I’m kicking myself for missing Los Altos-Bishop Amat part I, is part II too much to ask?

Above: Los Altos’ Lauren Stupin

I wanna see it, I really do, the numbers are sickly ridiculous. No offense to anyone out there, its just too intriguing, two talented young teams that are dominant, the perfect beginnings for a long-time rivalry, and that’s before the welcomed sight of Walnut and Los Altos in the same league next season. But that’s for another day, how can you not like the possibilities and the drama unfolding in D-4. You got Bishop Amat, No. 1 in the division, 19-0-1 with a 79-7 goals against average and the only team they tied (0-0), No. 2 Los Altos, 18-1-1 with a 68-7 GAA. I promise to check out an Amat game soon, but what struck me after watching Los Altos beat Charter Oak 5-1 today is they did it so effortlessly. I’m not sure they played all that well, the rain probably having something to do with it, but they play with a purpose, go outside-in extremely well, and that Lauren Stupin, she finishes chances as well as any outside midfielder I remember, scoring three more today. They weren’t all that spectacular, but they came because she’s always poking around the goal, knows when and where to make a run, crosses darts into the area, and doesn’t waste many opportunities, which is clutch in a game where one chance can decide it. And I knew before asking the question that Conqs coach Reeder is keeping tabs on Amat too, going so far as to say they need to run the table the rest of the way to maintain their No. 2 spot, expecting that Amat will do the same. If that happens, there’s only one place they can meet.

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  • LA Futbol


    What was your take on the Conqueror’s defense? Did you know that they start THREE FRESHMEN on their back line?

    Can’t wait till you can get out to an Amat game so we can hear your honest comparison of these two powerhouses!

    I’m with you…I wanna see part II and I want it in the Finals for all the marbles!

  • 20-0-1

    amat won a nonleague game against Firebaugh. the final score was 8-0. No action at all for the amat defense. I would also love to see part II in the division 4 finals. Both teams seem a head above the rest. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the league games play out.

    P.S. amat has only given up 5 goals not 7

  • Question

    Why the HELL is Amat playing Firebaugh…NOT ONCE BUT TWICE? They have won 1 game this year and scored 3 goals?

    Seriously Amat?

  • answer

    a year ago, when schedules are made, Firebaugh was 10-7 w/ a win over St Paul. That doesn’t come across as bad as they may be today

  • Amat

    This looks like a rivalry that can last a few seasons. Los Altos impressive with 3 freshmen defenders. Amat starts 2 Sophomore defenders, 2 Freshmen midfielders, and Juarez as our star sophomore forward. The 2 freshman midfielders and Juarez have 150 points so far this season. Is Los Altos moving up a division next season or is Walnut moving down?

  • LA Soccer Dad

    Los Altos has an impressive win against a very quality opponent, gets a nice write up w/ some cool pics and…..Amat homers jump in and hijack the blog! BAmat…its not all about you all the time….just wait until the next article shows up about one of your ‘quality’ wins against Firebaugh!!

  • kurmugin

    Amat Said: Talking about Divisions, how does Amat or CIF justify placing private schools in lower divisions based on enrollment when their football and basketball teams are in higher divisions pretty much on performance? The obvious advantages in recruiting or selecting student-athletes enoyed by these schools surely applies in all sports, not just football, basketball, and baseball.

  • SGV Athlete

    LA Soccer Dad,

    Chill out. This is an open blog for everyone and if you didn’t notice, AMATs name is in the title too. This is about LA vs. AMAT. And save you sly “quality” remarks for a sport that cares. Soccer is probably the most even sport of any sport in high school.

    And Fred, AMATs young crew is very talented, probably the best they have had in a long time. Juarez has a chance to be All-CIF this year. It about time soccer at AMAT wins a championship.

  • read PEOPLE!!!

    LA Soccer Dad –
    “I’m kicking myself for missing Los Altos-Bishop Amat part I, is part II too much to ask?”

    Seems to me the topic is about a rematch – as much about Amat as it was LA – no “hijacking” involved.


    LA Soccer Dad,
    Please read the leading articule on this thread. It is as much about LA as it is Amat. After you read it and then take your foot out of your mouth maybe you would like to print a retraction on you hijacking theory.

  • Picture Book

    LA Dad just looks at the pictures so he figured the article musta been about Los Altos. Hey Dad – have someone read it to you!

  • LA Soccer Dad

    Read the article, BAmat is still a bunch of Hijackers!! No retraction required.

  • LA Futbol

    Since he won’t do it I would like to apologize on behalf of Los Altos for LA Soccer Dad’s comments. Amat has every right to comment on this blog since the article is about both of us.

    I think the banter is good…creates a little more of a rivalry between the two of us! Let’s keep it up but keep it clean and positive.


    LA Soccer Dad,
    Hey Dad even the coach of LA is following the Lancers . Did you read that part . Least you forget who is number one so when speaking of girls soccer Amat will always be in the conversation so get used to it.

  • FWIW 5-4

    Los Altos is mentioned by name 4 times in the headline and text of the article, the word “Amat” appears 5 times.

  • FredJ

    C’mon now, this is like listening to parents bicker on club soccer sidelines over playing time 🙂

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Just let it go. This is not like the other blogs, and for the most part soccer fans from every school respect each other.

    I congratulate Bishop Amats talent, as well as those of LA.

    If it’s in the cards, we will met again, and then and only then will it be the girls themselves that settle it.

    Let us as parents just root for our teams, and show them what true class is, win or lose.

  • FredJ

    FYI, we’re covering the big Amat-La Salle make-up on Monday at La Salle, 5 p.m…

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Hey Fred,

    Any chance on finding out why some schools choose not to update Maxpreps.

    Scores for games played missing, also stats are either not there at all, or some are missing.

    I know your not in charge of it. But figured it would be worth a shot.


  • Respect

    LA Fan/Dad,

    Your comment “for the most part soccer fans from every school respect each other.” must be in reference to girls soccer. For the most part all your girls programs act with respect.

    Now when it comes to your boys team, sorry but the word that comes to mine is Ghetto. Interesting how successful your girls sports are and how poorly your boys sports are doing.

    What are currently the three most successful programs at LA?

    Girls Softball
    Girls Soccer
    Girls Volleyball

    No boys program is even close.

  • LA Futbol


    Way to bring negativity into it. With a name like respect you think you might display some of it. Couldn’t leave well enough alone, just had to tear people down huh?

    By the way…in case you haven’t noticed, our boy’s team is 13-3-3 and ranked #2 in the SGV and #4 in Div. IV CIF.

  • Respect

    LA Futbol,

    Last I checked that was Fred ranking them 2nd, like that means anything. You do have a decent boys soccer team but you may want to talk to a few of your own parents, I did. I based my comments on your comments and their actions on the field. Sad isnt it when your own parents feel that way about your athletic programs. I heard about one incident when one of your boys soccer players had to be removed by police from a non-soccer game because he was tanting another family, talk about respect. Like I said LA has some of the best girls programs in the valley, there is your positive spin on it

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Please don’t respond to “Respect”. He sounds very familiar, and if it’s who I think it is he did the same thing on the football blogs.

    It’s just pointless.

  • funny…

    Schreimen…you just don’t give up! Dude find a girlfriend or better yet a boyfriend to keep you busy so that you can leave LA alone. We all know it’s you…

  • soccer lvr

    Just stop it! Some of you are just too silly, if this happened in my classroom I would take away your recess for a whole month!

    I know there is rivalry. I am all for it, but lets do it with “Respect” There are alot of good teams out there. I like banter, but I agree, keep it clean. Remember these are our girls out there. We need to set a good example.

    Let’s all remember that. SPORTSMANSHIP. I really like this blog, for the most part it’s really positive. I am sure some colleges read these blogs. Keep that in mind.

    I would also like to see the rematch in person. If it happens let us know. If we dont have a game that same day, I would like to take my daughter.

    Go Sierra Vista’s Lady Dons!!! 🙂

  • Bradley

    Respect: You mentioned that no boys program is even close to the girls programs at Los Altos. Boys Cross Country is currently the most successful program at Los Altos having been undefeated in pre-season and regular season play for 3.5 years now. Boys Soccer has had almost duplicate records as Girls Soccer for three years now. Check your facts before you make statements.

  • Respect


    “You do have a decent boys soccer team”

    12 behind in the win column and I noticed you stopped right before that boys 1-12-3 season good job with stats.

    Boy’s what, LA has a cross country team. How good is the under water basket weaving team.

    Please is that the best you got, I made my comments as a general statement and you went out and investigated it, real weak.

  • Respect


    You peaked my curiosity with that boys cross country team 3.5 year undefeated record. Your boys team is in division 2, per CIFSS. The final rankings of Division 2 didn’t even list Los Altos. How do you go undefeated for 3.5 years and not win a CIF title, not even ranked at any division. It really must be the best keep secret, even CIFSS isnt aware of your great winning streak.


    1. Royal 2. Dana Hills 3. Arcadia 4. Rancho Cucamonga 5. Trabuco Hills 6. Corona 7. Yucaipa
    8. El Toro 9. Marina 10. Valley View 11. Vista Murrieta 12. Upland 13. Great Oak

    1. Loyola 2. Westlake 3. Glendora 4. Camarillo
    5. Esperanza 6. Saugus 7. Newbury Park 8. Canyon/Canyon Country 9. Valencia/Placentia
    10. Claremont 11. Canyon/Anaheim 12. Beckman
    13. Colony

    DIVISION 3 1. St. John Bosco 2. Palos Verdes 3. Golden Valley 4. Servite 5. Woodbridge 6. Granite Hills 7. Brea Olinda 8. Cabrillo/Lompoc
    9. Corona del Mar 10. San Juan Hills 11. Buena Park 12. La Canada 13. Cathedral

    DIVISION 4 1. Laguna Beach 2. Harvard/Westlake
    3. Morro Bay 4. Don Bosco Tech 5. JSerra 6. Salesian 7. Notre Dame/S.O. 8. Big Bear 9. Maranatha 10. Paraclete 11. Crespi 12. Nordhoff
    13. Oaks Christian

    1. Woodcrest Christian 2. Western Christian 3. Pasadena Poly 4. Flintridge Prep 5. St. Margarets 6. Thacher 7. Sage Hill 8. Desert Christian, Lancaster 9. Chadwick 10. Webb
    11. Brentwood 12. Xavier Prep 13. Midland

  • Glendora

    Respect…You are clueless! Glendora won CIF in boys cross country Div-2! According to your sources they are ranked 4th. That was last year…you are an id!ot!

  • Respect


    You are clueless, my source is http://www.CIFSS.org, check the date on it. I cut and pasted the information, this was the rankings before playoffs.

    I don’t understand if Glendora won CIF Div 2 then how is Los Altos undefeated the last 3.5 years?

    Bradley just figured out your little game. You stated 3.5 years of preseason and league, you never said anything about playoffs. So how does a team go into the playoffs undefeated and not even ranked?

  • LA Fan/Dad


    Please just leave it alone.

    I really don’t know what happened to you. I remember you being a big LA fan. I know why you went over to where you are now. As I remember you have always been supportive of the kids on your teams regardless of what school they went to.

    Since you left the LA program you have been on a tear to belittle not only the school with your “ghetto, drugs, gangs” comments. But you have even started to put down the kids. This is just unacceptable.

    I was tempted to talk to you about it when I saw you yesterday at the LA v Wilson soccer game. I stood by you for the 10- 15 minutes you were at the game. But knew that that was not the time or the place.(trust me when I say talk only).

    I am an adult, as well as a past coach, and can honestly say that I am proud of all the kids I have coached regardless of where they eneded up. I follow what they now do at the schools they attend, and I am truly Proud of them win or lose.

    I know I am probably spinning my wheels, but please stop it. Keep it positive.

    As for the other LA fans, I ask you also to please just let it go. Ignore it.

    Sorry to all the other bloggers.

    Oh talk about friendship…. It goes much farther than rivalries. The LA girls finished the game against Wilson with a 2-1 win, but what happened after the game is what impressed me. As the teams came together for the normal “good game” hand shakes, the majority of both teams sttod midfield and gave each other hugs and the senior players exchange flowers. You see they (Wilson And LA players) at least most of them have played together since they were very small in AYSO or club teams. The game was feirce and some might say somewhat dirty, but when it was all over, they hugged. Wow. More than a few player told my daughter no hard feelings, and she responded “Hey, no problem, its a game and it’s over”. I was never more proud of her. She gets it. Too bad so many don’t.

  • Interesting note…

    LA fan/Dad…what a great post!

    You hit the nail right on the head. As an example, yesterday at the boys LA vs. Wilson soccer game both teams played their hearts out! The game was very physical with numerous yellow cards going out to both teams. At the end of the game the boys all came together in the center of the field and congratulated each other. In addition, parents from both sides got together and talked about what was the last league game against each other. All in all it was about competition and “respect.” It’s easy for some people to come on here and criticize Coaches and sadly enough the kids. What they don’t realize is that all of these kids regardless of what sport they play and how successful they are, work very hard to represent themselves and their school.

    respect Stop while you canthis is not looking good for you!

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  • oh, i still remember it! i/m proud of girls! we were there with a Shoutbox
    and flags))))

  • Kery Good