Yes, you can hug, it appears that Bishop Amat will stay in the Pac-5 Division, Hagerty says

For all those Amat fans concerned that the Serra League could be dropping from the Pac-5, it doesn’t appear that it will happen. Without going into all the specifics, coach Steve Hagerty said coaches in the Serra voted unanimously this morning that the Serra should stay where it is, especially now that it has three automatic playoff teams with the addition of Alemany. It also doesn’t appear that CIF-SS officials have any plans of dropping them, so Amat fans can cheer, they still get to compete in the toughest division in the Southland.

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  • smallcitymc

    “…they still get to compete in the toughest division in the Southland.”

    So right you are Fred… So right you are.


    Put that in your pipe and smoke it . Who’s laughing now you azz. Don’t look now but we told you so .

  • Not Surprised

    Can you imagine the Serra in any other division? With the exception of the Inland, a Serra team would be in the finals 8 out of 10 seasons in any other division. Can you imagine the uproar when these private parochials crush everyone every season. I don’t think the CIF had a choice, the Serra and Trinity must stay in the Pac-5 until there is an all parocial division.

  • Joe Amat
  • 1st and goal

    Just like with any of the leagues in the PAC-5, without them D-1 football is not the same. Every school that is in PAC-5 has tradition. Not every school may have won a D-1 championship but they do have history. Just like Not Suprised stated, you move the Serra league out to a lower division and every school that has to play them in the regular season will be very concerned at what will be in store for them. I for one have played in the lower division when I was in school, and when I see Amat play, I can see why they play in the division they are in.

  • im so sure

    What a totally insane thing to even think that would ever happen. Pull out Trinity first. St. John Bosco…bleh…J Serra…too small…Santa Margarita…who?…Mater Dei…wait till Rollins retires.

  • History

    Remember the old Del Rey League?

    Bishop Amat, Servite, Mater Dei, Bishop Mongomery, and St. Paul! How many years did this league exist?

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    If you want to see the kind of football played the Amat way, check out this video clip:

    He never played tackle football until he came to Amat, this is how they teach and how you learn to play. There was no “recruiting”, local public schools was not an option since primary reason to attend Amat was to continue his catholic education.

    He’s having so much fun, learning the game and playing hard to help achieve the team goals, now he’s thinking about becoming good enough to play in the next level. First things first though, 1 practice/1 game at a time.

    For those of you who watched the game against MD either in person or on tv, FYI-he had suffered a 1-1/4 inch laceration on his left eyelid on special teams. He played the entire last drive that eventually led to their last touchdown, he tried to hit the QB hard enough to knock him down because he had trouble seeing as blood trickled down his face & his eye started to swell up.

    How can you not love the effort not only from him but from all players playing this great game???

    If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, he is my son. Is this a shameless plug, maybe, but it’s more about sharing in the excitement you hear from the 3-5000+ Amat fans attending every home or away game cheering on the team, cheering on the tradition that is Amat.

    I’m not alumni, I went to public (D7) school & played football but no games ever compared to what this video clip shows or to the PAC5 teams that Amat plays against every year.

    I had asked him if he wanted to go to a public school & possibly be a dominant 2-way player (freshmen year he was the left guard)and become highly awarded, he said NO because then he’d never know how to play the game the right way or play against the best teams and in the toughest league out there.

    Amat Lancers- GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!

  • Angelus League…

    Bishop Amat, Servite, Mater Dei, Bishop Mongomery, and St. Paul was the Angelus League and ended in 1991. The old Del Rey started in 1992 and was BA, Crespi, St. John Bosco, Loyola, Alemany and St. Paul. Not sure when the moved to the Serra.

  • sick

    Do it across the board. Your in WEAK AZZ divisions in baseball and basketball punks.

  • AMAT 73

    Actually the Angelus Leasgue was AMAT,Servite,Mater Dei,St Paul,Pius X ,St Anthony, and then it changed many times from there until it was disbanded.

  • Get Real

    The pac5 without the Serra league?, give me a break? You think CIF is stupid or much more crazy to have these teams drop down. Money stirs the CIF and losing this Serra league would take money out of the CIF pocket when it comes playoff time. These schools, not just Amat but Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame have very rich traditions and plenty of Alumni / Booster and football gate money. These teams draw not only talent to their schools but have money backers. CIF knows where their bread is buttered, these teams are not going anywhere and neither are the Trinity teams, there is too much money to be made on these schools when it comes to football. Basketball and baseball, no ones cares and neither does CIF. Football is the draw of HS sports and money talks.

  • money

    I’m cuirous if anyone knows….but in total what does the Serra league and Trinity bring to CIF?? Talk about bread and butter. I dare say that not any other two leagues or three maybe come close to the gate receipts of these two leagues.

  • Next Level Football

    Blue and Gold Stud:

    I’ve seen your kid play several times. He can really bring it.

    If he was over 6′ I could see him playing at a D1 D1AA level.

    But at 5’9″……

    He could easily play at the D2/D3 level.

  • playoff losers

    This is good news. So we can watch amat continue to lose in the playoffs every year.

  • AMAT Faithful

    Isn’t it laughable how the best team in the valley gets so much hate….

  • Sick & Tired

    Amat faith,

    What’s funny is that you don’t understand
    that we hate amat fan, not the team.

  • Sick & Tired

    Amat faith,

    What’s funny is that you don’t understand
    that we hate amat fan, not the team.

  • Sick & Tired

    Amat faith,

    What’s funny is that you don’t understand
    that we hate amat fan, not the team.

  • AMAT!!!

    its funny you all talk so much crap about amat and are just sitting there like stalkers waiting for amat to fail, but get a reality check only 1 team wins the Pac 5 so for you to say that you are waiting for amat to lose in the playoffs, all but 1 will eventually lose, so making it to the playoffs is an accomphishment, dont try to take that from amat…


    sick & tired,
    That’s great to hear. You can go on hating the faithful but you know you just gotta love that Amat football team . Thank you
    for clearing that up .

  • smallcitymc

    I previously mentioned that Amat’s linebackers were not very big. With that said, I also mentioned that I couldn’t believe how fast and how hard they could hit. In fact, I noted that they must have played football prior to playing at Amat. Well, that is obviously not the case.

    My son just graduated from a Cal State school. It cost me about $15,000. I didn’t have to pay for room and board since he was living at home. In addition, only about 2 of those years included the new fee increases. With the new fees, the cost would have exceeded $20k. Keep in mind that this was a simple Cal State school, not UC school or private school.

    Whether #54 gets into a D-I, D-II, D-III school is not relevant, at least to me. A scholarship to ANY school would be an enormous achievement, both personal and financial.

  • AMAT 73

    Hello sgvsbest ,now you have 21 hits.

  • as always

    only 21 hits here but the whole Sierra/Baseline blog turned into an Amat/IE topic

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    Next Level Football;

    Thanks for the kind words and bits of wisdom, it’s appreciated.

    Here is another look at his first year as a LB on the JV squad which he had to learn on the fly (no audio); can you figure out his number???

    Not to worry though, since his primary objective is to receive an academic scholarship (3.5GPA) which would allow him to pick the college of his choice from D1 down; and not be limited to what’s only made available. He is not depending on an athletic one and understands that a change in position would most likely take place.

    Because he plays D1 at Amat, this will provide him the opportunity to walk on & have an advantage over an athlete with the scholarship regardless of size, coming from a lower division school who may be struggling to adjust to the speed & complex schemes.

    We all know that coaches want to put the best players (not necessary the biggest) onto the field of battle.

    Fred, Steve, Guru and all others; after seeing this video, would you agree that as a sophomore he wouldve been a varsity starter anywhere else? There are many skilled players like him at Amat trying to earn their spot that would also be starters anywhere else, ready to step up and help achieve the team goals.

    Realistically speaking, when the fall comes around, hopefully he’ll be closer to 5’11 @ 200lbs., running sprints on the track team should keep him at or slightly lower than his current 4.6, not quite a brute but he’ll continue to play like one.

    I hope and pray that all of the SGV’s athlete’s will be able to succeed not only in football but in life itself and to always remember that if they don’t put the same effort into the classroom as they do in the field, that scholarship will be revoked quickly.

    Whatever my son decides to do once high school is over will be HIS decision, if it’s to continue playing at any level, great but if he doesn’t so be it, it was fun while it lasted. WE will always be a part of the Amat Family.

    Respect all, fear no one. Go Big Blue!!!!

  • smallcitymc

    Well, I may changing my opinion about size after reading an article titled “Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better” in the Wall Street Journal (02/04/10).

    Apparently the Colts defense has been getting SMALLER since 2002. The Colts use a system which requires hard hitting players to get into proper position quickly and efficiently. A system where a fast, athletic and tenacious player is prized over pure strength and mass. Case and point, Freddy Keiaho, MLB, 5’11” (read 5’10”), 226 lbs. The article points out that there is a mental quotient to being smaller, fitter and ultimately less fatigued at the end of the game in that concentration does not suffer during the most important part of the game.

    There is much more to this excellent article and I would highly recommend it as a good read. I get the print edition and I am not sure if it’s available on line.

  • Amat

    Amat is reloading as we speak/type. There are underclassmen who fit that exact profile just waiting their turn. I for one can’t wait for next season!