Girls Basketball: Diamond Ranch No. 1 by far, but blue-hot Walnut jumps two spots to No. 2

Girls Basketball top ten
1. Diamond Ranch (17-2)
— In addition to beating Bonita, the Panthers also knocked off Ventura, 40-37
2. Walnut (16-3) – Extremely impressed with Mustangs, not only did they beat South Hills, beat Magnolia too at Ayala showcase on Saturday.
3. Bishop Amat (15-5) – Serra took care of Lancers, 55-47, and now has the inside track toward the Del Rey league title.
4. Bonita (18-2) – Young and talented, they might finally beat Diamond Ranch soon, but not this season.
5. South Hills (13-5) – On paper this team has talent, but they do turn the ball over way too much.
6. Glendora (16-4) — After a tough loss to Chino Hills, hold your breath, Ayala next on Wednesday.
7. Sierra Vista (13-5) – In cruise control, they should be the first team to have a league-title wrapped up.
8. St. Lucy’s (12-6) – Beat Chino Hills, losses in league to Glendora and Ayala.
9. Rosemead (13-4) – On a roll, winners of nine of their last ten games, and a five game winning streak.
10. Wilson 11-8 — Even the Wildcats no they can do no better than third in the Miramonte.

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  • DuarteMann

    Hey Fred You Should Take A Look At Duarte Girls Basketball… They Can Really Ball….

    Duarte Is Right Behind Sierra Vista So On Friday If They Beat Duarte Then They Will Be On cruise Control ….BUT They Gotta Beat Duarte Which Has The Same Record As Them And Beating The Whole League The same Way So Sierra Vista Just Might Have 1 Loss This Season To Duarte Just Like Duarte Has 1 Loss All Season To Sierra Vista..

  • News Flash


    Sierra Vista and Duarte aren’t even close to being in the same league as the teams above them. The Sierra Vista Coach really under estimated the other teams in the area when he said “Other than Dranch and Amat they can beat anyone else.” How have they done against other valley top teams? Lost to Glendora, lost to South Hills, Got blasted by Amat (guess they expected that one) Their best win? West Covina not even ranked. So all that to say Duarte and Sierra Vista Ballin? Who are they “ballin” against? They’ve managed to avoid all the top teams in the area. Give yourself a challenge, schedule any of the top 5 teams in a pre-season game. Hang with them then you may be ballin.

  • Girlz Rule the Scoo

    WOW Walnut finally found a team of theirs that can compete and bring some pride back to Walnut and the school. Of course it is the girls that put Walnut sports in the headlines. Boy’s teams Football baseball and Basketball…Fuhgettaboutit. Very sad.

  • irishharry

    why do you keep giving south hills so much love?Glendora beat them by 10 and the 1st time around it took 2 free throws in overtime to win.Remember the call itself was bogus.Melinda Gomez is lazy,sloppy with the ball,undisiplined,and is limited on offense.she gets alot of garbage because she is a good athilete.STOP giving her so much had a picture of her last week in a game she lost,cmon.Glendora has 4 offensive threats that nobody can match.its true we probably wont match up well with Ayala but please take a look and start giving Glendora a little credit.

  • SGVguy

    What a shame, a sour puss attitude bashing a Div 1 athlete because she swished two free throws with a home crowd screaming and banging the drum to get her to miss. No doubt M. Gomez has a ton of room to improve and will no doubt do so when she gets to the next level.

    As for the ratings, its all subjective and in the end, its all pointless

    Good luck to all of the SGV teams. Enjoy the ride girls because youll never pass this way again

  • Ballfan

    This rankings are confusing. Although im glad to see St.Lucy’s on the top ten for once, they are playing some good ball now, the beat tough chino hills (whom glendora lost to) , i am sure they will handle their business with everyone in their league except for ayala. Sure they lost to glendora but they have them home on friday , we shall see the big neighboring showdown.

  • GHS Fan

    Glendora St Lucy game was much closer this time. It looked like St Lucys might run away with it early. But they lost their discipline in the second half only scoring 5 points in the third quarter. Their best player was also in foul trouble.

    I’m sure both sides thought the refs were doing their best to keep the other team in the game. This might have been one of the poorest refed games I’ve seen and my team won.