Hoops Discipline: Longtime official Joe Conte suggets season-long suspension for Monrovia boys basketball coach; The bigger question is do basketball coaches go too far working officials?

By Miguel A. Melendez, Staff Writer
Longtime San Gabriel Valley official Joe Conte, also a liaison to the CIF-Southern Section, has filed a report to the CIF-Southern Section recommending that Monrovia High School suspend girls basketball coach Basil Woodruff for the rest of the season after a postgame incident last week resulted in Woodruff’s ejection. (To continue, click thead)

Time for a poll: Basketball coaches work officials more than any other sport. In last night’s girls basketball game against Diamond Ranch, Bonita coach Darren Baumunk is restrained as he argues a call with a referee. I’m not singling out Baumunk, this goes on all over the place, we just happened to have our cameras at the game. Last week San Dimas boys basketball coach Bruce Robbins was suspended a game for a post-game incident in which he chased down officials leaving the building, and now this episode at Monrovia. I’m not saying coaches shouldn’t argue calls with officials, because it’s a part of the game and will always be a part of the game. But you have to know when enough is enough, and when the line is crossed between arguing for your team, and setting a bad example, right?

Woodruff served the second of a two-game suspension Wednesday night against South Pasadena. Woodruff was suspended after an alleged altercation with a referee after last week’s overtime loss at San Marino resulted in his ejection by the officials. An ejection calls for an automatic postgame suspension, but Monrovia officials implemented an additional one-game suspension and still are reviewing the incident before deciding whether more action is necessary, Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson said.

Junior Diaz served as interim coach for the Wildcats.

Woodruff is scheduled to return Friday against Blair, although Woodruff first must “take care of some variables” before his return is clear, Jackson explained.

Woodruff was not available for comment.

After speaking with officials involved in the incident and going over the game report, Conte explained his reasons for asking for a harsh suspension.

“As soon as the game is over, it’s procedure for the officials to stay at midcourt until the teams leave the scorer’s table,” Conte said.

“So they (officials) were waiting for the teams to clear and (Woodruff) rushed up to the official, got so close that when he got to her he was spitting at her face. I don’t know if she put a hand out or if the coach put his hand on her but there was some kind of slight contact.

“The two officials who were there to do the (boys) varsity game were sitting on the bleachers away from the action and they came rushing out there and got between them (the official and Wood- ruff) and they took the two women (officials) out to the parking lot and got them out of the gym.

“I asked that he be suspended for the year. I filed my report with CIF and they have backed my decision 100 percent. (CIF-SS assistant commissioner Rainer Wulf) did not have a problem with that last Thursday when we filed the report.”

Jackson said CIF-SS officials have not communicated with him that they back Conte’s recommendation. Monrovia athletic director Randy Bell said Wulf “did not communicate that when we spoke last week.”

An attempt was made to contact Wulf for comment, but he was out of the office because of severe weather in Los Alamitos.

Jackson said he intends to have more discussions with Woodruff, who’s in his first season with Monrovia, before the issue is resolved.

“I’m going to have a follow-up meeting with him and ask where he is at this point, and the progress of what I have asked him to do, and we will make the final decision as to where our program is going,” Jackson said.


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  • Shelley

    Working the refs is part of the game. A year long suspension is too harsh. In my opinion, women refs are the worst. Power-trippers.
    The women ref should have handled the situation on her own without having the two male refs come to her rescue. WEAK.

  • My only retort to this article stems from the fact of watching and participating as a player, coach and official for the past 40+ years… my comment is this based on my experience:
    a high school officals primary responsibility is th control the behavior on the floor and in venue so as not to overinfluence or intimidate or bias either players or coaches, and to maintain sportsmanship in a sometimes fierce spirit of competition. Listen none can or should attempt to take tht crowd out of play, afterall isn’t that what home court advantage is all about. But certain behavior is unacceptable and remembering that this is high school, it is the officials reponsibility to require that coaches and school officials fully understand the consequences when this crosses the line.

    As far as coaches behavior this season, i have attended over 100 games this season and for the part apart from coaches working the officials, there have been few incidences, however, in my observation it will also state that in all of these games there have been FEW where the officiating
    has been better than satisfactory or average. Specifically, the inconsistency of more to call same violations at both sides of the floor, the tightening of calls a the game nears the end when forthemost part the same call or more serious infraction would go unnoticed.
    This drives coaches NUTS and sends the wrong message to players and spectators…officials DO NOT control TEMPO of the game rather behavior…that which gives one participant an unfair advantage over the other and unsportsmanlike behavior.

    This needs to be shared by senior level officials to those that that are the subject of this topic.

  • Joe’s Not Perfect Either

    CIF has an problem with good officials across the board.
    Just by the article the officials let the game get out of control right away. If this coach was up and off the bench during the game then why didn’t this female official nip this in the bud right away.Was the coach wrong sure he was.
    The officials control the game not the coaches. Now is a season long suspension in order, I doubt it. Joe Conte is just defending some poor decison by some inexperienced official.I bet this official will have the same thing happen again until she learns to take control.

  • George

    Shelley said: women refs are the worst. Power-trippers…Reading your comments are clear.You have a problem with women. What year were you born 1902?? All Ref’s have power, its just that you can’t deal with it when its a women. Do you have the same problem at work if your boss happens to be a women?? Were the other Ref’s suppose to watch as this coach attacks the other officials?? The year long suspension should come from the school NOT the CIF.If this coach only gets a few games off then attacks another official later in the season The Monrovia school district can look forward to a big lawsuit because they knew this coach was a loose cannon and didn’t take care of the problem.

  • Big Boy

    Typical woman, power tripper and over-reacting. Have some class, no need to work the refs, let them do their job and coaches shut their mouths.

  • Shelley

    Read my comment again. I clearly stated I have a problem with women officials. Not women in general. They are the most inconsistent officials. Because I AM a woman, I know the way women react. Women officials feel that the have to prove something in a field where a majority of the officials are men. I played collegiate basketball and have coached at the high school level. I can say without reservation that if I saw a women officiating a game I knew the game was going to be called differently. It’s just the way it is. Male refs are way more consistent and less emotional. I’m just calling it how I see it.

  • CIF? LOL

    CIF needs to spend more time improving the quality of officiating and less time completely siding with their boys (er girls?). Football is terrible and basketball is garbage. Many officials are unprofessional and very little is done to them. Over the years I have witnessed many bad officials who were barely reprimanded for incidents that truly lacked objectiveness on their part and professionalism. Schools have written letters in some cases that were fallen upon deaf ears. CIF has no room to talk until they do a better job of fixing the problem on their end.

  • AMAT!!!

    I agree, improvement needs to be made on getting quality refs, umps, all that, because games have been lost due to poor officals mading horrible calls… I know it happens even at the the pro level, but it has been happening a little too much at the high School level.

  • Stephanie

    Why don’t you put a picture of the Monrovia coach who your article is about and not the Bonita coach. Since you were at the game you should know that the Bonita coach was doing anything other than asking the ref when he could ask a question….so if you are talking about Monrovia put a picture of Monrovia, don’t mix up your stories and make a great coach look bad.

  • Really

    Really Stephanie, a picture is worth a thousand words, umm, a person holding coach back, coach arguing with official, what’s the confusion, so he’s arguing a call, it’s not a big deal, besides, didn’t Fred say he wasn’t singling out your coach, rather using the photo because one of their photographers was at the game and caught him arguing a call. This is the problems with parents too, you’re defending something that doesn’t need defending, the picture is a mere example of a question that was posed on this thread when it comes to arguing in general. Don’t make more of it than what it is, so a coach lost his cool a little, it happens all the time, lets not make everyone out to be a saint.

  • sgfan2

    Although I wasnt at the game, I hardly think the Bonita coach was going overboard. He himself was an official (volleyball) for some time so Im sure he knows the proper behavior for a coach/ref discussion.

  • It’s always the other guy

    Coaching is about staying true to your personality. The best do this very well and the worst become coaches right before our eyes and are the worst. Gregory was a sideline terror and that made him great. He was fun to watch and everyone knew what was coming from beginning to end. At the same time he was rarely held by his assistants because he was up all the time. His lower level coaches were also outstanding. No one does a better job than Glendora from what I’ve seen over the years. They are professional and address their players and refs with respect. Others should take note.

    The thing to remember here is why would a coach or fan put a ref at risk. Yesterday after my son’s game I ran into the ref and told him he did a great job. He said it was his second game ever. I wished him well and recommended when he made a call to be more direct and more vocal in his decisions. He had a tendency to whisper the call which in some weak coach’s mind spells red meat. He thanked me and said, maybe someday Ill make it to the NBA, hopefully he does.

    The point is try and congratulate a ref instead of arguing every call as most refs are just trying to stay connected to the game they love, trying to enter a sport they never were a part of or just regular folk trying to earn a few extra bucks.

    When I coached I always tried to talk to a ref and be an example to my players and parents. The best coaches love the refs and the weakest coaches think the refs suck, wouldn’t you know. When a ref was poor of homering me I took it as a challenge to my coaching ability not an affront to my manhood, too many weak coaches believe the latter.

    Threaten a ref and lose your right to coach kids, simple enough.

  • blank

    I wish the reason for the coaches getting so upset was stated. I do not believe that a coach has any right to charge at a ref after a game, however the reason the coach was so upset should also be stated for the record. This ref made some incredibly horrible calls against Monrovia but towards the end of the game Monrovia had a player go down VERY hard and this ref stood there and watched this girl get stepped on ect while the ref at the other end of the court had to come running to prevent further injury to the player. This does not give a coach a right to charge a ref and Im not saying it does but I think there needs to be some formal way of filing a complaint against a horrible ref just as there seems to be a way to file a complaint against a coach. Both sides need to be reviewed and a process for review put in place so when something does come up there is a standard way of dealing with it ref or coach

  • Tech Support

    One of the major things to also look at is the fact that working the refs… actually works. I was at a game on wednesday between two teams that were pretty even on paper. After a couple trips down one team’s guards were using the off hands to push off and create space. The other team’s coach started getting mad, screamed at the officials to make the call. Next 5 times down the court? 3 offensive fouls called. Then the same thing happened the opposite way with over the back calls on rebounds.

    The officiating is indeed horrid, but it is horrid across the board. I’ve been to at least 20 games this year so far and can only remember not being confused about some of the calls in one of them. But part of bad officiating is not just missing calls, but then allowing the coaches, fans, players to dictate how you call the game. That then brings massive inconsistency and what wasn’t a foul all game turns into one in key situations.

  • Robert K

    I am all for putting a coach out there for comments when it is necessary but, you putting a picture of D Baumonk in this case is just poor taste, it makes it look like he was provoking the Ref, its not fair to him, darren has worked hard to become a good coach in basketball and I have spoken to girls who say that he is a really good and fair coach. You blew it this time!

  • GHigh

    I have to agree with Stephanie on this one. Don’t put a picture up of someone who has nothing to do with the story. As far as it looking like he peed his pants and wasn’t dressed professionally. . DUH it’s been a little wet outside this week so a suit might not have been an option.
    I sincerely doubt that the Bonita coah loses his cool with officials. In only his first year officiating volleyball he is one of the most consistent in the area and very level headed, which is why his picture shouldn’t be in this story.

  • alligotstosayaboutthat

    Okay. Let’s just put it out there.

    SOME REFS ARE JUST TOO DOGGONE OLD! They can’t keep up with the pace of the game.

    There are also obvious biases. There have been instances where I’ve seen refs spend a lot of time chatting with a coach, who later gets preferential treatment on close calls.

    I’ve even seen refs wink or give a sly smile or at coaches before, during and after games.

  • COChargerfan

    Hey “It’s always the other guy”, if only bad coaches hate on the refs, then I guess that makes Bob Knight the worst coach ever…except that he won 902 games, which is the MOST in NCAA history…explain that little problem with your argument for us. And, while Bobby was often over the top, he was certainly the NORM and not the aberration among winning NCAA coaches. Now, the NBA is different only because they are able to levy hefty fines on coaches, players and owners (see Mark Cuban) that complainso they more often than not keep their mouths shut. But if you want the truth about refs gaffs, listen to Charles terrible call Barkley and the rest of the TBS crew as they are able to tell it like it is beyond the reach of the NBA censors.

    The reality is that there is a direct correlation between poor officiating and coachs complainingso it is most often officiating driven as opposed to the coaches being bad apples or wanting to gain an unfair advantage. Ive seen lots of well-officiated games, both close and blowouts, with little to no complaining. And by the way, a homer ref is simply a CHEATER, because how else do you explain purposefully making incorrect or biased calls? And these refs are cheating the game and players and not some complaining coach who, after all, his or her job is to insure that their players get a FAIR OPPORTUNITY to win the game.

    Just curiouswhat coaching abilities did you use (that bad coaches apparently do not possess) that allowed you to offset incorrect calls? Exactly what is your coaching secret for countering a ref that allows the other team but not yours to plant in the key for like 8 seconds, hold and hand check, set illegal screens, carry and travel, etc??? Because, they arent anyexcept for complaining to the refs. And if you never complained, then most folks that care about winning would conclude that it is you that is a bad coachfor letting your players down by not defending their unfair treatment.

    With that said, when the game is over, then the refs are off limits and the recourse is to send game film to the CIF office and request that the officiating service not allow that same ref to do your games. I realize that the latter is tough because there arent a whole lot of refs out there.

  • FredJ

    I completely disagree, I said I wasn’t singling out Baumunk, and further explained that I used this picture because our photographer was there that night. I used this thread to ask if coaches spend too much time working the officials, and I have this picture of an area coach disagreeing with an official taken the night before, it was timely, and worked for the question I wanted to pose. I too, have never heard one bad thing said about Baumunk, and never got the impression he was a hot-headed coach in the game I covered this year, but coaches do argue calls, even the ones we all know and consider great mentors.

  • T

    Fred, this topic is interesting, so Im going to weigh in.

    Regarding the coach from Monrovia (I wasnt at the game and dont know all the facts), the school is welcome to enforce their own in-house discipline, but if its first time thing, then the standard 1 game suspension (which is by CIF rule for ejection) is enough. If theres a track record of documented problems, or if theres been a previous ejection this season, or if the incident was especially bad, then I would agree with Joe Conte Sr., that the coachs season be over.

    Regarding female officials. The fact is, in this era that female officials are asking for and in some cases demanding equal standing with male officials. This means that they also have to expect and must learn to deal with the same negative situations, that male officials have gone thru for years. The penalty should not be worse for the coach if the official is a female.

    Regarding high school basketball and officiating basketball in general. Officials cant make a at times flawed product beautiful to watch with their officiating. This is the case with all levels of basketball, as they are relative to each other. If you were to keep stats on the officials calls and non-calls for the entire game, I believe that the officials, in most instances are the best team on the floor. The NBA has very thorough officiating stats and an accounting process for calls during the season. Theyve found that in a lot of cases, over the course of the entire game, that officials are correct 90+% of the time according to their scientific style guidelines. Obviously, the artistic (unexplainable) part of the game of basketball is more difficult to measure.

    Refs have simple one liners that we say to the coaches and one of the more popular lines is “coach, I need you to coach your team”. So to answer Fred’s question, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. When the coaches spend too much time focusing on the refs, they’re not coaching their team. This ultimately lets their team and players down.

  • valley watcher

    The only problem I have with putting Darren’s picture up is it paints him in a bad light. I know you said you weren’t pointing him out, but you did by putting the picture up. Coaches arguing with refs has gone on since the beginning of time. There is NO excuse to go after a ref! There is plenty of good reasons to let a ref have it if he/she deserves it. There have been plenty of occasions where a ref purposfully has treated one team better than the other. Now I know all of the officials are saying that is BS. I watched 1 official turned to the crowd at South Hills and spit towards them after a bad call he made. I watched another one make a call that was questionable and look at coach and smile. As in any profession there are good officals and bad ones. Arguing just comes with the territory, but NOT GOING AFTER AN OFFICIAL AFTER A GAME!! That takes it too far.

  • archives
  • TMZ

    valley watcher – rule of thumb: if you don;t want a picture to “paint you in a bad light” – don’t do anything that might “paint you in a bad light”.

    as to the other stuff – musta been Bernie?

  • hows this fred

    Fred’s picture here”

    Sports writers push harder for stories more than any other journalists. In last night’s girls basketball game against Diamond Ranch, Tribune sports writer Fred Robledo is restrained as he trys to get a story from basketball coach Darren Beamunk. I’m not singling out Robledo, this goes on all over the place, we just happened to have our cameras at the game. Last week Sun Valley reporter Bob Jones was suspended from work for a post-game incident in which he chased down a coach leaving the building, and now this episode at Monrovia. I’m not saying reporters shouldn’t try to get good stories from coaches, because it’s a part of the job and will always be a part of the job. But you have to know when enough is enough, and when the line is crossed between pushing for your story, and setting a bad example, right?

  • big difference

    hows this fred – the difference here is there is no accompanying picture because it didn’t happen – this apparently did

  • Catfish McGraw

    Tech Support said:

    One of the major things to also look at is the fact that working the refs… actually works.

    I am in agreement. It’s the truth.

  • areyoujustdumb

    big difference

    what are you talking about? of course nothing happened are you retarded? its two different stories and hes using one that only shows a coaching questioning a call but falsely using it to reference another.


    big difference said:

    “hows this fred – the difference here is there is no accompanying picture because it didn’t happen – this apparently did”


  • big difference

    no – Miguel’s story (in the Star) was about the Monrovia coach. Freds question was a general one (with an accompanying, undoctored photo) asking, in general, if coaches go overboard questioning calls – which the accompanying, undoctored photo accurately depicted. Are you one of the 39% that thinks the behavior depicted in the photo is ok?

  • big difference

    exactly – is that not a photo of a coach being restrained by an assistant as he tries to question an official as the official is telling him that’s enough? (and what’s the lady in the picture doing?)

  • hows this fred

    big Difference

    Its not like he’s raising his fist or something he’s arguing a call big deal the poor little ref she needs to learn how to deal with it. She needs to listen to the coach if he doesn’t make sense to her warn him if he continues give him a T if he continues more throw him out end of story move on no one hurt its all part of the game. I bet the other coach was trying to keep him from getting thrown out or a T not restraining him from kicking her azz hello.

  • big difference

    hows this fred – the headline is
    “The bigger question is do basketball coaches go too far working officials?”

    It doesn’t say anything about threatening officials or raising a fist. So the photo is appropriate. Clearly little Darren is “arguing a call” – and take a look at that official again. “the poor little ref she needs to learn how to deal with it?” That’s one ugly woman with a real short haircut – Nope – think HIS name is Jim Smith. And if a coach needs an assistant to “try to keep him from getting thrown out or a T” then the coach is outta control.

  • hows this fred

    NO response a Fred that’s what I thought
    I rest my case……………………………………………………………………………………..

  • toofunny

    “The bigger question is do basketball coaches go too far working officials?”

    Well lets define working that could mean a slew of things the key word is restrained. Fred this word is a little harsh its not like a straight jacket was put on the coach give me a break you people are frig-gen unbelievable. Are you that desperate for a story? don’t worry Freddie boy something will crack I’m sure your BA or LA will filter something your way shortly geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • pathetic

    big difference,

    Getting a T or thrown out is a part of sports from where I come from that’s passion for the game. You want out of control I’ll give you out of control what are you some type of hippie or religious freak get a clue buddy the world doesn’t revolve around you and your pathetic self. Your opinion in this matter is garbage nobody wants you here go away I smell a stench of a delusional being here. You need to pull my finger.. wait wait smell my finger little baby go by by now wa wa wa wa..

  • big difference

    This is HIGH SCHOOL sports. Frickin’ GIRLS basketball. You could hose down the whole gym and a real player wouldn’t get wet! Work the refs?!? These guys think they’re Coach K and the game’s getting on ESPN. Passion? I call it losing control. If an assistant has top grab you to get you to stop – that’s too far. No straightjacket needed. Maybe he should stop worrying about the refs call and worry about the dozen turnovers they just committed. Thrown out of a HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS game? Part of sports? And what lessons are you teaching the girls there? When things don’t go your way – throw a fit? Not that it will change anything – but you might feel better. Until you get tossed then you’re embarrassed. And caught on film for all to see. You can “work the refs” without looking like a raving lunatic. It’s the “raving lunatics” that ruin the refs for those that work them right. Refs are so tired of the nut jobs – now they don’t listen top anybody!

  • pathetic

    big dummy,

    Go fly a kite pretty boy or girlie girl your starting to make me sick your reference to ESPN and coach K is again reaching for something that’s not there. A hand on the arm is restraining huh! what would you call my foot in your _ poor poor baby what are you teaching the girls? How about standing up for whats right and its good to question people and of course a call by a ref. Its those who do not question who end up lost and taken advantage of. Please save us the misery of your how to be proper sermons its starting to get old and even more pathetic. Let us put you on front street my friend put a name behind that goodness so we all know who you are.

  • big difference

    So when your little Susie gets a grade she disagrees with – you’re going to run to the teacher and scream like this guy? or when she gets in trouble because “it was just a little dope”? “But officer I almost stopped at that stop sign”. Or when she doesn’t get the promotion… well you get the idea. I can tell by your post where you fit into the food chain – and that may be why.
    When you spend so much energy arguing a bad call – what you are doing is giving the girls an easy out to place the blame somewhere besides themselves.
    I’ll just sit here and look at my CIF Championship ring and pictures of my college athlete kids that graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and Magna Cum Laude – in that order. You may have to research that.

  • pathetic

    Keep looking at that ring and praising yourself its obvious what defines you as a person. I teach my children to fight for what they believe in. To stand up for themselves,family and friends. I know one thing you college boys don’t have the education to admit when your wrong. I heard that in a movie once I believe it fits here. “Success is piece of mind in knowing you did your best” I’ll leave as that.

  • big difference

    Actually the day to day work and personal responsibility that it took for everyone to win that ring is what defines us. The daily efforts it takes for kids from the first day they start school is what leads to college honors. Those are habits learned that will last a lifetime for all involved. You can’t do your best when you’re spending you time complaining and blaming others.
    You keep complaining (fighting for what’s “right”) and have fun looking up.

  • basketballfan

    The coach was probalbly just protecting his players who were getting fouled extra hard or maybe he was just trying to talk to the ref after the ref told him to stay on the bench.

    Some refs have no business calling games and have no clue what they are doing and it can be very frustrating for a coach…..

    Challenging or questioning a call is the competitive nature of sports and it is part of communicating with officials. You you go beyond what the ref considers good sportsmanship he’ll call a T. if it goes beyond that, then the penalty has to equal the offense – its that simple

  • Frosh Coach

    Big Difference: How do you know that “the official is telling him (Baumunk) that’s enough?” He could simply be telling him to wait while he reports a call, which is common practice from a veteran ref such as this one. As well, how does a single picture depict a coach going overboard on calls?

    As someone who has personally witnessed Baumunk interact with Mr. Robledo and that official,and as a sports journalist myself, I understand that no offense was intended with including Baumunk’s picture along with this thread. However, it has brought a lot of unfair attention on Baumunk (ex. “little darren”).

    While I agree there is no reason for a coach to go after a ref (man or woman), simply saying a coach shouldn’t argue calls just because it’s girls’ basketball is completely unfair. Girls basketball teams work equally hard in their respective divisions and deserve officiating that ensures the sincerity of the game and safety of the players. Yes, there are plenty of coaches who complain way too much after every call. Baumunk, however, is not one of them. His success in girls sports, basketball/volleyball/softball, can be greatly accredited to his willingness to protect and stand up for his athletes.

    A bad call is a bad call no matter how many turnovers each team has. While “working” officials maybe the incorrect term for the context of this thread, asking a ref to be accountable for his/her calls is not making excuses or placing blame elsewhere, it is a coach’s way of ensuring that his/her players are receiving an opportunity for a fair game.

  • Grow Up COChargerFan

    COChargerFan , you are an imbecile. I said I took it as a challenge to my coaching abilities and then you extrapolate far beyond my point. You like to engage people to put forth you are a knowledgeable reasoned thinker when you are nothing more than an ignorant ass. The “challenge” is to keep my team focused, working hard and over coming calls that may seem disproportionately going against us. Don’t you believe that’s part of coaching as well or do you believe players appreciate a coach who loses his cool during competition.

    Again your reasoning and extrapolating is the sign of an insecure man who speaks to be heard rather than to inform or create honest discourse. Grow up and stop twisting everyone words to a level only you can comprehend.

  • COChargerfan

    Pretty hilarious that you comment that I need to grow up but then resort to the childish tactic of calling me names…so who needs to grow up?

    It was you that said “The best coaches love the refs and the weakest coaches think the refs suck” and I just pointed out that if this were true than Bob Knight was a really weak coach…which is obviously wrong as evidenced by his 902 wins.

  • soccer lvr

    I know this is about basketball, but I would like to put in my two cents. My daughter plays soccer. In soccer refs also make some awful calls.

    In one game this season the coach was “working the ref” after one play in which our player was fouled. Our coach told him to call the foul even if our team had the advantage. Our coach would rather lose the goal than to get his player hurt. I think that is the main job of the ref, keep the players safe. Sometimes because of the bad calls, players get hurt.