Tuesday Boxscores: San Dimas beats Northview to almost guarantee another Valle Vista title

Northview High School arguably has the best girls soccer player in the area in junior striker Khalalah Todd. San Dimas, however, has the best team in the Valle Vista League, and the Saints proved it Tuesday afternoon. Forwards Erika Kalmar and Jeanette Jimenez scored unassisted goals and San Dimas took a major step toward its third consecutive league title with a 2-0 victory over the Vikings.

San Dimas’ Erika Kalmar (10) celebrates after scoring against Northview, the Saints won 2-0. For all of Tuesday’s boxscores, click thread

Monday’s results
Charter Oak 60, Wilson 41

[AG-BODY]Evan Barr 20, Josiah Thropay 12, Kenny Saldana 12, Kyle Heidenrich 5, Johnny Gaudesi 4, Anthony Franco 4, Charlie Evans 3.
[AG-BODY]Michael Wong 15, Jeffery Nibo 9, Andrew Dharmoseto 6, Kevin Makayama 5, Bryce Kato 3, Shane Yamamoto 2, Justin Cheng 1.
[AG-RULEABOVE]Charter Oak1110221760
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 16-6, 4-1; Wilson 7-14, 0-5.

Rowland 63, West Covina 26

[AG-BODY]Sharif Watson 16, Joseph Dionisio 11, Steven David 9, Brandon Ho 8, Derrick Mar 8, Robin Yi 4, Michael Ball 3, Esteban Perez 3, Daniel Kim 1.
[AG-BODY]Robert Pence 6, Andre Carthan 5, Michael Onjiah 4, C.D. Salcedo 4, Danny Gonzalez 3, Andrew Miranda 2, Horace Nguyen 2.[AG-RULEABOVE]
[AG-RULEBELOW]West Covina675826
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Rowland 9-14, 2-3; West Covina 2-19, 0-5.

Los Altos 2, Bonita 1 (OT)

[AG-RULEABOVE]Los Altos01012
[AG-BOLDIND]Los Altos scoring: [AG-INDENT]Christian Murillo (unassisted), Alan De La Rosa (Murillo). [AG-BOLDIND]Bonita scoring: [AG-INDENT]Andrew Rocha (unassisted).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Los Altos 8; Bonita 6. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Alex Montiel (LA) 3; Dean Leonard (B) 2.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Los Altos 15-2-3, 5-0; Bonita 7-9-1, 3-2.

Azusa 1, Gladstone 1 (OT)

[AG-BOLDIND]Azusa scoring: [AG-INDENT]Omar Nuez (unassisted). [AG-BOLDIND]Gladstone scoring: [AG-INDENT]Noel Monge (Erick Romo).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Azusa 5; Gladstone 7. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Adolfo Dominguez (A) 12; Cesar Valverde (G) 13.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Azusa 8-6-3, 4-4-1; Gladstone 3-14-3, 1-7-1.

Sierra Vista 2, Workman 0
[AG-RULEBELOW]Sierra Vista022
[AG-BOLDIND]Sierra Vista scoring: [AG-INDENT]Robert Jiminez (Juan Molina), Gio Munoz (unassisted).[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT]
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Workman 6; Sierra Vista 22. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Edwin Altamirano (W) 11; Rigo Moreno (SV) 3.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Workman 3-10-3, 1-6-2; Sierra Vista 15-4, 8-1.

La Puente 4, Bassett 1
[AG-RULEABOVE]La Puente224
[AG-BOLDIND]La Puente scoring: [AG-INDENT]Jose Chavez (Leo Villagrana), David Ramirez (Luis Chavez), Jorge Cruz (Albert Huazano), Huazano (Ramirez). [AG-BOLDIND]Bassett scoring: [AG-INDENT]Taurino Heredsa (Manuel Mata).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 16; Bassett 6. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Rene Beltran (LP) 4; Ruben Cueva (B) 4.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 10-2-5, 7-0-2; Bassett 2-6-1 (league).

Baldwin Park 2, Covina 0

Sierra Vista 4, Azusa 0
[AG-RULEABOVE]Sierra Vista224
[AG-BOLDIND]Sierra Vista scoring: [AG-INDENT]Luis Fuentes 2 (Juan Molina, Gio Munoz), Asahel Recinos (Fuentes), Munoz (unassisted).[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT]
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Sierra Vista 25; Azusa 9 [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Rigo Moreno (SV) 5, Adolfo Dominguez (A) 11.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Sierra Vista 14-4, 7-1; Azusa 7-6-2, 4-4.

Gladstone 3, Duarte 1
[AG-BOLDIND]Gladstone scoring: [AG-INDENT]Erick Romo 2 (Luis Villegas, penalty kick, Noel Monge (unassisted). [AG-BOLDIND]Duarte scoring: [AG-INDENT]Jesus Sanchez (penalty kick).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Gladstone 6; Duarte 5. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Cesar Valverde (G) 7; Sergio Esparza (D) 6.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Gladstone 3-13-2, 1-7; Duarte 11-3-3, 4-3-1.

Monday’s results

[AG-SCORE]La Puente 53, Workman 44
[AG-BODY]Raquel Hernandez 11, Jessica Mora 11, Victoria Lozano 5, Melissa Gamboa 5, Marissa Muoz 4, Karina Zigil 4, Crystal Quintinilla 4.
[AG-BODY]Sam Gutierrez 20, Jessica Loza 10, Jasmine Gomez 10, Jasmine Cerzantes 7, Kayla Coria 3, Stephanie Jimenez 2, Jerri Romero 1.
[AG-RULEBELOW]La Puente171091753
[AG-BOLDIND]Record: [AG-INDENT]La Puente 6-10, 3-6.

Bishop Amat 2,
Bishop Montgomery 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]Bishop Amat202
[AG-RULEBELOW]Bishop Montgomery000
[AG-BOLDIND]Bishop Amat scoring: [AG-INDENT]April Juarez 2 (Natalie Rivas, Miranda Joya).[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT]
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Bishop Amat 17; Bishop Montgomery 8[AG-BOLDIND]. Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Nicole Ragano (BA) 7; Danielle Gifford (BM) 3, Alison Glasco (BM) 4.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bishop Amat 23-0-1, 6-0; Bishop Montgomery 2-3-2 (league).

Arroyo 3, Mtn. View 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]Mtn. View000
[AG-RULEBELOW]Arroyo 213
[AG-BOLDIND]Arroyo scoring: [AG-INDENT]Carmen Aguilar (unassisted), Christine Salas (Aguilar), Micalea Estrada (Jamie Hearn).[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT]
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Mt. View 6; Arroyo 13. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Griselda Arce (MV) 5; Leslie Grande (A) 2, Audrey Serna (A) 2.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Mtn. View 8-6-2, 2-4-1; Arroyo 10-6-4, 6-0-1.

Sierra Vista 8, Workman 0

Sierra Vista448
[AG-BOLDIND]Sierra Vista scoring: [AG-INDENT]Lizbeth Rodriguez 4 (Estella Diaz, Bianca Chavez, Vannessa Carlos, Danella Flores), Carlos 2 (Beatriz Bearrett, unassisted), Flores (Rodriguez), Jasmine Loera (Cindy Martinez)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT].
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Sierra Vista 41; Workman 2. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Alyssa Lozano (SV) 2; Stephanie Ponze (W) 28.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Sierra Vista 19-2, 9-0; Workman 1-13, 0-9.

San Dimas 2, Northview 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]San Dimas202
[AG-BOLDIND]San Dimas scoring: [AG-INDENT]Erika Kalmar (unassisted); Jeanette Jimenez (unassisted).
[AG-INDENT][AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]San Dimas 16, Northview 3. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Rachel Jones (SD) 5; Carol Castro (N) 7.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]San Dimas 11-3-2, 5-0-1; Northview 11-5-2, 3-1-2.

Water Polo

Ayala 13, Glendora 8
[AG-BOLDIND]Glendora scoring: [AG-INDENT]Cook 4, Breese 2. San Angelo 1, Brokaw 1. [AG-BOLDIND]Ayala scoring: [AG-INDENT]Viel 5, Gentry 4, Millan 2, Huicochea 1, Dement 1.
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Glendora 13; Ayala 9. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Linthicum (G) 3; Dement (A) 6, Covert (A) 7.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Glendora 9-12, 2-2; Ayala 16-8, 3-2.

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  • Holden Caulfield

    Must be something in the water. The more a coach gets hammered on this blog the more successful they become. Started with CO’s Tom Q, moved on to SD’s Regan and so forth. I hear quite a few comments about the terrible affect the blog has on teams and players yet…CO, SD and other schools prove that thinking as nothing more than an excuse.

    Fred wasn’t there talk that the SD girl’s coach didn’t deserve COY honors yet here we are on a three year run. How’s CO doing? And what’s that you say, San Dimas beat Bishop Amat on the way to a CIF Championship. Coach Z is such a terrible man, what’s that you say? He won a CIF Championship as well along with tons of honors for his player, most of which love and admire the man.

    Good coaches understand you can’t please everyone. The blog is here to stay and most good coaches couldn’t give a flying “F” what some one thinks about them. Comes with the territory. Great job San Dimas…….must be something in the water!!!!

  • Veronica

    Must be a San Dimas players parent writing that last comment and only comment for San Dimas. Even ask the San Dimas Varsity Girls Parents. They will tell you how horrible the coach is!! Just because they win doesn’t mean the coach is good. She is very lucky to have a team with ALL Club Players!! Great Job and Coach of the Year should go to ALL the Club Coaches who train these girls. Again, ask the good players at San Dimas and their parents. They will tell you…..their Coach is a Joke!!

    Winning in High School girls soccer doesn’t make you a good coach when you have talent like that. Yeah, they beat Northview. Take away Todd and what do they have, Nothing!! When San Dimas beats several quality opponents then we will talk. Until then, Keep Dreaming!!

  • Anon

    Hey San Dimas, when’s the last time you beat Bonita is your so called Smudgepot for Girls Soccer??? Oh, that’s right, NEVER!!

    Tell that so called Coach to enter the Claremont tournament next year so we can see how you really play?? Get some quality opponents under your belt and not get your butt kicked against Bonita 4-2 again!!

    Luckily Bonita has a very young and inexperienced Coach Too!! Battle of the Horrible Coaches it is and Bonita still Wins.

    I agree, just because you win games doesn’t make you a good or great coach. Look, your coach won last year and half the team was in the Asst. Principals office trying to get rid or her. And oh yes, this really happened!!!

  • FredJ

    After doing this for so many years, you grow tired of hearing parents complain about high school coaching in soccer, instead of thanking the coaches for the time and effort, they shout from the sidelines and stands like knowitalls, and believe me, they’re wrong most of the time. But because they’re involved in club for years, they think they have the answer to every problem. Unlike football, basketball and baseball, soccer coaches have the least impact on a game once it begins outside of a few tactical adjustments, it’s on the players. The training they get in club won’t measure up to what they get in high school, but hopefully that quality of training shows up on the field, regardless of how much experience your high school soccer coach has. Let it go.

  • Anon

    I was at San Dimas last year and yes they are right!! Great talent at San Dimas with horrible coaching. They will do well thanks to all the girls playing club. Thank God high school is only about 3 months of dealing with that lady. Club is what counts and thank god for all those club coaches. They deserve all the credit!!

  • FredJ

    What anonymous is really saying is, “we spent all this money on club soccer, so we (parents) deserve the credit.” Trust me on this one, even if you had the best club coach in the country on San Dimas’ sidelines right now, it wouldn’t automatically translate into a CIF championship, and schools like Bishop Amat, Walnut and Los Altos would still probably win head-to-head games, because in the end, regardless of coaching, talent and desire wins out nine times out of ten. Chivas USA head coach Martin Vasquez, a former U.S. and Mexico national team player coached at Damien, but that didn’t translate into multiple titles for the Spartans. Coaches with much inferior resumes but better talent in high schooll win most of the time, so enjoy the fact that you’re able to afford private instruction for your kids and hope that translates in a scholarship, and success on your club and high school teams. But get off the coaches backs, especially in high school, they do the best they can with the limited time they have.

  • SD Varsity Parent

    Veronica and Anon,

    Why the negativity? I sense some kind of bitterness here, and I don’t understand why. This was a nice article about SDHS beating Northview in a good soccer game. There was no mention of coaching or coaching errors. Yet you jump in to tear down the SDHS coach and the SDHS girls soccer program.

    Yes, I am a parent of a girl on the SDHS varsity team. I was not in the assistant principal’s office last year, or ever. Our team has a lot of talent on it, yes. But most of the SDHS varsity parents are behind the coach and support her. As she has gotten to know the girls and their skills she has gotten better and better at coaching them. She certainly benefits from having many club players on her team, but doesn’t Bonita as well? Many of the local teams do.

    Anon, as was pointed out by another blogger last week (in response to one of Veronica’s anti-SDHS postings), SDHS is in a lower division than most of the locally ranked teams, yet still managed to beat Charter Oak 4-2 (didn’t Bonita just lose to Charter Oak 0-3?), and only lost to South Hills 0-1. Northview is the only local team to be ranked in division 6, yet SDHS beat Northview 2-0 at Northview yesterday, shutting out Khalalah Todd. And SDHS scored 2 goals against Bonita, which is as many as any of Bonita’s “quality opponents” scored against Bonita in preseason.

    Veronica, this is not your first negative posting against SDHS’s girls soccer program. Why be so bitter? I haven’t seen any SDHS postings tearing down Bonita, but maybe I’m missing something.

    The majority of the SDHS varsity parents support the coach. Let’s leave her alone and enjoy our girls’ soccer games.

  • Saintsgirlsr4real2

    I am also a SD Varsity Parent who has never been in the Assistant Principals office. Former players on our team complained about every coach they had including our current coach. This year there are a few parents who are complaining because their players are not playing much, but I can assure you the rest of the players and parents support her and the progress she has made as a coach. The best part about our coach? You can trust her to keep her word, good or bad – I cant say that about most of the club coaches I have known. We are very lucky to have talented players, some of who play club – some of who do not. But at the end of the day it is about learning and growing as a team.
    And Veronica, at the end of the day, we are still not you – and its a good day.


    Former coaches, or people associated with them, should not talk smack about current coaches.

    Parents should be happy that we live in a society where our children get to play sports as part of their education.

    CIF creates divisions for a reason. Large schools have a larger talent pool and usually more resources than small schools. Unfortunate that many of our small schools have to play private schools in CIF but oh well, thats life.

  • letitgo

    Lets be real..san dimas DOES have talent on their team. The coach can only do so much for the girls and cant physically play in the game so give coaches a break. Some are good at training players, some are not, some are good at putting players in the right spots..some are not. Theres good and bad all over. Parents get in the heads of their kids too much talk trash about the coaches and believe it or not it does affect the players. They start thinking that they know more than the coach (and some do) but thats not the point.The kids want to play for the school so they need to suck it up and play for whoever is coaching them. If they dont like the coaching then QUIT and that way it keep the parents out of the stands yelling things that they know nothing about.

    Another thing Just because YOUR kid plays club doesnt mean they are even that good. And it doesnt mean that YOU know how to coach either. How many “club” players stop playing soccer after high school? There are great club programs that develop great players but deep down its the player who has to want to be developed. If they dont have that drive to get better and be the best then all the training in the world isnt going to help. There are so many club programs now that playing club has lost some of its meaning even those bronze and silver teams would get their butts kicked by some select ayso programs. If parents want to coach so bad then go coach. if not then stay quiet. encourage your player and team that they play for and try to stay positive. We dont want more kids growing up with the same thinking as some parents who act like they know and can play every sport just because they watch ESPN or turn on Fox Soccer Channel from time to time.

  • Walnut Insider

    I will agree with most of what is being said here about the talent that comes to the school has a lot to do with wins/losses. But a few years ago, Walnut’s girl team struggled in the pre-season, more than usual. And their coach went out and got some assistants to help on offense and defense. I remember the players were surprised that she did that. And at how much better they became with the help. So in that regards, the coach really played a big role in their season. I don’t know of too many coaches who would swallow their pride like that.

  • Rvof91773

    As a proud SD Soccer dad and parent, I support the coach thru the good and the bad, and extremely proud of the team for the effort the put forth on that field, as for being negative towards the team, our coach or our school, I wont even mention your names cause there not worth spelling, hate all you want, cause in the end of the day…..SCOREBOARD!!! Our girls win, they play hard, so talk all you want, cause all your doing is lighting our fire and for your sake, hope we dont meet in CIF’s. Girls keep up the good work bring home another VVL League Title and look forward to a successful year in the playoff’s

    p.s. Girls let your play do the talking on the field today!!! and leave the trash talking to those 2 knuckle heads haters.

  • Veronica T.

    My daughter doesn’t play for Bonita. I don’t even have a daughter but 2 sons. His girlfriend plays for Bonita and I saw the game (Bonita vs. San Dimas. Looked to me like Bonita handled them. My friends daughter played for San Dimas last year and 2 other seasons on Varsity. Had nothing good to say about that coach?? Nice lady but not a good coach is all I heard.

    We will see how happy many parents are when they lose again in CIF like last year…… Funny how that changes things?

    Bonita and Charter Oak are Division 5 by the way. But hey, who would listen to a College Asst. Coach like myself. I don’t know anything!!

  • LG for San Dimas!!!

    Not sure who is who from San Dimas here, but just curious which players at San Dimas Girls doesn’t play CLUB Soccer?

    We have a GREAT Team with so much talent and YES, mostly all except for a rare few, who play club.

    Wheter I agree or disagree with posts here I will keep my negative thoughts to myself. Coach could be better I agree, but we have to live with what we have at every school as many of the high school coaches are teachers.

    San Dimas should WIN CIF this year with the GIRLS we have. GO SAINTS!!

  • LA Futbol


    CO and Bonita are in Div. 4, not 5.

    You’d think a college asst. coach would know that.

  • awesome baby!!

    Man I gotta put a stop to all this madness! My cousin started this somewhat nonsense by posting the negative one claiming to be Veronica. no he isn’t a girl, only used the girl he is in love withs name….What a spoof?

    He was just trying to get the Bonita vs San Dimas rivalry more intense after that tough loss to them. The girls may not have ever beaten Bonita, but they sure are coming closer every year. Such great players this team I agree. Good thing my aunt doesn’t read this or she would kill him 😉

    He did bring up to some good points though. You have to agree, the coach does make some wierd/crazy substitutions a lot of times…….They make you go HUM???

    From what I see, she may not be very knowledgable when it comes to the game or do great training, but who needs to with all these great players. She is a good enough coach, because she manages the team good enough to win.

    So don’t hate my young, yes punk, of a cousin for doing this. Good to see some of you got so fired up though! 🙂

    From a former SD Grad, GO SAINTS BABY!

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    SD Coach promised her goalie/captain that if we were ever ahead 2 or more and there was a PK that she could take it. Made good on her promise tonight and Rachel Jones put a beautiful shot in for a goal. Not may coaches would make that promise to their goalie and then follow through. Great boost for the goalie and the team spirit.

  • diogenes

    What happened with Charter Oak and Los Altos. DRanch has played everyone pretty tough, but not much to show for it. How’d they do today?

  • Anon

    San Dimas HS 5, Covina HS 0
    Jeanette Jimenez, 2 goals
    Shannon McKee, 2 assists
    Keeper Jones scores PK

  • Anon 2

    Cousin? Bahhaaaahbahhaah – Nice Cover

  • diogenes

    Finally, Friday am, a score: Charter Oak stomped Wilson 6-0 Thursday, raising their won-loss record atop many of the other Division 4 league leaders sure to make the 32-team Division 4 playoffs. CO ought to make it, too. With so many teams in nearly every division playoff, seedings are not likely to have much of an influence on outcomes. Good teams, regardless of records, will rise to the top. Santa Maria’s St Josephs, for example, was 18-4-2 this week and leading their league at 10-0-0 with a goal differentiaal of 105-21. How good is that? Pretty impressive. How tough is their competition? Top ranked Amat is 23-0-1, atop their league, and has scored 102 goals, allowing only 5. Granite Hills, a strong contender again this year, is undefeated in league, 17-3-1 overall and is 86-9 in goals. Two factors that come into play now are time and distance. The Division has teams from Paso Robles on the Coast and the Upper Desert down to Coachella. How well will your team travel? Most leagues will have three teams in the playoffs. Baldwin Park boys and Amat and Sierra Vista girls are among the favorites in their respective divisions. Thank you socalsoccer.org

  • LA Soccer Dad

    diogenes said:
    What happened with Charter Oak and Los Altos. DRanch has played everyone pretty tough, but not much to show for it. How’d they do today?

    FYI – LA plays a make-up game against Diamond Ranch today (Friday) in the rain!

  • diogenes

    Am advised Los Altos girls soccer team defeated Diamond Ranch at home in the first of two consecutive league games, 2-0, Friday in the rain. The second, and next to last league game, will be Tuesday at DR. Los Altos will end league play at home Thursday, February 11, vs. Charter Oak. Irrespective of the outcome of that game, both LA and CO should advance to the Division 4 playoffs the following week. Los Altos record is now 20-1-2, 5-0-1 in league, with a 73 to 9 goal differential.

  • kurmugin

    While passing out kudos for jobs well done, we all should note that Charter Oak’s record is 19-4-0, bested only by Amat and Los Altos to date and better than a number of ranked D4 teams.

  • kurmujin

    Since January 5, that’s all of 2010 through last Thursday, the Walnut girl’s soccer team is undefeated, winning 11 straight, 7 of those in league, scoring 47 goals while giving up only 1, in that 1/5 game against Ayala. They are 33-0 in league or almost 5 per game. Peaking for the Division 2 playoffs? Well, yeah.

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Kurmugin – Don’t forget that San Dimas also beat Charter Oak.

  • kurmugin

    I did not mean that Carter Oak had been bested by LA (altho they have) and Amat, only that their’s is the third best record in D4, and, yes, they been beaten by San Dimas. Still should do well in division playoffs. While we are passing out compliments, Los Altos is the only school in Division 4 with both boys and girls teams ranked in the division’s top 10s. Should be a point of pride for the teams, their coaches, schools, and all of Hacienda Heights. The recognition is hard earned and deserved. Barring major catastrophes, see you Thursday at LA vs CO, safe journeys to all.

  • soccer lvr

    Would also like to note that both the Sierra Vista boys and girls are ranked in the top ten. The girls are ranked #1 and the boys are ranked #7.

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