I’m kicking myself for missing Los Altos-Bishop Amat part I, is part II too much to ask?

Above: Los Altos’ Lauren Stupin

I wanna see it, I really do, the numbers are sickly ridiculous. No offense to anyone out there, its just too intriguing, two talented young teams that are dominant, the perfect beginnings for a long-time rivalry, and that’s before the welcomed sight of Walnut and Los Altos in the same league next season. But that’s for another day, how can you not like the possibilities and the drama unfolding in D-4. You got Bishop Amat, No. 1 in the division, 19-0-1 with a 79-7 goals against average and the only team they tied (0-0), No. 2 Los Altos, 18-1-1 with a 68-7 GAA. I promise to check out an Amat game soon, but what struck me after watching Los Altos beat Charter Oak 5-1 today is they did it so effortlessly. I’m not sure they played all that well, the rain probably having something to do with it, but they play with a purpose, go outside-in extremely well, and that Lauren Stupin, she finishes chances as well as any outside midfielder I remember, scoring three more today. They weren’t all that spectacular, but they came because she’s always poking around the goal, knows when and where to make a run, crosses darts into the area, and doesn’t waste many opportunities, which is clutch in a game where one chance can decide it. And I knew before asking the question that Conqs coach Reeder is keeping tabs on Amat too, going so far as to say they need to run the table the rest of the way to maintain their No. 2 spot, expecting that Amat will do the same. If that happens, there’s only one place they can meet.

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