Coach Reeder managed to clear his bench and give all his players a good shot at action with Los Altos’ 4-0 win over Bonita Thursday. Played on the Bearcats’ flawless turf field, the game was dominated by LA. Lauren Stubin scored three goals and Malasia Avery one thanks to sharp passing and aggressive play by their teammates. Next up, on what is promising to be a rainy week, are Diamond Ranch and Charter Oak, ending the first round of league play. Also on tap, a non-league tussle with South Hills.

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Tomorrow you are going to read in the paper that Northview and San Dimas played to a 2-2 tie. What you may not read is that San Dimas dominated posession of the ball, just did not execute shots well. Northview is a “pop it to you-know-who and hope for a breakaway” team. Where is the team skills in that. Lots of good passing and TEAM play by San Dimas – especially that second goal. Great game girls – keep up the excellent teamwork. Oh, and there is one person on the San Dimas team who is really trying to improve. The Coach!!!

  • 18-0-1

    AMAT!!! still undefeated! today Amat played against Bishop Montgomery and won 3-0. The lancers have only given up 3 goals all season. April Juarez led the team today with 2 goals and an assist to Miranda Joya. Jasmine Roth organized the defense and played strong keeping the shutout. The keeper Nicole Ragano made a few saves but overall had little action from the Knights offense. The Lancers played hard the enitre game and fought to win every ball. All the goals came in the second half. Keep it up Lancers!!

  • Valle Vista Fan


    You commented: “Northview is a “pop it to you-know-who and hope for a breakaway” team. Where is the team skills in that?”

    It never ceases to amaze me that San Dimas fans never give credit where credit is due. I was at the game yesterday and I saw a Northview team that came to play and a San Dimas team that was slow out of the gate, pulled it together, and then could not finish due to the defensive efforts of Northview. Remember that it was Northview who controlled the game for the first 20 minutes scoring in the second minute of the game! They also had a few cornerkick opportunities yet failed to net a goal.

    San Dimas does play a possession type game. They do have athletes that are more skilled than Northview. But what is wrong with playing to your strength? If you had the leading goal scorer in the state would you not try to get her the ball as much as possible? Trying to discredit Northview and their effort because they might not play “pretty soccer” all the time is terrible! I remember a Pomona team a few years ago that played hard, physical “ugly” soccer and won a league championship.

    But I do agree with you on one thing. Northview’s coach came in with a game plan that was executed by his players. San Dimas did not seem to have a game plan. Everyone knows how good Khalalah Todd is and yet San Dimas still was unable to shut her down. Where is the “skill” in that? Even in the second half and overtime when Northview was clearly playing a defensive game, the San Dimas coach did not change strategy and commit more players to the attack.

    So give Northview and their defense a little credit. It was not always “pretty,” but it was effective. I guess that is why Northview is ranked #8 in their CIF division and San Dimas remains unranked.

  • diogenes

    Yeah, I know, its StuPin.

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    OK. Win or lose in league lets see who gets further in the post season? The team that has one good player to stop or the team with a lot of talent and not a very good coach. San Dimas purposely did not “MARK” her because they wanted their defense to know that they trusted them. Our Freshman did an excelent job of holding her most of the time but dont worry, we learned our lesson and the next game is sure to be different.

  • LA Futbol

    Can anyone out there give any details about the CO v. DRanch game? How did 4-0 happen? Thought DR was tougher than that this year!

  • Colts Fan

    Why are Northview and San Dimas talking like they are the only one’s in the league? Covina is actually on top courtesy of their tie – who knows, maybe we upset someone and end up VVL Champs!!!!!

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