What’s up with the quick exit doors at prominent football powers. Is the message, win or go home?

Eric Sondheimer on the recent firings of prominent high school football coaches at private schools: With Crespi, Santa Margarita and St. John Bosco having dismissed coaches after disappointing seasons, it’s getting hard to distinguish big-time high school programs from college and pro football teams.

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  • Aaron

    I’m not in La Verne currently, my response would be the same.

    As much as I like winning, and trust me I like winning. High School football is not about wins, the people that have been able to continue winning and keeping their jobs is great, but think about this. Coach Eric Podley as much as it pains me to say this is winless in the playoffs as the second longest tenured head coach at Bonita. I love coach, I learned a lot from him when I was there. High school football is about life lessons, and to win is just the icing on the cake.

    If the only goal of the school is to win, then they lost the entire purpose of football and high school sports in general which is character development through adversity. That’s also something that I feel has been lost at the college level. If you want to know what I mean, Reggie Miller did a piece on Roland Ortmayer ages ago when he was a student at ULV. Ort never cared about wins, but he is also was the longest tenured and winningest coach at ULV. Knowing Ort when I was a kid I learned lessons from him.

    For all of those that didn’t care for what Mr. Corona was peddling, I’ll tell you deep in his stories about Salesian and his sons at Damien…that’s what he has been attempting to express to the other readers of this blog. Football is about the lessons that we take away from it, everything else is just the icing of the cake.