Bishop Amat update: St. Bonaventure dropped from schedule; Amat officials meeting in February to discuss future playoff division

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
– Bishop Amat High School football coach Steve Hagerty said it’s not a crisis, but he is concerned that the Lancers are eight months away from starting the 2010 season and they still have four nonleague games to fill on their schedule.
Alemany will join the Serra League this fall to make it a five-team league, which has left a Week 9 nonleague hole for the Lancers to fill. The only nonleague opponents secured by the Lancers are Dominguez in Week 1 and Damien in Week 3. They still need to find four opponents for games that can be played in Weeks 0, 2, 4, 5 and 9. One of the weeks would be a bye. (To continue, click thread)

“We have been trying to fill games for a while,” Hagerty said. “Even before Christmas, I was on the phone trying to get this done. We have a couple of games that we think are squared away, but we’re not saying anything until the contracts are signed.

“The biggest deal is the home-and-away issue. A lot of teams want us to travel to them because we bring a pretty good gate. But some of these teams don’t bring the same gate to us, so it’s trying to find the right (combination) that works on both ends.”

After beating powerful St. Bonaventure at home 24-23 in overtime, the Lancers’ road game at St. Bonaventure this fall was scrapped after the Seraphs were voted into the 10-team Marmonte League along with Oaks Christian.

Although the Marmonte will eventually be split into two five-team divisions, St. Bonaventure had to back out of its agreement with Bishop Amat until it has more clarity with its league schedule.

In addition, Bishop Amat also will not play rival St. Paul.

“I guess it’s not an ideal time for them,” Hagerty said. “They feel like they need another year or two before they’re competitive again. It’s one of those things where you can’t force the issue. It’s a great series, but I understand from their perspective. They just don’t feel like this is the time to play us.”

Bishop Amat just finished home-and-away series with Diamond Ranch and West Covina that will not be renewed, and a much-ballyhooed game against two-time CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division champion Charter Oak never came to fruition.

“Without getting (too specific), we tried calling everyone,” Hagerty said. “And we’re continuing to make phone calls. One way or the other, we will get them filled.”

Hagerty also confirmed that Bishop Amat officials have a February meeting set to discuss the future of the Serra League.

CIF-Southern Section officials are re-aligning the football divisions in April. Though the Serra League is expected to stay in the Pac-5 Division, which is the equivalent of Division 1, there has been some discussion that the Serra league could be dropped to the Inland Division (Division 2) or Western Division (Division 3).

Hagerty hopes the Serra stays where it is.

“Absolutely,” Hagerty said. “It’s a prestigious thing to be part of the best, and Amat’s tradition and history dictates that’s where we should be.

“I don’t know if we can win at that (Pac-5) level, or when we can get to the top again, but we want to keep trying. And just because we don’t win, it doesn’t mean we don’t belong there because every year is an exciting adventure to see where we end up.”

Hagerty also talked about the big hire over the weekend, John Mack taking over at Crespi after three years at Ventura College.

Mack had a great run before that at St. Bonaventure, where he coached for 17 years and faced Hagerty when he was was the head coach at Paraclete in the 1990s, guiding the Spirits to three consecutive divisional titles.

“It’s a good hire,” Hagerty said. “He will get them rolling again. They have had as much ability as anyone we faced over the last two years, but somehow they haven’t gotten there. But as far as talent, they have as much as anyone.”

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  • Amat fan

    What the heck is going on with this Damn quote??? Fred I hope you didin’t take it out of context and rework the words. Hags as the coach you cannot show this soft and nice side of you:( You pretty much gave all the Bishop Amat haters the ammo they need to keep putting us on blast. I can’t believe you said “I don’t know if we can win at that level” So depressing hearing that from the head coach. I can only hope the kids dont have that attitude.

    “I don’t know if we can win at that (Pac-5) level, or when we can get to the top again, but we want to keep trying. And just because we don’t win, it doesn’t mean we don’t belong there because every year is an exciting adventure to see where we end up.”

  • Tribune Reader

    The gate issue is a huge one. Bishop Amat football fans pack home and away games like no other. Getting to Amat games on the road you have to get there early to get a seat. W hat schools doesn’t want Amat as a home game, big bucks with the gate, snackbar and programs. $$$$

    On playing the likes of St. Paul the rival, it does make for a good game rivaly wise but after last seasons embarrassment for St. Paul on their homefield, I am sure they want some time before stepping on the same field as this Amat team.

    Putting the Serra down to division 2 or 3 I dont think will happen, CIF makes too much money having these Serra league teams in Pac 5 Div. 1 football. This will not happen, at least not this year.

    Hags comment on playing in the pac 5 and does not know if they can win it all there but measures how far they get year to year in the tournament is intresting to state “we play here with the best and we belong here but can we win here”? could that be a lobby for moving Amat down.

    Lastly The CO challenge “without going into specifics” yes the call was made CO blinked and rightfully so, lets face it, they have not had success against Amat and do you think they want to lose leverage of future local Covina area studs to the Bishop Amat program after a loss to this storied program that is on the upswing. Playing Amat right now is dangerous in the recruitment of soon to be freshman and possibly transfers. WC, Damien and Diamond Ranch I am sure future players and their parents got a seed planted in them to start thinking about Amat football after Amat played them and beat them 2 years in a row, in Damiens case 1 year.

    I am sure Hags will not pick cupcakes in his quest to find games, he will line his team up against some heavy hitters. Will it get him to a championship game? possibly, but getting one step closer every year. This year the semifinals is not out of reach.

  • FredJ

    I think you took it out of context by not including the previous sentence on Hagerty’s thoughts of not wanting to leave the Pac-5.
    “Absolutely,” Hagerty said. “It’s a prestigious thing to be part of the best, and Amat’s tradition and history dictates that’s where we should be.

    When he said I don’t know if we can win at the Pac-5 level, he was talking about winning a championship, not Pac-5 games. You guys are searching for anything, hanging on every word you can, it’s kind of hilarious.

  • Imposter

    That Amat fan is an imposter, he tried writing the same thing on the other Amat thread to stir things up, he’s just a disgruntled South Hills fan, don’t even take note.

  • AMAT!!!

    Im not worried about it… not a crisis…. its hard to find teams that are willing to play us… and the of course they want us to travel… we back stands… no matter how far the drive, we pack stand

    AND…’on…. you guys have taken what Hagerty said out of content…. what he is saying is that it is a tough divison and he isnt going to go on record to say its anything else but tough… He cant say that a PAC 5 win is in the bag… if Amat drops to divison 2 or 3 the win will be too easy… HE is stating that although they are not winning the PAC 5 championship they belong there because the teams in the PAC 5 give Amat what they need, competion….

  • smallcitymc

    I think you guys are reading to much into it. Hags KNOWS Amat can compete with anyone. He’s just trying to be humble without pissing every coach/team off and giving them ammo for next year.

  • SDSaint

    San Dimas is looking for a week 2 opponent I think… This would be a big stepup for the Saints… We are already defending CIF champs and our schedule other than Monrovia is weak. Let’s step up and play these guys we have nothing to lose!

  • play ball

    I’d have to say Amat / Salesian or Amat / Cathedral. Amat / L.A. Wilson. Amat / Crenshaw

  • These are all possibilites for season

    Games available; I really think BA will be playing Corona Centennial this year week 0

    01/25/2010 Football VISTA MURRIETA Game V-JV-F Boys RAY MOORE 951-894-5750 6782 GAMES 1,4, & 5, 2010

    01/21/2010 Football CATHEDRAL Game V-JV-F Boys JOHN FERRANTE 323-441-3120 – WEEK 0-5, 2010

    01/20/2010 Football CENTENNIAL (CORONA) Game V-JV-F Boys BILL GUNN 951-739-5692 – WEEK 0 & 1, 2010

    01/19/2010 Football ST. JOHN BOSCO Game V-JV-F Boys MONTY MCDERMOTT 562-920-1734 250 WEEK 0,2, & 5 AWAY, 2010

    01/14/2010 Football HARVARD WESTLAKE Game V-JV-F Boys TERRY BARNUM 818-487-6620 – WEEK 0-3, 2010

    01/14/2010 Football TRABUCO HILLS Game V-JV-F Boys JACK RECLA 949-768-1934 7778 WEEK 0,1,3, 2010

    01/11/2010 Football GLENDORA Game V-JV-F Boys LEE SPENGLER 626-963-5731 206 WEEK 5, 2010 HOME

    01/04/2010 Football TESORO Game V-JV-F Boys BRIAN BARNES 949-234-5370 – WEEK 0, 4, & 5, 2010

  • jcaz

    Not trying to beat a dead hose (well, ya, let me beast the hell out of him…), but here is what I posted just a few days ago:

    I’ve been saying al this time that St Bonnies will not play Amat next year. Not because they dont want to, but because they have only one game available to play out side of their league and Long Beach Poly has already been inked in for that one.

    As for the rest of the year, it looks a if Hags is going to have to have a bye week only because there are not week 9 games out there on the table. I kind of wonder what happened there because that is usually when the team is in the middle of league play.

    So, the way I see it here is the football schedule for Amat next year:

    0 – Corona Centennial or Harvard Westlake
    2 – Rancho Cucamonga or Carson
    4 – Mission Viejo or Tessoro or Saugus
    5 – Charter Oak (other teams also available)
    9 – Bye week (no body available)

    Now, if I am correct, and BTW, I know I am with respect to St Bonnies, because of the fact that we dont have them on our schedule for week one next year, we can probably get Servite because they are available in week one.


  • SGVsBest

    Ha…Ha…wait…wait…let me catch my breath!
    And you BishopRaiders thought I was just kidding!
    Hey Tribune Reader-
    The Bufallo Bills called and they agree with Hags. You’re just “Not Good Enough” for the Pac 5. BTW, when did you call Duarte, Gladstone, and Bassett? They said No?
    Maybe Garfield or Roosevelt will pick up the phone.
    Ha…ha…ha…ha! Its raining “Hard” today!

  • tapatio

    Some of you haters will disagree, but Garfield High is looking for a zero game opponent. They have most of the team returning. Plus, they always have a good following. Maybe hook up at ELAC. Don’t forget where many us came from. It’s a preseason game and will make $$$ Not all city teams are bad and undisciplined. Finally, most teams don’t recruit and buy their athletes tuition. How many kids are actually from La Puente?

  • games

    fred.. you are not doing a good job… even the freshman at amat know who hagerty wants to play… its no secret in the locker room…

  • Randy

    Sounds like Amat needs to take a page out of the CO scheduling book and call University High School. Garfield? c’mon man I dont care if they have all their team coming back, they could not even match up with St. Paul. Amat smashed St. Paul. Those little beans over at Garfield could never stack up against Bishop Amat. I heard Garfield held their Grand nite at Disneyland and 75% of the team could not get on the rides due to height restrictions. Give us all a break Garfield? Stand and Deliver ..thats right Garfield stands there and Amat delivers a beat down. I dont even think Garfield can play with Schurr HS

  • CO Rules

    “I don’t know if we can win at that (Pac-5) level, or when we can get to the top again”

    Spin it anyway you want but he admitted Amat can’t win the title. I guess 0-14 will do that to ya. Come to a school where you have a chance to win a title every year. CO Baby.

  • Idiots

    It’s called poor mouthing and coaches do it all the time. The greatest though was “the Bear”.

  • Football Fan

    Amat the following teams are looking:

    Cathedral – week 0 and 5
    Corena cent – week 0
    Oak park – week 2 6-10
    San Clemente – week 5 or 9
    St John Bosco – week 0,2 and 5
    Trabuco Hills week 0,1 and 3

  • Football Fan

    Amat the following teams are looking:

    Cathedral – week 0 and 5
    Corena cent – week 0
    Oak park – week 2 6-10
    San Clemente – week 5 or 9
    St John Bosco – week 0,2 and 5
    Trabuco Hills week 0,1 and 3


    CO Rules

    Fred explained that quote below. The fact that you attempted to use it as ammo, again, when it was already explained, is laughable.

    What’s even more laughable is that your Coach Lou just proved to EVERYONE in the SGV just how much he thinks about CO Football by REFUSING to play Bishop Amat.



    How does that make you and COCupcakefan feel???

  • AMAT Faithful

    Coach Lou has no faith in his Chargers. He doesn’t believe his team can beat AMAT. I don’t blame him for not wanting to play AMAT because we all know AMAT will blow out the CO Cupcakes.

  • amat_fan

    @CO Rules…

    wow really? Amat would dominate if they had to play teams like diamond ranch in the championship. They love competition though and want to win it by beating the best. Charter Oak doesn’t believe in competition though and they’ll play teams amat will blow out just so they can feel good about themselves. Charter oak is a joke and thats why they refuse to play amat

  • joemama

    Randy, Im going to guess that you really didnt intend to say, or even intend to sound the way you did just came off right now.

    In fact, Im going to believe that you never meant to sound like the idiot you just did, because all of those racial innuendos you just made are completely out of line here !

    If you are in some strange way saying that the reason that Garfield can’t play with Amat is because they are (stereotypically) Mexican, then that is a very stupid comment indeed.

    What did you mean by “Those little Beans” and what about the other comment you made about how “They cant get on the ride ?” Maybe you think Hispanic people are shorter than white people (???)

    What about the crack on “stand and deliver?” Whats your beef here ?? Jaime Escalante was a great teacher who worked miracles at Garfield High. No need for you to trash his accomplishments.

    People who root for Amat dont need the same sort of raciest comments the bogglers such as SGVWorst always uses in here. Be cool, and dont be a fool.

  • Referee

    The truth is there’s always two sides to every story and I promise you people from Charter Oak are telling a different version so give them their day in court before you find them guilty of anything because I think many of you would reconsider what you have said as well as what you may want to say because the bottom line is Bishop Amat and their coach and fans on this blog literally are not in the know and are far from reality. Someone needs to let the cat our of the bag but I am not going to be the one that tells everyone. Bishop Amat you may be sorry that you continue to act like this including your coach who at this point I think obviously is reading the blog and following his bloggers lead. End of story!

  • CO rules.

    Yeah you Bishop fans love the competition in the regular season when you can win when it doesn’t matter but everyone in the SGV knows you can’t do it in the playoffs. Hell even your coach admitted it. Those are his words not mine.

  • Amat owns the SGV

    Yea you CO Cupcake fans love playing teams with a .500 record to win a D-7 championship and earn rings that probably came from a cracker Jack box.

  • Sierra Leaguer

    CO rules
    get real, Amat played Mater Dei and Lakewood in the playoffs and CO beat a team Amat coulda dropped 70 on when they met, and CO was lucky to get by a team in th e1st round DR beat in their sub .500 regular season… Of course it’s gonna be tougher to win with that competition. Welcome to the Sierra League/Central Division/Real World – let’s talk next December. HA!

  • SGVsBest

    What does Hags know that you don’t?
    No defense in 2010? Won’t make the playoffs with this talent (or lack of)?
    Won’t even play .500 ball?
    What does Hags know that you don’t, BishopBills?

  • My Garfield

    I was told by a follow coach to check on this blog. I was sadden by some comments. I played and coach at Garfield, but now coach in the southern section for the last 15 years. Yes, some kids are small in statue but I have never coached or experience the BIG HEARTS of those kids anywhere else! With no experience, money, and facilities these kids play for the love of the game, school, and community. I happen to be at a summer passing tournament when kids wearing shirts that said Born and Raised in ELA played their hearts out and won some games. So please do not belittle this school just because you follow AMAT but celebrate the fact that this school will play anybody, anywhere, and at anytime. I know a lot of people who grow up in ELA that sent their kids to AMAT; it is a great school with a great following please keep it that way. GO BULLDOGS!!!

  • somerman

    i have to say playing dr for the ring was a joke.i went to the game it was freezing and i left in the second quarter.adam was running all over the field.gus throw so nice passes but the guys couldnt catch a cold right off the hands three amat not seeing them play are in away tougher league.would of like to see them both play each other last year only with adam i would take c.o.

  • randy

    Just so we get things straight, I’m Randy from DB. Some of you may recognize me, most probably dont. I didnt write that garbage about Garfield HS. I have close ties to ELA, mom and her 10 brothers and sisters grew up there. And Dad graduated from GHS adult school way back when. I would never bag on the homeland like that. Ever. 7 uncles went to Salesian, the last one went his own way and graduated from Garfield in ’79. You never heard me cap on Coronas trips down memory lane. I knew when i read that post earlier today that some of you might get your blood boiling just seeing “my” by-line. But it wasnt me, and it was low blow. I havent wrote anything on here since the DR-CO championship final. Just so we get things straight…..

  • the spirit pack

    lets put that quote in stone in front of the bishop amat football office like florida did for tim tebow

    “I don’t know if we can win at that (Pac-5) level, or when we can get to the top again, but we want to keep trying”

    t shirts now being sold on campus BISHOP AMAT on the front and WERE TRYING on the back

  • Back of the Shirt

    “”It’s a prestigious thing to be part of the best, and Amat’s tradition and history dictates that’s where we should be.”

  • jcaz


    Thanks for that clarification. I too, was a bit concerned, but Im glad you cleared that up.

    And to, MY GARFIELD. Very few bloggers in here use race as a tool that show their ignorance and hatred towards people of color or of minorities in general, and even though I myself did not write the terrible words that RANDY wrote, I would nevertheless, like to extend an offer of apology to you and to your fine students for the embarrassing remarks that the previous blogger posted (in his twisted way), apparently, on behalf of the Amat family. We have no need for any of that in here.


    To all the haters, yes you…

    Please tell me where it says that BA called CO to set up a game to this season??? Dont forget to show quotation marks we dont want to take anything out of context, like our friends ROTFLMFAO and AMAT Faithful are saying.


    To all the haters, yes you…

    Please tell me where it says that BA called CO to set up a game to this season??? Dont forget to show quotation marks we dont want to take anything out of context, like our friends ROTFLMFAO and AMAT Faithful are saying.

  • Humble Pie

    With all this back and fourth trash talk between BA and CO, what would all of you say if they both had horrible seasons and did not make it to the CIF playoffs? Excuses, excuses, excuses will come from both sides. Stay humble and hope for the best because you both have tough roads ahead this season. Amat trying to repeat as League champs will be a tough mountain to climb. CO winning playing up this season in a different league and everyone gunning for you as a last year Champion will be huge. Big bullseye on CO this year and Talent wise you not exactly stacked. Amat has some talent coming back but is Rio your answer at QB? If both of your teams fall flat on their face and do not get anywhere then What? Stop trash talking and let the young men settle it on the field.

  • AMAT!!!!


    you really need to get some help for your obsession with Bishop Amat… Its kind of like a FATAL ATTRACTION thing… its like we tried to dump you, but you just dont seem to go away… Seek some professional help, its just not healthy…

  • Humble Pie

    With all this back and fourth trash talk between BA and CO, what would all of you say if they both had horrible seasons and did not make it to the CIF playoffs? Excuses, excuses, excuses will come from both sides. Stay humble and hope for the best because you both have tough roads ahead this season. Amat trying to repeat as League champs will be a tough mountain to climb. CO winning playing up this season in a different league and everyone gunning for you as a last year Champion will be huge. Big bullseye on CO this year and Talent wise you not exactly stacked. Amat has some talent coming back but is Rio your answer at QB? If both of your teams fall flat on their face and do not get anywhere then What? Stop trash talking and let the young men settle it on the field.

  • games


    Its no secret about who Hagerty has called… like i said before even the Freshman at Amat know who Hagerty has tried to schedule… its no secret…

  • AMAT!!

    This is football, humble pie? Its all about the trash talking… Even through the end is always settled on the field, the trash tacking comes with the territory, the players know this… no big deal to them, it dont bother them… they know all that matters is what happens on the fileds, BUT WITHOUT CO WANTING TO play BA we will never see that happen… will we???

  • AMAT 73

    Isn’t it funny how people take what appeals to them and forget the rest. As far as this bs of a phone call and a decline well it was kind of a set up by the writer of the article. The paragraph before says something about the CO vs BA ballyhooed game not coming to fruition then coincedentally the next words are from Hags stating without getting to specific we tried calling everyone. The assumption by the ones looking for gas for the fire would be Hags called CO and they said no . When did Hags make the calls . After CO and Glendora sewed up the week 5 game or when they were still negociating and maybe Big Lou told him we are in the middle of speaking to Glendora and I will get back to you .Did he even call CO . No one knows for sure and the fools on both sides of the fence will build it up to please their own egos. Leaves it open to speculation and the worst take it from there. Just like everybody saying Hags said we can’t win a title, including CO rules. He said he didn’t know if we can win or when we will get to the top but we will keep trying. He never said can’t . You take out of it what you want it to say. Jcaz you can add my name to that apology to My Garfield as I as well have roots in that school with many of my relatives and cousins and friends. I will now christen RANDY the village idiot part 2 .

  • FredJ

    SGV Best, I started deleting your comments because it’s clear you have a hidden agenda by repeating the same comments over and over about Hagerty. If you continue, I will not let you post at all. I left your initial comments, so your point was made, but at some point you need to give it a rest. What are you trying to accomplish anyway?

  • Look alikes

    Coming to think of it….looking at that picture of Steve Hagerty you cannot say that he does not resemble the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. “COME ON, COME ON, PUT EM UP” “I’LL FIGHT YOU WITH ONE HAND TIED BEHIND MY BACK CO”

  • one difference

    the only difference is – then he did

  • Silkscreen Shop

    CO spirit pack T-SHIRT.

    front side – “running scared”

    Back side – “Dont touch that phone it’s Steve Hagerty”

    Shorts – colored Blue with some yellow patch on the backside about 12 inhes down from the waist. Indication that they Cra-ed their pants when the phone rang.

  • SGVsBest

    Fred –
    This is your blog. You do with it whatever you want, but be honest with the SGV!
    You wrote this article and you threw this Coach under the bus! You lit the fire to this and now you want to protect/defend these honks? How does that look to the Tribune readers and bloggers? The milk is spilled, Fred!
    I speak for the SGV because they don’t. I say what they all think but don’t write. And now you won’t let me? Where’s your Freedom of expression, Fred? You’re a journalist. Right? I guess its only OK if your from BA!
    Post this comment, Fred! I dare you!

  • SGVsBest

    Just so we understand the blog game rules, Fred! Please clarify!

    Its ok to belittle, insult, deminish accomplishments of every other school in the SGV (CO and their coach-see previsous posts, SH, DR, and L.A. Garfield), but never BA?
    Is that the way this game is played?
    Thanks for the clarification, Fred! We don’t feed or pay our sports writers enough!

  • This is the truth.

    AMAT 73

    I don’t know the last time you’ve been on the Bishop Amat campus, but it was well known before Fred’s article that Coach Hags called EVERYONE in the SGV. Bishop Amat is in dire need of opponents! Haven’t you been paying attention?

    The truth is that NO ONE is the San Gabriel Valley wants to face a mature Jay Anderson, that monster called Wallace Gonzalez, and Rio Ruiz…not to mention several key starters on defense. Can you blame them?

  • AMAT 73

    The Truth,
    I was there last week and will be there this Saturday fyi. I agree with the JA and Rio side but since no one has seen Wallace play a down since his sophmore year and defintely not against the talent he will face next season in league I would wait to hang the monster tag on him. Let him earn it as the 2 above have. My point was if you really read it, is that no one other that Hags knows what the converstion was between AMAT and CO . Seeing as CO only had week 5 open I posted what I thought the senario could be . I for one cannot see using that one sentence in the articule as fuel to start with the CO is afraid to play AMAT same as using Hags saying he doesn’t know if we can win as saying we can’t and never will win a Pac-5 title.


    So now you speak for the whole SGV .How do you know what the whole valley thinks . Do they tell you that when you are changing their tires. Boy Fred sure hit a nerve with you . Your hate for Amat is really getting to you . Does it really bother you so much that he shut down you personal vendetta against Hags. If you could comprehend what he wrote instead of getting all hot and bothered you would understand to lay off the personal barbs geared towards Hags but you can go on singing your na na na na blah blah blah all you want. fool.

  • Pride of SGV

    SGVworse, what a dumb fool you are. Your compulsive obsessive behavior and stalkeresque fixation on Amat has really put a bulls eye between your crotch. You are so demented, I really believe you need some professional help to fix your mental health issues.

    Now you are on Fred’s Shiit list. Give it a rest man.

    It’s only HS football!!

  • SGV Best Fan

    Leave to amat fans to pile on this pillar of truth. Don’t let them stop you from posting. The SGV fans are all behind you.

  • just a comment


    There comes a time when you have to really sit down and figure this one out. Fred, has allowed you to post some real stupid stuff in here sometimes and I have often wondered why he hasnt pulled the plug on you much earlier than this.

    Intestinally, what got to Fred, wasnt the fact that you always act so stupid, but the fact that your comments were directed at the Amat coach. Why is that Fred ? Why did you get so defensive about haggardy but not about the other things he said in here?

    So, now he is starting to rip you a new one Fred, which BTW, you most certainly deserve, simply because you let him get away with it so often before.

    He has a point you know, I mean, why let so much of the other crap go, and then now your starting to clamp down on this guy all of a sudden ?

    Even though the guys is an idiot, your sending mixed messages and the truth is that he really does deserve an explanation from you.

  • nice one numbnuts

    just a comment…

    Who in the hell is “haggardy?”






  • FredJ

    SGV, never censored what you said, your comments are still there, just censored you from saying it over and over it again like you’re on some sort of campaign or something. The last thing I need is some blog stalker, if you can’t understand that, you never will. If you want to go on and on and point out other examples of times that something similar was allowed, don’t bother, not interested in negotiating how far someone should be able to push the envelope, just don’t do it.

  • just a comment

    That was good, because at least know, you have let him (and others) know that there is a line that they shouldn’t cross and for him, at least now he knows where that line is.

    BTW, numbnuts, and i’ll take you at your word that they are in fact numb (they’er your nuts not mine…) typos are a part of the game in here.

  • Why do they put Goldfish in FishBowls…because they ain’t worth much ! OUCH!!!

    Here’s how myopic the FishBowl bloggers are. Some one mentioned Serra as a viable test for area schools and was roundly taken to task. Serra not only beats a D1 caliber loaded team and former State Champion to win their “lowly” division but then goes ahead and wins a State Championship for good measure while CO is left off anyone’s State list ….as was Upland. Get’s better. While some area schools, with the help of The Guru, believe their FishBowl players are tops little old Serra features a man among boys in Woods who not only plays and stars on offense stars on defense as well while putting on a clinic in how real superstars take over a game, ot to mention the “OTHER” 10 D1 propspects on that team. heck their QB is better than any Fishbowler QB we have here. Same goes for Cathedral who competes in that same league against Serra and featured one of the most recruited D1 player and fastest D1 prospect in California in Carroll last year. So how is it that FishBowlers know so much about football and miss how good Serra was and is? How is it that FishBowlers can talk about how studly the area coaches are and yet never give teams like Carson a call yet argue Private school nonsense about recruiting, Crason doesn’t have that problem…how about Birmingham or Dorsey…too rough for FishBowlers…probably. How is it that know it alls on this blog make comments that are never supported by facts or research yet get all emotional when the truth hits them in the face. Figure out who Serra beat in that State Bowl Game yet, nice back story there for sure. Protect your own and promote the stupid. That’s what the blog is about. SGVBEst and his menudo rants and yet some one gets all bent when a ‘fake” Randy make a Garfield joke? Actually I thought the Garfield comment was George Lopez funny and was tongue in cheek yet everyone made it seem racial, YET!!! when Ian Johnson said he experienced racial comments while at Damien Fred ignores the issue. When some one says LVL’s exclusion is “plantation” racism at it’s worst bloggers say….”that’s a cop out”……..really!!! Ranked in the LA TIMES and favored to win a CIF Championshipyet NOT ranked by The Tribune even after Fred said he would. Keep arguing about BA and CO and keep propping up Bogan and pretending Damien isn’t underacheiving but please don’t say you know squat about anything other than FishBowls Sports, cuz you don’t. None of you do. Call Cathedral, call Serra, call Verbum Dei, Carson, Narbonne, Dorsey, or any other schools with hungry players and well seasoned staffs and see what you’re all about. I give CO all the credit in the world but what BA did this year is tenfold the accomplishment and if any blogger is too stupid or proud to see that…well that’s why you’re in a FISHBOWL….ever wonder the price of Goldfish these days? Not much!

    There Fred, that’s how it’s done.Now maybe someone will actually blog rather than see all this dead space or mindless drivel. You’re welcome.

  • joemama

    Frank I thought you had long ago retired, but as anyone can see, another long long long (did I say long?) story about nothing. Kinda reminds you of Steinfeld dose’nt it ? A show about nothing at all.

  • SGVsBest

    Is this thread is about Fred’s article on the lack of Confidencthat that Coach Hags has in getting to a Pac 5 Championship?
    Or is this article about Hags lack of Confidence in his team duplicating last year’s record?
    Or is it about every SGV school that won’t answer the phone?
    What was this article about?
    60 posts and most are not addressing Fred’s article or Coach Hags quotes. Why is that?
    What do they know that you don’t?


    It started out that way but then your dumb azz started with your typical stupid post and it turned into how big of an azz you are. Why do even ask those questions . Don’t you supposedly know what the whole valley thinks and wants to say or did you just have a brain fart and blew your own mind up. A azz is always an azz and then confirms it when we opens his mouth.

  • Check Yourselfs


    I agree most in here take it too serious. All the banter that goes back and fourth over HS football is what is ,, all banter. Tounge in Cheek George Lopez stand and deliver Garfield comment, Most went back to their Garfield days of family and friends and were deeply offended by Randy2 but what is said to me is, they traced back their roots to ELA and that most of these bloggers are of Mexican Heritage and most likely second , third and fourth generation Mexicans. George Lopez rips all races including his own. You cannot tell me that these people who lost it over the Little Bean comment have never uttered the word N or Wht trsh. This is a blog and all opinions as long as they do not go overboard are welcome as Fred knows what is good and bad in here. Everyone needs to relax and have fun with this and dont take is so personal. YOU MEMBER! Chow essay! Che / Ceasar Chavez and all that chit! We all good

  • yada yada yada

    joemama, in case you didn’t hear…Seinfeld made BILLIONS …but “you’re” the smart one.

    I’ll make it simple so follow along

    Serra good team, blog say Serra sucks…Serra wins a State Bowl Game
    BA great season, blog say Amat sucks…Amat wins the Serra League Title
    BA will be better next year, blog says NO DEFENSE… Amat can’t find preseason opponents
    Golden is CO’s best player, blogs says shut up!….Golden goes Pac 10

    Concise enough?

  • SGVsBest

    Yeah, Fred! I agree with CheckYousrselfs aka “FrickenRalph.” You member “FrickenRalph” don’t you?
    I Thought – “When we opens his month”? WTF is that? Good luck with Hags this season!
    My azz is gonna be laughing all season long!


    Great come back . maybe in those terms joenada can understand.
    Giddy yup


    Check yourself,
    You might want to recheck yourself now that you have the biggest jerk on the blog is in agreement wiyh you who is quite the racist in his own right. Just go back and read some of his work on the blog. To sgvsbest, if your going to bag on someone misspelling you should make sure of yourself . it was mouth not month. Now that’s something to laugh at . You are such an idiot.

  • soberman

    fred whats up with you and sgv.
    like a soap opera .see you put amat on way too much now people are starting to unload on there own kind,not good your losing fight, try to stay in the war.

  • fan
  • cocktails!!!


    I suggest you start drinking again. At least when you were boozed up, you used periods in your sentences.

    The SGV Tribune’s top five football stories of the ENTIRE 2009 season where about BA. It does not take a scholar athlete to figure out why Fred spends a lot of time covering them. But Fred was not alone, BA was also featured or mentioned in the LA Times several times and toward the end of the season, BA appeared on a weekly basis.

    Oh yeah, BA also averaged about 5,000+ fans at every game. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Are the puzzle pieces beginning to meld?

  • joemama

    Whenever I hear about slezzz-lee-zian, Damien and any team that’s in Slezz-lee-zian’s league, in the very same sentence, it’s got to be Frank once again.

    Frank, one cares about Slezzz-lee-zian in the SGV. Let me repeat this to you bonehead, NO ONE CARES, so why do you always have to feel that you must write pages and pages of nonsense about that school ?

    Frank go away, just go away already, and Lance (R) recriuter, dont be a Frankie flunkie.

  • soberman

    your a brain.
    whos writing the stories.fred fred fred
    only 5 of the top 10 dame fred you most being getting soft in your older days.and as far as your periods,YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR MONTHLT ACTIVELY TO YOURSELF……………….




    kh,soberman,or somberman ????
    For one who tosses praises to the man upstairs that was a very unchristian like post.

  • just sayin’

    kh – Fred writes ’em, but the number of READERS is what made them the top 5. READERS is what drives papers.

  • Lance R

    Joe Pansa Momma, (This is for you) Spread the word.

    You craving me again. I just know you love my posts. Hagerty’s statement is a sandbag that Amat is trying. Remember this guy has come into Amat and won his first year and has taken League in his second year. The process is moving along and he will knock that door down eventually. Players want to play for this coach and Middle school students playing JAA / Pop Warner are looking to Amat to come and play there. Come experience the Football tradition Amat puts out there like no other School. Hagerty is going nowhere and will remain our coach, the talent is coming in as he continues to win. Who would not want to come to a school like Bishop Amat and play under the Friday Night Lights in front of a Fan base that packs the house every Friday Night during footbal season. Joe Mama I know you been there to Kiefer and have felt the energy of our fan base. The winning will continue Jay Anderson and Co. are not done yet. The following of soon to be freshman Lancers cannot wait to get their chance as they grow into young men along the 4 year ride and become the next great one over at Amat. To receive that A decal to dress your helmet as you make Varsity will sent a chill through you, Donning the full uniform and walking out of that Locker room as a varsity player to take the field on gameday will pump you and your parents up to a elevated level of pride . The ride is not over for Hagerty and Staff that D1 Football Championship is on its way soon. Come on parents of soon to be Freshman bring your son to Amat and enjoy the experience and be part of a D1 Championship Team. You will wear that lettermans jacket and that A is something all of us Amat people are very proud of. See you in the Sping. “Mighty Are The Men That Wear The Blue And Gold”

  • AMAT 73

    Lance R,
    Damn man what a speech.Mnsgr should send you to all the feeder schools with that speech as a “recruiting” tool for us .HA HA HA . Don’t forget we also need the daughters also to keep coming in because as you know our Lady Lancer teams all across the board have been doing a heck of job. Either athletically or academically the AMAT experience as a student and parent is something special .

  • SGVsBest

    Many civilizations have gone down in a flame of glory for blindly following their feafless leader into their demise!
    No one is gonna question this guy?
    Garfield – I think you have successfully baited these guys into your trap!!! Very well, done!
    Good luck Bulldogs! Remember, everything to gain. Nothing to lose! You’ll have many fans in the SGV!

  • amat cupcakes

    amat is scheduling down to a 5-6 garfield team? bring on the cupcakes.

  • AMAT Faithful

    amat cupcakes,

    Did you forget Bishop Amat is in the Pac-5? The toughest division in California! Besides the fact that we play against Garfield and Damien for preseason, AMAT still needs to play their league games which is not easy. AMAT still has to play the likes of LOYOLA, CRESPI, NOTRE DAME, and BISHOP ALEMANY, and if you find it hard to beleive that these teams are “Cupcakes” then you my friend are very ignorant!

  • Free T-Bone Steak and Eggs Breakfast

    joemama here’s the funny thing about you. Some one is writing Salesian, probably you, and then making mention that “I” shouldn’t write about Salesian, that no one cares. I think you’re right. “You” don’t care and “you” are no one …right? So if “no one” cares why do you keep bringing it/me up? Better yet don’t bother giving me reasons. All these questions are rhetorical btw. Then you write about things that might draw me in and then you say “go away”, which is it? I’ve read the blog recently and have seen who came out of no where after I left, pretty telling…especially when they write the same style as you do. I read where whitey and cjpackfan were having a dialogue about a certain topic, do you know why that is funny, I do. Funny but SGVbest is a “tireman” and so was my Dad, ironic isn’t it? Or is it? My Dad put 8 kids thru private school on that wage…in case others feel the need to ‘trash” tire men. The blog has died down as thread after thread go empty yet you bring me up, again pathetic. joemama meet me at Norm’s in West Covina for a Breakfast T-Bone Steak and Eggs, on me. Maybe like randy you’ll show up and we can come to an understanding that doesn’t play out bad on here. I know I’m a fool, a coward, a punk, a liar, a blowhard and everything else that says dirtbag but I still show up when I say I will. I’m sure you’re “better than me” so why not take me up on that offer. You seem to be the last “stalker” left so why not finish what I started. BTW me and randy were texting back and forth about the Damien/Diamond Bar Game…imagine that!!! joe mama….I have seen more than 7 people die in front of me, seen 5 people stabbed, two people shot, four people get their heads busted in, seen people run over by cars and had more than one knife pulled on me and even had a gun in my stomach once over a bottle of wine…(btw he shot the guy standing next to my brother for not drinking from “his” bottle)…you’re not the man that you say you are, trust me. Let’s have Breakfast….”The Lord is My Savior I fear no man”. I mean why draw the blog into another drawn out display of blog courage when you can just “meet the man of your dreams”…. and report back to the blog…lol.

    joemama…you like looking towrds the blog for approval…let’s put it to the blog…okay?

    Okay BLOGGERS…how many people want joemama to show up for a free steak and eggs breakfast?

    This should be fun…..whatda say Fred? How do you vote?


    Well looks like Fred finally tamed the beast. First decent post out this jerk in a long time . Keep it up sbvsbest you just might become a regular blogger. See you at ELAC if you have the nerve to travel to ELA .

  • AMAT 73

    My Friend Sparta,
    I thought that was you earlier and figured I would just enjoy it but I have to come forward now. joemama it would be in your best interest to have that breakfast with this man as you will find he really has his heart in the right place. As for the tireman comparison, no way can you even compare your Dad with this guy . Even though I never had the privilege of meeting him , I can say he would never stoop to the levels of sgvs just to get a rise out the Faithful even if it is just a blog . Hell your Dad struggled so all of you could get a good education so in other words ” HE GOT IT ” . Anyways always good to see you in print. GO SALESIAN. MUSTANG PRIDE .

  • whitey

    hey Mustang fan, nice to see you dishing it out, I’ve missed you, any chance we’ll run into each other at a Damien bb game, I hope so…….I’ll spring for pizza and beer postgame at the Wherehouse, it’s Heroes if you buying! lol….. cya soon my friend

  • SGVsBest

    WELL WELL WELL! Looks like I have a fan from the BishopBills! Or do you prefer BishopRaiders?
    I am a Beast, thank you very much!
    Looks like Garfield has you little cathos very nervous!
    Amat 73 – We don’t have wagon wheels at my shop. Its 2010! Get a vehicle with engine and let your Buro errrr wife have a rest.
    I like T-bone! A man’s man! Let see what happens! My guess is nothing.
    Well, well, well – You’ve never been to EL ESTE homie! ELA is not Monterey Park dumb azz. Go to Hazard or Maravilla! Step out and walk, then you’ve been to EL ESTE!
    Go get’em Bulldogs!

  • call what see


    It’s about time you stepped in and put a stop to this guy. I commend you and.I hope that this nut job can take a hint. Great job. I’ve said it before, everyone should just ignore all his racist post.

  • SGVsBest

    Golly geeh…Fred! You’re a fine man! That’s the way to correctly deal with this fellow!
    WTF is “call what see” saying? ?? BTW, what happend to the “I” Richard Face???
    Hey, “call what see?”
    Can you see his large intestine? Or just the colon?
    Who’s the cheerleader, female dog???
    C’mon! Get some, Menudo!

  • Different name, same game

    SGVbest or should I say Draannch!! Did you forget? the pomona ranch panthers were already dubbed the pomona ranch BILLS!! Last year….when they were getting their asses handed to them. Either there are TWO ignorant, racist a$$holes out there or just YOU! I must admit it is pretty scary to think that there are two of you idiots out there so just to help me sleep at night, I’m gonna continue to lump you two turds together into one steamy pile! Do us all a favor a just slip away towards the light-silently!

  • AMAT Faithful

    Fred, it is obvious SGVsBest is a blog stalker. Please put a stop to all his ignorant remarks. We are all tired of his pointless rants.


    Funny you should use the richard face comment. Could that be a clue as to who you really are?

  • Lancer Land

    sgbvbust said:
    My azz is gonna be laughing all season long!

    Of course it is, that’s what he talks with!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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