Breaking News: Edgewood high school is coming back; I think I’m gonna cry

I’m not sure what all this means in terms of athletics. The first freshman class is set for the fall. But if and when they do start a football team, please let it be Bogan or Maggiore that leads it. Not that I have a rooting interest….
The West Covina Unified board of education voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a new high school, to open in August. District officials said it would offer more choices to parents and students and would help relieve overcrowding at West Covina High School. The school will share the Edgewood Middle School campus, a former high school that was closed and converted into a middle school in 1988.

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  • recruit

    I hate to break it to you fred but they will not have any sports teams. It will consist of about 300 students or so. I am hearing no sports at all, I am pretty close to the situation so I am pretty right about this one.

  • Old Timer

    I too am hearing it will be a charter school or something like that. Gifted kids etc and probably no athletics.

  • FredJ

    Not at first, but that could and probably will change two or three years from now..

  • Cougar

    I too would like to see Edgewood have athletics; return them to being thr Trojans and return West Covina High School to the Spartans.

    There were two sets of history and traditions that were lost or forgotten by the shortsighted decision to close the original Edgewood High School and at the same time change the complexity of the original WCHS to accomodate a Board of Education comprised of mainly Edgewood High School Graduates.

    I have heard they have considered many plans; the last of whioh is a mainstream high school that considers high school athletics an important and viable part of the experience.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)

    Freddy J-

    If it is true about Edgewood High School returning, you can return and finally get that Edgewood diploma, we so desperately need you to obtain. Oh, wait. I read that it may be a charter school, sorry Fred.

  • Bring back the Trojan name

    The next gifted kid to attend Edgewood would be the first one, right Fred?

  • Lbello

    If it’s a charter school, then it must be San Jose Edison academy in West Covina. What a bone head decision to make Edgewood a middle school, when right down the street they had Tonopah school that was more than sufficient for a JR high and it was abandoned for more than a decade, but what do they do they make Edgewood a JR high and sell Tonopah to a developer who built townhomes in a gated community. Not to mention that San Jose Edison is a 5 star school it is one of the highest academically achieving school in southern CA as well as all of CA, it’s in the top 100 schools in the nation but West Covina School district won’t ever tell you that cause it’s a charter school. After their first 5 years of becoming a charter school with impressive academic numbers they asked to become a high school but the school dist voted them down, WCHS was already experiencing overcrowding.

  • bob hicklery


  • bob hicklery

    accually edgewood high DOES have sports but not football (yet) or wrestling and this is a public school soo therefore is not just for gifted kids but for kids that care more of their education and want an early collage degree and it has a lil more than 500 kids