South Hills sophomore CJ Saylor, who played a pivotal role in the Huskies championship, verbally commits to San Diego State

CJ Saylor starred at first as a freshman for South Hills, but his natural position is catcher with the his travel team, SGV Arsenal. After a great summer and winter, he has verballed to San Diego State.

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  • Just a Fan

    Congrats to CJ and his family.

  • baseballslife

    Congrats to Cj and his family for the verbal. This kid is gonna be something to watch in the next couple of years. His strong work ethic and great family support will take him a long way. He has one of the strongest arms I have seen on a Sophomore. Wish him well this season. South Hills will be fun to watch this year!

  • As I see it

    Congrats to CJ and his family. Good things happen to good people. Just a heads up to the family – My son is a juinor this year and was offered a full scholarship to San Diego State as well but we did not take it because we wanted to see who they brought in for this class to see how crowded it would be at his positions. We where also TOLD by Tony Gywen himself that if he came then they would not recruit any kids at his position this year. Well a good thing because they brought in three kids at his position and a total of 18 for the 2010 class. They brought in 12 in the 2009 class which means they could have as many as 30 kids committed to the school not counting the 2011 class which at the time we knew of 6 six who had committed. By the time he got there they would have 36 kids on a 35 man roster not including seniors already on the team. I know they count on some of them being drafted out of high school and on the existing team, but that many? Remember this is San Diego State not Arizona State where they get 8-10 kids drafted every year. They have O’Sullivan (SS/P, Vaugh (RF) and their closer for sure but the rest? Where are they all going to play? When you go watch a practice and they have 4 kids deep at every position you start to ask the question – I know there is going to be competition in college but there also has to be opportunity to compete. This is Valenzuela all the way – the new recruiting coordinator, ever wonder why he left the University of San Diego. When shoping schools beware what they tell you and do the math. I hope it all works out for you. All the best. I pray he does not end up at a JC for a year which is where some of these kids are headed I am afraid.

  • Baseball Wire

    As I see it,

    You make several great points, however never forget this is a business. The situation you describe could be repeated in nearly every D-1 School looking to compete at the highest levels. 35 players is fairly standard everywhere. Even Private Schools like USD carry 35+ players with 15-16 pitchers leaving 20 to compete or two or so deep at each position. Until one is there it’s very difficult to know for sure.

    The proof is in their actions once the player is there in the mix. First and foremost to most parents is an Education, baseball is secondary but does play a large role in the decision making process of which school to choosen for their son.

    My understanding CJ Saylor’s case the offer does not get any better, there is no downside. There are catchers in both the 2010 and 2011 classes already signed just ahead of CJ in 2012. Watching this kid play, he’ll be ready to compete for the starting spot as an incoming freshmen.

  • Cameron Saylor

    As I see it:

    Thank you for the kind words and heads up. It will be interesting over the next three years as CJ continues to develop as a player looking to play in the college ranks.

    Go Huskies!!!!

  • To CJ

    Congrats and never be afraid to compete. As I see it, the better player player will always win out. If your son is that good he will win the job. If he can play they will find a place for him on the field. Look at some recent examples. South Hills already had Doyle at catcher but CJ’s bat found a place in the lineup. France, Ibarra, and De La Fuente cracked the starting lineup as freshmen. Rio Ruiz also found himself starting at Amat. Two other players Reyes and Fox found themselves starting in the outfield for Irvine after being infielders their whole life. Work hard CJ and good things will happen.

  • Tommy

    Two things,
    Congrats to CJ and the family. What an exciting time, hats off to you guys.

    Second, someone mentioned concern for the sdsu program…i concur with their feeling of Valenzuela…i like that he likes sgv kids, but i’ve seen him do some local kids wrong after offering them and than pulling it back after some wierd reasons he gave for them not qualifying supposedly. I just don’t trust the personal feeling on that.



  • Good Stuff

    Congrats to the Saylor boy for a huge accomplishment and he’s only a sophomore! A nice reward for alot of hard work from a kid with a unique passion for the game. You add in his great family support, exposure to elite competetion,insane “pop times”, and you have the recipe for success. For those who have watched him over the years, this should be no surprise the kid has had “it” from an early age. Stay hungry CJ and keep up the hard work.

  • santiago

    saylor is a boss! definantly the best catcher around..congrats kid
    you deserve it!

  • DM Like The Country

    Just here to give CJ some love =) You are a stud!!