Is it me, or is this a down year in boys hoops?

This is has been a strange year for boys basketball. Teams with the best records are South Hills and Baldwin Park. Diamond Ranch, Nogales and Glendora are struggling while La Verne Lutheran is the only team with multiple D-1 prospects. Bishop Amat, Bonita and Damien can all play, but they don’t have the high flyers that will captivate an audience and draw those who don’t normally follow their teams to games. Workman might have the best player in Bobby Miles Serrano, but he’s tough to showcase in the struggling Montview. They would have been more fun if CJ stuck around, but now he’s gone too. Even Northview didn’t win a Valle Vista league title, I guess it’s just one of those years. You know it’s strange season when you post top ten threads throughout the year and girls soccer continually draws more attention than supposedly the second biggest drawing sport in high school. What are you gonna do?

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  • Aaron

    Must be a down year…but Bonita is still as steady as they’ve ever been under Greg Eckler. Still a good year, keep it going coach.

  • In all seriousness

    Takes analysis to generate interest. Fred that’s not your strong suit. Never has been. You’re a soccer and tennis player and even in those sports I’m still baffled why we know very little about who to watch and when. Or what makes certain players must sees. Others have said The Tribune fails the community and for the most part, I’d agree.

  • diogenes

    What are you going to do? You report on the games that are played by the players we have. We may currently lack exceptional talents and marquee teams, but they all play hard and to the best of their abilities. Isn’t the same with all the sports you cover? Some days caviar, some days fish bait? I see prep personalities covered in your pages, adds depth to the game stories when we get them. You had a photo just this week of an Amat girls basketball game that showed what appeared to be a single spectator in the background. Sure there were more, but that can be interpreted as the interest they attract. Unfair, but real. If you are into the game, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter the size of the crowd or the intensity of their support. Its playing. To these young men and women, in these times and at these places, it is the playing. Excellent or average, first team or scrub, it is being part of the game. For them, memories. For us, a couple of inches of type tossed aside for tomorrow’s stories. You lived it. Most of us have. It is their time. Go, Team.

  • Reaction

    In all seriousness, it takes talent to spark interest too. Why else do you think football and baseball threads do so well? The Tribune has blogs that all other papers are envious of, ESPN it’s not, but it’s wayyy ahead of the curve.

  • bball coach

    Not so sure it is a down year. Just teams have stepped it up. Just seems to be more parity. Look at your # 1 team in the Valley South Hills they have lost 3 games (Northview twice) and your # 9 team in the Valley Baldwin Park beat Northview twice. Yes some of the big time teams the last couple of years are down like Glendora, and Nogales. Damien is prepared to make a run in the playoffs. I just think there is more parity in our area now and on an given night any team can beat each other. Diamond Ranch had a tough preseason but are going to tie for second with Charter Oak in the Miramonte League. There could be a 3 way tie in the San Antonio league for 2nd (Walnut, Nogales, Rowland).

    Fred I feel that the Valley just has a bunch a good teams and we have parity much like college basketball where there is no stand out # 1 team this year.

  • alligotstosayaboutthat

    There is more to basketball than flying slam dunks. There is more to a season than just the record.

    What there is to a basketball season is the strength of schedule, the obstacles overcome, the thrill of a no look pass, the come from behind victories and the stories behind the scene. Investigative reporting will do this.

    There is a player on the boys’ DR team that was instrumental in the success of their championship season last year, and is a dominant player every time he steps on the court. The other coaches in the league are well aware of him, yet he has somehow escaped your notice for the entire season.

    Also, a big part of DR’s record is because they have played & lost to teams like LB Jordan, Gahr, Mission Viejo, Pacific Hills, Tustin, & J Serra.

    But no matter. While that same player received calls from the Air Force, Yale, Oberlin, University of Pennsylvania and many quality D3 schools…his ability & the team’s valiant struggles to overcome adversity seem to be lost to you.

  • Journalism 101


    what is it with diamond ranch? what the heck are you guys trying to accomplish over there? last year you had two players go to armed services academies and another to santa clara, yet another to colgate and yet another recruited by stanford and then you top it off by sliding in yet another player who’s generated interest form some of the most academically challenging universities in the land!!! what are you trying to do? upset the status quo and make us forget you’re a Pomona Gansta school with guns and knives in every locker? delinquents in every hidden corner of your asphalt jungle campus? alligottosayabout diamond ranch is this…congratulations! too bad diamond ranch gets a bad rap from bloggers and really from the tribune as well even though they continue to put players, both male and female, into schools across the country for academic as well as athletic accomplsihments and have one of the strongest and united racially mixed booster clubs anywhere. at diamond ranch they left the paint off to remind everyone that “color” doesn’t matter!!!

    Fred you answered your own question….you did a poor job informing us of who, what, when, where, why and how regarding this season’s best and brightest and instead focused on the Usual Suspects…pretty sad.

  • wanttoknow

    South Hills clinch 1st.
    Who has a better shot of being 2nd after tonite games?
    San Antonio league for 2nd (Walnut, Nogales, Rowland)

  • alligotstosayaboutthat

    Journalism 101,
    Be careful, your sheet is showing.;)

    Here we are having and intelligent discussion on the parity of the league and the reporting thereof, and all you can do is make “Billy Bob” slurs & innuendoes.

    Your classless statements just goes to show that ignorance, bigotry & classlessness has no boundaries. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Methinks the gentleman protests too much.”

    You are right, the reporting of the efforts of our high school athletes should not be limited to “phi slamma jamma” basketball.

  • Journalism 101 DR Fan 100%

    alligottosayabutthat maybe you misread my post. no need to apologize. my point was that diamond ranch continues “their” excellent history of outstanding student/athlete achievement yet..and you might want to circle the word…YET…all we hear from “OTHERS” is a constant refrain to PAINT Diamond Ranch as thugish when the OPPOSITE is true…sorry…TRUE!

    Now don’t you feel slightly embarrassed?

    Maybe you should read to the end where I made the observation that, “the school wasn’t PAINTED because COLOR doesn’t MATTER.”

    We are both huge fans of DR so let’s call this what it is…a misunderstanding

  • Bball fan

    Are you guys serious about Diamond Ranch? What is their record–8-15? The team had a good senior class last year, but this years team is very weak and would finish 5th at best in the sierra league. After losing the transfer from diamond bar, they have no players that are of any concern in the league, and no players that are in the top 15 in the area. Even when they have talent they don’t seem to be well prepared for games.
    Overall, there are still some solid teams this year with Chino hills, Damien, Bonita and South hills, but probably not the same level of talent as last year. The only thing that will hurt the chances of south hills and bonita in the playoffs is the difficulty of their section.

  • Colts Fan

    There are a lot of interesting things going out there, like the level of competition in the Valle Vista league being the strongest it’s been in years. True there was no dominant stand out but every team was competitive. I’m disappointed nobody has talked more about the young Covina Colts, which bolsters a roster which include 2 freshman and 5 sophomores, that actually play a bulk of Covina’s minutes. It’s a shame that no one paid attention earlier to this special interest story as they played an amazing game against Northview last night, its a shame there weren’t more people there to witness what I believe will be a changing of the guard, Covina has 10 players returning for next year!