Girls Soccer: Bishop Amat, Los Altos, Walnut, Sierra Vista, this has just been a fabulous season

Girls Soccer Top Ten
1. Bishop Amat (22-0-1) – Even when you expect a tough one against La Salle, they still win 3-0. They reached the 100 goal mark win that win also, and still only have allowed five goals all season.
2. Los Altos (19-1-1) – They’re winning in a more competitive league than the Del Rey, and making it look just as easy. That’s quite an accomplishment considering how close the Miramonte has been the past couple years.
3. Walnut (15-3-2) – This is a tough call at No. 3 because the gut feeling is they’re probably just as good as the top two, plus they have the resume and history to back it up.
4. Charter Oak (16-4) – Not much to it, you know they’re going to counter attack and against most teams, that’s good enough. Look what they did to Bonita, 3-0 win.
5. Sierra Vista (18-2) — With all the Amat, Los Altos talk about goals against averge, how about this, the Dons have a 64-14 goals against average.
6. Glendora (8-9-3) — They finally beat St. Lucy’s, 1-0 on the road to get back in the Sierra League race. Trouble is, Chino Hills is starting to pull away.
7. St. Lucy’s (10-7-2) — The 1-0 loss to Glendora really hurt their league title hopes, and they have been slipping the second half of the season.
8. San Dimas (10-3-2) — They have blown everyone out in league except Northview, and guess what, they meet today.
9. Bonita (8-6-2) — Got beat by Charter Oak 3-0, so even a playoff spot is no guarantee at this point.
10. Northview (11-4-2) — The 0-0 tie at Baldwin Park was a shocker, but they can still move to first with a win over San Dimas.

Girls Soccer standings, schedules and leaders
Del Rey League
Miramonte League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
San Antonio League
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  • Mustang_Fan

    I’m curious how you can make the statement that Walnut is just as good as the top two, but yet you rank them at #3. Walnut plays in Division 2 and Bishop and Los Altos play in Division 4. Granted Walnuts competition in their league is not the strongest but their non-league wins are just as impressive as Bishop or Los Altos. Bishop has no losses, which is impressive but against what caliber of competition? Why does Los Altos get the edge over Walnut?

  • FredJ

    C’mon, divisions aren’t everything, there is no way I’m dropping undefeated Amat and one-loss Los Altos from the top spots, especially since they scheduled one another and drew, 0-0. Besides, the San Antonio isn’t that tough outside of South Hills.

  • soccerguy

    Mustang_ Fan, how can you expect Fred to move Walnut up? Didn’t you see him at the game yesterday, all he did is sit on his lazy chair. Ha ha Fred I told you I would write about it.

  • SGV Dad

    Mustang Fan,
    Your questioning the caliber of competition and trying to impress others with D2 teams?
    Who has Walnut beat? Which ranked team from any division has succumbed to the mighty D2 Walnut team? Amat has played the current D4 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th ranked teams. They have also played the D2 8th ranked team and haven’t lost one game.
    Walnut plays in D2, wuppy do. The Del Rey and Miramonte league teams would walk thru your tough D2 league teams.
    Los Altos would easily beat Walnut my guess would be 3-0. Walnut is not as good as the top two..
    Come to an Amat game and see what you are missing or if you have Time Warner cable they are supposed to show some highlights from the St. Josephs game tonight on some high school sports program.

  • soccerguy

    SGV Dad

    Why is that in every blog Amat has to say they are the best in every sport? Don’t you guys say Amat plays in the toughest division in football? They haven’t won a title in how many years? Why does it only apply to Amat playing in the toughest divison? Face it, Walnut does play in the a tougher division. Not saying they are better or should be ranked higher but they do play in a tougher division. FACE IT!

  • SGV Dad

    I simply responded to two questions posed by Mustang Guy. You did read his post right? I added a few questions of my own. Mustang guy was the one attempting to make the point about the differences between divisions, not me. But since you asked here’s one for you. If the Del Rey and Miramonte leagues played the San Antonio teams head to head which league would come out with the worst record? Most likely the San Antonio league does that make all of D4 teams stronger than D2, no but it does show the flaw when comparing divisions. There will always be some teams in a higher division that are better than lower division teams.

  • SaintsR4real


    San Dimas 2. Northview 0

  • Walnut Insider

    well I have been gone for a bit, but why not jump in on Walnut’s most successful team.

    I’m not that big of a fan of these top 10 lists because it’s subjective. I really couldn’t tell you if Walnut was better than BA or LA, but I do know they have always had at least a share of the San Antonio title. That’s impressive.

    Walnut’s girl soccer program is a success. But they are all very realistic that they are in an easy league, which is why they schedule a tougher pre-season. With SH down this year, who knows how good Walnut is. I have talked to some the players and they say the same thing.

    I wish Walnut all the best in the playoffs.

  • Coach Lorello


    That 0-0 tie against Baldwin park was a game where only 1 half of soccer was played and the game was called at halftime due to lightning in the area. CIF will not let the schools (who are in agreement to make up the 2nd half) make up the 2nd half as any game is considered “an official contest” after 1 half of play. I am not making any excuses for my team as we did not play a good half, but this rule needs to be changed or at least altered. How can 1 half be considered a full game!? No other sport has this rule. In baseball / softball, you play at least 5 innings which is 71% of the game in order for it to be official.

    Congrats to the San Dimas women’s soccer team on a hard fought 2-0 victory today. They were aggressive, first to the ball, and took advantage of their opportunities. Best of luck in CIF!

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Thanks coach. Good luck to you too. Rules are rules and second half does not always mean much, huh?

    Oh, BTW – Saints 10th shut out this year. Jones, Celaya, Santos, and Venzor are evil in the back.

  • Anon always

    Can someone explain to me why then Northview is ranked #6 in Division 6? Anyone? Not very impressive overall stats. Especially over the last two weeks when they went from 8 to 10 to 6.

  • diogenes

    Los Altos girl’s soccer team lost some of its aura of invincibilty Tuesday at home in a 1-1 tie with Bonita, who played very well. The Conqueror’s precise passing attack and sharp shots on goal were uncharacteristically missing for most of the game after a very early score. Los Altos throttled Bonita 4-0 on the Bearcat turf field just two weeks ago. The LA performance Tuesday could not have been more different. Seemingly cautious and without their usual exuberance, Los Altos failed to take advantage of many scoring attempts. Two goals they did score were disallowed by the referees, one for being offsides and the other a shot in close that caromed off the arm of an LA player. Bonita’s second half tying goal was a stunner, a close in soft shot that managed to dribble through all-everything keeper Justine Padilla, who turned away many others. Los Altos has three league games left, home and away with Diamond Ranch, and the last at home against always tough Charter Oak. Sentiment is they will have to win all three to retain, or regain, what was a sure number two seed in the Division 4 playoffs behind certain number one Bishop Amat. One comment. With two of the better varsity soccer teams in the East Valley and an early close to their 2009 football season, you would think LA and the LPHUSD administrations could provide their teams and their opponents with a better playing surface. Not awful, you understand, but certainly not what, hell, far from what, they deserve. Makes you wonder if all the shots at LA’s administration for its handling of its sports programs aren’t on target.

  • SoccerFan

    FYI – Chino Hills can’t be pulling away in Sierra – they are 2-4. I think you meant Ayala



    First off you are clueless. LPHUSD is HLPUSD. Second the field condition has nothing to do with school administration. According to Mark Hamburger (district administrator) the fields are owned and controlled by the school district. Now La Puente High School has the only turf field in the district. LA and Wilson were suppose to get turf field the following two years. The La Puente field over ran the budget enough that they didn’t have enough money to do the LA and Wilson field. It’s gets better, Mark Hansburger has told everyone they can’t practice on the field, due to undo wear and tear. It’s a TURF field, clueless.

  • diogenes

    HLPUSD…Looks like a grass field to me. And one that is in serious need of attention. I have seen turf fields. At Bonita, West Covina, and La Mirada. In no way did I suggest, intimate, or argue that Los Altos get a turf field, only that the field they have be better taken care of. I am sure the school does the best it can with its limited resources, but if anyone had seen or played on the Charter Oak field last Tuesday they would have seen what I mean. Thick, even, green grass all over. No bare spots. No mud, no holes, in driving rain. This for a school whose football team played on it deep into the 2009 season all the way through to the semifinal game. How can they do that and you, excuse me, Hacienda La Puente, with less wear and tear, not? Clueless I may be, but I only want our kids to have the best of what the District can afford. I can’t believe the existing Los Altos field is that. A little seed, a little fertilizer, mowing, aerating, watering, and some trimming off the top of dear old HLPUSD and, oila, a field even you would be proud of. What could possibly be wrong with wanting that?

  • it happens

    Let’s be honest..the field at los altos high is terrible and people need too start taking better care of it….but the field isn’t the reason why los altos girls tied bonita yesterday. Bonita is a very good team,despite their record. They came out strong and played more offensive leaving 3 defenders in the back most of the game. Bonita came out with a strong game plan and los altos just played terrible. Forwards couldn’t finish and midfielders were not supporting them either. Their offense couldn’t adapt to how the defenders for bonita were playing them. Teams have bad games and los altos is picking the wrong time to have a bad game.there were a couple goals taken away from los altos but that’s what happens in soccer especially with the quality of officials they have in these high school games. Let’s see if los altos starts to wake up and they step up as a team because one or two girls playing hard isn’t going to carry them all the way through the playoffs.

  • LA Soccer Dad

    It Happens Said
    “Bonita came out with a strong game plan and los altos just played terrible. Forwards couldn’t finish and midfielders were not supporting them either. Their offense couldn’t adapt to how the defenders for bonita were playing them.”

    Agree w/ It Happens, LA looked very uninspired yesterday and played w/ very little energy while Bonita’s defensive game plan worked great and LA never adjusted. Connecting passes and ball control by LA was almost non-existent, hopefully this was our stinker game and LA gets it out of the way w/ only a tie. oh and yeah….LA’s field is just horrible! Looking ahead, we may have to host a couple of CIF games on that sandlot of a field….pretty embarrassing to LA school officials. Charter Oaks grass field was a model of how a grass field should be taken care of.

  • LA Futbol

    To Los Altos Principal Cheli McReynolds:

    Word on the street is that you sit in your office and read these blogs. You should be embarrassed of the field conditions at your school. Be a leader and make an improvement. Stop blaming the district. We played at Wilson last week and even their field is better than yours!

    With all the fights last year the image of Los Altos has gone down hill. Now when surrounding schools come they see this sad excuse for a field? Geez!

  • LA parent

    The Stadium field at Los Altos is terrible! ASB allows other local groups to use the field, get money for it and our kids don’t see a single dime! Last year several parent booster organizations paid to have a fence installed around the field to allow the grass to grow and by the time soccer was able to use it, the field was horrible. Ms. McReynolds needs to do something about it! LA needs a Principal who is more pro-active!

  • soccer lvr

    I hope LA does get a bettter field. In Baldwin Park, both Baldwin Park and Sierra Vista have turf fields. They are great! It sure did help with the rain. The only time a game was cancelled at home was when there was lightning and thunder. No practices were cancelled because of the rain.

    Thanks Fred for saying Sierra Vista’s Goal against Average was up there with LA and BA. You might want to know that it should be higher. The coach almost always takes out many of the starters, including our forwards, and puts in the bench during the 2nd half. That is why SV doesnt usually score more than 4 goals in a game. During yesterday’s game they scored 8-0 and the previous game was 7-1. This was because he didnt really take out the starters for these 2 games. Imagine if he would have done this for all of the games!

    I do find it interesting how LA says Walnut is not that good even though they play in a higher division. That’s not what they said when someone was saying that SV is not that good because they play in a lower division. All I know is I hear alot of contradictions. With this line of thinking I would assume that LA is not that good as Walnut.

    I am not saying that BA and LA are not good. They are having an amazing season. I really am proud of that fact and I hope they go really far in CIF because they are from the San Gabriel Valley. Just like I really want SV to win CIF.

    Lets root for all our teams that go to CIF.


  • Not an ASB issue

    LA Parent,

    Please do not comment on something like you know what you are talking about and are really clueless. The school ASB isn’t involved in giving other local groups access to the fields. The fields are controlled by the school district. Once again all faculty usages go through the school district. They will ask the school for their opinion, but the approval is through the school district. The money also goes to the school district, not the ASB. The money is used to offset the direct expenses. These other local groups that you are talking about are the cougars, Junior All American Football. The cougars made a point of playing there games on the lower field when every there was signs of rain. Also dont forget those other local programs are the future of LA. The cougars when they did use the fields took very good care of them. If I have to be honest much better care than the schools own programs do, especially the schools football program they are the worse. Most of the time the varsity football program practices on the field, that is the real reason why the field looks like crap when soccer gets it. That is also the big difference between the LA and the Wilson field. The LA field looked much better than the Wilson field before football season. Wilson only practices on the field one night a week and LA practices on the field during the summer and all week. Take that one step father LA plays all their seven on sevens on the field, Wilson plays all their seven on sevens on the practice fields.

  • LA Soccer Dad

    Soccer lvr said:
    “I do find it interesting how LA says Walnut is not that good even though they play in a higher division. That’s not what they said when someone was saying that SV is not that good because they play in a lower division. All I know is I hear alot of contradictions. With this line of thinking I would assume that LA is not that good as Walnut.”
    FYI – No one from LA has posted that Walnut is not that good…those comments were made by SGV Dad, who is a BA homer…not a surprising comment coming from the BA parents.

  • SGVDad

    Pretty sad how so much credit is given to San Dimas when they are in the weakest League in the entire area. When are San Dimas and even Northview for that matter going to play in some pre-season tournaments against some real opponents. San Dimas has the best talent in the area and should do well. Great Job to ALL the Club Coaches who should get the Coach of the Year award. Even ask San Dimas players and parents. Last year they tried to get rid of their coach. She is a joke. How lucky to have such good players… Sure makes her look good.

    Once San Dimas and Northview play some quality teams, then Rank them. What a joke the ranking system is. Bonita kicks San Dimas’ butt head to head and then ties Los Altos. And San Dimas is ranked above Bonita??? Just shows how ridiculous the rankings are!!

  • LA parent

    Not an ASB issue…get a grip! I know for a fact that Sunday men’s soccer leagues play on those fields and give money to ASB! Get a clue Id!ot!

  • LA Futbol

    Not an ASB Issue Said:

    “Most of the time the varsity football program practices on the field, that is the real reason why the field looks like crap when soccer gets it.”

    That’s not true. The Varsity football team practiced on the stadium field exactly three times this past season. THREE times! That’s IT! Something tells me that was not the cause of the problem.

  • Some things never change

    LA Parent,

    Men’s soccer league and ASB getting funds, real interesting. First off that is totally against district policy. Gano pulled that stunt once and got ripped a new one from district. Hoyd tried that one over at Wilson, school police ended up shutting that down.

    How it works;

    You need a facility permit; you get that permit from district. District then puts you on a master schedule. The school police are forwarded that master schedule. When school police patrol the schools they validated the groups are on the master schedule or they kick them off the property. Now the one way that LA can be getting away with this is that I believe due to budget cuts school police don’t patrol during the weekends anymore. Since district has been brought up on this thread multi times I am sure they are reading the comments.

    This mens league is also required to have 75% Hacienda Heights/La Puente residents in the league per district policy. A number that I doubt they meet, most likely has never been validated. Lets see how long this league is playing after district gets a hold of this information.

  • soccerguy


    I agree with you! BA is always saying how good they are in every sport. Gets pretty boring actually. They have not done much except in baseball. Fred, cant they have there own blog so we don’t have to read there bullsh^t.

  • LA parent

    Some things never change,

    I am not sure if you live in or around HH. Try driving around all the schools in the area on Sunday and you will see that everyone of them has a men’s soccer game happening! Now…do they all have permits? I am assuming they do. I heard that at Newton middle school, one of the men’s soccer leagues paid for their entire spinkler system in exchange for the use of their fields.

  • 23-0-1

    Bishop Amat plays tomorrow at home against St Joseph. It should be a decent game. Even though the Lady Lancers haven’t lost yet, every other team has that extra motivation to be the first to put the flaw on their record. Last time the two teams met Bishop Amat walked away with a 6-2 victory. St. Joe’s field is small so that played as a big factor in the results. St Joseph is a pretty good team but I am not sure they have what it takes to come away with the W. The two goals they did score were very weak. The first came off a deflection and the second was stopped before it crossed the line but the ref wasn’t wearing his glasses that day. But as I stated before they have the extra motivation and as we all know anything can happen in soccer. I don’t doubt Amat’s ability to step off the field with another victory, I am just leaving room for the unknown. We shall see how it plays out, however I know one thing for sure…it will be a battle!

  • Some things never change

    LA Parent,

    The Newton field is where AYSO plays, Im confused are they now sharing the field with an adult league. Is the adult league playing night games, if so that must be a deal that AYSO has worked up, being that the lights at Newton are paid for by AYSO. In the past all the adult soccer league games were played at the parks, aka county property.

    Any deal that has been worked out is supposed to be going through the school district not the school. If the school is receiving money from these leagues it may even be illegal, definitely against school policy. Not sure of the detail but school property is public owned property and people can’t be making money off the usage of the property. From what I was told the school policy is based on state requirements.

  • Some things never change

    Gano attempted to bypass the school policy by having the program using the field donate money to his football program on top of the fees required by the school district to use the fields. Do I need to say the school district wasn’t happy when they found out what he was doing.

  • We know who you are

    Doesn’t matter what your oppinion is on San Dimas. All that matters is that our girls are having a great time, parents are all happy (except a few but they no longer count) and God willing we will win league for the third year in a row.

    Is Bonita going to win their league this year? I haven’t seen the standings.

  • Anon X


    Maybe because San Dimas beat Charter Oak 4-2, and Bonita lost to Charter Oak 3-0 (I guess the Bonita bloggers would call that a butt kicking, since they say they kicked SDHS’s butt). Remember San Dimas is division 6 and I think COHS and BHS are division 4. Charter Oak is a quality team. Bonita’s a quality team. SDHS played both in preseason, along with South Hills.

    If you don’t like these rankings just go by CIFSS’s rankings by division. As you know, Fred’s just trying to do a local comparison and I wouldn’t want to compare all of these teams, many of whom never play each other, or play inconsistently (Bonita beats SDHS 4-2 and loses to COHS 3-0, and SDHS beats COHS 4-2). I don’t know why SDHS wasn’t in the Claremont Tournament, but that shouldn’t keep SDHS from being ranked.

    Most high school teams in the area should thank the club coaches. No one is saying otherwise.

    Lay off the SDHS coach already. I don’t understand why so many bloggers (or maybe just one or two bloggers using several different aliases) are attacking her. If your daughter is on the SDHS team and you’re unhappy with the coaching, talk to her. Otherwise, what do you care? Most of the SDHS parents and players support her. I challenge you to name one high school team in any sport where all the players and parents are happy with the coaching. There are no such teams. Move on.

  • SGV Dad

    Anon X,
    Just to set the record straight I (SGV Dad) did not post those comments regarding San Dimas and the rankings. Somebody else is trying to stir the pot. (SGVDad). But I like what you posted and good luck this year.

  • azzkicker

    Some things never change

    Shut up already didn’t your mom ever tell you not to tattle tell. What a little b_tch go fly a kite or something enough change your name to bi__ch boy wa wa wa!

  • besskepp

    Yep thats my niece Tara COFER in the pic above representing Los Altos!!!Props to her for helping to carry her team to the number two spot. Look Out!!!