If the Mid-Valley Division stays the same, will Northview and Covina step up to the plate?

Above: Two-time Tribune player of the year Mike McDonough might have been celebrating two championships instead of looking like this if the Colts were in the Mid-Valley Division when he was playing.

I was asked over the weekend what happened to Northview and Covina football. It must be frustrating to be in such a winnable division and have to suffer the growing pains of a down year for both, if that’s what you want to call it. Seriously, think a couple of those Mike McDonough-led teams at Covina would have licked their chops in this division today? When the Mid-Valley Division was re-created a couple years ago, I thought, well here’s the chance for Covina and Northview to compete for championships, only those titles have gone to Paraclete and San Dimas, with the Vikings at least getting to the quarters in 2008. These are schools with two very good football coaches, Darryl Thomas and Jim Arellanes, tell me they will be competing for CIF titles soon, because the Mid-Valley is never going to be more appetizing than in is right now. If everything stays the way it is, San Dimas and Monrovia should be favored to get back to the finals, though Arroyo looks pretty good on paper too. But how far off are the Vikes and Colts from competing again? Will Wilson and Nogales suddenly come alive by dropping out of a division with Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, Bonita, South Hills, West Covina and Rowland, and into one where a first-round game could come against, say, South Pasadena? La Canada? Gabrielino? The bottom line is, I miss those huge games at Covina District, and now that South Hills is going to the Sierra League and may struggle just to make the playoffs, Covina and Northview will never have a better opportunity to steal the limelight from its crosstown friends on Cameron. If they don’t, It might look strange come November when CDF’s lights are shut down by the second round of the playoffs. Unless off course, Rio Hondo Prep makes it back to another championship game.

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  • Stick&Move


    You are forgetting that Valley Christian, Village Christian, and Whittier Christian and hands down better than Covina and Northview. I’m not saying that it isn’t winnable but seem to think that Northview and Covina are as good as these three team. Not! I am saying the mid Valley goes as follows:

    San Dimas
    Valley Christian
    Whittier Christian
    Baldwin Park
    Village Christian
    Temple City

  • Stick&Move


    You are forgetting that Valley Christian, Village Christian, and Whittier Christian and hands down better than Covina and Northview. I’m not saying that it isn’t winnable but seem to think that Northview and Covina are as good as these three team. Not! I am saying the mid Valley goes as follows:

    San Dimas
    Valley Christian
    Whittier Christian
    Baldwin Park
    Village Christian
    Temple City

  • Stick&Move


    You are forgetting that Valley Christian, Village Christian, and Whittier Christian and hands down better than Covina and Northview. I’m not saying that it isn’t winnable but seem to think that Northview and Covina are as good as these three team. Not! I am saying the mid Valley goes as follows:

    San Dimas
    Valley Christian
    Whittier Christian
    Baldwin Park
    Village Christian
    Temple City

  • http://Butch Butch

    Northview and Covina, what a joke!! Ever since their principals, Samuelson and Major, had South Hills moved out of their league because they couldn’t compete, neither school has done much of anything. Why not hire better coaches instead of blaming their lack of success on South Hills. Neither of these schools will do anyting in football until they are moved to Division 10. Step up to the plate Northview and Covina administration and look into your coaches. Waaaaaa

  • Goldenarm

    Has anyone noticed Monrovia’s preleague schedule changes?
    Maddox has added major challenge to the Wildcat schedule, no doubt with a playoff toughening long term goal in mind, where the Cats enter CIF bracket play ready to rock.
    The RHL needs a tougher, more stable Temple City to again challenge the Cats in league play – and it looks unsure if that will happen soon. San Marino had only some of what is needed to compete – but have one of the Valley’s finest coaching staffs.
    I agree that Northview should be returning to the mix – I was at the NV/Paraclete game and saw them play a solid 1st half…just as TC did that year- before crumbling in the final two quarters to the Spirits.
    Personally, I like the Mid Valley as is and think the alignment gives many teams an opportunity – should they get their foot in the door. It is close to parity – not there- but close.
    Monrovia could conceivably have a MORE talented team next season – as Bueno returns with a boatload of speed in the backfield behind him and a slew of JV’ers just needing an opportuniry to make a name.

  • Mid Valley

    Could there be a chance that the valley vista league get moved out of the mid valley because you can’t have 2 leagues with 7 teams. I believe the Asuza league has 7 teams as well.

  • valleyfan

    Wow! Butch is back on the blog. Beware! Butch has the inside scoop on many local schools. Northview and Covina could not compete with South Hills on any level before the league change even softball. Being in my early 60’s, I have seen Northview and Covina go thru up cycles of talent a few times. Northview’s baseball program has sustained a competitive talent pool for the past 10 years similiar to Covina’s baseball program in the 80’s. I am not sure changing coaches would be the answer with these crazy parents sending their D1 student athletes to more high profile schools.
    Glad to see you back Butch.

  • whitey

    Fred, why don’t you just say that Covina and Northview both have a shot to win a CIF d22 ring, since it’s so watered down now, better yet make every league a cif division unto themselves, the only reason they have so many divisions and third place teams is a profit stream for the cif office, I mean you’re a CIF Champ of 5 stinking leagues, wtf….is that something to really brag about? cif champs d 22…………..

  • Dan

    It’s great to be able to talk highschool football in the offseason, and the topics like these are fun too discuss, I appreciate your work Fred, especially after reading the Whittier
    Daily News blog, not much happening over there,
    Roger Murray wasn’t into the blog much.
    The Mid-Valley is a great division for the schools that are in there, like Golden Arm wrote, it’s full of parity with quite a few teams that are capable of winning the division.
    I saw Covina play Rowland this year, Rowland won big but Covina wasn’t a bad team, they were just young. The QB was a Sophomore and in only his second varsity game ever,[I was told he came in the second half the week before and almost brought his team back for a come from behind win.] he made mistakes that helped turned the momentum of the game around but at the same time he showed some ability that tells me he could be one of the better QB’s in the area for the next couple of years. They also have a kid named Remontay McClain who should be one of the top athletes next year. Covina was mostly juniors and sophomores, Rowland also had a lot of young players that will be coming back next year but Covina was a much younger and inexperienced team,
    so it’ll be interesting to see how good they turn out next season with all these kids coming back.

  • just sayin’

    whitey – and five leagues in your area? same kids you’ve been playing against all your life in youth football. if you can win a championship without leaving the valley – how prestigious is that? very AYSO/NJB thinking if you ask me

  • Wildcat Football

    Wilson will have something to say about it. Very young offensive with all but one key starter returning. Played that Covina team real close, latter in the season I think it would have been a totally different outcome. San Dimas has made it very clear they are the team to beat.

  • Wildcat Football


    Interesting comment, have to say Rowland was your at some key positions but I see some major issues next year. Their senior class was a very talented freshmen class with one of the key players off that team returning and will be playing next year. The major issue I see with Rowland is their depth and quality of underclassmen next year. After next years senior class the talent level at Rowland will drop big time. Now how much of a role are the weak junior and sophomore classes going to play or not play next year.



  • jcaz

    Great to see that football is on everyones mind once again. As for me however, I would very much like to have an update on next years football schedules.

    For example, with St Bonnies going to a league next year which will only allow them to play only one preseason game (and that game is with LB Poly) then what effect does that have on Amat’s away game with them next year ? I guess they don’t get to play it after all ?

    Also, is South Hills playing an away game against Tessoro ? If so, when ? Also, are any of the other god local teams (such as West Covina) going to play anone of note ?

    And what of the Charter Oak – Amat game that everyone wants to see ? Is that even a remote possibilty ?

    Anyway, it’s good to be back and see that so much has gone on in the over all world of sports over the last few weeks. With the entire USC thing blowing up in everyones face, it’s really is a shame that we may not have good football to see here in SOCAL for a while, and believe me, that is coming from a UCLA guy.

  • whitey

    just sayin! my point exactly, it’s so watered down now, I mean why/how can you be proud of that as an accomplishment? Co(not their fault) beats a.500 team in the finals! twice, half the teams or more in the first round are 5-5 or 6-4, or worse! wtf is that about, then the same coaches(brogan,farrar,pasq,etal ) go kicking and screaming, not wanting anything to do with a little better competition.Talk about no guts no glory, man up play somebody! beat somebody! earn some respect for your program,for yourself, from your peers,see just how good your players are……….oh wait they all did that, CO vs Amat, Tartans vs Amat, SH vs a weak Tesoro and what 0-4 vs La Habra……….wow maybe D19 is where they belong just up from 8man, small schools division

  • Goldenarm


    you do know south hills & monrovia are scheduled preleague, yes?


    If you want to see a good football team in socal just head over to Kiefer on Friday nights . How soon you forget . Also don’t count SC out so quickly . I am sure they will still field a pretty good team in the years to come.

  • Shane

    I would love to see these SGV teams travel again up the 101 to play the likes of Morro Bay, Lompoc and the rest of that division up there.

  • Pride of the Foothills

    Rumor is Glendora and Charter Oak are going to sign a contract this week for a preseason game week 0. Our communities need to play each other and the rivalry is missed by many. Say with me Tartan fans, “Payback, payback, payback..!”

    I already investigated Maxpreps and Charter Oak is graduating almost everyone and we have some key returning players including our quarterback so can you imagine the hype leading into that game and us dethroning the lower divisional champion. Oh how sweet this will be for us Tartan faithful and even Mike the Clone couldn’t jinx this storyline.

    This is the kind of game we need going into next football season and sets the tone motivating us from right now in the offseason till game time and then moving forward the rest of the season from there. Please sign the contract now gentlemen!

  • Dubb3trathree

    Having seen a lot of the teams play in the Mid-valley.. I have to say its a wide-open division. And its a Great Local SGV division. All the teams in this division are pretty much on equal footing. Which makes the leagues and playoffs competitive. So what many have to see and realize about Covina and Northview. Is very simple. 2 things. Like one person mentioned things go in cycles. Its all about getting that right class that comes around and is special. That can carry at team. Think of Northview from 2008. That team started about 5-6 soph. in 06 and by 08 guys like that Qb were solid and Rodreiguez that LB were beast. It was a good class with a lot of talent. Same at Covina. back in 95. With that Knight and Burns class. And even that McD’s class was loaded. So 2nd, when the school gets that special class the Coaches need to keep it together and coach them up as best as possible. Another thing is that Covina ,northview don’t have the same talent pools as South hills. Back when they were all in the Valle Vista. I remember that the talent was split between the 3. If Covina would have had that early run of titles in the 2000’s. Then they would probably be like South Hills. So this is all about cycles. And also this is a Division that plays good football. And with the possibility of Paraclete and the Olympic league moving out. And the Almont moving in. It will still be very competitive and tough. Or with the Valle Vista moving to 7 team league and Montview now with 8 teams. Maybe u get 2 at large teams in a 4 league (Valle Vista,Montview,Rio Honda,Mission).

  • Watered Down

    Just recently that this Mid Valley Div is a joke. Teams are watered down and nobody really plays anybody anymore.

  • jcaz

    Golden arm, thanks for that heads up. As many of you know, i’m a big prep football buff and I love to take in a good game, even if it’s out side of the local area, and of course, if it dose’nt conflict with my Lancers games.

    And to, Just go to Kiefer, what was that all about dude ? I’ve probably have sen more games at Kiefer just over the last 7 years than you have had in your entire lifetime.

    As for the SC “Trojans” remark, well, just a reminder here for you dude, and that is that as a practicing Catholic, I dont have any use for them.

    Ha ha ha, now I know for a fact that i’m going to get my “fan club” going ape schitz over that one eh ??

    Boy it’s fun to be back after a long vacation In Boracay.

  • Dan

    Wildcat Football,
    Do you or anyone else know the record of Rowlands class of 2011 [next years seniors] when they were freshmen? I know they were the only freshman team to beat WC that year during league [I think by 3 touchdown’s] WC’s freshman team was pretty good that year beating both South Hills and Charter Oak by big scores and
    losing to Rancho Cucamonga by a touchdown.
    The new league [I think it’ll be called the Hacienda league] should be a pretty competitive
    league next year, West Covina and Rowland should be strong and according to Aaron and K.H. it sounds like Bonita will have a solid team too.
    Diamond Ranch has some good athletes in the area but they lose a lot to graduation this year. Diamond Bar had a pretty good offense and was another young team with many coming back. Walnut loses their potent backfield to graduation, they still have their big reciever coming back. Los Altos has struggled but we’ll see what will happen with the new staff, could be a couple years before they bounce back.

  • Dan

    I thought it was Paraclete moving out of the Olympic league, not the Olympic league moving out of the Mid Valley division. The Almont league would be a nice addition bringing in Schurr and San Gabiel to the Mid Valley division, which would make the division a little tougher to win.


    pride of the Foothills,

    HAHA “dethroning the lower divisional champion” Lets get one thing straight I would also love to see that game go down this year CO vs Gendora. We are graduating some kids just like every year, remember teams like Charter Oak, San Dimas, Bishop Amet don’t have rebuilding seasons they reload! Plus you will be very surprised when you see all the Freshman making huge impacts on next years team. We have returners next year at very key positions returning so that is also a plus.

  • irep Sgv


    morro bay yes they did beat on northview a couple years ago sure we were out matched but we still left with pride… i would love to see the teams from that divison including morro bay and lompoc come down here to play Bishop amat charter oak Glendora Damien etc. thens lets see if you still wanna play the sgv after that.

  • irep Sgv

    just having some fun for next year….
    top ten in 2010 (mid valley)
    1.San Dimas
    4.Valley Christian
    8.Temple city
    10.Balwdin Park

    village christian
    whitter christian
    La puente
    El Monte
    South El Monte


    Didn’t you write we may not have good football to see here in socal,well Amat is in socal and they play great football so how can there not be good football to see. How much practice does it take before you get it right and become a full fledged Catholic.


    No use for trojans huh. You should considering all those weak azz bruins you keep popping out. Time for some birth control because your pouluting the gene pool in westwood and it is starting to filter down to the basketball team.

  • what


    Your drinkS ARE watered down! The Mid Valley kicks AZZ!

  • covina fan

    Dubb3trathree,is right on.A few years ago San Dimas was stuggling.They are at the top of their game now.And good for them ,it is good for the Valle Vista League to bring a CIF crown to the area as well CO.Everything goes in Cycles and Covina and Northview will be back to top form.It is great for the community when they play ,good rivalry.Just a few years ago the Colts gave us some exciting games.We went to the Tesoro game,they won the title the year before.We gave them a heck of a ball game,At the end of the game the Tesoro fans waited by the Bus to shake hands with Mike (calling him a warrior)Art Combest and all the other guys.Following year the loss in Double overtime to Oakpark prevented the Colts from taking on Jimmy Clausen and Oaks Christian,Who knows how that would of turned out.The bottom line is Coach Thomas and the coaching staff get a team prepared to compete and they had a young team this year and they will be in good shape for next year.With the spread offense it is always challenging.

  • what jinx

    Hey Pride of the foothill MTC always did like the CO vs Glendora match up.When Glendora bailed out like little babies he made it known and thought Glendora acted foolish. dont your rmeber his im takin my ball and leaving comment We will still take care of biz. Big Lou will school that coach of your once again.

  • Wildcat Football


    Yes, the 2011 Rowland senior class was undefeated as freshmen. They still have the majority of those kids playing ball. My point is the next two years the freshmen team went something like 2-18. Great senior class but real weak underclasses. The seniors can’t do it by themselfs.

  • Is anyone that stupid?

    Vacation in Boracay yet live in La Puente, mas puto!

  • jcaz


    Well…..I guess ya got me there on that one there.

    But, dude, I was talking about COLLEGE football not high school football ! The guy named, just go to Kiefer, spoke about SC football and about not counting them out, and whie I do agree that they will no doubt rebound in the not to distant future, I can see where COLLEGE football is going take a big hit in the not to distant future unless my Bruins get on track there.

    Having said that, you and I both know who the best team is in this valley, and I don’t even think that that is even open to debate although there are more than a few folks over on the east side of this Valley who might otherwise disagree with you and I.

    Therefore, as far as good HIGH SCHOOL footbal is concerned, ya, you bet, the best football is always played at over at Kiefer hands down.

    Now, am I Catholic enough for you there big guy ??? He he he

  • Goldenarm

    As far as the Almont getting into the mix, it should be interesting to see what Alhambra does offseason with Reudaflores retiring after decades of the running that show…and most say, never hitting close to the gold mine considering the talent there. Alhambra always seems to find scattered speed burners, major beef up front and some gnarly ballcarriers in the backfield…but just can’t seem to put it all toghether with a defense and game plan to go much of anywhere. That could change if the right HC comes to town.
    San Gabriel and their scatbacks and endless bubble screens would be interesting as well.
    Talk has long been that Monrovia and Temple City were destined for the Pac league or that AHS and SG would find their way to the RHL replacing the cellar dwellers of the RHL, Blair and So Pas. This year Blair was horrendous, as once again school politics and assorted bs have just about killed that program entirely. Tip brought the only joy the Blair community has known in years – and of course, a dispute with the Admin sends him packing soon after, eventually landing at Duarte. Last year was the year of NEW DIRECTION in the WSGV- and trust me, some of that new direction headed in the wrong direction…

  • Coaching


    I had a friend that applied for one of the open positions at Blair. If you are woundering why the program is at an all time low you can look at the HC. My friend was told that he would have to work with less than 22 kids at practice. The sport isn’t very popular over at Blair and most of the kids skip practice. That was acceptable for the HC at Blair, so you wounder why the program is where it is today.


    Just was wondering how long you have to practice to become a first string Catholic . Also on the college level and since I know you follow the local HS football scene you should take in a few MSAC or Citrus games and even PCC. Teams are full of local talent trying to reach the D-1 level or just getting a couple of more years playing the game they love and MSAC usually fields a very good team and has sent a few on to your beloved Bruins.

  • Goldenarm


    What you are saying seems accurate – as that is how the season panned out, with Blair’s final game looking like a poor Pop Warner outing, half the team not there. During spring ball, the HC was bragging about his front line averaging 275 lbs…but most fled the team before pads.
    HOWEVER, Blair has never lacked for raw talent, and Tip Sanders was able to lay down discipline and still keep kids in the program, which is why they won the RHL 3 or so years ago. Only 22 kids??..damn that repesents a full packed roster when compared to Tips’s 4 players at the start of the Duarte’s season this year.

    With McFarland now at PHS and making headway with the Bulldogs – look for Blair to slide even deeper in the abyss as players migrate crosstown to play there. It could be that the Blair program is disbanded all together…a bad deal for all concerned.

  • Joey Peeps

    I think the new realignment for the Divisions other then Amat just does not show how well the SGV teams stack up. They have SGV teams playing each other for Championships. I want to see the OC put back along with those up North Central California wine country teams involved as well. Travel wise I know it is a hassle, but it makes for some better matchups. Northview did get whipped by Morro bay but Mike McD almost beat Oak Park that one year. Great games need to be played. What a ripoff it is to watch CO/Diamond Ranch play for a Champioship. I mean it is good because it gives a SGV based team a Banner but I think the SGV teams need to play better competition when it comes to playoffs and vice a versa for the OC and up North Teams coming to the friendly confines of the SGV on a playoff friday nite.

  • jcaz


    Believe it or not, I have made more than a few attempts to go and see some of the local tallent on Saturday evenings here. But to tell you the truth, it becomes kind of an over load issue for me.

    For example, I rarly miss a thursday game, unless of course there are none. On Fridays, it’s off to Kieffer or were ever else my Lancers happen to be playing at. Then you have Saturdays and well, it becomes a bit too much, especially if you have the Lakers, Dodgers and Angels n(not ot mention the beaches of hawaii) to compete with.

    Hey, it’s rough livining here in southern Californai because LA gives you so many choices to choose from, although in the rare instances when Amat plays Loyola on a Saturday night (every other year or so) then ya, it’s high school ball on three consecutive nights !

    As for my Bruins getting local tallent, of course, i’m more than aware of that and that is an awesome thing for these fine kids.

  • and then, and then, and then

    jcaz, are you done yet? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jcaz

    Yup, all done, but hey, the man asked a question, so I answered it…..


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