Brace yourself, the Guru answers your questions

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent and teams in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

Guru Says: It’s off to your questions and or remarks you have for “the guru” during the past month. I apologize for not getting to them sooner…(To continue reading, click thread

Jcaz said: Canada getting his offer withdrawn from New Mexico State is probably a consequence of him not having play in a varsity game this year. This of course is yet another example where the CIF has really screwed someone. I know we’ve gone down this road before but I just wish that the CIF would just fall off a cliff somewhere.

Don’t tell that to CIF. They’ll tell you that you are not “a team” player. I have the emails to prove it!

LOOKING OUT FOR THE WRONG PERSON said: Looks like the guru should have been looking out for Canada instead of Johnson like he wrote. Come on guru work your magic for Canada since you have all the contacts.

I have no magic. I can tell you that the New Mexico State offer was the best one that Johnson got. And I believe he’ll do a great job for SGV legend DeWayne Walker at NMSU. In the end, the Pac-10 just didn’t think he was an elite CB. He’ll have his chance to prove them wrong in college. If you think I can work magic… there is swamp land in Texas I would like for you to buy…

SHHS said: Well Well Well you’re a guru no longer Coach Waterboy Hymee…N. Consultant. Ha.
The track still wants a piece of you, dweeb Guru!

Can’t you think of a better line?… And I don’t care what anyone calls me… just as long as the name is correct on the check that I get from the colleges to get our prospect list and films. Thanks for asking!

Dan said: Don’t understand some of you, it’s a free education to a four year college, weather its
New Mexico St, New Hampshire, or the Pac Ten. Playing football is just iceing on the cake, the important thing is that your kid can get a 4 year degree without having to pay tens of thousands a year to do it. Who cares that its not a big name or pac ten school, New Mexico St. is a great opportunity for Darien, as is San Diego St. for Muema, as is Washington for Powell ect.

Couldn’t have send it any better myself Dan. BTW, it killed me to see Walter not practicing on Rose Bowl week. That kid deserved better than an ACL injury. If you happen to run into me at a dinner establishment Dan, the first beverage is on me!…

Look Out said: Thank the Guru for getting DJ exposed to the next level. DJ will do well there at NMS. He is a diamond in the rough and I can see DJ eventually playing on Sundays.

Don’t thank me. The kid’s film spoke for itself….

72 Inches said: Guru as far a times Vaughns is way off. You go around with 4.58 HT when that’s a gracious 4.6 HT. As usual the facts don’t jive. Nice try though. He okay so let’s see what he does at MSAC.

1) Those are the listed times on So if you want to blame someone, blame them. 2) I think he’ll do well at Mt. SAC and could get out early. He’s that talented….

Aram said: Guru, No Wallace Gonzalez or Michael Ball or anyone from Arroyo, who has one of the best underclass teams around? You sure you did your homework?

I did my homework and I’ll take Jefferies over Ball any day of the week (and twice on Friday’s). As far as the Arroyo players are concerned, liked them a lot, but they ended up as my second players on position boards. But, don’t get me wrong they are good football players. Now get back to your MLB Power Ratings please!….

SD said: I would have to take Jordan Taylor from SD at DB instead of Blount from Azusa. Jordan was an All League DB and 1st Team CIF Player. He will be a Sr. next year. I would also take Allen Brown at OL instead of Matt Johnson since someone said he was graduating. Allen has the same credentials as Taylor above.

I agree with Brown and will make that change. Thanks

PantherBlue said: Guru..Good kid to watch for from Diamond Ranch next year that scouts are already looking at because of his size is LB Jacob Ardron 6-1 200 lbs and is being compared to great LB from DR and now at Air Force Academy Kyle Lengyel.He will be a junior next year and should be a leader for the Panthers.

Great! Thanks for the heads up. It’s not looking very good for class of 2012 players. The national underclassman combine in April will help me a lot with the class of 2012.

Guru Job #1 Know your audience said: Guru wouldn’t it help if you wrote why each player was selected rather than just give names. Also maybe you could tell us why schools are interested in them rather than making a list of kids that had a good season. All CIF and ALL Area could tell us that. But let’s say a 6’4″ 295 lbs OL from Basset stands out and his team goes 2-8, aren’t the colleges intrigued by him and if so why? If not, but you are, at least make recommendations to what he would need to focus on to be considered. Then Guru you really would be doing everyone a service rather and just starting arguments which get old quick. Try it Guru, you’ll be surprised how many bloggers just want the truth or at least a truthful dialouge.

I get this question quite a bit. A great player will stand out on film no matter where he is at. I’ll give you a great example. There are a couple of players that I really like at Garey HS. But when you watch them on game tape, you’re just startled at the poor quality of football that is being shown on Friday nights. But, they’ll get looked at because of their upside. What answers a lot of questions for college asst. coaches is your pre-season schedule. That is why I respect guys like Hagerty, Bogan, Farrar and Layton. They are not afraid to take on the big goys. And it helps out in recruiting, because you can send game film out and if a kid has a great game against a high profile school, it will help them out tremendously. When we start talking about the class of 2011 on signing, I’ll give me thoughts on each kid and what he needs to work on. It’s a great question…

A True Huskie said: Guru, Serious question here, wasn’t Geoff Vaughns the star running back this year? I’m sure everyone believes he was based on his stats and his awards, but many people knew who the better back was and it wasn’t Jamel Hart. So if Geoff was considered the top running back this year, and there was a better “underclassmen” RB on the team, how could you list Jamel? You are considered a scouting guru, but how good can you be when you can’t even see talent on the team you see every single day??? I’m sure many Huskies would agree….. I’m curious, I wonder if you had any say so, because if you did “WOW”. I wonder what SH could’ve accomplished. I’d love to hear your response on this, as I’m sure many others would as well. BTW, he’d probably be a more legit AP(no disrespect to Rufus)! Think about that one 😉 Have a good day Guru!

It’s an interesting take. I totally agree with you that Vaughns was the best player on the team. No question about it. My reason for listing Hart is simple…. I think the kid is going to be a stud for South Hills. He rushed for 924 yards this year and was the 16th leading rusher for the CIF-SS for all sophomores – and he only played in eight games because he was banged up a bit. He’s got a bigger upside than the kid at San Dimas (who is only 5-6). Plus, he made a strong impression in last year’s first round game against Schurr. I think Hart will have a great season next year and so will Jay Anderson from Bishop Amat. Look for those two guys to get invites to the prestigious NIKE camp this year…

SGV Athlete said: Guru, there is one name you should really keep your eye on at AMAT. DL Julian Gener. The kid is a stud with the size, strength, and speed needed to be great at the next level.

His name is on my watch list. Thanks!


Thanks for the kind words… let’s don’t go over board here please!!!!….And next time, there is no need to cap lock your entry. Sounds like you are shouting!…

LA Conq said: Guru, Hits: 1. Nice pick with Longoria, if he can get a QB that can get him the ball next year he should have a great season, also a great kick returner!! 2. Leaving Wallace off this list. The kid has alot to prove from all aspects that he can be a team player and conform to a program not the other way around. obviously the kid is talented but seems to have alot of growing up to do. Misses: 1. Arroyo has two studs coming back next year, QB Rivera and RB/LB Vasquez, come on do your homework. Also Rivera will be the BA QB next year

Here is my prediction for the year… I think Longoria is a true diamond in the rough. I know that he didn’t play well in the South Hills game, but he really intrigues me….Great take on Wallace…

C’mon Man said: Hey Guru, please tell me that your choice at QB for the 2009 All-Underclassmen team came down to a coin flip between Chad Jefferies and Steven Rivera, with Jefferies obviously winning the toss? Otherwise, I just don’t see how Rivera was overlooked. Tell me Guru, in regards to your decision for QB, was it just a case of “the Guru being the Guru?”I mean I hear a lot of good things said and written about Jefferies, which I do not doubt for a second, but his stats compared to Rivera’s were lopsided in Rivera’s favor. With that being said, What’s up with that Guru? C’mon Man!!! In closing, I feel I should say to all the Glendora fans, I mean no disrespect to Jefferies or to Glendora football. My apologies if I offended any of you.

Hey, you have nothing to apologize for. You are only sticking up for your player. It happens a lot. I do it in talking with college asst. coaches. Both QB’s have a lot going for them. In the end, Jefferies played better in the bigger games against better teams. If you would have asked me after the West Covina game, I would have said Rivera. But, Jefferies had a better year and the coaches in the Central Division agreed when they named him to the All-CIF team as a first-teamer. It’s a great argument. However, I’m going to give you another name…just a player to watch out for. Aaron Cantu (Schurr High School). No disrespect to either Jefferies or Rivera, but I’d take Cantu first before those two. Just watch his highlight tape on and you’ll see why…

I told you so said: Guru, What happened to #7 from South Hills. You had him as the next coming of Christ. He was invisible as a receiver, exposed as a corner and pathetic as a QB. Glade to see you don’t have him listed at any position. Looked great at QB for the Bonita game, almost single handedly put us out of that game only to get abused in the DR game at corner,handing the ball to them at the gole line for the winning TD.

Ok, there is a name to #7 at South Hills and his name is Vincent Hernandez. I really like the kid and believe he has a big upside. He just got picked on late in the season. Those things happen. But, I think he’ll turn out to be a pretty darn good player.

Values said: Just maybe the GURU beleives that there’s more to an athlete than stats or ONE good year. Most scouts/recruiters will look into everything before takin the chance on a athlete.

I do. Hey I might a spot for you on my team. Great take!


Finally… I want to wish the very best to Roger Murray who just recently retired as the prep editor in Whittier bureau. He was a pleasure to work with back when I was stringing for the paper. It was very tough to write for the Whittier paper back in the day because of the early deadlines… but the only word that I can say that would describe Roger to the ordinary person is classy! Thanks for grooming guys like Fred, Miguel and lot of other people. When you are ready to play golf, let me and Fred know. We’re paying for the round!

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    Maybe a little problem with the reading comprehension. The post was not in regards to DJ’s NM offer but for you to work your magic for Canada . The first sentence was a bit of tongue in cheek based on your post of him being in Hags dog house and Hags not helping in the scholarship dept. By the way whatever happened to that coach of the year trophy for Hags 10-2 remember . Answer that question please.

  • JFR= Just Friggin Retarded

    Looking out part 2 = JFR, which we all know what that equals Just Friggin Retarded. JFR get a life and crawl out of the guru’s A$$ becuse he gave all the explanations he needed to give.

  • jcaz

    James, it’s always quite an interesting story unto itself when you see how blogers have eveolved ove the years in here. For example, when you first came onto the scene, many people in here really hated your guts because of all the trash talking you did.

    And believe it or not, it was well deserved.

    Now however, we see something of a more, kinder and gentler Guru. One that is pretty much more on the topic at hand, as opposed to a guy who would steamily attempt to stir up controversy in here.

    Because of that, I have to say that I for one, have noticed a bit of a change in your approach to this blog and because of that, have to say that I respect your insights far more today than I have in the recent past.

    Now dont get me wrong here James, there are still more than a few times when the old GURU still rears his ugly face but for what its worth, there are still going to be people who are going to come in here and knock you down a peg or two regardless of your new found evolution.

    I suppose that thats just the nature of this blog, but if it makes you feel any better James, if Mother Teresa were a bloger in here, she would nevertheless still get crap thrown her way because as a catholic, she too wouldnt have any use for the “Trojans” of USC.

    Ha ha ha….

  • Juan

    Why does the SGVT fail to have any type of soccer coverage? There are some quality teams in the SGV that deserve some coverage. Football is over, lets give some love to the other sports in season.
    Disgruntled Soccer Fan

  • US sports…

    Juan, Although football which is called soccer in the U.S. is globally the worlds most popular sport which can not be said for the United States. Football in this country is supreme and wherever there is an outlet to talk about football all other sports take a back seat. Thats just the way it is, sorry!

  • sgv scouting

    OK, with a week and a half to go before signing day, I’ll take your recruiting questions. Throw them on the thread and I will answer them in the mail bag feature next week. Enjoy your weekend. Quick question… what is going on in the Pac-10 in basketball? Is it really that bad?…

  • Dan

    Rest in peace Coach Bill Dunn,
    Greetings bloggers, This morning I went to the Memorial that was held for WC Coach Bill Dunn who unexpectedly past away last month, it was held at Christ Church of the Valley. It was a beautiful day to celebrate and honor the life of Coach Dunn, there was a big turnout and it was inspiring to here the stories and memories of Bill’s life from 4 great perspectives.
    Coach Mike Maggiore, Neighbor Paul Russell, Coach Tim Brancheau, and former pro baseball standout and life long friend of Coach Dunn’s Tom Brunansky, all gave their personal accounts of the friendship and the experiences they each had with Bill and of the effect that Coach Bill had both on them and on the kids of West Covina high. Bill was a fixture at the West Covina fields, I and many others constantly looked forward to seeing and talking with him whenever we were there, he will be greatly missed at West Covina and I feel sad for his Mom and his sister for suffering thru such a great loss.
    Rest in peace Bill Dunn, you will always be remembered.

  • Recruiting

    I have a question for you, you state “Longoria is a true diamond in the rough”. LA had a great QB and only one receiver, Longoria this year. Next year the talent level at LA is going to be at an all time low, espically at the QB position. Longoria has good hands runs good routes but lacks speed and ability to take a hit.

    First question what do you see in Longoria that deems the comment “diamond in the rough”.

    I got the rough part of it, but Longoria’s numbers were weak at best against all (not just South Hills) the quality teams.

    In writing these comments I just realize your motivation in writing your comments. The Longoria family is making a move this year and his first choice at least last year was SOUTH HILLS, now their is a second school is in the running. Is this your way of recruiting. Now your using the Tribune to do your recruiting, just great.

  • Amazed


    I think you should spell check, grammar check, stat check, and everything check before you let the Guru post BS like this….. It’s free, but honestly what does he do or give that you let him continue to be considered the GURU! Some GURU, he has to make sure to reply to people’s stupid remarks and make a fool of himself also. Grow up Mr. Guru, think before post.

  • MJ

    I was at the memorial also. It was amazing to see how many people showed up. I wasn’t really suprised at how many WC athletes past and present showed up. I knew the impact Billy D had on them. I was more amazed at how many friends showed up from all over the country. I know people showed up from Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and the list goes on. The stories that were told were priceless memories of a man who I think would have loved to see such a gathering of friends. I think Bill was a huge link between the old traditions of what the West Covina Spartans were and what the West Covina Bulldogs are. He never missed an opportunity to introduce me to some of the West Covina athletes, and would always try to compare them to some of the great athletes of West Covina from back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I think every kid really took pride in listening to some of the history of West Covina. I think this gathering also showed that once you are part of the West Covina Spartan/Bulldog family, it’s for life. Bill was a great friend who I truly miss.


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