Two-time defending CIF-SS champion Charter Oak will open the Sierra League with a new field turf surface in the fall; San Dimas gets its in 2011

Charter Oak football coach Lou Farrar said when the track season ends, they will begin renovations on a new field turf surface and track. In fact, graduations are at APU this June. If you’re wondering about the smurf turf, it ain’t gonna happen. Besides, if it happens anywhere, it should be at Bishop Amat. However, my only request is that the new field is in someway named after coach Farrar. You put in 40 years and win five championships, you deserve it. How does Farrar Field sound? The other CIF champion in town, San Dimas, is expected to have a new field turf surface in place in 2011. Still no word whether Los Altos will ever get one. You figure the school with 11 CIF championships would have one by now, but instead they probably have one of the worst fields in the SGV, go figure.

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  • Aaron

    Are you serious? WTF! What San Dimas High School needs is a track, if this includes both I’m for it, but if it doesn’t that stadium has other issues that worrying about the grass. That grass field is pretty nice which is a credit to San Dimas grounds staff.

  • Distric Field

    What about District Field….What a shame on Covina Valley unified. What a shame!

  • corey desanti

    The Los Altos field is horrible…what’s happening with that administration?! Something is missing over there…used to be a special place.

  • BettyB

    Have you heard if they are replacing the pools?

  • LAHS

    the administration at los altos is a joke and the community knows it. what a shame, no turf there yet? explain that…starts with the principal and the entire administration, they should all be given there walking papers….Jokes is what they are..SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!

  • CO headbanga

    I hope its not going to be the same crap that bishop amat got, i think bishops field was going yellow by the end of the season… uuggghhhhh

  • Kurmugin

    Fred, you and your associates would know, but isn’t football the cash cow for most high school athletic programs? How is that income usually distributed? Who gets it, CIF, it’s district, the school, it’s ASB, the athletic department, other sports? Is there a set formula on how it is split? Or is it up to each school? Can it cover any part of coaching salaries and/or expenses? I remember back in the WC Spartan days that their large, active, and affluent booster’s group covered a lot of extras for team uniforms, pre and post game meals and treats and all kinds of off-budget stuff. Today’s successful programs probably enjoy similar benefits. Doubt others do. In these tough economic times ticket sales and booster contributions have got to be vital. What other sports add to the pot, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and what, anything? I am told that parent and fan financial support are the only way that lots of teams make the field or arena. And what about corporate sponsorships? Glendora basketball used to raise a lot of money with its fabulous calendars and at the gate. Was just one example of how success funds success.

  • A Nonny Mouse


    Ask the district why the LA field wasn’t fixed. Several years ago they got bond money to upgrade the fields of all FOUR schools in the district… they did ONE. Where is the rest of the money? The district isn’t talking. Maybe the taxpayers should be asking.

  • Miramonte League Opponent

    I guess to the victors goes the spoils. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Now just what Charter Oak needs is a fast surface to go with their fast athletes. Too bad they do not have the next star running back to continue their tradition. I saw their coach’s office, weightroom, players classroom, and of course their state of the art training room when we played them at their place last year. They even have a certified trainer full time on campus addressing their injuries. Yes I am jealous and my question is why can’t other schools get the same top notch facilities? Then you wonder why teams like Charter Oak get transfers from other school. We have nothing to attract them like they do so once again we lose off the field too. I’m mad..!

  • amatfan

    Amat should leave the field the way it is. It maybe one of the worse but that’s their homefield advantage that gets people like Charter Oak scared. Scary fans in your face and poor field conditions plays a big role in Amat’s undefeated record at home the past 2 seasons


    The real issue is the Hacienda La Puente school district. The original plan was the LP field the first year then in year two the LA and
    Wilson field was going to be done. So the District’s version of it was that the LP field went over budget so much that they cancelled the LA and Wilson field.

    Its gets better, the school district decides to upgrade the pools at LA and Wilson. Our great facility manager Mark Handsburger decides to do the LA pool first. A few months after he started the project, he closed the Wilson pool due to un-safe condition, for good. Now all the Wilson kids have to be bused to Nogales High School every day for practice. La is going to have two pools while Wilson has zero.

    Then we have our great superintendent, all she does is protect her incompetent employees. How can all this continue and this guy still has a job. As much money that he has received in kicks backs on that turf deal, you would think he doesn’t need the money.

    Just maybe if they were accountable, they would do a better job.

    Sorry that makes too much sense.

  • Insider

    Fred where do you get your information? SD has no plans for Field Turf. A new stadium yes, but you need to call over there and check your facts. Odds are that won’t happen either, probably use it for a new band room. The bond wasn’t even for field turf it was for a new stadium. There are NO plans for turf, just a stadium with the same old grass. So reporter you are.

  • Saintsgirlsr4real2

    San Dimas High School is getting a regulation track. Have not heard a turf field, especially with the negative reports about turf. Lots of players don’t want turf anyway but a nice all weather track would be nice. Once again, Cinderella gets the leftovers.

  • Shenanigans

    If they plan on sticking with grass at SD, they need to get up to date with striping the field. I was line judge in a game late the season, and the yard lines disappeared 15 feet in front of me. Makes things difficult.
    Natural grass is the best surface in the world, but high schools just don’t have the capital to maintain it well. FieldTurf is a great option. If it isn’t shoddy work, it ends up being more cost-effective than grass in the long run.