The Inland Insider: Glendora’s rough ride in the Sierra continues, this time to Ayala

Chino Hills Tom (he actually went to Workman), checks out games all over the I.E., tonight he was at Glendora-Ayala. Here’s how it went down

Despite a game high 21 points from Calvin Smith, Glendora fell to Ayala 54-43. Smith had 12 points in the second half but the Tartans were outscored 34-20. Ayala applied constant pressure to force turnovers and used an 8-0 run in the last three minutes of the game to seal it.

Ayala was led by soph forward Jared Ponce who scored 5 of his 12 points in the 3rd qtr, and led his team from a 23-20 halftime deficit, to take the lead 38-34 at the end of the 3rd qtr. Justin Scheerer and William Hougan pitched in with 8 points a piece for the Bulldogs.
The win by Ayala gives them sole possession of 2nd place and improved their record to 4-1, 14-8, and sets up a show down with Chino Hills (5-0, 19-2), who beat Chino tonight. Glendora fell to 2-3 and 15-6 overall.

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  • glendoraman

    This is what Leduc gets. An AGING dynasty grinding down to mediocrity. Couldnt happen to a better guy cuz this guys ego has been enormous for years and he’s flat out not a good person around campus. It’s all about him! I will give him credit for engineering a dominant hs bball program for a long time, but his time has come and the transfers are no longer coming into glendora for this guy. Hes stayed too long and his arrangement of hc and vp has NOT worked on many levels. The kids at Glendora are the ones who suffer. Enough of the puppets at Glendora!!

  • kurmugin

    What is with all these critics of one coach or another, or schools, or policies hiding behind an anonymous ID when they blast their targets? If they really are convinced their subjects are as bad as they say, why don’t they do it openly? Coaching has to be one of, or the most, thankless profession there is. Like politics or any job performed in public, say, journalism, you never satisfy everyone. And practically all of the unsatisfied believe they could do it better. It’s been years since I actually knew any coach. I could find fault with some of them some of the time, but I couldn’t walk in their shoes and knew it. If I had an issue, I addressed it face to face, not skulking around in the shadows. Cable TV and talk radio have set a mean tone to communication in this modern age. If youi are going to join in that vituperation at least man up about it.

  • S.D. Salinger

    mr. k…is that your real name as well? you sir don’t practice what you preach or is it only the negative writers that need to come clean?