Crespi hires Mack, should Amat be concerned?

Jon Mack has agreed to become the football coach at Encino Crespi after three years of being the head coach at Ventura College. He will be introduced to players at an afternoon meeting.

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  • Makes no differance

    Why should Amat be concerned? With the addition of a fifth team, Bishop Alameny, three teams make it out of the Serra this season. Mack is a good coach but so is Hagerty and staff. No doubt Crespi will be better and their ears will be perked under Mack but all Serra teams have good squads and coaches (Loyola will hire a good one as well). The Serra will be up for grabs, there in no clear cut favorite in this league. To the Trinty coaches, should they be concerned now that Santa Margarita has hired Harry Welch.?

  • jcaz

    Just to add a little bit to what MND just said, unfortunatly Amat has only beaten Crespi once (as well as Notre Dame) sense the creation of the Serra league, so it really makes no differnce what happens over at Crespi record wise, however now that Amat is on the rise again, I can honestly say that Amat can very well dominate this league in the not to distant future.

    The reason I say that is because all of us Amat honks allways like to talk about our past, and the fact is that Amat has hisrtoricaly doimated teams like Notre Dame, Crespi and even Long Beach Poly.

    Make no mistake about it, Amat is here to stay and it dose’nt matter waht thsy do, even if these guys hire a Pete Carrol because in the end it’s all about what you do and how you preform.

    One more thing, many years ago before moving to the SGV, I knew Harry Welch personly. The man has an outstanding football mind, and what makes this hire very intersting is that his move to Orange County area was motivated in large part by his wanting to be closer to his grand kids.

    If he has in fact decided to change schools once again, I only wish that he would have decided to retun to Canyon high school instead of this new school, because that football stadium over at canyon is named after him. Great coach, I just hope Amat dosent have to face him becaue if i’m not mistaken, and remember, I never am (he he) he’s also an old Crespi guy.

  • kurmugin

    Slightly off target, but can anyone explain why these private high schools sit at the top of the heap when it comes to football, but, with a few rare exceptions, like Mater Dei,compete in lower CIF divisions in other sports? Like Amat in track or soccer. The logic escapes me.

  • Even Steven

    Last year Notre Dame played and lost to Workman in the basketball playoffs. That’s obscene. Compete at the same level for all sports and deal with the consequences. Never liked to see Pac 5 athletes competing against teams they wouldn’t even consider scheduling in football. Football drives the schools athletes and reflect a schools commitment to their sports programs so no excuse seems logical or equitable. No sour grapes here, just want fairness across the board for everyone.

  • Answer

    An unofficial Answer: In some cases the divisions are tied to enrollment. Track comes to mind as far as that sport AMAT is in D-3. Mater Dei is in D-2, etc. Majority of the large public schools are in D-1 (Poly’s, Wilson, Rancho Verde etc.) In CIF they all compete in the first 2 rounds in their divisions and then the fastest times of all divisions go to the Masters to comptete against each other. Still some sports are tied tied to wins and loses in previous years. Football is tied to competition…