Girls Soccer: Nothing changes at the top, it’s still Bishop Amat and Los Altos, though Walnut rounding into form and Todd with 37 goals

Above: San Dimas’ Brooke Lambert against Northview last week.

Girls Soccer Top Ten
1. Bishop Amat (18-0-1) – Notch on two more wins, but the big game comes on Thursday at La Salle.
2. Los Altos (17-1-1) – After outscoring their opponents 64-6, maybe Los Altos and Bishop Amat should be 1A and 1B, they’re that close.
3. Walnut (11-3-2) – Working on four straight shutouts, a span in which they outscored opponents, 17-0
4. St. Lucy’s (9-5-2) — Followed win over Glendora with another big win over Chino Hills.
5. Bonita (7-5-2) — When all is said and done, they should finish second behind Los Altos in Miramonte, just ahead of Charter Oak.
6. Charter Oak (14-3) – Lost to Bonita, then pounded Diamond Ranch 4-0.
7. San Dimas (7-3-2) — They tied Northview, but still haven’t lost in the VVL in a long, long time.
8. Sierra Vista (14-2) — Vanessa Carlos is on fire, she has 17 goals and 15 assists to pace the Dons.
9. Glendora (6-7-3) — Played better than St. Lucy’s but still lost, then beat Diamond Bar. I’m telling you, they’re better than this record.
10. Northview (9-4-1) — Vikings forward Khalalah Todd has 37 goals, 13 shy of the big 50, which would put her in rare company. After tying San Dimas 2-2 on the road, the Vikes have the inside track to the VVL too.

Girls Soccer standings, schedules and leaders
Del Rey League
Miramonte League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
San Antonio League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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  • LA Fan/Dad

    LA vs South Hills game cancelled, due to weather.

  • Anon

    San Dimas at Covina also canceled, due to weather.

  • kurmugin

    Would someone tell MaxPreps that the score of the Los Altos-Bonita game 1/14 was 4-0, not 2-0, as they show it. They should read the Trib, who had it right.

  • soccer lvr

    I believe, in Maxpreps the coach is in charge of putting in the scores. You might want to send the coach an email.

    Sierra Vista’s game was also canceled yesterday due to rain. It is being rescheduled for today at 5 pm at SV.

    I would also like some coverage on the Middle and Defense on teams. For example, in LA I hear about how great they are scoring. Well, they are not letting the opponents score either! Let’s hear it for the middle and defense of the teams also.

    In last week’s game, Sierra Vista’s middle and defense kept the ball out of their goal side for the majority of the game. Sometimes, the goalie,Alyssa Lozano, doesn’t get much action. SV has a great middle in Jasmine Loera(#7) and Beatriz Barrett(#4), and Bianca Chavez (#6). Jasmine alone has 46 steals and 2 goals. They also have a great sweeper in Alexandra Martinez.

  • soccer lvr

    I dont know who puts the little comments under the standings in the San Gabriel Tribune paper, but I’m not sure how to take the comments under the Sierra Vista Girls Soccer. Are they meant to be encouraging or what? Under the last standings it said something about it looking good on paper and today it said “How good are these girls?”

    I really hope it was meant in a positive way. Because these girls are REALLY great. It is not their fault that they live in Baldwin Park and go to Sierra Vista. They are in the Montview League. Their parents can’t afford to send them to private schools like Bishop Amat or Alverno. Sierra Vista does not recruit players from other cities. Many of these girls have lived all of their lives in Baldwin Park. They are a product of the public school system. Only 1 of the players is in a soccer club and she is new this year being a freshman. Ask any of them and they will tell you how PROUD they are to be a member of the Sierra Vista Girls Soccer team. I don’t know how many of them would actually move to a private school if given the chance, but I know my daughter, who is a freshman, wouldn’t move schools no matter what.

    So, How good are these girls? Come and see them play and judge for yourselves. I will put them up against any team and the SV Girls will give them a run for their money.

    GO LADY DONS!!!!

  • just another comment

    soccer lvr: are you looking for sympothy or something…stick to the facts…you are doing good, thats great just say that…don’t try to convince us if your good or not because the numbers will give us that answer…and don’t feel like you are getting put down by the paper, everyone gets dogged in the news…i am sorry you don’t recruit and you guys can’t afford private school and all but don’t give excuses or anything, if you are good you are good, simple as that

  • diogenes

    Soccer Lvr…The How good are these girls? query was a positive response to the SV girls record to date and how high they may go. Not bellitling in the least. While their early wins may have been overlooked, they aren’t now. Girl soccer is one game where a tight team of locals can go all the way. Public, private doesn’t matter, team work and basic skills make the difference. As is apparently the case with Sierra Vista.

  • HA!

    soccer lvr,

    You said:
    “I will put them up against any team and the SV Girls will give them a run for their money.”

    Stop! You’re embarassing yourself. The best team you’ve played is in Div. VII! You haven’t played anyone from the Trib Top 10. Whoopie, you’re gonna go undefeated in the freaking Montview League! In fact you probably won’t allow a goal.

    But to say that you would give Amat, Los Altos, Walnut, St. Lucy’s, etc. “a run for their money” is just retarded. You guys would get SMACKED and your coach knows it. That’s why your schedule is the way it is.

    You can be proud of yourself but you also need to be honest with yourself. You’re a second tier team. Actually you’re probably more like at the top of the third tier.

  • SGV Dad

    Soccer lvr, why are you always so defensive? Why does it have to be about Private vs. Public, recruiting vs non-recruiting. Tell me one girl that went to another school (private or public) because of the girls soccer program. Wow dude you got a big chip on your shoulder. SV has a good team this year and is getting some publicity and you have to start going down the sympahty route. Will you please take the advice of your players and start acting like a ‘PROUD’ supporter of SV and not a whinner. All those girls on SV were given the chance to attend a private school, go take the test and file for hardship (financial support) if thats what is requried. You would be surprised at how much financial support is awarded at private high schools.

  • soccer lvr

    Of course I get defensive at times. How can I not when I see how good these girls are and how hard they work? Then I see comments like the ones below. What if people said that Bishop and LA werent any good? They are from Div 4 after all. They must suck because they are not Div. 1

    How many here have gone to see Sierra Vista play? Come and see them. Then you can judge if they will get “SMACKED.” When the SV girls were doing good, all I heard was bad comments about them. All I am asking for is a great job and a little encouragement. My goodness! Is that a lot to ask for? I know that we play against each other and for the most part we are rivals. I will cheer everyone from the San Gabriel Valley if they are trying for the CIF championship. Why are some of you always trying to put someone else down? I want someone from this area to win CIF in any division.

    All I am saying is that we should be proud of each other, no matter what division. I am proud that Bishop Amat and Los Altos are at the top of their division because they are from our area.

    So yes, I am tired of hearing people say that SV is not doing good just because they are in Div. 7 and in the Montview League. So what? I am sure that most teams have started at the bottom. They were just able to move up. That is what I am hoping for for SV. I want them to move leagues, maybe even move up a division.

    Thank you diogenes, I really appreciate your support.