Khalalah Todd’s amazing season continues, she scores two more to help Northview tie San Dimas, 2-2, and is among the top scorers in the country

By Scott French
Khalalah Todd couldn’t find many opportunities Thursday, but what she did with the two that came her way made all the difference for Northview High School’s girls soccer team. Todd scored goals early in both halves and the Vikings held off a San Dimas onslaught for nearly all of the second half and 20 minutes of overtime to post an improbable 2-2 draw with the Valle Vista League’s reigning power. (To continue reading, click thread)

Los Altos wins: Lauren Stupin scored three goals and Malaysia Avery had a goal and an assist and Los Altos rolled to a 4-0 victory over host Bonita in a match featuring the top two teams in the Miramonte League.

Shannon McKee and Lindsey Toneck scored six minutes apart late in the first half for the Saints (7-3-2 overall, 1-0-1 league), whose 15-game league winning streak dating to January, 2008 came to an end when they couldn’t convert on more than a dozen decent chances.

“That was frustrating,” San Dimas coach Kelly Kocalis said. “The whole second half of the game we dominated, and both overtimes. I know the girls are kind of bummed out, but we have another chance with them.”

Northview (9-4-1, 1-0-1), the Saints’ primary challenger in league, will be home for the Feb. 2 rematch.

Todd, a speedy junior forward, netted her 36th and 37th goals of the season despite constant interference from San Dimas’ central defenders, especially freshman Abi Celaya, the most impactful player on the field.

Todd, marked from the start by Celaya and either Sabrina DeFreitas-Santos or Lauren Toneck, got free twice. She split two defenders on the flank in the 34th minute, but her shot was no challenge for Saints keeper Rachel Jones.

She finished the next time by scoring past an onrushing Jones in the 53rd minute when Alyssia Fuentes’ through ball opened a path to the Saints’ penalty area.

“(San Dimas’ center backs) stayed with me the whole time,” said Todd, who had her 10th multigoal game of the season and 20th of her prep career. “It was really hard on the breakaway to get through them. I give them credit. They’re really good.”

Kocalis knew Celaya was special the first time she saw her.

“When she came out to trials, I said there’s no way we can’t put her on varsity,” Kocalis said. “She’s out of sight. She’s crazy good.”

Todd, who finished a long throw-in from Jade Vehawn the Saints failed to clear to give Northview a lead in the second minute, has 72 career goals. She’s the top goalscorer this season in the CIF-Southern Section and is No. 2 in the state and nation.

San Dimas relied on Jeanette Jimenez’s ability to deliver space-opening passes to create an attack in the first half. Northview switched to a more defensive formation after halftime that allowed the Saints more time with the ball but fewer openings to the goal.

San Dimas pulled even in the 36th minute. Kylie Brown’s throw-in up the wing slipped through to Erika Kalmor, who took the ball to the penalty area. Northview keeper Carol Garcia saved the shot, but McKee pounced on the rebound and knocked it home.

Lindsey Toneck made it 2-1 in stoppage by rolling the ball just inside the goal post after a diagonal feed from Vanessa Trujillo.

There were more chances to come, but the Saints fired off-target or straight at Garcia. Kalmor had the best chance in going 1-on-1 against Garcia at the end of regulation. The left-footer shot with her right foot. Garcia made the stop.

Jimenez nearly bent in two corner kicks, but Fuentes and Amber Viloria headed them off the goal line.

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  • HYPE!


    DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE of Khalalah Todd. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good forward, but that’s about it. Not great, not even really good…just plain good. I’ve seen her play multiple games this year and I have not been blown away.

    Look at her stats. She has scored most of her goals against ABSOLUTE GARBAGE teams! 5 vs. Workman! 6 vs. Nogales! 7 vs. Ganesha! Come on!

    What is this coach thinking leaving her in there in those games? Give some other girls a chance to play and score.

    Compared to some of the other talent in the valley (Gooden, Stupin, Juarez, Maxey) Todd is sub-par.

    Freddy, I’m going to puke in my Cherrios if you even THINK about giving her player of the year. Inflated numbers by a coach who does not understand what “running it up” means.

    If you ask me, right now the player of the year discussion involves only two…Juarez and Stupin. They are the best players on the best teams. I would say Juarez has the edge right now, but Div IV CIF Playoffs may determine my final vote. Oh wait, I don’t get a vote.

  • Valle Vista Fan


    You are ridiculous. Every coach in the San Gabriel Valley would welcome Ms. Todd on their team with open arms. The fact that she scored goals against “garbage” teams means nothing. You compete against who is on the schedule. As for playing time, she played maybe a half against Nogales and a little longer against Ganesha. Another thing to remember is that Goodin, Stupin, and Juarez have solid contributors along their offensive fronts along with skilled players at nearly every position. Put Todd on a team that puts her in better positions to score while giving her more opportunities and you would see an even better player and possible better stats. Northview is doing more with less and I guess some people just don’t appreciate that.

  • Anon


    I respectfully disagree with you. If you put Ms. Todd on a team with “solid contributors along their offensive fronts” and “skilled players at nearly every position” she would almost certainly have lower stats because her teammates would actually be sharing the ball among themselves rather than funneling the ball only to her. She has more than three times the goals of the next highest NHS scorer (11), who has more than three times the goals of the next highest scorer (3). Not a very balanced attack, but if that’s what they have and that’s what works, who can blame them? I just hope the coach is taking Ms. Todd out after she scores 4-5 goals so some of her teammates, the seniors especially, get a chance to play and score.

    I agree that every coach in the SGV would probably welcome her on the team (I’m assuming she has a good attitude and is a good teammate), but on a different team she’d probably play a different role, even in her same position. She doesn’t run up the gaudy numbers in club soccer, because she plays with more skilled players. I know this isn’t a club blog, but I’ve seen her play club soccer and I’d agree with HYPE! that she’s good but not great, and the other four players (Maxey, etc.) are better. They don’t have the same stats as Ms. Todd because they play on teams that can really pass the ball around to any of a number of scorers.

  • FredJ

    I sent Scott French out to cover this game, and for those that don’t know who he is, he’s one of the most respected soccer writers in the country, a former senior writer at Soccer America, and MLS contributor. In any case, he was impressed with Todd because she had two chances, and finished both of them, which is one of the measuring sticks of strikers — what they do with chances. When you look over Northview’s schedule, Todd has had a tougher time against quality teams with quality defenses, but all good strikers struggle against quality teams. When in a tough game with one of the area’s top ten, she delivered, plain and simple, scoring the two important goals that leveled the match. She is on pace to crack the Southern Sections’ top ten single-season goals scoring list, which is quite an accomplishment considering the top ten in the record books all come from players prior to 2000, largely because teams are more competitive today. I don’t care who you play, that’s impressive. BTW, the Southern Section’s all-time scorer by far was Temple City’s Erin Martin, who scored 13 goals in a game back in the 80s and over 80 goals in a season. People said the same thing about her, and all she did is go play at Stanford and professionally overseas.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    She looks to be a great player, at least from what I see on paper (maxpreps, Trib). In the 1 game I saw her against LA, she had 3 shots at goal and scored 0 in the game (off game maybe, possibly).

    I see that she had 7 shots against Charter Oak and scored 0.

    She has some impressive numbers, that I’m sure no one can argue with. Please Fred, what other top 10 area teams are you referring to?

    All in all, I agree that any coach would be happy to have her. But numbers would certainly change with more skilled players on offense.

    Good Luck to you Miss Todd, I’m sure you will continue to do great in the season.

  • Anon2

    I have to agree with the bloggers who say she would not have the numbers if she were on a quality team. Its like a goalie with 100 saves. doesn’t that just mean their defense is weak? When you have one person scoring all the goals and when you watch the games it is the “feed it to Khalalah” show then you cannot give that player as much credit as someone who shares with quality teammates. And by the way Fred did you read the article? It clearly stated that she did have another opportunity to score and didn’t get it past Jones. Oh, and why did she not have more opportunities? Because she is not that skilled at ball handling and had the ball stollen from her many times. If not for the breakaway, she is not that good.

  • Valle Vista Fan


    Once again ridiculous, illogical comments. If a goalie has 100 saves of course the defense is bad but she still stopped 100 probable goals. So your logic is a goalie with no saves with a great defense is better than a goalie with 100 saves because her defense that is not very good? Or a player who scores less on a great team is better than a player who scores more on an “average” team? That makes no sense at all and proves my point.

    The fact that defenses key on Ms. Todd and she still scores is what makes her a great player. According to MaxPreps, against San Dimas she had 3 shots and scored 2 goals. So you are faulting her for not converting on her other shot!? Last time I checked, that is a pretty good shooting percentage to have as soccer player. Oh and obviously you did not read the article either as it “clearly stated” that 3 San Dimas defenders were marking her. No one works harder to get an opportunity to score than Ms. Todd does.

    Upon reflection of my earlier post Ms. Todd would not have the numbers she currently has if she were playing on a Los Altos or Bishop Amat. However, I believe that her numbers would be right in line with what the top scorers of those respected teams have posted due to the fact that she would not have to work as hard to get quality scoring opportunities (teammates would be setting her up in the box) and defenses would not be able to just key on her.

  • Reb1980

    I caught one of her games at the Garey Tournament. She has a knack for scoring despite only having one other player around her that plays at her level (a defender). Her team’s midfield is non-existent as well as any kind of coaching guidance. If she was at LA or Amat, she would probably have 10 more goals than what she has.

  • SGV Dad

    KT is a scorer, no doubt. But to say she would have 10 more goals if she played on Amat or LA is ridiculous. 30 of her goals are against teams that that have O (zero) or 1 (one) win. Most recently she scored 7 agaisnt Ganesha in a 11-0 rout. Ganesha has 1 win this year. She has scored 4 goals against the four teams Northview has played with a winning record. (I included San Dimas as a winning team, don’t know their overall record). She can score against tougher opponents but she ain’t gonna get 5-6 or 7 goals like she has been doing.
    I say go for the record, Northviews league isn’t very strong. It’s not like she is on steroids, after all is said and done all you will see in the record book is total goals, not opponents win-lose records.

  • Trend?

    Let’s see if we can figure out a trend here with Ms. Todd:

    vs. Los Altos (17-1-1) 0 Goals
    vs. Charter Oak (14-3-0) 0 Goals
    vs. Romona Convent (8-3-3) 1 Goal
    vs. San Dimas (7-3-2) 2 Goals
    vs. Montclair (10-3-2) 2 Goals

    vs. Workman (1-6-0) 5 Goals
    vs. Nogales (0-6-0) 6 Goals
    vs. Ganesha (6-7-0) 7 Goals

    Has been good, not great, against the good teams she has played.

    Everyone who’s talking about how she would do if she was on LA or Amat is only taking into account her surrounding teammates. What about the schedule? Amat and LA don’t play teams like Workman, Nogales, Ganesha on a regular basis. They may see them occasionally in the tournament, but they don’t schedule them. Todd would not get the opportunity to run it up on these poor teams if she was on a decent team in a decent league.

    With that said, she’ll tear it up in league because she gets to play against Ganesha, Pomona, Baldwin Park, etc. Her coach will probably leave her in so she can run it up on them too.

  • ???

    I am confused. Wasn’t Northview ranked by CIF and Wasn’t San Dimas unranked? Doesn’t Northview have one of the top scorers in the country?

    Why then does the article make it sound as if it’s a miracle that Northview managed to tie San Dimas? Shouldn’t we instead be impressed that San Dimas managed to tie Northview? Shouldn’t we be singing the praises of SDHS’s defense (Jones, Celaya, Santos), and their center midfielder (Jimenez) who managed to keep the ball away from Todd for most of the game? And shouldn’t we be praising SDHS’s offense (McKee, Toneck) for managing to score against a team that had won its last two games 8-0 and 11-1?

    It sounds to me as if SDHS was the underdog who did well to tie NHS, rather than vice versa.

    From what I understand, there were not three girls marking Todd at the same time as an earlier post suggested. Rather, three different girls marked her during the course of the game, but not at the same time.

  • HYPE

    Valle Vista Fan Said:

    “As for playing time, she played maybe a half against Nogales and a little longer against Ganesha.”


    Todd scored 6 goals vs. Nogales. NV only scored 5 in the first half and I know for a fact 1 of those was NOT by Todd. So she had to have scored AT LEAST 2 in the second half. That means she was in the game when NV was up 6-0.

    Todd scored 7 goals vs. Ganesha. NV only scored 5 in the first half. Even if she scored ALL those first half goals (which she probably did) that means she was still scoring in the second half when NV was up 6-0!

    Same story vs. Workman (she scored 5, they scored 3 in the first half…you know the drill).

    So, Valle Vista Fan…I stand by my original comment:

    “What is this coach thinking leaving her in there in those games? Give some other girls a chance to play and score.”

    When you’re up 5-0 at half time, you don’t play a girl who already has 4 goals! That’s not good for your team or your opponent!

  • Valle Vista Fan


    Did you go to the Nogales, Ganesha, or Workman game? You obviously did not because if you did you would have known that Miss Todd did not play in the first twenty minutes of the Nogales game (she did not even start). She played out the rest of the half and then maybe half of the 2nd half (a total of one half).

    In the Ganesha game, she played a majority of the 1st half and then was on and off of the field for the 2nd half. I was unable to attend the Workman game but I’m sure that the coach did the same thing. One thing is for certain, if the coach would have left her in for the entire game she would have scored more goals!

    As quoted from HYPE: “When you’re up 5-0 at half time, you don’t play a girl who already has 4 goals! That’s not good for your team or your opponent!”

    How do you know it is not good for Northview? Maybe they want to send a message to the other team…GET BETTER! And doesn’t Miss Todd have the right to try to get recognized for possible scholarships? Do you take out your quarterback because he has scored 4 touchdowns? Do you sit your best hitter because he went 3 for 3? Do you sit your dominate forward because he scored 20 points in the 1st half? No you don’t because they do not get better sitting on the bench.

    So do not criticize a high school athlete for doing what she is trained to do. If anything, criticize the coach. Is he running up the score? Maybe. Is he keeping his players happy? Most definitely! Are they winning and getting recognized by the paper and others in the valley? I guess so.

  • LA SoccerDad

    Geez People!
    Enough of this bantering already, enough is enough….you all made your points, time to just drop it and let the season play out. If Northview wants to keep feeding Todd the ball cause thats all they got, thats thier call…at the end of the day, it is all about the wins and how well the team does in CIF. Good luck to her in chasing any records, it is pretty tough to score when everyone knows your the only weapon, she must be doing something right. Now lets move on to next weeks games.

  • Saintsgirlsr4real2

    I agree with ??? Although we did go 10-0 last year in league, in high school every year is a different team. We lost some great players to graduation last year and have quite a few Sophmores playing key roles. That being said I think San Dimas should get a little credit for the tie and holding KT to 2 goals. Thanks for the support.

  • Observer

    Just two quick points. 1) no one was actually “marking” Todd – when we mark we keep a person on the player the entire game, whether they have the ball or not.
    2) Many big colleges have already made thier decisions on who they will try to get from this year’s junior class so she should already have an idea of where she is going, or better get on the ball! Hee Hee

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