Hoping for a dry week, need your help, when are the big boys and girls soccer make-up games this week?

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  • Amat

    Amat – St Josephs, Today, Monday 3 PM at St. Josephs. Both teams undefeated in league.

  • What do I know

    I thought they played soccer in the rain?

  • LA Futbol

    Light to average rain, yes they play.

    Heavy rain that turns fields into much, No.
    Thunderstorms where you could have lightning strikes, No.

  • kurmugin

    Indeed. after that week-long washout of league games and a full plate of twice a week games scheduled for the balance of the season before CIF playoffs, what do they do now? Particularly since the weather forecast is for more of the same this week. Judging by your blog, you don’t know. What are the leagues or teams saying? CIF? MaxPreps? Anyone?

  • wells

    The home school has some control on whether or not a game is played. Once the game begins, the officials make the decision.

    LA futbol is correct. Standing water and lightning are the only things that stop a game. Many schools have synthetic fields, but our game that was called had standing water over 50% of the field. It did not drain quite as well as it was supposed to drain.

    Any school that had to reschedule two games over the final three weeks has a difficult task.

    Tuesday/Thursday leagues may have to use Saturday to avoid back to back games.

    Glendora hosts Chino Hills today at 3:15 p.m. It should be a very physical game. Most teams do not like playing there.

  • diogenes

    MaxPreps has what apparently are the official revisions. Los Altos, for example, is shown playing Diamond Ranch back to back home and away games 2/5 and 2/9 before ending league at home with Charter Oak 2/11. This week is still set.

    The Chargers, meanwhile, have a real gauntlet, playing 5 games in 9 days, starting at home with Wilson 2/1 before 4 straight away games, 2/2 at DRanch, 2/4 at Wilson, 2/9 at West Covina, and the 2/11 scrap at Los Altos.

    I would check MaxPreps for your school’s slate.

  • Amat???

    How did Amat do vs. St. Joe’s?

  • SGV Dad

    Amat won 6-2. Amat scored in the 7th minute and SJ countered on an own goal. Amats defender attempted to clear a ball and it ricocheted off the forward into the net. That’s as close at it got for SJ. Half time score was 4-1 Amat. Amat has a tough schedule next week. Monday at La Salle, Tuesday at Bishop Montgomery and Thursday at home vs St. Joes. I think the Pasadena Star news will cover the La Salle game (they have in the past).

    As a side note Time Warner Cable was at the game recording footage for a High School show, they stayed the whole game and should have some impressive footage. They said the show would air on Tuesday. I dont think they meant today, but for those that want to get a look at the Amat soccer team here is your chance.

  • soccer lvr

    Sierra Vista had a make up day last Friday. Still waiting for one more. They have 3 games next week.

    They won today 7-1. Now 17-2-0

    Hoping to get to either an Amat or LA game next week. Will they be playing against each other again? Would love to see that.

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