Boys Soccer: Baldwin Park, Los Altos top list; Sierra Vista, Diamond Bar climbing

Boys Soccer Top Ten
1. Baldwin Park (18-0-2) – After watching them beat Ganesha last week there are two thoughts: One, I’m not sure they realize how talented they really are? Two, they have the best boys soccer fans in the Valley.
2. Los Altos (15-3-3) – With a No. 4 raking in Division IV, and a Miramonte title wrapped up, this Conqs team has passed every test in front to date.
3. Sierra Vista (17-4) – Give it up to the Dons, just when you thought La Puente or Duarte were the Montview frontrunners, the Dons surge to the lead with a win over La Puente on Saturday.
4. Diamond Bar (11-7-1) – What a huge 3-2 win for the Brahmas over Chino Hills.
5. Glendora (15-4-5) – Thanks to Diamond Bar’s win over Chino Hills, the Tartans lead the Sierra by half a game heading into finale Wednesday against Ayala.
6. Mountain View – (11-4-2) – Remember when the defending Division VI champs were struggling early in the season. They got their wake-up call. They’re an experienced playoff team who knows when the postseason is approaching.
7. La Puente (10-3-5) – After losing to Sierra Vista 1-0 on Saturday, they play again in hopes of earning at least a piece of the Montview title with the Dons.
8. Duarte (12-4-3) – Finishing third in the Montview is nothing to be ashamed of.
9. Rosemead (9-8-3) – After all the forfeits because of an ineligible player, the Panthers fall to fourth and will not make the playoffs.
10. Rowland (7-3-3) – Not sure this record is accurate. The San Antonio league is the only league in the area where virtually every team doesn’t update their records, schedules, rosters. How embarrassing.

Boys Soccer standings, schedules and leaders
Del Rey League
Miramonte League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
San Antonio League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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  • SoccerFan

    Actually Los Altos could still lose the Miramonte league to Diamond Ranch. They play twice this week and if Diamond Ranch beats them, they will end up with one loss compare to two by Los Altos. It is not over until the fat lady sings…

  • -random-

    i believe rowland is 14 wins, and 6 losses? 2 ties? idk….

  • In the Crowd

    Rowland Is 14-6-4..In league 4-2-1… Leading Scorer Henry Callistro 31 goals…Rowland beat nogales today 2/09/10 5-1..RHS- Callistro (4), Ever Vargas (1), NHS – own goal by RHS…

  • dr

    im pretty sure diamond ranch just beat los altos 3-2 on friday and won at there place today 4-0. and they arent even in the top ten.

  • SoccerFan

    So that means that Los Altos is 5-2-0 and Diamond Ranch is 4-1-0 with two games to play. I think Diamond Ranch has Charter Oak and Wilson left. It looks like Diamond Ranch will be Miramonte Champions. Fred you sure got that wrong on the rankings…Correction, correction. Stop the presses….

  • SoccerFan

    So that means that Los Altos is 5-2-0 and Diamond Ranch is 4-1-0 with two games to play. I think Diamond Ranch has Charter Oak and Wilson left. It looks like Diamond Ranch will be Miramonte Champions. Fred you sure got that wrong on the rankings…Correction, correction. Stop the presses….

  • DR

    This blog is always full of Los Altos fans but when they lose, you don’t even see them here. Can anyone confirm those scores for Boys Soccer against Diamond Ranch?




    GO BRAVES!!!!

  • Diamond Ranch is 6-1 in league, beating Los Altos in both meetings 3-2 and 5-0. Diamond Ranch is on fire right now and still don’t get love on the blog. Maybe people will notice when they wrap up the Miramonte League title Thursday.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    Why is it up for LA fans to report for you.

    When they win they report for their team, hence the word “Fan”.

    Sorry, but you should report for your team like everyone else on here.

    OH and congrats to the Diamond Ranch boys team on their wins.

  • Dragon

    Congratulations Diamond Ranch. Ive heard you team was having a great season and not getting any recognition for that. Baldwin Park im sorry your weak. You dont even play hard teams thats why you have such a good record. Rosemead is not making the playoffs but they are still ranked. For cheating… and Diamond Ranch is no where to be found. West Covina is also a good team that should be in the rankings. Rowland has just as good of a record than all the teams on the top. And fred, your embarrassing. San Antonio league has sent you emails and calls. Our job is to play soccer. Your job is to give the newspaper facts. Well do our jobs, and you should START doing yours.

  • SGV Guy

    Dragon said Baldwin Park is weak and plays weak teams??? What are you smoking?? You must not know or watch much soccer!! Look at who they play and their record. Look at Ganesha in Valle Vista League and their record. Ganesha should be in the top 10 easily!! And Northview is an up and coming Boys team with a new coach. Look at their pre-season opponents. They have played many teams much touger and have beaten teams who some of those top 10 teams have lost to.

    Valle Vista League gets no respect and they definitely should. Just look at the opponents and records against and it speaks for itself.

    Northview tied Rosemead 1-1, which ended in a win for them because of a forfeit. This is just an example!!

  • wells

    I have to agree with SGV guy. DRAGON suffers from myopia. I have not seen Baldwin Park play, but I have seen teams that they have played. They beat a very strong Sierra Vista team 3-1.

    Also, a team has to be damn good to go undefeated regardless of their league. There are many examples of very strong teams stumbling once or twice.

  • curious

    La Puente Beats Sierra Vista in their rematch. But what I am not sure is who becomes league champion if La Puente beats Gladstone in their final game. SV is 10-2 and La Puente is 8-1-2 and would be 9-1-2 if they beat them. Who is league champ under this senerio

  • bird

    win=3 points, loss=0 points, tie=1 point.. SV total 30 points, LP total 29 points. SV Champs

  • GHigh

    Thank you SGV Guy for giving Ganesha some love. All of this talk about Dranch now, didn’t Ganesha play y’all pretty tough too?

  • Just

    I am still astonished that Rosemead is ranked #8. After all the forfeits and the ineligible players they still get ranked? Hmmm well you can call Rosemead cheaters but I believe they are not. There is one person here to blame (Its not a player). I know for a FACT that there are other schools in the Valley that are CHEATING and have not been caught. Hopefully justice is served to those teams that haven’t been caught just as it was to Rosemead. Believe me, If this would not have happend to Rosemead, I believe they would have had done something very special this season. After all, Rosemead is considered more of a American Football school than a Soccer school. I think there should be some kind of investigation or something to those teams that haven’t been caught. I just believe its not fair to Rosemead.