Monday’s Boxscores: Glendora falls to Chino Hills at home in boys soccer; Bishop Amat girls soccer beats St. Josephs 6-2 to remain unbeaten

By Fred J. Robledo
Chino Hills High School was one of the few boys soccer teams to take on the elements last Friday – losing a rain-soaked game at Diamond Bar. The two-time defending Sierra League champion Huskies saw their 22-game league unbeaten streak end that day. The Huskies had a chance to start a new victory streak Monday with a make-up match at Glendora. Chino Hills came away with a satisfying 3-1 victory that puts them right back in the league race. With goals from Bryan Gutierrez, Brandon Portal and Christian Leandro, Chino Hills (8-6-4, 3-1) regained the league lead by a half game over Glendora (11-4-3, 2-1) and Diamond Bar (7-5-1, 2-1). (To continue and view the rest of the boys and girls basketball and soccer boxscores Monday, click thread.)

Above: Glendora midfielder Jeremy Bishop scored late, but the Huskies finished did too, winning 3-1.

“This is just what the doctor ordered,” Huskies coach Kyle Shuler said. “When you lose a game like we did Friday, the first thing you want to do is get back on the pitch as soon as you can.

“This was big because Glendora is playing well and they’re always tough to beat on their field. I asked the kids, `What are you going to do about it?,’ and they answered it for sure.”

The Tartans played well, particularly midfielder Jeremy Bishop, who drew foul after foul all around the Huskies’ penalty area, but the Tartans couldn’t finish any of them.

Ironically, it was a Glendora free kick that led to the Huskies’ first goal.

After Bishop’s free-kick cross into the penalty area was poked away, the Huskies countered with Ricky Urrutia sending a pass out wide to Cesar Pompa-Guerrero and getting back from Pompa-Guerrero at the top of the box. Urrutia hurried a shot that was poked away by Tartans goalkeeper Luke Vogel, but not cleared, allowing Gutierrez to sneak in and score in the 37th minute for a 1-0 lead. The Huskies doubled their lead with another hustle play midway through the second half.

After Urrutia sent a 25-yard shot off the crossbar, Vogel dove to the ground trying to wrap it up, but Portal snuck in and poked it home, staking the Huskies to a 2-0 lead in the 69th minute.

The Tartans couldn’t convert several scoring chances and did a poor job of defending counterattacks.

“I thought they outhustled us a little more, but that’s Chino Hills style, they play with a lot of intensity,” Tartans coach Bill Mair said. “They were quick on the counters. If you don’t stop them at midfield and make mistakes in the back, they’re going to punish you.”

After Bishop scored in the 79th minute to cut the Huskies’ lead to 2-1, the Tartans gave it right back, Vogel’s errant clear rolling straight to Leandro, who redirected it to an open net in stoppage time for a 3-1 lead.

“If you look at all of their goals, they all came out of nothing,” Mair said. “They didn’t have an assist on any of them, which goes to show you, they find ways to get it done, they always do.”

Gladstone 49, La Puente 45

[AG-BODY]Daniel Gonzalez 14, Jacob Sandoval 14, Javier Lopez 6, German Pompa 5, Andrew Garcia 4, Brandon Rios 2.
[AG-BODY]Sameer Sedam 20, Paul Flores 18, Danny Juarez 5, Osama Sedam 4, Francisco Pelayo 2.
[AG-RULEABOVE]La Puente67112145
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 4-2 (league); Gladstone 9-10, 4-2.

La Serna 1, El Rancho 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]El Rancho000
[AG-BOLDIND]La Serna: [AG-INDENT]Jose Evaristo (unassisted).[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT]
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]El Rancho 11; La Serna 10. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Luis Sanchez (ER) 6; Franco Pliego (LS) 7.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]El Rancho (unavailable), 3-1; La Serna 8-8-3, 1-2-1.

La Puente 1, Gladstone 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]La Puente101
[AG-BOLDIND]La Puente: [AG-INDENT]Agustine Huazano (David Ramirez)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT].
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 12; Gladstone 7.[AG-BOLDIND] Saves: [AG-INDENT]Renee Beltran (LP) 6; Cesar Valverde (G) 9.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 8-2-3, 5-0; Gladstone 2-11-2, 0-5.

Chino Hills 3, Glendora 1

[AG-RULEABOVE]Chino Hills123
[AG-BOLDIND]Chino Hills: [AG-INDENT]Bryan Gutierrez (unassisted), Brandon Portal (unassisted), Christian Leandro (unassisted). [AG-BOLDIND]Glendora: [AG-INDENT]Jeremy Bishop (unassisted).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Chino Hills 8; Glendora 10. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Bryce Chamberlain (CH) 4; Luke Vogel (G) 5.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Chino Hills 8-6-4, 3-1; Glendora 11-4-3, 2-1.

Duarte 73, Bassett 14

[AG-BODY]Castillo 10, Brito 2, Rivera 2.
[AG-BODY]Brown 24, Cox 11, Christenson 9, Hernandez 8, Tallares 7, Wilson 6, Tickey 4, Reed 4.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bassett (unavailable), 1-5; Duarte 12-5, 5-1.

Azusa 56, Workman 52

[AG-BODY]Alexis Arnold 24, Marissa Torres 15, Danielle Simmons 9, Erica Chavez 4, Carla Castillo 3, Alyssa Arvizu 1.
[AG-BODY]Jessica Mora 13, Rachel Hernandez 12, Marissa Muoz 7, Melissa Gamboa 7, Essence Piata 4, Victoria Lozano 4, Crystal Quintanilla 4, Karina Vigil 1.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Azusa 5-13, 4-2; Workman 5-9, 2-4.

St. Paul 4, Cantwell 0

[AG-BOLDIND]St. Paul: [AG-INDENT]Alicia Aguilar 2, Katie Stark, Emily Rivera[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT].
[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT][AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Kelly Nava (C) 2, Yvette Herrera (C) 3; Chelsea Ramsay (SP) 1.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Cantwell 2-9, 1-1; St. Paul 13-1, 2-0-1.

Bishop Amat 6, St. Joseph 2

[AG-RULEABOVE]Bishop Amat426
[AG-RULEBELOW]St. Joseph112
[AG-BOLDIND]Bishop Amat: [AG-INDENT]April Juarez 2 (Yazmin Montoya, unassisted), Natalie Rivas 2 (unassisted, Miranda Joya), Montoya (Juarez), Selena Queszada (Montoya). [AG-BOLDIND]St. Joseph: [AG-INDENT]Jennifer Pillon (unassisted), Kristina Beltran (unassisted).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Bishop Amat 21; St. Joseph 12. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Nicole Ragano (BA) 6; Melanie Vaughn (SJ) 5, Lauren Vivanco (SJ) 4.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bishop Amat 19-0-1, 3-0; St. Joseph 10-4-3, 1-1.

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