Girls Soccer: Here’s a question, if Amat, Los Altos and Walnut were in the same pool, who wins it?

Girls Soccer Top Ten
1. Bishop Amat (24-0-1) – I know I have covered better girls soccer teams, but not one that has been this dominant in terms of won-loss record and goals against average, 106-5. If they cruise through CIF and state like this, I may have to reconsider the first part of this summation.
2. Los Altos (20-1-2) – Okay, this might be the second most dominant team on paper, a 73-9 goals against average. I know Walnut had some dynamte teams when they won three straight titles this decade, but were they this impressive on paper?
3. Walnut (17-3-2) – As hot as the top two have been, the Mustangs might be the hottest over the last month, having secured ten straight shutouts. But for an entire season, you have to give it up to the top two.
4. Charter Oak (18-4) – Four straight wins in the Miramonte are convincing enough. The Chargers may not be as good as the top three, but they’re looking like a solid No. 4.
5. Sierra Vista (20-2) — For me, the Dons will have to prove themselves in the Division VII playoffs, where they’re ranked No. 1. They’re obviously good, but given not one team in the Montview has a winning record, just how good?
6. Glendora (11-9-3) — Finishing the Sierra strong with four straight wins, including dramatic 4-3 win over Chino last week.
7. St. Lucy’s (12-9-2) — Not a good year by their standards, but it appears they can still finish third in the Sierra and make the playoffs.
8. San Dimas (13-3-2) — They were obviously better than Northview when I saw them last week, way much more depth. At No. 8 in Div. VI, they certainly have as good a shot as anyone at winning a divisional title.
9. Bonita (9-6-3) — Losing to Los Altos and Charter Oak is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is finishing third in the Miramonte.
10. Northview (12-5-2) — A little shaky in the back, and not scoring like they were earlier in the season. That happens when teams start doubling your goal-scoring striker.

Girls Soccer standings, schedules and leaders
Del Rey League
Miramonte League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
San Antonio League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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    Wow Fred, 9th really? Bonita beat San Dimas and Charter Oak (the 1st game) and Tied Los Altos. Not to mention, you said we will take third in Miramonte, when second is still possible…pay more attention, we are a good team too!

  • Want some cheese

    9-6-3 and you are crying about 9th, grow up.

  • Aaron

    There was a time when Bonita would have been tops in this list and never move…oh hath we fallen.

  • SoccerFan

    I am glad that you (Fred) refer to these teams as being possibly greatest “on paper.” To be fair to the Walnut teams in the past they have always played in the Excalibur tournament and therefore have played the D1 teams and yes, it matters. The difference between Esperanza, San Clemente, LB Wilson, etc. and EVERY other division is huge. It will be great to see if these teams play the D1 teams in state if they make it that far and would be a big bonus for girls soccer in this area. And I have nothing to do with Walnut or any other team in this area – reading about people complain about HS coaches on this blog is absolutely hilarious and sad I must say.

  • FredJ

    Aaron, those days were 20 years ago when girls soccer was just getting started…I remember them beating teams 8 and 9-0, it was boring. The parity today makes it much better.


    Got to tell ya you are very lucky over here in the East SGV! Fred does a great job of paying attention to your teams! Over in Pasadena Star News area we have not had a top ten list of ANY winter sport, let alone Girl’s Soccer since Jan, 6th; virtually the entire League Season!
    Good Luck in CIF to all the SGV teams both in the West and the East.

    Steve Lesse
    Alverno Soccer

    “BHS MOM said:

    Wow Fred, 9th really? Bonita beat San Dimas and Charter Oak (the 1st game) and Tied Los Altos. Not to mention, you said we will take third in Miramonte, when second is still possible…pay more attention, we are a good team too!”

  • LA Soccer Dad

    Do you have any insight as to why Granite Hills has leapfrogged Los Altos for the No. 2 ranking in the final CIF Poll? Are they a team that has been peaking of late? Their record certainly is not better and LA has a better record against common opponants. This could jeopardize a dream rematch game against BA. (hypothetically assuming they both win out…no guarantee implied)

  • Aaron

    Not that long ago Fred, although Bonita was extremely dominant then. However just ten years ago and in the first half of this decade Bonita held a strong girls soccer program. They didn’t lose a league game for 15 years…and that changed when I was a senior in ’07.

  • soccer lvr

    In an another thread there was a mention of an All-Star team.

    I think I would prefer to see a tournament of the area’s top 10 teams. This would be a way to settle many of the arguments about who is the “best” in the area.


    Aaron is correct, my daughter was on that 07 team that lost their winning streak, it was a VERY hard loss for the team, especially the seniors. However we pushed on and did win league.

    Cheese- I am not “crying” as you put it, I am simply stating that we are 9th behind teams such as San Dimas (no offense to them, they have some great players) but we are in a more competitive league and just because someone’s record is better does not mean anything if they are playing teams that consistently lose. He also stated that we will take third place when in fact if we win our last game and CO loses to LA, we will take second, and it is a good possibility. Just sayin don’t count us out yet!

  • LA Futbol

    Los Altos wrapped up the Miramonte League title today in the pouring rain at Diamond Ranch. It was a dominant performance as the Conquerors scored 4 goals in only 45 minutes. The game was called just a few minutes into the second half on account of the field conditions being horrendous.

    Way to go Conqs! Now get ready for CIF!

  • Saintsgirlsr4real2

    San Dimas also guarenteed league today in a very wet half against Pomona. Just for the record, Bonita may not think San Dimas is as good as they are – and we did not have a great game against them, but look at their 3-0 loss to Charter Oak and then tell me that every team does not ocasionally have a bad day? Our only other two losses are 1-0 to South Hills and Charter Oak, who we later beat 4-2. We also had to stop one of the highest scorers in the country to win league. We are a smaller school in a lower division and we all know where the Bonita Unified money goes. Congratulations to the San Dimas Saints for winning league three years in a row.

  • BHS SoccerFan

    I think it was your comments more than your rankings that upsets Bonita fans. You focused on our loses but not our wins against Charter OAK and San Dimas and completely omitted the fact that we TIED Los Altos one week ago and are poised to take 2nd in league based on the final games. No excuses, but we just lost our goalie for the season prior to our defeats to both LA and CO and it took us a few games to find a suitable replacement. We are looking forward to finishing strong.

    Saints girl – Congrats on winning your league title – but I think you may have forgotten that Bonita girls have beaten you 19 YEARS IN A ROW at the Soccer Ball Classic.

  • SGV Dad

    LA Soccer fans,

    This is not the first time that a change in the final weeks poll has got some teams questioning the process. Mike Bradbury is the coach of Grantie Hills and the Socalsoccer Div IV Girls chairperson. I remember a few years back something similar happened that had coaches and teams asking ‘How did that happen?’. Socalsoccer provides the rankings to CIF, hopefully your coach and the other coaches within your league are members and vote. I am sure Mike has all his buddies signed up and voting to support their league (and his team). I really wonder how many coaches actually vote..
    Bracketing is a whole other animal. Usually the 1st ranked team and 4th are on the same side and the 2nd and 3rd are on the other side, so the rankings shouldn’t effect how or when Amat and LA would meet in the playoffs.

  • diogenes

    Interesting info on Granite Hills coach and his influence. Wondered about the 2-3 position switch. Does he have a role in determining who plays at home or away? Can his bias extend that far? If, as it is said, 2-3 are in the same bracket, and both get that far, Granite Hills and Los Altos will be decided on the field by the players and not politics.

  • LA is Beast

    I agree with whoever suggested our First & Second Team Area players play in some sort of All Star game at the end of the season. Or even better, was the mention that the top 2-3 teams from East SGV play top 2-3 teams from West SGV in some sort of area play offs. That would make for some exciting soccer games & a chance for our schools to play teams we normally wouldn’t.

  • kurmugin

    Come to think of it, the Division 4 Girls Rankings totally ignore 19-4-0 Charter Oak, whose record surpasses that of all but the top 5 teams it lists. It shows 9-6-2 Lakewood St Joe’s and California at 14-8-2 tied for 10th. It will be all sorted out on the field in the next couple of weeks, but Granite Hills does not need some ethic-bending maneuvers by their coach to move to number 2. Their record speaks for itself. It is just a hair less credible as the one posted by Los Altos.

  • SoccerDad

    Wait, we got Los Altos complaining of unfairness when Gano used to sit on one of the boards in CIF and they always got favorable sittings…hahaha..what a joke.

  • Walnut Insider

    I didn’t know we had to be impressive on paper to be #2. I figured 10 (now 11) straight shut outs would be good enough. I knew we wouldn’t go #1, but LA tied last week. No streak there, but they do look impressive on paper. So did the Minnesota Vikings, but that didn’t turn out too well for them did it?

  • Saintsgirlsr4real2

    BHS Soccer Fan – Who cares? Its not the real smuge pot, that has been living at San Dimas since my daughter started high school. Winning the soccer trophy that you made up means nothing in the end. 3 peat and hopefully a long haul into CIF is what matters to us, against teams that have similar opportunities, not against our big sister who has all the dough.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Walnut insider;

    First off congrats to Walnut girls soccer, they have been doing a great job. My neice plays on the team so I’m happy for them.

    I’ve read on the blogs that the San Antonio League other than Walnut and South Hills has not really done so well, and its been a cakewalk for Walnut (now before you get all excited these are Walnut people posting this).

    Weather its true or not I don’t know, but I do know that for the most part by the second half your starters are pretty much out and letting the bench clean up.

    LA has played 2 San Antonio teams and won (check the scores). They were rained out with South Hills. I won’t belittle the San Antonio teams as you have LA, but please think b4 you talk.

    By the way LA has had 18 shutouts this year with only 9 goals against. They have played Div 1, 2, and 3 schools and won.

    Wishing Walnut nothing but the best for upcoming play offs, as the girls that actually play desreve it. As for you……


    BHS Soccer Fan- isn’t it funny how we are talking about soccer on this thread and somehow, those SAINTS gotta bring it back to football, always their reliable excuse, when in doubt bring up the SmudgePot game…haha! I bet she would be singing a different tune if they actually beat BoHigh in soccer, but since they haven’t in 19YEARS, we’ll just bring it back to football.

    Saints Girl- you took my comments from my last post way out of context, I was not at all saying that San Dimas Girls were any better or worse for that matter than Bonita girls, I am not here to bash other teams, I am only commenting to ask Fred why he is counting us out, when the season isn’t over! and as for the money thing, that is complete nonsense, our soccer team has has already completed THREE fundraisers to help out with new uniforms, bags etc… we also pay $200 per girl to play, not to mention the extra money we pay here and there as expenses come up…trust ME, my family struggles to pay and I am not the only one. BUSD, does not give us a dime!

  • missed the point

    I think most of the people missed what this blog was about. Fred put the rankings up for the teams in the valley based on their records and their standings in their respective divisions. His title for the blog was “Girls Soccer: Here’s a question, if Amat, Los Altos and Walnut were in the same pool, who wins it?” I think he put that because he was saying how close ALL 3 teams are and how well they are all doing. He isnt trying to put down any other team in the valley but somone has to be #1 and somsone has to be #10. No need to get upset about where they land in the paper rankings. The only rankings that should matter are the CIF Division rankings and even sometimes they aren’t as right on as some people might think. If anyone thinks their team is the BEST then let them win their division and then they can talk. Enough about how weak or strong some leagues are or who plays in what div.

    We can also talk about how great certain teams were in the past and yes some teams DO have a great PAST but we aren’t talking about what they did 10 years ago or even last year for that fact. This is about this year and thats all the rankings are based on. Lets get over all of this arguing about lame facts from the past and wish all of the area teams that will start the playoffs next year goodluck. We have some really good teams that will be entering into the playoffs next week and everyone in the area should be proud and root for them (unless of course they are playing another team from the area then you get to pick sides)

    Good luck to all boys and girls soccer teams in the area.

  • LA Soccer Dad

    missed the point said:
    I think most of the people missed what this blog was about…..

    Well stated M-T-P…these blogs constantly get hijacked and off topic with boosters declaring how great they are and how weak others are….I also think you nailed it on the head w/ why Fred posted that headline…some very good local teams entering CIF and too close to call who is best at this point.

    Good luck to all and heres to hoping for an LA rematch against the self-anointed greatest squad of all time/Div 1 buster Bishop Amat!!


    MTP and LA Soccer- I get where u are coming from however, two things… first regardless of the question at the top, it IS a thread about the standings of ALL the top 10 teams, second, last I checked, it was ok to comment about soccer on a soccer thread (no matter what the point). Here is where I think you (and everyone else) missed my point: the quote behind Bonita’s ranking states ” Losing to Los Altos and Charter Oak is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is finishing third in the Miramonte” – now while it is correct we did lose to both teams, we also beat CO (first time) and tied LA (second time) also, as of tomorrow’s make up game (and WIN) we will be in second place NOT third.

    My point was…don’t make assumptions, cuz anything could happen.

    Good job today BoHigh girls…you played an awesome game against Walnut and nothing wrong with losing 1-0, to a VERY strong team!
    GOOD LUCK to all the teams as we enter CIF!

  • diogenes

    Miramonte League: Los Altos 2 Charter Oak 0. That makes it LA 22-1-2 and CO 19-5-0 going into the 32-team Division 4 girls playoffs next week. Second consecutive league championship for the Conquerors. Bonita, with its tie with Los Altos and win over CO should make it as league No 2 and CO as No 3 and for its overall record. Amat ended its undefeated season and is the division’s consensus favorite to win it all. Good luck to all, and to Sierra Vista in it’s division.

  • soccer lvr

    Diogenes, thanks for your good wishes.

    Good luck again to everyone again!

  • LA Futbol


    Multiple people have asked about the possibility of a soccer all-star game sponsored by the Trib and the Star News. Haven’t heard any response from you…what are your thoughts? What are the possibility that this could happen?

    I know multiple area coaches would be willing to help out with the planning!

  • LA Fan/Dad

    LA Futbol;

    I think the mere fact that Fred has not answered, “Is his answer”. This question was asked by me, originally, and put on other blog’s by others.

    I would have wished that Fred would have answered it directly, but it seems we got are answer indirectly (not interested).

    Fred I know you read your own blog’s common courtesy would be to answer on way or the other, but oh well.

    Good luck to all the SGV teams heading into CIF Divisional playoffs, do us proud.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    My apologies Fred,

    Just saw your post on other blog, disregard my prior post.

    FredJ said:
    I would love to have an all-star game, not sure how much we could do in terms of sponsoring it, but we could help pick teams and coaches, then we would need a school willing to host its venue and get officials. Anyone interested can email me.

  • soccer lvr

    Fred, instead of of “All-Star” game from only a few teams I would rather see some type of tournament from your top 10. This would help give a team the bragging rights of the “BEST” in the area.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Not Exactly sure but CIF restricts how many games schools can play per season. So thats why All Star game can work. Not school playing, but individual players.

    Think they can’t play more than 25 games. (CIF play-offs, and such do not count towards the 25).

    I’m sure if I got this wrong, someone will correct me.

  • info

    Miramonte League Final Standings

    1 Los Altos
    2 Bonita
    3 Charter Oak

  • LA Futbol

    LA Fan/Dad…

    CIF actually only allows teams to schedule 20 games. Obviously many teams play more than that and that is a result of playing in tournaments. Each tourny counts as 2 games even though teams play 3 or 4 games in each tourny they enter.

    soccer lvr…

    You suggestion, while it sounds like fun, could never happen. In addition to the limit on number of games, there is also a limit on WHEN the games can be played. All games must have been completed by yesterday (Friday before the start of CIF). So unless you played the tourny at the start of the year and all the teams agreed to schedule it, it wouldn’t work.

    This All-Star game needs to happen. I was at the Amat game yesterday and was thinking that would be a perfect place to hold the All-Star game! Nice field, central to both sides of the valley!