Oh my goodness, the Sierra and Baseline leagues might both go to the Inland Division

Damien High School football coach Greg Gano confirmed rumors that have been circulating over the last week that the newly formed Sierra League, which will consist of South Hills, Charter Oak, Damien, Ayala, Chino Hills and Claremont, could be moving from the Central to the powerful Inland Division in the fall, the equivalent of Division II.
The Baseline League is also expected to move to the Inland Division, which would make it an even more powerful division with the Big 8, Citrus Belt and Southwestern league’s likely to remain. “That’s what I’m hearing,” Gano said. Stay tuned, CIF is expected to submit the new league re-alignment proposals to schools in a few weeks, then leagues will have a chance to appeal before the final decisions take place in April.

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  • All together now

    Sierra League….”GULP!”

  • BOB

    If this is true the work “POWERFULL” is a good word for it.There will be “NO” easy road to the next championship…

  • Aram Lover


  • Dorothy

    “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more!”

    Welcome to the real world Huskies – you’re now relegated to a terrier named Toto! Ha! South Hills = the Emerald City. Is that Bogan behind the curtain? Now the Chargers – “that’s a horse of a different color!”

  • LA Conq

    Any word on what division the new Hacienda League will be in?

  • FredJ

    No, they will probably stay in the Southeast, just not sure who will be added to the Southeast.

  • jcaz

    A move such as this would be absolutely huge for Charter Oak as well as the other local teams in this valley. Having a championship banner out of a division such as this would most defiantly put Charter Oak (as well as any other SGV teams in this division) right up there with the big boys.

    I think it would be an interesting move for them and I believe it could very well give them legitimate parity with us and of course, it world most certainly personify all the trash talking that goes on in here between Amat and Charter Oak to quite another level, wouldnt you all agree ?.

    Interestingly, however, I think that this move would nevertheless be a terrible move for them, and Ill tell you why.

    At present, the Charter Oak honks have a reason to get up there on their soap boxes and crow about what this wonderful school has accomplished in the recent past. And, to the football team credit, you have to give it to them. However this move would really put a damper on all of that because from now on, you make CO go into a very difficult situation where they may find themselves unable to ever again win a championship banner, let alone even get to a championship game.

    This move could even have a big impact on this very blog because at present, the CO crowd can do all the trash talking they want to do because this team has won those championships. They have achieved their objectives and they are at the top of the heap so to speak, but a move to that division could make Charter Oak football insignificant in this valley and if that were happen, then what will become of all of this banter in here ?

    Would the blog die ?

    In any event, if in fact any of our local teams were to actually win a division such as this, then it would be a significant accomplishment in its own right. Well, maybe not as significant as the PAC5 of course, but nevertheless, huge to be sure.

    Still, as just stated, beware the choices that you make Charter Oak, beware the ids of march…..ops, this is only February, Yikes !

  • some guy

    this isn’t big news. both leagues were in this divison when it first formed.

  • Guess whose coming to dinner?

    Redlands East Valley, Corona Centennial, and Santiago should be Pac-5.

  • Norco

    The top 3 teams in the inland divison CC, Chap, Norco. Santiago is a nobody and REV can`t get past the 2nd round in the INLAND…As for both leagues being in the Inland when it formed the
    Baseline or Sierra never won a playoff game and where bumped down where they belong…with th small fishes

  • just sayin’

    Centennial lost to Mater Dei (we don’t need to remind you who beat them in the playoffs do we?) REV lost to Chapp – who lost to Centennial in the regular season. Santiago had a First Round exit to Vista Murietta – who lost to Chapp. who lost to Centennial in the regular season. And those are the BEST the INland has to offer.

  • someguy

    actually i think both leagues won at least one game each year. glendora did beat upland the last time they were in this divison.

  • Norco

    Blah…blah…blah….You clowns amaze me….And MD barely lost to Edison in double overtime and Chappy lost to Servite in the last minute…blah…blah..blah…I suggest you get out and watch a little more football

  • Norco

    And wait…I like how this BA fan like to hang his hat on beating MD who lost to Orange Lutheran who lost to REV…wow…this clown amazes me…Im just sayin

  • Webster, Dick

    “will the blog die?’

    Have you checked how many threads have “0” comments. Notice how many threads have maybe “4” comments. Is the blog dying?



    Jcaz please dont worry about what Charter Oak does and what situation we are in, worry about what Bishop Amat does and what is upcoming this year. Charter Oak will never become insignificant to the valley when we are talking football. If we get voted to the Inland Division more power to Charter Oak and hopefully winning a CIF title. This talk has been going on for about two to three weeks now and I dont think it will happen.

    Glendora fans the kids are pumped to play this game, no doubt Citrus college will be sold out with the entire SGV watching! I can’t wait. See you guys there.

  • Sierra League Dad

    Call me a masochist but I am excited.
    CO..here is your chance to run with the big dogs, after all your as good as Amat.

  • SGVsBest

    JCAZ –
    Sounds to me like you’re preaching from that 1995 Pulpit!
    Becareful! The termites might have eaten away the core of your foundation by now!
    When do you suppose Bishop’s next Championship is coming? Please be realistic.

  • Do tell Big Dog

    Sierra League Dad unless you’re from Chino Hills don’t talk about the Sierra League being “Big Dog” territory. What’s the SL playoff record for the past six seasons, pretty miserable.

  • Wishfull Thinker

    Sierra Daddy, Haha I have to laugh how you think your Chargers are going to run with the “Big Dogs” in the Inland division and how you think they are as good as Amat. Are you stuck in the past? This is 2010 and without your so called big dogs gone due to graduation your lucky if you win the sierra league. And when you play Glendora in Zero week they will show you what I’m talking about. Good luck!


    What level would the banter between Amat and CO go to . Do you think by moving up and not winning a championship is going to stop all the shiat talking between the 2 schools . Come on man if the fact that all that has happened and also the spread between the 2 at the division level doesn’t stop it that will have no effect at all. There will always be the banter between the 2 sides and titles has or parity has nothing to do with it. Now for the fact that you say they may not win at the high level and that would take away . Think man about what the bloggers say about Amat . Does the fact of Amat not winning a championship in 14 years take away the right to get on the soapbox and crow. In a hidden kind of way your post is a real put down of CO and it is the type of post that sets others against Amat.You say the move for them could very well give them instant parity with us ( Amat ) , I bet CO thinks it is there already. Then you say they have achieved their objectives and are at the top of the heap. Maybe they are welcoming this new challenge and are ready for it . Then you say a move like this could make them insignificant in the valley like they have no chance to win. Then the big closing , if any of our valley teams were to actually win ( like it’s impossible for them) it would be a significant accomplishment, well not as significant as the Pac-5 of course ( . Take the advise of many and also what SGV FOOTBALL told you and just worry about Amat as I believe CO will be just fine and be able to rep the SGV as well as they ever have no matter what division. Why do you think the banter between the 2 is so thick . Because they do have it in them to knock us “Amat” off on any given Friday .

  • Norco

    Please….SGVsBest..you can do better then that…this coming from someone who has backbone of a fish-stick or a brown banana…don`t confuse Corona/ Norco with SB…Hell nobody from the Inland is worried about the Baseline or Sierra league…

  • COChargerfan

    Lost in all this big dog talk is the fact that the only CIF banners hanging in CO’s gym are for football (5) and baseball (1). And these days most of their other boys and girls teams rarely win league so how is moving the ENTIRE athletic program to D2 fair to those kids? I’ve said this what seems like a zillion times, CO is a medium school with 1900 students and those IE schools are nearly twice their size…not exactly a fair match up under the CIF’s “enrollment” criteria….CIF people, you are fools.

    Hey Amat guys, if this happens than other than in football, COs teams will be playing at a significantly higher division than your teams so even if CO loses they still have that so what, we play with the big boys and you swim with the little fish argumenthows that for irony? I find that really freaking funny.

    And Amat guys, what if the Big VIII gets moved to the Pac-5then whos laughing now? Sound good to you Norco guy?

    And Norco, when some of the Amat guys get a little frisky just mention Los Osostrust me, theyll get it.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Narco –
    Its gonna rain soon. Better get the horses and the rest of the animals (errr your relatives) into the barn!
    How’s that farming thing working out for you? Or is it the Dairy? You enjoy the cows?
    Hey Stupid –
    Your mom told me its pronounced Teethes!..I think its the lisp she developed after her teeth fell out! Meth?
    IE you ain’t no OC! Nobody’s confusing you!

  • SGVsBest

    This just laughable!!! Ridiculous even!
    You should all recognise that this is just the way “the Chilean Junta Leader” is trying to sell the Tribune!
    Its gonna rain for the next few days. Circulation goes down when it rains. Can you say ‘fanning the flames?’

  • Norco

    COChargerfan..Norco is the smallest school in the Big VIII with a little over 1900 students….most schools in the Big VII are pushing 2700…As for Big VII being moved to the PAC5 only three school voted on going CC, Norco and JW North with the rest of the schools declining, this vote took place when the South Coast League & MV Bob Johnson wanted out a few years back…As for Los Osos they have yet to have a W next to their name against Norco…Too bad Amat can say the same…

  • DRanch

    LA Conq,

    Does it really matter, you have zero chance against DRanch.

  • Sorry


    You need to understand that the realignment is based on your football program first the other programs are factored in with very little weight. Just like South Hills your other programs are going to pay for the recruiting within your football program. The football program is used as a gauge to base where your school should be placed and your gauge is all messed up.

  • sadsa


    When does the softball thread come out?

  • Chonk

    Welcome to your awaiting Chonkdom South Hills!!!!

    Welcome to your awaiting Chonkdom Charter Oak!!!!

    You will both Chonk!!! Cjonqq!!! Cjawnkh!!!

  • jcaz

    Hey people, Im just stating the obvious here, in fact, let me pose to you a very interesting question in order for me to make my point ok.

    I believe (if I am not mistaken) that there was another school in this valley that has recently won a CIF championship this year, correct ? Well, this unnamed school (San Diams, he he) has done the very same thing that Charter Oak just did. They won a CIF championship.

    The big difference here however, is that at this point anyway, not to many folks over at San Dimas are claiming to be as good, or if not better than Amat is, well, not yet anyway.

    Anyhow, as we all know, they have just now started to be a good football program, but what if they stayed good for a very long time ? In other words what if they were able to run the table in that division and win something like 5 straight football championships ? Could you make the argument that they were just as good a football program as Amat is today ? Well, what about Charter Oak football ? Same argument that the folks over at Charter Oak use right ?

    Well, ok, heres the 64 dollar question then, what if Charter Oak no longer actually won those championships any longer, and San Dimas continued to so ? Who would be the schitz talkers on this blog then ?

    Would we be even having a football discussion with the Charter Oak crowd any longer ? Probably not.

    So my argument here is that if Charter Oak no longer wins, they now become insignificant in this blog of ours. Then winning all those championships gave them a podium to stand on and a place in SGVs history books. However, if they dont continue to win those championships, it is my contention that, good old Fred and Steve may no longer continue to have a job over at the San Gabrial Valley Tribune. Yikes !!

    What would we all do if that were to happen ? I mean, I couldnt tell my stupid jokes any longer during the football season, and we wouldnt be able to continue to get the List from Joe Amat published so often in here.

    He he he

    Any ways folks, all that I am saying is that a move such as this does not help Charter Oak unless they win, but, if they do, then watch out because at that point, I would have to say that they become just as good as any football team out there as any other because now, they will be playing football with some of the big boys, and a championship in that division is nothing to belittle no matter what all my fellow Amat honks may think.

  • REV Haka Dance

    Redlands East Valley Football Video


  • I smell B.S.

    WOW! What are the odds a Norco person would be reading this blog the entire time only to finally strike after patiently waiting for the Inland Division to be discussed?

    I think it’s a miracle!

    Where’s the Corona Centennial guy? LOL!

  • Spartan 4 Life

    As I stated in an earlier blog, CO & SH will have their hands full in the Sierra. Don’t compare CO to Amat, they’re not at that level. As for the Inland Division, you must play the best to be the best. The eye opener will be when CO plays Damien in the league opener!

  • Sierra Dad

    Do tell; Keep up with the blog it’s about the Inland division. If CO makes the play offs they get to play the big dogs.

    I will type it a little slower for your dumb A$$.
    Love your Daddy.

    PS-Wishful thinker the only people stuck in the past are the AMAt fans. Can’t wait for the 25 years celebration of their last championship.

  • SGVsBest

    JCAZ –
    Was my question too difficult to understand or are you avoiding the Painful reality?
    SGV, here is another example of how these Bishop(Buffalo)Bills really feel about all our schools in the valley.
    Why should you support and be nice to these arrogant and ignorant Pac 5 Participants?
    Answer the question JCAZ! Any other Kinfer honk wanna give an honest answer? You can’t, can you?

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Deaa Spartan –
    Found a quarterback yet? No. I mean a competent QB! LMAO!
    How’s your runningback situation looking? No really! Be honest! Ha,Ha…!
    You are irrelevant in this thread! Unless, you count the fish bait that your Fat Man gave “the Chilean Junta Leader.”



    Norco has 3354 students according to their online profile not the 1900 students you claim to have! Thats a big difference.


    First of all CO has only a handful of supporters on the blog. Has the blog died with Bishop Amat not winning championships??? No right, then what makes you think that the handfull of CO supporters will not be here if we don’t win a champioship next year??? I for sure will be here COchargerfan will still be here and a couple others. To end the discussion between San Dimas being the next powerhouse in the valley, we all know only two teams took home a plaque this year in the valley it was San Dimas and Charter Oak but we all know who the better football program was this year between the two. Teams that scored on San Dimas, Charter Oak shut out. No disrespect to San Dimas but Covina Blvd belongs to Charter Oak.

  • just sayin’

    Sierra Dad – CO can starting counting……..NOW!
    jcaz – lose the “he he he” and stick with LOL – a bit more manly


    Once again you have come on here with a totally assinine post. First off there you go again belittling CO as to never winning a championship again and becoming insignificant because of it . Do you really think that will stop the banter. It hasn’t stopped Amat fans has it. Then to state that if CO no longer wins championships our beloved Fred will be out of a job. Way to belittle the entire SGV and all other sports. You also say that the move will not help CO unless they win. Well what if they have deep runs into the playoffs or maybe even make the finals but lose . That will mean nothing . Sure it will hurt but it will still be something to be proud of . Then you close with winning a championship in that division is nothing to belittle no matter what my fellow Amat honks may think. This coming from the honk that wrote yesterday that it would be significant to win in that division but not as significant winning a PAC-5 championship . Who’s the real honk now. You should have taken SGV’S FOOTBALLS advise and just stick to worrying about Amat . You have in the last couple of days the poster boy for the Amat arrogance many have come to hate on the blog. Since you think so highly of your opinion as you say you are stating the obvious , obvious to whom ,you or the whole valley , just accept the challenge of sgvsbest and answer his question . This time he deserves an answer since you put it out there on your feelings on the demise of the CO football program. Or will you choose to dance around it like you do when confronted with other replies to your posts. You are now on the clock.

  • Norco

    That was before Roosevelt opened up three years ago…Here is the enrollment for each school this year..

    Norco (CA) Enrollment: 2100
    North (Riverside, CA) Enrollment: 2512
    Poly (Riverside, CA) Enrollment: 2839
    Roosevelt (Corona, CA) Enrollment: 2863
    Centennial (Corona, CA) Enrollment: 2900
    King (Riverside, CA) Enrollment: 3065
    Corona (CA) Enrollment: 3292
    Santiago (Corona, CA) Enrollment: 3916

  • Charger Fan

    Just say it without the long winded take Jacaz.

    CO would become what Amat has amounted to playing in the pac5 div. 1. No championships over the last 15 years and none coming in the near future. That all that has to said.


    sgvsbest punk,
    So now you are jumping on the people of Damien. It must be so easy for you to bash all others when you just jump on a winnig team and ride on their wins . You have not and will not say who you back or where your allegence lies with as they are probaby losers. Even the son you professed was still playing in the playoffs has never materialised as to what team he was a member . I say you are a punk because that is exacly what you are a little snotty punk. You sit where ever you post from getting your jollies and you probably have your putz in your hand at the same time. What a feeble lost life you lead . Maybe one day you will grow a pair and state who you really stand by instead of embarrassing the many fine schools you profess your allegence to but at the same bring shame upon them . Until that day comes continue your self fulfilling posts and enjoy being hunched over your computor and giving yourself some sort of meaning to the empty pitiful life you lead . Because really anyone who would continue in the manner you do for such long period of time is really in need of some serious mental help.

  • jcaz

    Look people, I just love coming in here and being controversial. All of you guys know it so why all the grief anyway ? In fact, I just get a hard on thinking about stuff like that (sorry, that comes from being an ex-marine you know).

    Anyway, to tell you the truth, I didnt honestly believe that SGVBest actually asked me a legitimate questionif only because, when does that really happen anyway ?

    I guess I bring out the best in SGVBest, if only because he is (even now) asking for dialog instead of talking smack 24.7. Awesome there big guy, its a start !

    But I digress…

    Hum, when will Amat win a Pac 5 championship you ask ? Ok fair question (it really is you know). Ok, they will win it before Rio Ruiz graduates from Amat. Hows that for a safe answer ?

    Now, the reasons I say that, is because if you take an objective look at the way Amat has risen from the dead over the last few years (improving each and every one of those years BTW), then I can certainly see where an accomplishment such as this could very well be in the works down the line. Look gang Amat really has a chance to win the big enchilada here. They are big time football program no matter what anyone in here says, and yes ONCE AGAIN, I am a big time honk, but like I always say to you and anyone who willlisen to me, Im not a homer and because of that, I respect Charter Oak for what they have accomplished, even though (he he) Ill be the first one to throw them under the bus when it comes to that ok

    But, getting beack to SGVB question, lets look at all of this stuff this objectively. Does anyone in here seriously believe that in the next 3 years or so, that Amat cant win it all ? Of course they can because they have all the tools in place right now and believe me when I tell you that this is the fundamental reason why we shall soon have a PAC 5 banner hanging at Kiefer. Because all the tools are there.

    Oh by the way, JUST SAYIN, even though I just slipped back there, maybe you got a point there….hum.


  • Don

    Barking aside, I think the Sierra belongs in the Inland D about as much as C O belonged in the Miramonte these past few seasons. Not to question Coach Ganos scoop but its hard to even imagine the CIF SS considering moving teams from the middle of heap, competition-wise, to the top in a single year.

    Surely the folks over at the Pine Avenue brain-trust know the immense difference in the level of play between the upper tiers of play, say the Pac-5, most of the Inland, and the best of the Western and Northern Ds from everyone else. Or maybe not; sometimes it seems like the powers that be in CIF havent ever even seen a whole game, they just show up to speechify and mug for the TV cameras at the end of the season.

  • Are you kidding me.

    Disagree Jcaz,

    Rio has yet to play QB and or take the hits Jerry Mac took in the two years he steered the Lancer ship. Rio got Knocked TF out in the Lakewood game. Is Rio even what people project him to be? We know he can play with the white ball but can he play with the pigskin in a position like QB. I would not put all my eggs in one basket with Rio when it comes to football or even George Wallace Gonzalez, (yes they both sit)…QB is a whole different animal when it comes to Rio taking the reins. A championship before Rio leaves not likely.

  • Yes

    Rio Ruiz can play football.

    Loyola and Mater Dei

  • AMAT 73

    R U Kidding,
    No where it is written in stone that Rio will be the QB for next year. That is all speculation and the fact of W Gonzales place is not even in the equation.We will see soon enough who will be the QB and if Gonzales is even a factor. I am sure he will play but nobody is putting any eggs in anyone’s basket just yet. Also don’t forget Rio is only a sophmore and probably still physically maturing. Maybe after summer conditioning and lifting he may fit the bill for QB just fine. The way the kid has performed so far I see no reason for him not be the QB and do it well. Nobody in the valley ever though a league title was in our sights so don’t close the door so quick on a championship .

  • Norco


    You mean a 4-6 Loyola club who didn`t make the playoff & a 6-5 3rd place Mater Dei team who struggled all year with consistency…lol..

  • I.E. Football King!

    My peeps told me to read and post on this blog.

    Let me be one of the first to welcome the S.G.V. to I.E. boys! This is where we separate the men from the boys!

    My first point is an interesting piece of information that is definitely worth noting and that is at one time from what weve heard in the I.E. C.I.F. was considering moving the Big VIII league to the Pac-5 and actually removing the Serra league from the Pac-5. Now before anyone from Bishop Amat gets upset with my post noticed I said “considered” meaning that never came to be but I am stating the case for what C.I.F. is saying and that is legitimately one can make the argument that potential D-1 schools are currently competing at the D-2 level.

    The second point that we take ownership and pride in is the fact that we can debate with almost anyone now given the recent success in the I.E. over the past decade that the Inland Division is quite possibly the D-1 level of the East and the Pac-5 Division is the D-1 level of the South. Regardless, teams like Corona Centennial have competed at the highest level in State Championship Bowl games and Chaparral, Norco, Redlands East Valley, not to mention Corona Santiago, and J.W. North produce top tier college D-1 football players. Norco alone has 6 Pac-10 athletes this year.

    Corona Centennial until this year played De La Salle two years in a row in the State Bowl Championship game and beat them two years ago. No one, not even yourselves Bishop Amat can argue the point about the Inland Division and the Big VIII arguably being the toughest division and league top to bottom in Southern California. I promise if Bishop Amat came and played I.E. football (Los Osos) our league the Big VIII would beat your team easily guaranteed.

    Go ahead, schedule someone from the I.E. Youre avoiding playing anyone out here and instead are comparing yourselves to Charter Oak. No one in their right mind thinks that Charter Oak or anyone else in the Sierra league for that matter can compete with our Inland Division. Quite simply thats just not fair because we are not on an equal playing field with Charter Oak or anyone else. Your comparing medium size schools to big schools and no one in your Valley including you Bishop Amat possesses the talent we have in the I.E.

    San Gabriel Valley football will be an after thought of the past if this C.I.F. divisional realignment goes through and never be mentioned again. Actually, no one ever talks about Bishop Amat and the only team mentioned in the S.G.V. is Charter Oak but even your best right now would get beat by the I.E. by a large margin.

    Wow, Bishop Amat (parochial school D-1) you act like the big bad wolf in your own backyard but if you keep telling lies we will wash your mouth out with soap, whack your hands with rulers, and pull down your pants and spank you. I dare you to schedule someone off the 15 freeway. Come pick on someone your own size BULLY!


    I would bet that the 4-6 Loyola and the 6-5 struggling Mater Dei teams would very easily mow right thru your Norco squad like a hot knife thru butter. It is very easy to talk the talk but can you walk the walk . Schedule any Serra team and then let see what happens .

  • just sayin’

    Norco – No, I think he meant the Mater Dei that beat up on Corona Centennial 31-13 (remember – the ones Norco needed a 2pt conversion with :30 to go to beat by a point) and the Mater Dei that lost to Edison in double overtime after having a game-winning FG blocked and then OLu in OT in back-to-back weeks. That Mater Dei. The Mater Dei that was about 3 plays from being 8-2/9-1 and then who knows what playoffs bring.
    And I think he meant the Loyola that beat 12-2 CIF Champ Mira Costa to open the season before losing their stud RB. That Loyola.

  • SGV King

    I.E. Football King,
    After reading your rant about how great you think you are in the I.E. I get this picture in my mind as you welcome all of us from the SGV.
    I see you standing there in the middle of all the cow paddies in your overalls with a long piece of Wheat grass hanging out of your mouth. Then your old lady comes out with a big blob of chew stuck in between her check and gum telling you the vettles are ready. We in the SGV might suprise you when we come out to visit your Ranch. Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Wait, dont you do that on a daily basis already, my bad!

  • Not Kidding Watch

    Most know you put your best athlete at QB and Rio is their best athlete. He has proven to be a nice possesion receiver and a pretty good safety on defense, but QB? He may do well and is talented but you need 11 to play and true Amat did win their league but this is a transition year for them and Rio will be a junior getting his feet wet for the first time as a QB on friday nights. Which leaves his senior year which does not look like a championship year. Lastly when Rio does get cracked his father will pull the plug so fast on football because we all know Rio is a MLB draft pick first and foremost. Garfield may be the first one to crack him, how sad would that be playing the Farliegh Dickenson of Prep Football and getting your QB hurt.

  • Joe Amat

    I.E. Football,

    Pick on someone “your own size”? I always think it’s funny when people talk about Amat like it’s some 2500+student recruiting machine like Mater Dei. I guess the fact that we’ve created that perception is good.

    You talk about “medium size schools”? Amat has under 1400 students. Is that medium – or small compared to the normal 3000 students in IE… except of course for Norco which is fighting redrawing boundaries because of some… uummmm… demographic changes that it might cause to their student population.

    I do think it’s funny that people mention the Los Osos games like they were some blowouts and the Lancers didn’t belong on the field. If we remember, it took a Brehaut miracle 4th & 23 in the final minute to beat Amat. And we always forget the sweep of Rancho Cucamonga the years before that, a win over AB Miller or the playoff victory over Redlands that helped send the Citrus Belt out of the Pac5 because they couldn’t hang anymore.

    It’s a matter of time before the schedule works out that we play someone in the IE. It should be a good matchup. I remember the days knocking off Eisenhower and beating up on Colton or Rubidoux when they were good. It would be nice to have that back. Maybe as the IE grows there will be more than a few teams that can compete at the Pac5 level and you can move in to replace one of the OC leagues. The two Private leagues, the Moore League, the best OC league and the best IE league would make for a great division someday.

    I can’t imagine though that you’d honestly think a team is “afraid” of scheduling an IE team and turns around to schedule an Orange Lutheran or a St Bonaventure?

  • Norco

    just sayin’…
    Teams get better as the season progress, Corona Centennial was one of those teams and in week 10 when they matched up with their RIVAL Norco…Norco was the better team …MD like is said was inconstant throughout the season and FYI I was at the CC/MD game and MD did not beat up CC.. CC was winning at the half, but youth, fumbles and penalties did them in the 2nd half. IMO though a loss is a loss, whether by 1 or 30.. As for Loyola one player does not make a team, I don`t care who he is….


    This will be great for Fred and the blog if Charter Oak gets moved to the Inland division. Fred will gain tons of new blogger from the IE. Which has already started, I can remember when Rancho Cucamonga came to town and all the IE bloggers came in and started mouthing off like there was no tomorrow. Wow I gues the BA fans are at least managable these cats will be going nuts trying to rip the SGV into pieces. I guess it will soon be the SGV vs the IE instead of Charter Oak vs Bishop Amat. HA how times change from year to year.

    I almost teared up when I saw this. JK CO getting press from the La Times I guess we can all put that to rest saying that CO was never reported on the LA Times. Congrats guys.


  • AMAT 73

    Yes he was a nice possesion receiver and a dam good d-back so odds are he will be a fairly good QB . With JA at running back to help him out, well you know the rest. If you knew anything about our style of play it is not like the QB is depended on to carry the offense. Oh and we do have another diamond in the rough coming up at tailback to spell JA so our ground game will be as good or better than last year. It seems we have been in a transition year for about 3-4 years now so when do you figure we reach a set team .As the saying goes for a few of the SGV teams , we don’t rebuild we reload. By your post I can see you do not follow much of AMAT football and really know nothing about us other than you are just another in the long line of bloggers that try to knock us down no matter the reflection it puts on themselves.

  • AMAT 73

    I thought you heard , The blog was going to fade away by you guys going to the IE Division . Sorry jcaz , couldn’t pass that up. I think it is great that our SGV teams will be putting the wood to those ie schools. I am pretty sure CO will rep very well but just not to sure about SH . Either way if it happens good luck to you guys and we will be pulling for you to tear it up.In a case like this we need to pull together but you know if we meet on the field it’s on brother.


    AMAT 73,

    I’ll mark my calendar for the day we meet again. Good things to look forward to are signing day tomorrow and 182 left until the opening kick off.

    Fred can you add a timer or something to the blog to show us how many days are left until kick of? As of right now it is 182 days and counting.

  • Now C.O. and South Hills will realize what Glendora’s been up against for the past 6 years. Welcome to the jungle.

  • SGV King

    I.E. Football King,
    After reading your rant about how great you think you are in the I.E. I get this picture in my mind as you welcome all of us from the SGV.
    I see you standing there in the middle of all the cow paddies in your overalls with a long piece of Wheat grass hanging out of your mouth. Then your old lady comes out with a big blob of chew stuck in between her check and gum telling you the vettles are ready. We in the SGV might suprise you when we come out to visit your Ranch. Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Wait, dont you do that on a daily basis already, my bad!

  • Norco = Untested

    Has Norco ever faced a Pac-5 Powerhouse?


  • Norco = Untested

    Has Norco ever faced a Pac-5 Powerhouse?


  • Norco = Untested

    Has Norco ever faced a Pac-5 Powerhouse?




    That’s not an LA Times article…it’s a BLOG ENTRY! LOL! There’s a huge difference! This stuff must be new to you.

    Back to back CIF Championships, 5 scholarship players, Coach Lou’s 5th title = One blog entry!

    I’m tearing up too…from laughing! LMFAO!

  • SGVsBest

    Now JCAZ, you don’t need to change your tag to “Charger Fan” just to hide your comments! Be a Realist!
    Yelping puppy-
    Looks like nobdy took your Damien defense seriously! I don’t like private schools ‘boys.’ That’s been established little catho!
    IE, here we come! Grab on to your cow, horse, goat. or anything else! Gano said! According to the “Junta Leader.” then it must be so!
    Amat Girls Soccer #1. Its the real LaPuente Futbol!


    sgvshanger on,
    Exactly who do you mean by we . I thought only champions mattered to you . The only champ going into the ie is CO . Are you saying your loyalty lies with the Chargers. You surely can’t be speaking of sh or Damien who you are now beginning to trash. So tell us lug nutter which is it . Now the shoe is on the other foot .Jcaz answered your question , now you answer mine.IF YOU HAVE THE STONES TO MAN UP.


    Now a little clue as to the hate towards Amat and now Damien.The chavala in his latest says with tears in his eyes I don’t like private school boys. could it be that you got your azz beat down back in high school by a private school boy . Or maybe he took your girl friend away . Which is it puzzy . What is it with your facination with the Amat girls soccer team . What are a pervert or child molester .

  • I.E. Football King!

    Dear Bishop Amat,

    When I read a quote “I remember the days” that tells me your more than willing to reflect, be nostalgic, and look back instead move forward. Your last C.I.F. Championship was literally over 15 years ago and yet you seriously think suddenly you will win a championship in the next 3 years. Your a parochial that can “recruit” and should literally have been in contention and probably should of won at least one additional C.I.F. Championship since 1992.

    Regardless, you haven’t possessed the mystique in quite sometime and your no longer a favorite in every game you play anymore. I’m telling you that odds are not in your favor to win anything anytime soon if you continue to choose to compare yourselves to Charter Oak. You should keep your eye on the ball and focus on the bigger prize but instead you feel like you have to defend yourselves. Charter Oak has a tradition and has established themselves an identity not you and I think they are even humble enough to realize they can’t beat but maybe 1 time out of 10.

    My point is from an objective point of view everyone is entertained and amuses themselves by harassing you because Bishop Amat “bloggers” ALWAYS go for the bait including me; hook, line, and sinker! Stop swimming with the minnows and start swimming with the sharks! Charter Oak is or I should say was the “real deal” until now because C.I.F. has sealed their fate but you Bishop Amat you have no excuses.

    Wins in September and October don’t mean damn near nothing compared to wins in November and December and last time I checked you are home for the holidays! When was the last time you practiced in December? Do not insult our intelligence and think for a moment we will tolerate you comparing yourselves to the top teams in the I.E. because admit seriously you would be an “underdog” in any of those games right now and honestly the I.E. beats you by at least two touchdowns. Athlete for athlete you just do not match our athleticism. How many and from where are the athletes going D-1 tomorrow. Oh, that’s right Charter Oak and NOT Bishop Amat and you call yourselves a Pac-5 school. Maybe Charter Oak is the better team. Who knows…

  • AMAT Faithful!


    The I.E. beating AMAT by 2 touchdowns? That’s very laughable considering AMAT defeated a highly ranked St. Bonaventure and now you want us to think the I.E. will blow past AMAT. You got to be kidding yourself. Your I.E. teams couldn’t even beat some teams in the pac 5 that AMAT did beat. So go on and keep on dreaming Mr. D-II.

  • sylbil was here..and here…and here..but ..not there or there …he he he

    okay jcaz how many more “personas” will you become to keep the blog going……he he he he….you know you always do like to start controversy. he he he he miracle of miracles a i.e. king comes on board……..just when we need “another” foil to generate “hits” now i understand the la puente residence and globe traveling work related job assignments….he he he he

  • sylbil was here..and here…and here..but ..not there or there …he he he

    okay jcaz how many more “personas” will you become to keep the blog going……he he he he….you know you always do like to start controversy. he he he he miracle of miracles a i.e. king comes on board……..just when we need “another” foil to generate “hits” now i understand the la puente residence and globe traveling work related job assignments….he he he he

  • sylbil was here..and here…and here..but ..not there or there …he he he

    okay jcaz how many more “personas” will you become to keep the blog going……he he he he….you know you always do like to start controversy. he he he he miracle of miracles a i.e. king comes on board……..just when we need “another” foil to generate “hits” now i understand the la puente residence and globe traveling work related job assignments….he he he he

  • jcaz

    Sybil, uh….ya dude, but honestly, I think you missed your “Meds’ this morning. Better get back on them like real fast.dont ya think ? he he (ops.LOL).

    Ok IE Football king, the gloves are off now buddy !

    The simple truth is that a team or two from the IE has become way better at playing the game of football than they had done in the recent past. And you know what I have to say to that ? Good for them. To their credit, they have now been put right up there in terms of significance with the football powers of the PAC 5.

    Still, if memory serves me correctly, did not Canyon High school defeat De LaSalle in a state bowl game where Corona Centennial never has ? Hum..

    So, according to your logic, teams that are not even in your division are as good if not better as the teams from the IE ?

    Ok, lets take this even further. What if San Dimas plays Norco and beats them ? Does that make the entire IE any more weaker simply because they lost to a CHAMPIONSHIP team from the SGV ? Does one loss mean the end of your dynasty over there ? Actually, did you even have one if all you do is lose the big ones all the time ?

    Look dude, high school football, like any other sport has it’s ups and downs. You can make the argument that the IE has had a few good teams lately, but they have only recently become powerhouses. They just don have the tradition as do so many other programs in both orange county and in LA county, so before you start thinking about taking down the king of Diamonds, at least come into the game with a full deck of cards buddy !

    BTW, just so you know something here. I personally believe that this is awesome thing to happen out there in the IE because in the end, because good teams out there, just shows the people over in both Texas and in Florida that we have good football right here in Southern California.

    However, IE King, as of right now, I for one just hope that Charter Oak kicks the schitz out of you guys next year.

  • Life at the highest level

    I.E. Football King! – this years State Champ, Servite, was dry of CIF titles since NINETEEN-EIGHTY-THREE! CIF Runner-Up Edison hasn’t won one since NINETEEN-EIGHTY! Crespi’s gone since 1986. Lakewood has NEVER won one. Mission Viejo and Notre Dame have never won at the highest level. Nor has Santa Margarita or St John Bosco.
    1995 doesn’t look so bad compared to that!

  • I don’t get it?

    Check this out guys…

    Norco beat eventual D-2 Champ Chaparral 31-27 who defeated Redlands Easy Valley 14-7

    Norco lost to Corona Centennial 29-28.

    The key game is Corona Centennial who was routed by Mater Dei 31-13

    Bishop Amat beat Mater Dei 28-21 in the Pac-5 playoffs.

    How in the world do any of the above mentioned teams beat Bishop Amat by two touchdowns??? LOL!

    Someone explain to me how that makes any sense???

  • COChargerfan

    First, the CIF records show that Edison tied Long Beach Poly in1985 and was a co-champ so that was actually the last year that they won a title. And the argument that many teams havent won a CIF Title for many years or ever is a misery loves company excuseif you are an elite program than youre winning a title at least once a decade…I dont see the LB Poly, Mater Dei and Servite fans in here making any excuses. And, If a perennially terrible D10 school has never won a CIF Title isnt life at the LOWEST also difficult if you just arent good enough?

    And before the early 1990s some of the IE schools were D1 and they won a few of those titles. So to say the IE cant compete is historically incorrect. And that isnt even taking into consideration the significant change in demographics that has occurred in the past 20 years with so many families buying homes and raising their kids in the IE

    Finally for Norco, mark my words that with the opening of Roosevelt your sports programs are now facing the same demise that happened to Ayala after Chino Hills openedthanks for the memories.

    What I dont get is how folks dont understand that every game is different including good/bad breaks, key plays, injuries to key players and even weather conditions (see Servite vs. Edison) so saying that team A beat B and we beat A therefore we are better than B is nonsense. How many upsets do some of you folks have to watch before you finally get this? Arent the thousands that happen every year across the sports universe enough?



    Corona Centennial won the state title in 2008 beating De La Salle. Just FYI

    Damn you guys are up early today…

  • SGVsBest

    What’s the matter Bishop (Buffalo) Bills?
    Now you’re getting your Azz handed to you by the I.E.!!! Sounds familiar to what Ilve saying! Doesn’t it?
    Has Beans, Nostalgic, Memories, 1995!!! I love it! How do you think the OC and S.F. Valley feels about you?
    The SGV is laughing!!!
    Fred! Are you smiling??? Laughing???

  • Joe Amat


    So I guess you’re saying Edison is NOT an elite program. And before December – Servite was not elite? They fall far short of your “once in a decade” criteria. A bundle other schools are among the best programs in all of Southern California – yet never won a CIF title at the highest level. And Edison’s “tie” is sort of like your best “win” the past two years that you’ve been trying to hang your hat on – an unfinished tie vs Rancho Cucamonga.

    It’s not “misery loves company” at all – it’s loving life at the top. Unless you’ve played and achieved at the highest level it’s really hard to understand the exhilaration of playing when you don’t know if you could/should win. Or you enter a season knowing you have to be at your VERY best just to have a chance… meaning you have to prepare to the best of your ability EVERY day in order to do so. Knowing how very hard it is to win… knowing how so many GREAT programs around Southern California go, yes, decades without winning. And you don’t hear those folks form the mentioned schools coming in here 1) because they’re not in the SGV and 2) because there are no knuckleheads from CIF Champion St Margaret’s or La Habra claiming to be better. The La Habra crowd, including their coach, goes onto their blogs and state that *in spite of their titles and success* they are smart enough to KNOW that they are not in the same ballpark as a program.

    I can’t believe you actually wrote
    “And before the early 1990s some of the IE schools were D1 and they won a few of those titles. So to say the IE cant compete is historically incorrect. And that isnt even taking into consideration the significant change in demographics that has occurred in the past 20 years with so many families buying homes and raising their kids in the IE”

    Did you just try to use “historical success in the ’90s” as a reason the IE “belongs”? Or use “demographic changes” in their community as an excuse? That kind of defeats everyone’s argument on EVERY Amat thread,including yours. Doesn’t it?

  • Amat fanatic

    yea COChargerfan…hoped Joe Amat knocked some sense into you.

  • Norco

    Demise of Norco? ya ok…Roosevelt has been opened for three years now and people have been saying the same damn thing…And has Norco responded with two semi final appearances the last two years…Norco is going no where…strong youth programs, strong community support, new stadium. Strong lower levels…people like you can only hope for their demise…

  • Norco

    I don’t get it?,

    WTF you smoking? Norco BEAT CC this year and didn`t play Chappy at all….Norco finished 11-2 with a week #1 loss to 13-1 Crenshaw & a week 13 loss to Vista Murrieta both State ranked teams..thanks for playing now get lost..


    You would think that someone who calls themselves sgvsbest would at least take whole SGVs side when dealing with the IE . But no this azz even takes their side on this point on Amat . Becareful CO is you lose to an IE school you know this azz will quickly change his name iesbest and jump on their bandwagon and start bashing you. If you say you rep the SGV then you should stand up for the SGV no matter what or who . Like someone said earlier you got no stones and since you haven’t answered that bloggers question about your loyalties I guess it is true. You are a nutless chump. An Amat blogger jcaz answered your question about winning the title, the least you can do is show some self dignity and answer the question on loyalty or are you simply the pathetic fool you have portrayed yourself to be by your posts.

  • just sayin’

    SGVsWorst – Ask Notre Dame (Sheman Oaks in the SFV) and Mater Dei (Santa Ana in the OC) how they feel about Amat. Then go walk the streets by Bristol and Edinger after walking the streets by Fairgrove and Orange. Tell us which neighborhood you’d want your kids in.


    People lets all jump on the SGV bandwagon together. It doesnt matter who plays a team from the I.E. we should all pull for them whoever it is. But let’s not just count on CO to represent us in the SGV. We all know CO is not going to be as strong as last year when you have kids like Muema, Powell, Golden, Smith gone. If anything we should all pull for Glendora because not only for the playoffs but will also have league play in the I.E. You have to admitt CIF really shafted them.

  • SGVsBest

    ‘old man, joe!” Can this be more full of himself or what?
    SGV, Here is yet another example of how these Bishop(Oakland)Raiders really feel about all our schools in the valley!
    Why should you support and be nice to these arrogant (has beans) Pac 5 Participants?
    Support the SGV!
    “You would think” – Don’t try it fool! You might get hurt!!!
    Bishop has No Defense in 2010! They’ll be lucky to finish .500! They know it! They just don’t want to admit it. Rio at QB? Please!!!…The kid is gonna play with the little white ball.
    Support the SGV!

  • SGVsBest

    ‘just sayin’ that I wouldn’t want my kids near LaPuente!
    OC, Garfield, the SF Valley and now the IE is on the hate Bishop(Atlanta)Braves Bandwagon! LMFAO!!!
    All of it done on the CO thread! Howbout that, ‘just sayin’?
    2 days and only 20 posts on your HUG fest! How sad is that?

  • what’s the difference

    sgvsbest trash,
    All done on a CO thread . What does that tell you fool . We dominat the blog . Love or hate we still dominate , On the field or off , we still dominate . The reason for the 20 hits is that all the haters in the valley cannot say anything because we stayed where we belong , in the top division. As far as us commenting it was a dead issue because cif would never move one of their top schools out the top division. You would think this thread should be the ie putting down the Sierra league but no even they know who the king is and turned it into another bash Amat thread.

  • COChargerfan

    Heres a question for you Joe Amatis Los Altos an elite program? Remember, they are sporting a lot of bling in their gym including when they beat the best of the best in 1977. The answerthey WERE an elite program but are no more. This is a team must continue to win every decade part of my argument to PRESENTLY be called an elite program. As for Edison, theyve had their ups and downs for the past 20 years same as Fountain Valley.

    I guess that we are maybe dealing with semantics because I measure teams via decades and you are looking at a much longer period of time.

    And lost in the argument is the fact that there have been many division re-alignments since the CIF first made the first significant change in 1977so how can anyone actually compare titles? Remember folks, the Pac-5 started in 2006just 4 season ago.

    So Joe Amat, lets look at the history that Im interested in which is the time that Amat and the other big boys were actually playing against some of the IE schools in the Big-Five Divisionwhich lasted from 1977 to 1987. During this 11 year span (enough years to actually analyze the information and draw conclusions), the Champs in order were Los Altos, Fountain Valley, Edison, Edison, St. Paul, Servite, Servite, Riverside Poly, Edison/LB Poly (tie), Crespi and Fontana…so 2 IE schools won the title. And during this time, runner-ups included Redlands, Colton and Fontana. So, during this 11 year span an IE team played in the finals 5 times. So, when those IE teams actually did go head to head with the elite programs most of which are now part of the Pac-5 they were competitive.

    And, it appears that you have taken my use of the word demographics to mean race, which wasnt my intent. Instead, Im talking about the enormous population growth that the IE has experienced in the past 20 years and that more people means more kids which means a bigger, better pool of players and significantly better football teams.

    And Norco, you are now competing with Roosevelt for kids plus you only have half the incoming studentstrust me, it spells trouble in the near futurehistory does repeat itself and Ayala is your precedent.

  • Charter choke S.D. Chargers

    CO your team is depleated as your four studs have left the building, you blew your wad and now the fun time starts as you get your azzes handed to you week in and week out.

    Charter (San Diego) Chargers. We all know how The Chargers play come the big games, ask Phillip Rivers. Same for CO, can you say it is over and you are now in there like a Los Altos. DONE!

  • SGVsBest

    ‘What’s the Difference?’
    What’s the the difference, ‘Richard Face?’
    The difference is that your “All Male” Hug Fest that ‘Mi General, Fred Pinochet’ called for has a mere 20 posts you moron!!!
    You’re getting slammed like your $1 LaPuente Gentlemen Club ‘ladies’! And, I’m enjoying it because it proves everything I’ve been saying!
    Support the SGV!
    SD Charger boy – Cute. Very cute! I guess creativity is not taught LA Trade Tech. Right? Or was it Chino State?
    C’mon little man! Bring it!

  • Somethings are worth repeating

    Different name, same game said:

    SGVbest or should I say Draannch!! Did you forget? the pomona ranch panthers were already dubbed the pomona ranch BILLS!! Last year….when they were getting their asses handed to them. Either there are TWO ignorant, racist a$$holes out there or just YOU! I must admit it is pretty scary to think that there are two of you idiots out there so just to help me sleep at night, I’m gonna continue to lump you two turds together into one steamy pile! Do us all a favor a just slip away towards the light-silently!

  • AMAT vs. IE


    The only thing you need to focus on is the fact that Charter Oak is not an elite program. In order to be elite, you have to not only play the elite but beat the elite. Charter Oak’s only true taste of the elite came in the form of two severe back to back ass kickings by none other than Bishop Amat.

    And now you are going to try to school Joe Amat about Big 5 football? LMFAO! You, like your Chargers, are going to get your ass handed to you…


    I know you truly know nothing about the Old Citrus Belt, because you failed to mention anything about Eisenhower High (who beat Eric Bienemy’s squad), the Giants of San Gorgonio, or Walker’s Terriers. Ya see Charter Oak boy, Southern California football is nothing but statistics to you. YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A POWERHOUSE, FOOL! THIS IS WHY NO ONE RESPECTS YOUR OPINION! THIS IS WHY NO CHARTER OAK FAN SUPPORTS YOU! HOW IS IT THAT YOU FAIL TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO UNDERSTAND THIS?

    You know absolutely NOTHING about the days of Ike and Fo-hi…WHO THE HELL IS FONTANA? HAHAHAA! You don’t know what it was like to play at a packed Steeler stadium in front of 20,000+ fans againts one of the most highly respected programs in the entire nation. This was waaaaay before AB Miller showed up and the ENTIRE City came to watch their Steelers. You don’t know what it was like to face incredible odds and come away with a victory by stopping a two point conversion attempt to seal a dramatic Division 1 playoff victory. You don’t know what it was like to have dozens of angry Fo-hi fans punch, throw rocks and bottles at Amat’s school buses as they tried to leave the stadium and had to be escorted by 6 police cruisers.

    You know nothing of this history because this is Bishop Amat’s history and we LIVED IT! WE DID NOT READ ABOUT IT SOME STAT BOOK OR WEBPAGE! So please spare us your “history lessons” because you really are COMPLETELY clueless.

    Why don’t you spend all your time and energy pushing Coach Lou to schedule Orange Lutheran or Los Alamitos rather than making an ass out of yourself on a daily basis?

    Leave Southern California high school football history to those that were actually there…This does not include you. YOU have only been following Charter Oak football for what…..2 years at the most? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • History is written by the victor

    Actually, COChargerfan has only been blogging on here for this past season. What’s funny is that he kinda proves it by attempting to challege Joe Amat on the history of Southern Section D-1 ball. Now I’ve seen everything! lol. As far as the old Inland Empire, I remember how awesome Fontana, Eisenhower, and Redlands where. This was back in the days of the old Herald Examiner newspaper. Each school had a monopoly on their surrounding areas with FOHI being the best of the group. I do not remember any other San Gabriel Valley school playing these behemoths of the old Inland Empire besides Amat.

  • COChargerfan

    First of all AMAT vs. IE, my comments never mentioned nor were even remotely about CO so why do you immediately go to the CO sucks commentsgrow up pal. Second, only the ignorant make assertions about people without knowing anything about themI grew up in the SGV and have been here for the past 51 years so I was actually around when these statistics were happening. I admit that I wasnt at every game including BA vs. Fontana but that doesnt mean that I dont know anythingheres a revelation, I didnt fight in the Revolutionary War but via the ability to read still have a great deal of knowledge about what went down. And how is saying that the many division re-alignments over the years makes it hard to compare individual school titles equates to making an ass out of myself?

    And while we dont always agree, I totally respect Joe Amats opinion and not only enjoy our discussions but often learn something or am persuaded to re-examine my thoughts on a subjectsorry to disappoint some by preferring an intellectual interchange which are few and far between to calling someone an idiot, which is the standard response for the vast majority of bloggers, including yourself.

    And I am not trying to prove anything but, instead, simply cited the ACTUAL HISTORY of the Big-Five winners, which included the FONTANA team. And AMAT vs. IE, I didnt mention Eisenhower because for space reasons I limited my discussion to the Big-Five yearsyes, Fontana (1989) and Eisenhower (1993) were champs but the Division had been renamed to D1 and was no longer the Big-Five. And I used the Big-Five because at that time the IEs population was more concentrated (the now defunct Kaiser Steel was the areas biggest employer) which was why Fontana was so successful.

    So lets look at why this concentration issue is important. The IE has grown tremendously over the past 20 years as young families bought houses and raised their kids, prompting the need to build perhaps a dozen new high schools. The changes in the areas population demographics and jobs have, in turn, led to the rise and fall (e.g. Fontana High after Kaiser Steel closed) of football programs. Over this same period, I only recall the SGV opening two new high schools (Gabrielino and Diamond Ranch) but at the same time some schools, like Royal Oak, were closed. So while enrollment in the SGV schools is declining, it has drastically risen in the IE schools spreading the kids and talent during the process. But it is presently flattening which, again, will lead to a concentration of kids (sorry Norco, you could very well end up one of the losers of this concentration) and this will lead to a concomitant concentration of football talent because many kids will choose to go to the schools with the best coaches and teams (example: Diamond Ranch in the Pomona Unified).

    The bottom line is that there is presently a bigger talent pool of players in the IE vs. the SGV and the IE has reached a level of population maturation, which in all likelihood is going to lead to better teams. Couple this with the significant enrollment hit the private schools are taking due to the economy, and it is not hard to envision that the IE could have some of the best teams in the state by the end of this decade.

    One last thing, I reserve the right to change my prediction if this Mayan calendar doomsday thing happens in 2012.

  • AMAT 73

    I second that . Those Fontana and Eisenhower games were great games not to be forgotten . I was kind of surprised the Joe did not mention them in his post. What people fail to understand is that AMAT blazed all the trails into the IE the OC and the SFV that have now become roads for others to follow.

  • Charter Choke this down

    I still can remember twice between the years of 2000-2004 Amat going to The University of Redlands to play the Terriers in the playoffs. It was a drive down the 10 fwy but both times Amat picked up wins. Amat in one of those years used the wing T offense with precision. Amat can play with the teams in IE, in fact Amat can play and compete with IE schools, CO on the other hand has yet to be tested. If RC was any indication this past season, when you get further out east it gets tougher.

    Amats overall record vs IE teams:

    AB Miller 2-0
    Colton 2-0
    Eisenhower 4-5
    Fontana 3-1
    Hemet 1-0
    Los Osos 0-2
    Rancho Cucamonga 2-0
    Redlands 9-0
    Riverisde Poly 0-1
    Rubidoux 7-1
    San Bernardino 2-0

    Note: There is a history here of Amat taking on the IE. Charter Joke, show me yours?

  • COChargerfan

    Some of you Amat guys seriously need therapy. How do my comments that in the past the good IE teams were able to compete against the best teams…as you readily admit to via the Fontana and Eisenhower examples, get turned into a personal affront against Amat? And CO was never part of the discussion so why do you need to make that schools football team part of your diatribe?

    Ill say this once again for those of you that suffer from short term memory loss and have forgotten my previous comments, COs football team has been very good for a mid-sized public school and they shouldnt be leagued with the IE schools that are 50% larger or the privates that live and die by their football programs to the extent that they are now reportedly shelling out six figure salaries to their coaches. CO has been very successful against their contemporaries which is enough for the student athletes and real fans which, by the way, do not ever say that they are as good as the Pac-5 championbecause they arent. But, this is the comparison that many of the Amat fans like to make.

    I believe that most CO fans like myself are happy being the big fish in the medium lake as opposed to being a seal swimming with the great white sharksId rather eat than be eaten any day of the week and twice over on Friday nights.

  • SGVsBest

    And yet another arrogant BishopRaider coming on here telling us how great they “Were!”
    The Serra League will remind of how average they are “Now!.”
    C’mon, Kinfers!!! You can’t come on here and keep copying and tasting! Don’t you know Fred doesn’t like people to repeat themselves! Fred calls that “Stalking!”
    Lets go Braves! 1995 is so last Century! Let your LA Trade Tech education flow and bring out your creativity!
    Support the SGV!

  • SGVsBest

    And still only 20 posts at the “All Male” Hug Fest!
    What happend, BishopClippers! Did Roger Mahorney shut it down? Just askin! No need to get offended! LOL!
    Looks like the Sierra League and the SGV are far far more interesting than the Pac 5 participant in LaPuente.
    BTW, how many D-1 players did BishopNation sign yesterday? JCAZ???

  • AMAT 73

    Why all the negative posts towards the sgv schools that are supposedly going to compete against the IE . I don’t believe it is a done deal yet. If it is let’s just stand behind them and I am sure they will step up to the challenge .We have the history of playing the IE and overall it is fairly good . Now why knock any of our teams as you can be dam sure the IE folks will be in here bashing them soon enough and some already have . Just get behind them and hope the rep the SGV in a winning fashion. Just remember that our history and tradition in playing the IE is there and for the most part the SGV Sierra league are stating new chapters in their books . Just hope they have as much success as we have had.


    I just don’t get why are you guys hating on CO for being considered about being moved up to the Inland Division. All you guys talking smack are complete idiots, we are all neighbors in the SGV and we should be defending ourselves from the IE not the fighting each other in the SGV. Unless we are playing each other like AMAT 73 said “Its on brother.” I will say it again I don’t see the votes coming in to move the Sierra into the Inland. If it does happen CO knows it has to elevate itself to a whole nother level.

    If I’m not mistaken league finals in wrestling are this week between CO and Bishop Amat.


    Listen up putzilla. Your repeating yourself everytime you come on the blog . I know it is very hard to squeeze anything of value out of shiat hole you call your brain but you are getting old and stale . Your lucky Fred feels sorry for you and continues to let you post .Where else would you get yourself satisfaction. Evidently you have no home life and your wife has probabaly cut you off for lack of the proper equipment.You know small mind small _ _ _ _ . The insults are fine just come up with something new every now and then . I get bored and tired of reading the same old tripe coming out of your mouth. Maybe if you laid off the La Puente menudo you love so much that might help.

  • just sayin’

    SGVsWorst – here’s NOW for you. Average?
    2009 Serra League Champions
    It doesn’t get any more NOW than that!

  • SGVsBest

    “Just askin”?… You did mean “CO”League champion? Didn’t you?…I mean are sharing that league patch!
    Lets try it again! Were, Was, Has beens! Right??? just askin!

  • just sayin’

    You said Serra league would remind Amat they’re average
    I say “Serra League Champs” isn’t average. and that’s what they are – NOW!
    Which is a little different than 1st place over
    Diamond Ranch 4-6
    Bonita 3-7
    Los Altos 3-7
    Wilson 1-9
    pretty tough competition there

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    I believe the origional Sierra league of the 70’s blazed some pretty good trails into the Inland Empire beating powerhouses like Fontana, Redlands, and Eisenhower.
    1974- South Hills 17 Fontana 7 -1st rnd 4A playoffs.
    1976-West Covina 13 Fontana 0
    1976-Los Altos 27 Fontana 0- 4A Championship.
    1977-West Covina 21 Eisenhower 14- 1st rnd 4A playoffs
    1977-Los Altos 20 Redlands 6- 2nd rnd 4A playoffs.
    I’m sure I missed a few other scores, but the Sierra in those days was one of the best leagues of the nation.

  • AMAT 73

    Dan ,
    Good call I do remember those teams playing the IE . Your right about the old Sierra League , they were one of top leagues back in the day. Basically I was speaking pre 1974 you know back when dinosaurs roamed the sgv .


    Hey stupid . How can you call the Serra League Co-Champion a has been . What now last years season does not count .

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    Those must have been some fun day’s for you at Amat, I’m assuming you graduated in 73 and played your last season in 72 which puts you right after the Haden, Mckay years.

  • Joe Amat

    Speaking of the Inland Empire look fo rthe resurgence of Riverside North. Our good friend and former Bishop Amat Championship Coach, Mark Paredes just announced he’s returning to North after several years as OC at Riverside Community College.

    RCC hired Tom Craft as the new Head Coach and that set the table for Mark’s return to North. He’ll get them going again. Coaching matters.

    Good luck Mark!

  • AMAT 73

    Yes I did graduate in 73 . I did not play football, too much talent in those days , but I was on the track team and thru track and weight lifting I knew many guys from the football team.Also being such a small student body you basically got to know everybody. Back in those times you were encouraged to go out for many sports so you would get a lot football players on the track team. That was some weight room we had . A corrugated tin shed built under the home seats at Kiefer but it served its purpose.