Girls Soccer: It’s so close, the postseason will likely decide player and coach of the year honors

Why do I have a feeling that the girls soccer player of the year is going to come down to the final week of playoffs? There are so many that can steal it, but I’m going to throw out a few names, you do the rest. I will post candidates for coach of the year, too. Of course, those who never post stats are impossible to know for sure (hint, hint), but we’ll do the best we can from the games we watched and those who do report. (Note, boys soccer will be posted later in the week).

Girls Soccer nominees: Khalalah Todd, Northview (Area leading 42 goals), April Juarez, Bishop Amat (31 goals, 21 assists for undefeated Lancers), Natalie Maxey, South Hills (18 goals), Lauren Stupin, Los Altos (22 goals, 15 assists for once-beaten Conqs), McKenna Gooden, Charter Oak (22 goals), Jeanette Jimenez, San Dimas (17 goals, 12 assists), Vanessa Carlos, Sierra Vista (25 goals, 20 assists), Nikki McKee, Walnut (central defender).

Coach nominees: Chris Reeder (Los Altos), Lorraine Hansen (Walnut), Ruben Gonzalez (Bishop Amat), Steve Jimenez (Sierra Vista).

San Dimas’ artful playmaker, Jeanete Jimenez

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  • diogenes

    Not to take anything away from the excellent players you listed, but does defense–other then keepers–have any value in selecting outstanding talent? Learned this year that assists, not just goals, can also have a significant part in how a player can effect game outcomes.

  • FredJ

    Of course, our player of the year last was St. Lucy’s central defender, and I listed Walnut’s defender, and assists next to players. But attacking players usually have the toughest jobs.

  • wrestling fan

    Hey Fred…. Your friend Steve did good job on wrestling league finals with the area. But hello, can you please have him do one on Valle Vista League. He seemed to have forgot that one. Thanks!!! AND GREAT SEASON KHALAHA!!!! YEAH!!!!

  • LA Soccer Dad

    diogenes said:
    “Not to take anything away from the excellent players you listed, but does defense–other then keepers–have any value in selecting outstanding talent? Learned this year that assists, not just goals, can also have a significant part in how a player can effect game outcomes.”

    Agree w/ you diogenes, defense wins championships, but the offense usually gets the press and accolades.
    Fred is correct though that the POY has recocognized the defenders quite a bit in recent history…success in the CIF playoffs will have a lot to do w/ the final voting.
    Go Los Altos!!

  • LA Fan

    Lauren Stupin POY, has played amazing and deserves the award. Has led the team to an amazing record and should do well in the playoffs. GO LA

  • Defense!

    It is very hard for defenders, other than keepers, to get a lot of recognition, because there are not a lot of stats for defenders. Most teams don’t seem to keep track of steals, so most of us focus on goals, assists, etc.

    Having said that, I think K. Todd may not even be the best player on her own team. Defender Jade Vehawn (not nominated) has better skills and a huge throw-in. But because she plays defense she doesn’t generate the stats that Todd does. If you’ve actually watched Northview play, you’ll see that Vehawn is probably the better player. This is meant as a positive for an overlooked player (Vehawn) rather than a negative for Ms. Todd.

    Jeannette Jimenez (SDHS) has amazing skills and should also be given strong consideration. She has fewer goals than Todd but more assists. Shannon McKee (SDHS, not nominated) also has more assists and is a very good all-around player. If you’ve seen Natalie Maxey (SHHS) and McKenna Gooden (COHS) play, you know they have great skills. Gooden can really turn and fire the ball.

    I am surprised that no keepers made your list. Jones at San Dimas has done a great job, and has only allowed 11 goals, playing every minute of every game. Rigano at BA has only allowed 3 goals (I think) all season. Wow. And Padilla at LA has only allowed 9. Yes, goals allowed is also a factor of DEFENSE, but these are some amazing numbers.

    Fred, I don’t envy you. You’ve got a really tough choice ahead of you.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    I agree Stupin has done an amzing job. But the success for this season goes to all the players. The defense including the Goalkeeper, has shut out many teams this year.

    The Defense is lead by one of the best d sweeps I have seen in senior Lauren Velasquez, and senior Goalkeeper Justine Padilla whos very close to becoming # 2 on the SS CIF record books for carrer saves. What a combo.

  • FredJ

    I hear what everyone is saying about defenders, but I keep remembering what former Galaxy coach Octavio Zambrano told me about strikers and why it is the most difficult position on the field. He said goal-scorers fail more than 90 percent of the time, yet they’re required to stay mentally focused and ready for the next opportunity, because chances don’t come by that often. That’s a huge weight of responsibility to carry for a team. Attacking players and strikers are usually the most skilled as well. It’s much easier to make an average striker a great defender than it is to make a great defender a striker. Use club as an example, how many attacking players in high school are defenders with their club teams? This is because club has so much more depth, but when they play for their high school teams, they’re needed in more pivotal roles. I remember when La Salle high school’s team won a CIF title a few years back with Kasey Johnson. She was an attacking midfielder for the Lancers because they needed her imprint all over the field. But at USC, she was a star defender that helped them win a national title her freshman season. Someone mentioned KhalalahTodd at Northview, saying she might not be the best on her team. I’ll bet with her speed and skill if you switched her to sweeper she would do an amazing job. The trouble is, who’s going to replace her 47 goals up front?

  • LA Fan/Dad


    3 of your top 5 names where blanked by LA…. And no they were not marked differently than any other player. no one was assigned to stay with them.

    2 of the LA defense (Im including keeper when I talk about defense)actually play forwards on club, but the coach actually needs them more on defense, as you know we are loaded on offense.

  • Anon

    Boy, I would not want to be you Fred. If you go by the numbers only you get Todd or the BA goalie. However, that being said there are sometimes other factors to the numbers – like a great defense for the goalie or being marked as the go-to player for goals. Everyone listed here and mentioned are quality players but I have to admit I like to see Seniors honored their last year if they deserve it. Stupin, Maxey, and Gooden have done a great job over all 4 years and continue to perform at a high level. Good luck to all of our teams going into CIF playoffs.

  • saintsgirlsr4real2


    Thanks for the comments on our SD girls. I think all of the successful teams in the area would agree that it takes an entire team of dedicated players to make a successful season. Unfortunately, the individuals on the teams that are playing effectively as a team may not have the big numbers as the ball and the success is spread out over several key players. So lets give the players who play as a key player on a total team the credit they deserve.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    BA’s keeper has not played the whole season, but still impressive twosome.

    BA’s Keeper stats

    Ragano, Nicole 1260 minutes played 3 goals against 79 saves

    Carrillo, Alexis 575 minutes played 2 goals against 27 saves

    Of course you know I had to put our keeper stats.

    Padilla, Justine 1600 minutes played 9 goals against 110 saves

    LA does have another keeper, and she did play, but only once the games where in hand.

    Lama, Christina 80 minutes played 0 goals against 2 saves.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    Stupin is a junior.

  • Huskiefan

    Fred…fyi, Maxey has 26 goals….not sure about the other girls, you might want to double check.

  • soccer lvr

    I agree with many of you. Defense is often overlooked. Would it matter if your team scored 10 goals if your defense allowed 11? Or your team scored 2 goals and your defense allowed 3 goals?

    I would like the player of year to be someone who helped the team over all. How about someone who played in the middle? Not only do they help send the ball forward, they help the defense.

    Tough choice.

    What’s the criteria for Coach? I personnaly would like Steve Jimenez from SV to win. He has brought his present team so far these past 4 years.

    Good luck to all entering CIF!

    I know BA, LA, and Sierra Vista are going to CIF, who else is going?

  • LA is Beast

    With regard to Los Altos, what makes this team so special is their balance. They have the talent offensively & defensively. The Freshmen class came in and contributed from day 1 with 3 excellent defenders, making Justine Padilla’s job that much easier.
    2 other key players that have not been mentioned are Sr power center midfielder Ashley Richardson,a strong player in the air & the La Mirada Tournament MVP.
    Jr Forward Tara Cofer has size & speed and is LA’s 2nd leading scorer with 15 goals & 11 assists. Really only 3-4 goals & assists from being included in the list of POY candidates.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    Is there an All-Star game for soccer? If not, why not? These athletes deserve a platform like this also, and there are more than enough players to make up the teams. I can assure you that the venue would be a sell out, and who knows that one boy or girl that had been missed by some college might be picked up.

  • Anon

    Wow, Stupin is only a Junior? Seems like I have been hearing about her for years.
    FYI – I am a saints fan but think those three are great. I think many of our saints are great also but dont want to sound bias, Jones has been not only a keeper but a leader on the team, Jimenez has outstanding skills and moves the ball up well, and McKee is just amazing on the outside and is sooooo fast. Even if none of our girls get recognized by the Tribune, as many gifted players do not, they are all stars in their own right.

  • dragon

    the worst keeper in league is san dimas keeper rachel jones, she sucks and the worst coach is kocalis (san dimas coach) she SUCKS knows nothing about soccer

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