BREAKING NEWS: He’sssss Back, fasten your chin straps, Aram Tolegian is returning to the SGVN

It’s my honor and privilege to share our best kept secret, the blog originator, Aram Tolegian, is returning to the SGVN on Monday. In case that’s not loud enough for you, the guy that shared his daily lunch schedule with you before leaving for Fox Sports is coming back because, well, he just missed us all. He missed Friday nights, his friends in the newsroom and the daily grind of the newspaper business. I feel like a head coach that just strengthened his staff considerably, and of course, Aram is going to have his own blog. Aram will basically have a 24-7 all encompassing high school football blog, which includes the Trib along with teams in the Star-News, Whittier Daily News, and what’s happening in the I.E., along with any high school football news that’s relevant in the Southern Section and beyond. Think of him as the Football Guru, as only he can deliver it. When football is over, Aram will be banging away on recruiting, spring football, summer passing leagues, then the season. All of the SGVN blogs will remain the same, we will continue with our opinions and updates on all sports, including football. But Aram is another welcomed opinion, you never have enough of those. You know, in a day when newspapers are cutting back, we just added a gem, a win-win for us, and our readership.

Above: Aram found all ways to promote his blog, Hooters was just one of them.

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  • Joe Torosian

    Good for you Aram…all the best.

  • amat alumnus

    yay football all year! welcome back Aram! missed you.

  • Groupies Reunion

    Well that means Mike the Clone and Plaid Lad are not far behind.

  • jcaz

    I think that for all of us who started on this Blog when Aram was running the show, owe him a great deal of gratitude. In fact, it is no doubt, the biggest reason why so many of us are here today.

    However, I am at a loss as to why you guys over at your newspaper think there is a need for yet another prep blog here in the Tribune, especially when it will no doubt impact your own blog in some way Fred.

    As strange as this seems, I have to say that I find it odd that your allowing Jay Leno, Conan kind of thing to possibly develop here unless of course you are laying the foundation of a soon to be announced departure of either you, or Steve from the local prep scene ?

    You know, its is always nice to have another voice to add commentary, and I am sure that Aram will no doubt do the same awesome job that he once did before, but again, I guess that am somewhat puzzled as to the reasons for this new addition given the fact that every time I pick up this paper of yours, you guys are always talking about cutbacks and furloughed days off yet your paper is spending money duplicating what you already have in place ?


  • kurmujin

    Year around football! Does that mean we won’t get any of the league meet wrestling results any time soon, ile the day after they happen?

  • Panther Pride

    jcaz- I was kind of wondering the same thing. Who’s the odd man out?

  • FredJ

    JCaz, nobody’s leaving, Aram’s blog will be a more broader high school football blog, he won’t focus entirely on Trib teams like before, he will include the other areas in our newsgroup. Will there be some overlap? Of course, but the more subject material on fooball the better. All other sports will be here, and I will continue blogging about Trib football the way I always have. Also, for the paper he’s not just doing football, he will be out covering games, notebook, features on the others sports with us as well, which gives us a couple more local stories each day.

  • Fred, Steve, Miguel…meet your replacement

    Fred J, I haven’t been wrong in a while…or is it, it takes a while for me to be proved right…I think it’s the latter… but here goes. “Nice knowing you, Fred, Steve, and Miguel.”

    Take a lesson from Steve Hartman who started out with Chet Forte and has never been alone to fail on his own. This game plan is brilliant. He moved over to “add” value to Erick Dickerson and Jim Hill when Jim Hill is an icon in his own right and most people wouldn’t recognize Hartman without a scorecard. Ever listen to his radio show where he gets one “name” after another…but “he’s” always the constant.

    A few months ago I started seeing Aram “droppings” and said to myself…”Here comes the Varsity!!!”…and here he is.

    Fred I’ve told you many times….add value and “brand” yourself or else you’ll be out of a job….and soon you will be. In reality, Aram’s move is brilliant. Aram is the “Cher” of The Tribune. As the saying goes…”If a meteor hits Earth the only things that would survive is Cher (Aram) and coachroaches.”

    Much like Cher, Aram can deliver the “goods” and puts butts in the seats…or in this case ..fingers on keyboards….I’ll give him that!

    Fred, Miguel and Steve…rent Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio. There is a classic scene when the main character is left with very few call-ins and his love interest/producer calls in and “becomes” a caller…unbeknownst to the listeners….and generates a much needed call… my guess is Fred did himself no favors when one thread after another recently when D.E.A.D.

    Take a lesson from Aram…sorry too late for listening….anyway…might as well learn something…. added value leads to added worth. Never understood why I’d always read bloggers questioning your integrity and qualifications when, in reality, you Steve and Miguel are the only ones with Journalism Degrees? I think the attacks on you guys paid off…and teh higher ups will soon give Aram a larger platform….and create a SGV broader based ONE STOP Sports blog/Page.

    There are two things I’m good at…seeing Trends and Knowing People…and Aram is a piece of work. Congratulations Aram…hopefully you’ve learned a few things trying to compete with those Syracuse boys…inside joke!

  • Don

    I think what you are seeing are the Tribs owners using one of their few real marketing strengths, neighborhood or community level coverage, to try and grow some lost readership back. The most compelling stories from that of course are ones that have to do with public safety or our kids with local politics coming in well back at third. These stories have always been the backbone of the local press. If you dont believe that to still be true, just click on the most viewed or most commented articles from the online edition of one of the Papers.

    Broader coverage will be good for the kids and will hopefully open some eyes but then, probably not. Ive always enjoyed Arams takes even when I disagreed with them, just like Fred and yes, even Steve. What will be interesting to watch is whether the mng tries to use some type of fee structure to pay for the expanded content or even try to broaden it into some type of stand-alone web presence.

  • FredJ

    Cry me a river, lol …BTW, weeklies sports reporter Eric Terrazas is moving over to the Whittier Daily News with Andrew Campa. Fortunatley for us, with the great Roger Murray retiring, we were able to hire Aram back and still fill Roger’s seat in Whittier with one of our own.

  • joemama

    Yes….I think…..I now……understand….what….you…mean…..

  • Joe Amat

    AT Welcome back! Congrats to the Trib and SGVN news group for figuring a way to make it happen.

    As long as you guys cross-link everything so we don’t hae to go searching a bunch of blogs – all is good.

    joemama… it’s called an “ellipsis” Usually used to indicate a pause in speech longer than a comma would indicate. I use them too much too… at least that’s what old professors used to say.

  • blindmen watching

    Big AT…So glad your back…been a long time since we walked the sidelines and talked the game… you where always at the big ones…I was sorry to see you leave…just when it became personal for me…but when you see me you will remember…and you will see me, not on the sidelines anymore but a just a big fan and proud dad…
    Freddie Boy…your still the man!

  • Bloggers Choice

    More Allan Malamud and less T.J. Simers

  • Steve


    What about a better coverage group for the JC kids? Alot of these kids playing, you and Aram grew with. I think this segment is not being covered enough.

  • FredJ

    You’re absolutely right, Steve Ramirez now has more time to devote to our area college coverage. He was named the Area College beat writer for all three zones, though he will be a big part of preps too. I’m telling all of you, this move will give us more expanded coverage everywhere.

  • SGV Reader

    I know this is off topic but I just found it hilarious since people have debated the character and abilities of some the SGV athletes. Will Harris (formerly of Charter Oak), was NOT invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. That’s exactly what a sub-par college career with an enormous ego will get you…NOTHING

  • COChargerfan

    SGV Reader…the actual fact is that two serious knee injuries, not ego, were his downfall. If ego were an issue to making it to the NFL, then we’d have never seen the likes of TO or Chad Ochocinco who are just two of the latest on a long, long list of egomaniacs.

    I would also like to see more JC Football coverage.

  • SGV Reader

    Maybe the statement needs to be rephrased. Ego was used to describe character and its reference was to indicate the idea of “karma”. It was not to express the idea that ego would prevent someone from entering the NFL. That’s simply a result of sub-par college talent. Thank you for the correction.

  • proportional

    Ego tolerated is directly proportional to talent. Extremely talented players will be gambled on – marginal players are shoved aside – or not invited to combines.


    SGV Reader,
    What is the point of you coming on here to bash Harris and then correct yourself with something to effect that what happened to him is karma. I hope one day karma bites you in the azz for that post.

  • SGV Reader

    Like my first post said…just thought it was funny…and karma will probably come back around too…don’t get all sensitive about it now

  • COChargerfan

    SGV Reader…where is the humor when a talented young man’s dreams of playing college football and maybe beyond are dashed by injuries?

  • SGV Reader

    To be honest, if it were any other player I’d be sympathetic but not really in this case. And I know you’re a fan so its not hard to see that there will not be any common ground on this but he was hurt for one year with torn knee ligaments and then had to miss the following year due to academic issues. As an earlier post also stated, its marginal talent we are talking about. He couldn’t overtake Taylor Mays or Kevin Ellison when he was healthy so lets not say his dreams were dashed cause they weren’t. I’d feel the same way if Terrell Owens got cut from his team or any other player that lacks character on the field.

  • Still at it huh?

    COChargerFan weren’t you making “light” of Norco players who would, in your words, “end up at the local Mc Donald’s rather than playing college football” based on the poor academics of the Norco area? And wasn’t it you who made comments about any local school downloading AAU teams like LVL. You said you’re a Lutheran of good faith yet you spend you time basing kids, how is that? You seem like a petty hypocrite with too much free time on your hands. How about following your own advice sometime and being a role model rather than a poster boy for adult deficit blogging disorder? SGV Reader sounds just like you do when you’re giving LVL the business, opps I mean the Lutheran Backstroke. I don’t agree with the whole karma thing because I believe those that wish bad karma on others are actually opening the door for bad karma on their loved ones, and who needs that!


    SGV Reader,
    Sometimes ones thoughts are better left to ones self no matter how funny you think it would be to share with others. Sounds like something personal between you and Harris.

  • SGV Reader

    Nothing personal about it. Just a fan of the area’s athletics and SC fan that got to see everything first hand. And yes karma does come back around and it would be acceptable. Didn’t know Charter Oak fans hated Norco that much.