San Dimas’ Mike Regan named NFHS baseball coach of the year after Saints Div. IV title run

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
San Dimas High School baseball coach Mike Regan knew he had been nominated for a National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) award.
But he was floored earlier this week after receiving a letter from the NFHS which said he was selected 2009 West Sectional Coach of the Year for baseball after leading the Saints to the CIF-Southern Section Division IV title with a 4-2 victory over Torrance in June. It was the school’s first section title since 1985. (To continue reading click thread)

The West section includes Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

“Your contributions to high school athletics are truly deserving of our recognition and thanks,” NFHS Executive Director Robert Kanaby wrote in the letter. “Congratulations on being selected to represent all of those deserving coaches in your section.”

Regan, who just finished his ninth season as head baseball coach, was caught off-guard.

“It’s really cool, I didn’t expect it at all,” Regan said. “I was nominated and you think how great it is just to be nominated, but I never thought I had a chance of winning anything because there are so many good coaches who have done so much.”

Regan thanked his players and coaches for what he considers a team award.

“To get something like this is a reflection of the kids that you have, and the coaches around you,” Regan said. “You always like to think you’re a pretty good coach, but you all play a role in earning something like this. You never do it alone, so I’m truly grateful for the players, coaches and people at the school who have meant so much to me.”

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  • Teo

    It’s hard to see how much thought could go to this award. Congrats to the coach from San Dimas, but how does get one get picked over other coaches who have won their cif divisions, especially if they are in div. 1 etc. The coaches from powerhouses like El Toro, Capistrano Valley, and the school from Vegas- Bishop Gorman or in some states, the state champion don’t ever get chosen? This was a great season for the coaches and boys of San Dimas, don’t get me wrong, but were they just so dominant from day 1 to the end, did they win their league or be ranked as one of top teams in the state or Southern California? Just seems random. Congrats though.

  • kh

    great job coach

  • kh

    how about maybe the really had to do some coaching to win it all.yankees lose acouple games during the season.its how you keep the team fourced all season long towards your goal the ring,again great job coach.can believe only three blogs and two are from me ,what a bunch of jellous people out the there.this is a big award,they earned it as a team.
    the played some good games during the season we at bonita came to there park and beat them,did we win and on paper bonita had a better player profile,i think,but on the field every game san dimas had a better team.teams win championships.has to be some parents who have some nice things to say about there coach..where a nice lady say something nice about your baseball coach.

  • Vida Loca

    Regan should send a big thanks to Nieto for not putting in the animal to shut the door on San Dimas

  • Saints forever

    I am never shocked anymore, about the comments that people make on here. My son plays both football and baseball for our great Saints, and all the parents are so excited and proud of our young men and the great men who they are so lucky to have as a coach. So you all that see things through their blood shot eyes, just back off and maybe some day you will be able to say wonderful things about your school and your coach. Congrats Coach Regan

  • Tag

    Let’s go back…why wasn’t Paez put in the game? That guy from Amat is an idiot…the kid should’ve been in the game…amat’s loss is san dimas gain…no guarantees he would’ve held the saints down, but i sure like amat with paez in the game to get 3 outs. funny how idiot move by nieto gets regan an award.

    what’s deal with paez anyway? is he kicked off team or what? it’s going around that he’s been kicked off. nieto doesn’t have the balls to keep him off the team is my guess. he will be back. don’t believe in the little man to have guts to do it for good.

  • kh

    saint forever wow 2 comments from s.d. fans. you guys sucks.thats not support,