The Rosemead boys, and Sierra Vista girls soccer teams continue to be the area’s big surprises

Boys Soccer, Rosemead beats Mountain View: The championship final that wasn’t turned out to be a hotly contested battle between Rosemead and Mountain View high schools Tuesday in the Mission Valley League boys soccer opener for both teams. It stayed that way from start to finish, even after the host Panthers doubled up for a two-goal lead at the half before earning a 2-1 win.

Girls Soccer, Sierra Vista’s great year continues: The road to the Montview League girls soccer championship will run through Sierra Vista High School. Estela Diaz, Elizabeth Rivera and Lizbeth Rodriguez scored goals and the Dons took control of the league title chase with a 3-1 victory over host Azusa on Tuesday.

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  • Soccer Lvr

    It was wonderful to finally see some recognition of these young ladies’ hard work. Thank you! However, they don’t just look good on paper. They also look good on the field.

    Even though Sierra Vista Lady Dons play in the Montview League (sarcasm) they are ranked #1 in their division. I would like to hear from “Schedule” who in a previous blog said that the Lady Dons are not any good because they play in the Montview league.

    From what I am hearing is that as long as you schedule against higher level teams, it’s ok to lose to them. So if SV plays against the #1 team in the nation and SV loses, that would mean SV should be ranked higher than any other team in this area? Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t make sense to me.

    There is some misinformation here in the report. One of the goals was not made by Lizbeth Rodriguez. It was made by Daniella Flores.

    I must also say that the middle and defense also deserve some recognition, and not just SV. I see alot of names of players that make goals. How about the middle who move the ball forward? Or the defense that doesn’t let the other team score. When SV played against Alverno, the middle and defense played a HUGE part!!!

    Just by looking at the Dons’ scores against other teams you would see that the defense doesn’t let other teams score much. Out of their 12 wins, 8 of them have been shut outs.

    Jasmine Loera (Middle) alone has had 43 steals. As a sweeper she is even better. She is fast!

  • fan

    Actually, Lizbeth Rodriguez did score. She scored the penalty that made the score 3-1. It was Elizabth Rivera who did not score.

  • lame

    the mountain view high school soccer dynasty is over… especially with that sorry excuse for “coach” named javier aguiniga…

  • Soccer Lvr

    fan~ you are absolutely right. It was Lizbeth Rodriguez that scored. I got those two names confused. The girls call each other by nicknames that I sometimes forget their real names šŸ™‚

  • “lame” if you have been to any of the games for the past 3 seasons of the mountain view high school boys soccer team you would realize Javier Aguiniga rebuilt that dynasty that the previous coach left to crumble after they were disqualified from CIF for cheating. This new dynasty was built by him and his staff and if you have seen any games this year you’ll realize that that dynasty is far from over. Go watch the games and get some real insight on what the MVHS varsity soccer team is really all about.

  • lame

    please tell me your sources and where you get all these ideas from that he is even a real coach…

    i am 100% sure i know more than you on the matters of the mountain view high school soccer teams in the past 3 seasons than you do….

    unless… you are speaking in 3rd person it is actually you.. javi… that would just be sad……

    shouldn’t you be training your team to NOT lose against rosemead..

  • lame

    disqualified for cheating?.. ha.. its not as simple as it sounds… you don’t even know what happened…

    and the previous coach… was an actual COACH with a coaching license and with experience in club soccer, not some mountian view high school alumni who didn’t really ever consistently start in a varsity high school soccer game in his life and only excelled in track and field…

    the only thing he can do is get them in shape… which doesn’t take a genius to do…

    the previous coach won a CIF title in a competitive division 5 which includes top teams like oaks christian and salesian… not division 6 where everything but the final is a walk in the park….

    there is still hope for a good season this year… but good luck next year when diego, julio and fabian graduate… you’ll need it… there is some young talent with potential though…

    but i believe the lack of tactics, coaching ability, and overall knowledge of the game will keep the team from unleashing their full potential…

    at one of the 2 games i went to this past week i heard #9 telling javi what to do during the game and what changes to make… and he listened… haha.. what a joke…

    is that enough insight for you???

  • well in reference to my sources, these come from the fact that i have attended and attend every game and support the team without a question whoever the coach is. Mtn View got disqualified in 2007 for using a player that was playing outside league, which is considered illegal according to CIF. And trust me I was there, when your certified COACH told all the parents that he had nothing else to do at Mtn View since he had already won a CIF title. And as it went, he left the team the next season. Dont forget the fact that the new coaches took in a squad that had no discipline and yet were able to reach the CIF Division 5 Semifinals and a CIF title the next year, that sounds like a very productive 2 seasons to me. The fact that they were moved down to division 6 was far from their control. I think what you fail to realize is that whether or not Javier and the rest of the coaching staff have certified licenses, makes no difference to us real fans, they have regained the respect of the community and Mtn View is not known for using ineligible players but rather for sending players to college and winning CIF again. Dont forget that most high school coaches arent certified in club soccer, it is a very different world. Whether or not the program will win CIF again who knows? it did take 34 years to even win the first one of the schools history, in my opinion you sound like one of those players that was too attached to that old coach and failed to realize the program was in good hands with guys like Felipe, Juarez, and Javier. Go to college and make something of yourself, then come back and coach our Mtn View soccer team. We’ll talk then, for now either support the team or just dont go to the games, its people like you that put down our kids from the stands making remarks of the game as if it was that easy to be a successful coach. GO VIKINGS

  • lame

    Mountian View did not get disqualified in 2007, They forfeited. After they lost the game, not before, Azusa’s principal went to talk to Mountain View’s principal Sandra Stevens. He told her they fielded an ineligible player. Without any proof of what happened, she called CIF and forfeit. If she would have investigated further she would have found that multiple players in Azusa’s team were in the same talent search program that the Mountain View player was in.. Including standout player Eddie Gutierrez who went on to play for Citrus College, you can even look it up. Who wouldn’t leave if there is so much lack of support from the own school’s administrators??? I would leave too. Both CIF championship years they didn’t really care about the team especially in 05. Once they won it, all the principals and administrators are in a hurry to get lined up to measure their finger for the ring. With the exception of few that actually did care about the team.

    I do support the team and I want whats best for them. I’m just stating my opinion. The only thing that coaching staff has to offer is as you said discipline.. and fitness. If you go to all the games like you say you do, did you or did you not hear #9 telling the coaches what to do during the game at Rosemead?? To me thats unacceptable. The players should play what they are TOLD to play. After all, you speak of the DISCIPLINE he brought to that team right??? Well guess what, he can only scare the kids so much with not playing if they don’t listen. The good players past and present have realized his lack of knowledge when it comes to teaching them skills, tactics, formations etc. To have discipline you have to have RESPECT. Who’s gonna respect a coach that knows less about the game than some of the players??
    Did you go to Hesperia semi final in 08?? What coach in their right mind throws in the 3rd goalkeeper/football player as center forward in a game like that?? And he did it again in another CIF game that year also.. Why?? When there is so many FIELD players to choose from on the bench..

    You say he took a squad with no discipline and took them that far? The talented players that it took to go that far were already there, and believe me there wasn’t as much discipline as you think. You can ask any players from that team last years team and this team.. come back and let me know how many think hes a good coach.

    Yeah not all high school coaches are “certified”, but from what i know from friends about the other schools is that the BEST programs do have coaches like that.

    Go to college?.. Just because i’m from El Monte doesn’t mean i don’t go to college Haha. Don’t worry about me. I do go, and i don’t see the need to bring up a totally unrelated subject. Just to TRY to make me look bad.. i’m guessing?..

    See you in the stands.. hahahaha

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