Football: San Dimas-Bonita in Week Zero; Diamond Ranch-Damien in Week One

The Smudge Pot could be bigger than ever, in week zero, defending Mid-Valley champ San Dimas is at Bonita, Saints coach Bill Zernickow told me recently. The crowd is big enough when its a third or fourth week game, I can’t imagine how packed it will be with half the Valley off and able to attend. In week one, you have to love Damien at Diamond Ranch, coach Roddy Layton confirmed today, which essentially replaces the DRanch-Bishop Amat game.

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  • whitey

    sorry to see the DR/AMAT series come to an end, Roddy is a classy guy, also St. Bonnies and Amat, still interested in what cupcakes, ahhh teams CO lines up next year. Lets not forget WC, Maggliore is very classy too, who els in the SGV had the stones to schedule AMat and Mater Dei? Nobody,EVER!! Finally, did Gano end the Amat/Damien series, I’ve heard him belittle Amat numerous times in person at softball games, saying”we’ve never been afraid to play and beat the so-called big boys”………..correct me if I’m wrong somebody, but when did Los Altos ever beat a Pac5 playoff team? ever even play one?

  • Aaron

    Extremely surprised that this game will be played in zero week, I guess it should be a tone setting game, however it is historical as a mid-season game…sorry to see it go the way of the dodo in regards to scheduling.

  • Yes we are

    AMAT is so much better!

  • Whitey,

    Los Altos beat Orange Lutheran in the ’03 CIF Div. VI championship. At the time, O-Lu wasn’t PAC-5 (or Division I), but I think they were the very next season.

  • Joe Amat

    The first year OLu was in the Pac5/Division 1 was 2006. Prior to that they were DVI.

    There were BIG changes in the school from point A to point B, from size to admissions, and the addition of an online component to their curriculum, among others. Clearly the commitment was far different to fielding a great football program and be “Oaks Christian South”


    Look whitney there you go the first person to start talkking Sh!t. Why dont you worry about your team and worry less about everyone else in the SGV!

  • SDSaint


    It’s scheduled for week 0 because of releaguing. Each team is entering a new league with 7 teams so they can’t play week 5 anymore and they also couldn’t back out of their contracts that they had with other teams weeks 1-4.

  • white

    sgvfootballfan, it’s Whitey for crying out loud,get some working bi-focals willya!and Aram, read my statement, O-Lu was not a Pac5 playoff team when Gano beat them nor the next year’s like SH saying we played Tesoro the year after they went to the finals, (pac5)oops, not really, cuz Tesoro went 4-6 and whipped SH this past season, so maybe a weak Pac5 team is better than the SH transferstars

  • Mark

    What is So. Hills schedule? do they still have Tesoro and La Habra scheduled this coming season?

  • Huskies Homeboy!

    South Hills has no La Habra but does have Monrovia, West Covina, and Baldwin Park.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I think you all are making to much of a team’s schedule. As I wrote in my college football column many times this season – It’s not who you play, but how you play. If you play some one you should be by two TDs and you beat them by four, you’ve exceeded expectations and should be rewarded. If you don’t, you should be punished by the rankings. Look at the Southeastern Conference teams, they don’t exactly schedule up, but that conference has produced the past four mythical national champions and the most in the Bowl Championship Series era.
    So obviously, it’s not who you play, but how you play.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Whitney –
    I saw your 190 lbs D-linemen on Saturday. Wow! Where’s the varsity squad. You should worry about your 2010 defense more and less about the SGV.
    By the way, Bobby Brown wants his crack pipe back. asap!

  • SGVsBest

    Steve –
    If you had a BCS playoff system. then those arguments would go away also.
    The Tribune sells newspapers! CIF is the King Maker. Lets not forget the order. OK?

  • Bonita

    I think opening up with SD is great. What a way to start the season.

  • Dan

    To answer your question, the last time Los Altos beat a Pac 5 or that kind of caliber school in the playoffs was 1977 when they won the Big Five Title over St. Paul, the year before they beat Fontana for the 4A [Big Schools] Title. I think they finished as high as #3 in the nation in one of those years.
    As far as Orange Lutheran in 2003 compared to O-Lu of today I believe O-Lu’s closest game that year was when they beat Mater Dei 35 to 14. The rest of their games were mostly even bigger blowouts and they were 13 & 0 until they met Los Altos in the Title game, so the argument can be made that O-Lu was a D1 caliber team that year, they were certainly as good as the O-Lu teams of the past 2 or three years.


    How did that “It’s not who you play, but how you play” thing work out for undefeated – yet FOURTH RANKED (behind two other 1 loss teams) Boise State?

  • Chicken …….


    Gano has a history of talking and not really back it up. Most of you don’t understand what makes him tick, his ego. Over the last two seasons Gano has had sub .500 records.

    4-6 2007/08
    5-6 2009/10

    That 2007/08 record was the reason why he walked from the LA job. He is going to drop any and every pre-season game that he thinks his team isn’t favored to win, that’s Gano. Many of us have brought this up on the blog multi times and we all know that Gano reads the blog.

    So, Gano prove us all wrong………..

  • Huskies

    Monrovia, WC and BP? WTH is going on… No La Habra or Tesoro, Bogan’s playing scared.

    BTW white the SH transfer star Canada didn’t play, so it could’ve been different. We just lost our #1 returning transfer player, good job coaches! Sierra here we come…..

    Hopefully Bogan doesn’t screw up so bad this coming year! Players don’t even want to play for him anymore.

  • Steve Ramirez

    BCS Boy: Boise State was undefeated, but didn’t live up to expectations (point spreads) in at least three of its games. The beat FCS UC Davis by just 18; 8-5 Fresno State by just 17; 5-7 Tulsa by 7 and 4-8 Louisiana Tech by 10. When you have a less than stellar schedule, you have to make pollsters vote for you. You do that by being undefeated and by not just beating teams, but by pounding them. Boise State didn’t do that, and it’s reflected in the polls. Boise was at one time ranked No. 4 and in very good position to make it to the BCS title game (if Texas lost), but by struggling against UC Davis, Tulsa and La. Tech, it was easy for the voters to knock them down a peg, and in the end that allowed them to drop behind No. 2 Texas and No. 3 Florida. A team’s schedule does play a factor in the BCS equation, but if you don’t have the schedule strength, you’d better win convincingly. Boise State did neither.

  • CDawg

    I think we have Tesoro and Los Osos right before Sierra League play…so who then is your deep-T?

    SHHS Football

  • irep Sgv

    okay steve its all well and good to run up the score on teams is what your saying then correct??? so if amat played duarte azusa ganesha bassett pomona northview for thier pre season and kicked the crap outta them by 40+ each game your telling me it would be okay??? cuz they are beating the teams they play how they should?!?!? come on pull your head out!
    first off i know that amat has to much class to run up the score on any of these sgv teams but thats what your stating are you not???

  • Technically, O-Lu wasn’t D-1. They just waxed Mater Dei that season and everything else in their path until Los Altos beat them.

  • baseball

    Fred – where is your weekly baseball blog.

  • SGVsBest

    Steve’s just trying to sell newspapers. Right Steve? That’s why the BCS is what it is. A big joke!
    CIF has a playoff system! And that’s why CIF is the “King Maker” and not the newspapers.

  • SGVsBest

    Its raining! You don’t play in rain. Remember?
    If you’re not playing, what there to talk about?
    Don’t beg…it makes you look weak!

  • Who’s # 1

    Hey Huskies,
    So who is the #1 returning transfer player that is not returning?

  • Jim Mora

    SGVsWorst – Playoffs? Talking about Playoffs? You mean the “FishBowl Only Postseason Tournament”? That’s like competing in the WAC. Steve proved that point. Never leaving the SGV with 5 scholarship guys? Big accomplishment? Talking about those scores and you got to beat someone big? Hows 687-376 sound? Record? How about 22-2 vs the teams in the FishBowl?

  • Steve Ramirez

    First of all, you’re comparing apples to oranges. College schedules are set roughly 10 years in advance. The SEC teams schedule patsies in nonconference play, because, one, they know they are going to get enough of a ratings bump by playing at least two top 10, top 20 teams in their conference schedule and it won’t hurt them. In Boise State’s case, there’s no way to forcast what the college landscape is going to look 10 years down the line. Ten years ago, Boise State was a true mid-major who was not even the best team in their conference, let alone one of the top programs in the country, and it’s schedule reflects that, facing other mid-majors and regional foes, like Oregon and Oregon State. Plus, being a mid-major, it’s difficult for them to get home-and-home games, except for some of its northwest foes, like Oregon, Oregon State, Washington.
    High school is much different, because schedules are made at most two, three years in advance and coaches will make a schedule that they believe their team can handle. If you are going to have a senior team, you would, as you guys say, schedule up, if you have a bunch of first-year starters, you would schedule down, which would allow to give them confidence as the season goes on.
    Now on the BCS, it’s not a perfect system, but as Texas’ Mack Brown said, it’s a lot better than the previous system. And for the most part, they have gotten it right. The SEC is the best conference in the country, and they’ve won the past four mythical national title. Plus, without the BCS, we would have never had Boise State vs. Oklahoma; Texas vs. USC and the recent Texas vs. Alabama.

  • Schedule???

    Does anyone know who Bishop Amat has scheduled???? Rumor has it charter oak and Amat may have already scheduled a game in wwek 0 or 5… Anyone have confirmation??? Fred, maybe you know??

  • hahaha

    Steve – say what you want, but CFB should have a playoff. Yeah, the BCS does get it right some of the time, but not always. Boise State, Cin, and TCU should have had a chance to compete for the national championship. They prob would not have won, but by that logic, why play the season. The championship should be decided on the field, period!! Also, please don’t talk about the quality of BSU’s last 3 wins. They could have blown them out by 50 and they still would not have been invited to the national championship. Listen, even a plus 1 game would be acceptable (even though that would have left out one of the 5 undefeateds). It would had one gamee for 2 teams and you could play the championship game 1 week after New Years, which is close to what they do now.

  • Fred


    Stop making it up. Charter Oak wants none of Bishop Amat.

  • kh

    taking bets in the s.d. bonita game.
    and will lay 6 points bonitas giving.
    let ken know,put your money where your mouths at.
    we will stuff the little town called s.d.
    first game with all the bearcats healty.maybe i will change spead to 10 and a half..k.c. will leave high school being back the s-pot home were it belongs

  • Steve Ramirez

    I agree with you – a playoff is what’s needed. IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON. At least not before 2015, since the BCS contract runs through the 2014 Rose Bowl. The Bowls have no reason to get in a playoff system to make money, because they are already making loads. I would have loved to have seen a plus-1 this year, which would have made sense with two undefeated teams – Boise State and Alabama. Even Nick Saban said he likes the idea of a plus-1, but he also wants to keep the bowl system intact, because it works for all parties involved. If they did go to a plus-1, they would have to eliminate the extra game, which would take away two slots for the mid-majors like Boise State. They could add another bowl in the BCS mix, like the Cotton Bowl (which would have to kick in some more money), but I don’t see that happening. If they did, they could have have those bowls played by Jan. 1/2, then come back with the BCS title game on Jan. 7 with the top two winning teams. But sometimes its not clear who those two teams are. This year it was, but that’s not the case every year, as Mack Brown has stated.
    Remember the BCS Bowls don’t look at what’s best for college football, but what’s best for them, and right now they have no reason to want a playoff. As far as they are concerned, the system is working, especially the Rose Bowl, which got three storied programs to play in its two games this year.

  • KH is a joke

    KH – i thought you were done on this blog. You said too many people didn’t want you around our something lame like that. Be true to your word and go away!!!

  • hey! how about garfield hs from ela playing charter oak. many of these played each other during the pop warner days, lets see how they do at the next level. week zero is opened for both

  • irep Sgv

    freddy idk about that i mean i love amat they are the best in the sgv yes but you know you would love to see that game!!! everyone would but bishop has everything to lose and nothing to gain if they beat co and co has nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! so are you sure its not ba backing out?!?!?

  • kh

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    only cookies are done.
    thats the problem too many jerks like you out there thinking.again your the peice of brown round that has zeno input on the blog,but to stay.
    hey kh, i thaught you were done blogging.what a dumb turd.get a life and let us here know who your son is, so all of us can follow what a great or choke job you done training your stud player,or leg kicking boy cheerleader.which one is it,you all know what i can do with players,leave there mommys home and ill turn them into a real athlete.time will tell so in closing jokeman put your money up and take the points,for you i will give 7 points .waiting and am not mad at over the whole blog maddness brother. my body and mind is so clean and sober its all about the love of the game…join the feeling put down the bottle brother, if thats what eating at day at a time.i have a new blog name boys soberman signimg off i didnt want to come out to fast in case i fell off the wagon boys,but with over 108 days of the clean live i really love it and so dose the people around me .thanks for all the support hows it time to give back the feeling to all my sick jokeman have a couple for me and when it starts to get real unmanageable in your life then and only then will you drop down to your knees and life will happen with more love and joy then you can ask for..the old kh was a dickhead but the one working hard to revibe the loving feeling ..and you to donald k maybe theres hope for you too MR.SOBERMAN

  • Jokeman

    KH – i would bet you, but I don’t want to take your rent money.

  • somberman

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  • Jokemam

    hahaha. you can’t even spell your own call name….”somberman”

  • SD Fan

    Let’s here the excuses now for lil Bonita losing the smudgepot again….. That’s all you are, full of excuses. Once again it will be the healthy status, “if we are healthy”…. Well SD will be healthy and will return all but 3 starters I believe on both sides of the ball. So let’s see what you are willing to wager. And no excuses either… Too Funny!!!

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