Softball: Oh did we have some fun last year, let’s get it going, the pre-season starting 10

Below is Los Altos’ Courtney Gano. Sort of some breaking news for you, Natalie Sanchez, who pitched and played a key role in Whittier Christian’s run to a softball title last year, has transferred to Bishop Amat, though her transfer hardship request was denied by CIF-SS officials. From what I hear, she is appealing. If she’s able to play, this should help the Lancers tremendously.

Starting 10
Pitcher – Chloe Wurst, Bonita
Catcher – Brittney Rodriguez South Hills
Infield – Stephanie LaRosa, Diamond Bar
Infield – Courtney Gano, Los Altos
Infield – Natalie Hernandez, Glendora
Infield – Vanessa Bracamonte, Wilson
Outfield – Breeanna Sandoval, Bonita
Outfield – Courtney Hine, San Dimas
Outfield – Jazzmin Arant, Covina
Flex – Monica Gomez, Sierra Vista

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  • whitey

    Fred,Fred,Fred the mound is still forty feet in HS, I believe the state CIF office in their “infinite” wisdom thought it too much to move the rubber back 3 feet! in ASA travel ball it’s been 43 for 18u for several years, this year it’s 43 for 16u also, I guess after this faux pas, I see why there’s not much written about softball in this blog! on an 0-2 pitch who swung feebily and missed……………..again…..please do some homework will you!

  • sister

    Nice to see JA and CH finally hit this board both can really play the game. Much love to you both about time the Valle Vista gets some respect.

  • onlooker

    What hardship is the Sanchez family claiming? This is too funney. This kid wants to jump HS teams as much as she has jumped TB teams. Whenever the PARENTS haven’t been happy, the kid has suffered.

  • fyi

    Fred Fred Fred,

    wheres the love for the ladies?The LA times named LaRosa one of two most feared hitters. All the talk about the boys and this kid is arguably the best player in the state and raised right here in the SGV.

  • weird

    please enlighten us and explain your comment?

    onlooker no bucketeers allowed lol.

  • softballGuru

    A new breed of pitching in the Valley

    Some top pitchers in the valley that I know but who’s the dominate pitcher coming up in the valley. This years crop is good but without Patterson and Waldusky who will emerge as the premier ace in the valley it just doesnt seem as strong as years past.Fred whats your take?

    Cloe Wurst -Bonita
    Kortnie Clark -San Dimas
    Danielle Otoole -St. Lucy’s
    Veronica Ramirez -Azusa
    Victoria Bernard -South Hills
    Carly Argyle -Glendora
    Carrissa Crawford -Bonita

  • outsider

    Natalie Sanchez is ok. The only reason she got more pitching time last year was because their ace Courtney was hurt. As soon as she was healthy W.C.’s coaches waisted no time putting her back in.That includes every playoff game.

    sbguru i agree pitching is definitely weaker in the area this year.i think carly will do will kortney and chloe. but mark my words chartr oak is gonna give everyone a run for their money this year!Lets see how wll gano does when she really has to lead! wrd is theyve gotte SPANKED i their scrimmage games.

  • softballGuru


    Agree I thought CO looked good last season with some strong young talent my concern is how will they fair in the circle?

  • onlooker

    CH at SD is a great pick in the outfield. But, her and her parents insistance that she play 2nd base on her HS team is going to hurt SD. The coach doesn’t know any better also. She doesn’t play there in TB and no coach or scout is ever going to want her to play for them at 2nd when she goes on to college. She doesn’t showcase at 2nd base in TB tourneys. Hasn’t always been the greatest teammate in TB either.

  • onlooker


    WTH are you talking about?


    What, no love for HB? lol

  • Sanchez transfered to play softball,similar to what happened at south hills. hope cif denies the appeal.

  • shfan

    Hey softball guru,
    Victoria Bernard @ South Hills did not even finish the year in the circle because of a dominant sophmore. She is not even being considered a starting pitcher this year. May pitch the back of DH and some tournament games this year if she does not quit.

  • whitey

    what I meant is that senor freddie starts the year off with a major faux pas, where in the hell did he get the ridiculous notion that CIF was moving the rubber to 43 feet? so who swung feebily on an 0-2 pitch, the Fredster, it’s as bad as not knowing what a Libero was last year in volleyball! these are minute details, it sure as hell isn’t rocket science, but c’mon Fred….do just a little bit of homework willya………..and you travel ball dads, do you know the pitching distance differs from ASA to HS……btw, CA is the only state not pitching from 43 feet this year, why? this state has been the leader in womens fast-pitch for 25 years, too much work to move the rubber back 3 feet? are you kidding, c’mon man! lokk for Whitey on the dish this year, 25 times or at the better travel ball tourneys, just look for a 60 year old Irishman, that knows wtf he’s talking about, as always, siad with a grin and more than a bit of truth, cya Frank!

  • softballGuru

    Lets get the party started the Gurus preseason top ten. Its going to be an interesting year for many with several top teams in the area losing senior pitchers to graduation. Its anyones guess how they will fair without. Something tells me it could be a roller coaster of a season with not much separation at the top. From what I have seen in the off season and heard through the grapevine this is what I know and how I see it at the start.

    1. San Dimas:
    How long will they last at the top? Is anyones guess but they do deserve to start here with a Big C.I.F run last season and one of only two top teams that retained their ace in the circle. Will she get the support from a cast of new players. Its going to take a repeat of last season for Clarke and San Dimas to get back to the ship. Very possible shes had an incredible three years (icing on the cake).

    2. Bonita:
    Just like SD Bonita retains their ace along with a great #2. Bonita has the pitching depth to go along way. Word is several good freshmen including an unknown transfer will have an immediate impact. There’s not a lot separating the top two but this years inner city rivalry may have a bit more meaning then years past.

    3. South Hills:
    I really like this team they have some solid players in Rodriguez,Nieves and Stewart who should provide the leadership. The big question is how well their pitching will do?

    4. Glendora:
    Although Waldusky is gone playing division I college ball expect good things from a well coached but young team. Hernandez will anchor the infield and provide the senior leadership. Coach Reese an SGV favorite and one of the areas best always has them ready and Im sure expects good things from Junior pitcher Carly Argyle she looked great last season when Waldusky was sidelined with an injury but expect the Sophomore Langdon to compete for the starting roll.

    5. Charter Oak:
    This team can flat out hit the problem is what good is it to score 8 runs if you give up 9. I predict this team will be the spoiler this year and could end up going far in C.I.F and on this board the problem is no one has stepped up in the circle since Delaney Baylor.

    6. West Covina:
    Monarez always finds a way to win in big games love this kid. This team will give SH and Walnut fits and a run for their money.

    7. Los Altos:
    The glory days are over with DL playing Division I college ball this team takes a huge tumble. Their infield has a lot to prove with several seniors gone to graduation but the good news is a transfer from SE will fill the Catchers spot heard she can rake we will soon see.

    8. Walnut:
    Heard theres a new sheriff in town politics as usual in the nut city. Is this a good thing or a curse for the coach? Arenas, Chavira and Lepp will carry the load.

    8. Azusa:
    Same old story Ramirez will throw hard but will somebody emerge to support with defense?

    9. St. Lucys:
    Otoole on the rise the lefty has a lot of promise but will the new hire coach (Nuvemen) handle the challenge and put together a Cinderella team or will the drama continue?

    10. Northview:
    A couple of years away from being a winner again. Still rebuilding from the Fraijo glory years.

    Somebody please give us some insight on Diamond Bar? What If LaRosa was on one of the top teams? SE, SV too much to over come with the big guns in the circle gone. Although they have a few strong players its a major rebuilding period. Fred this should give you a few things to consider before you start the season off. Oh’my God did I leave Bishop Amat out oops sorry’ but we all know Fred Won’t.

  • Anon II

    Oh, CH is less than perfect? You would never know that by the information given out by the powers at be. Word is that she is gonna be, or already is, better than AS. Yeah, I know – Rose colored glasses.

  • weird

    you forgot fat Irishman lol

  • please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    dominant sophomore are you talking about the kid that pitched for thunder this fall? If so your kidding right? every game I saw it was rake city so please make sure your in the know before you go.This isn’t rec ball no more?The kid has great size but has a long way to go average at this point in her career.

  • please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    And if you mention the word kryptonite I’m going to throw up.

  • twopeat

    Anon II
    Gonna be she already is CH can Actually hit!

  • kh

    keep your eye on the camera.maybe fred will get some of those breath taking shots, like he did with v-ball players.go kodak

  • onlooker

    CH better than AS? Wow, you really have rose colored glasses. CH has a long way to go to be the complete player that AS is. She has a lot of maturing to do to surpass the leadership and playing ability that AS showed at AD. She has already shown that lack of leadership and “team” attitude already by not playing in what could be her all-CIF position, CF. The parents need to back off the coach and let him run the team..Totally selfish player.

  • meow


    Who’s being the bad “teammate” now

  • *****

    kh perv

  • Impostor

    Will the KH impostor go away. KH has a writing style all to his own and no one can duplicate it.

  • SIM

    WOW!!!! Onlooker you must really have issues with CH & AS which is sad cause they are good girls, good friends and good athletes each in their own way. You’re an IDIOT !! Don’t you have anything better to do but pick on girls? As for CH’s parents why the hate they are good people and how do you know what is being said or not between them and the coach. CH has always showed leadership skills as we have known her for a while. STOP BEING A CH-ild HATER MORON !!! Let these girls play ball and have fun it’s only high school.

  • CH-ild Hater, classic !

    CH-ild Hater….absolutely classic!!!!!!!!!! and pretty clever as well.

  • SAM

    LA’s DL started at shortstop against Arizona went 2-4 2 RBIs and Western Michigan beat fourth rank Arizona 4-2 in a scrimmage today.

  • fred meally

    Looks like the same crap at Bonita, coach is clueless, new freshman will make team because they are playing on HIS travel team not there own, same lazy, go through the motions workouts with no team chemistry, a lot of talent with no leaders!

  • hahahahahaha!

    Hey Brian, its never too early for you to start the “same crap”. What a moron. You and the H family make a GREAT “team”!

  • sgv


    thanks for the update Its good to here DL is playing well and making an impact at the next level. Keep us posted much love and respect from the sgv.

  • lcrk

    fred meally
    Its nice to see the devil has returned whats a matter not enough drama in your house don’t worry and give it some time there’s a reason why your alone.

  • Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Brian, no matter what name you comment under, your still a moron. Get a real job and get out of the house and off of the computer. Bonita HS and everyone else will be better off. How’s that CA thing working out, weasel?

  • sd11

    CHUCK & LAURA siting in a tree k i s s i n g first comes love then comes marriage.YOU know the rest!!loser

  • bhs

    you really have it in for little bri hes actually been a good boy this year and is getting a long great with the coach.He’s obviously step on your toe in the past why not give the guy a call and handle it face to face.

  • Whatever

    To all the folks that have nothing better to do., I can’t believe this has already started it’s good to see that some of the same “idiots” are returning, but yet it’s not surprising that they haven’t learned anything or haven’t grown up. My advice to all of you go back to school and learn proper english. And since you all haven’t learned a thing since last season and simply to stupid to stop bloging, at least do us the courtesy to protect the innocent (Players). In the case that you do not understand what it being asked of you let me help your dumb asses out! Do not write anything negative about any young athletes or there parents, if you feel the need to blog write about softball in itself. To Fred Meally., your negativity is unappreciated, but before you write take a long look in the mirror and come up with some true facts! By the way I hear the “Clueless” Coach really appreciates all that you have done in the past few weeks. To Hahahahahaha., common sense is really required here and by the way fighting fires with fire never works. In case you were never taught you should always think before you speak, but in this case write! It is obvious to everyone that wastes there time reading this blog there is obviously some bad blood between you two “Morans”, if either one of you had any sense about you – you would work this out like adults instead of back when you were in grade school. To all of the parents and kids that were named in the early start of this softball blog my heart goes out to you and it needs to be said ” I apologize on the behalf of the insensitive, immature and with nothing better to do blog writing fools”. Signed by someone who really cares and tired of hearing about all the DISRESPECT.

  • disappointed…

    This is all so sad. What happend to the days when parents were there for support and just watch a game instead of causing so much drama. This is what all you people are doing. Everyone needs to just stop. This blog needs to go away because nobody knows how to use it constructively. All of you need to grow up and leave the girl’s and their parents alone. Why air dirty laundry of someone else’s family and your own personal negative thoughts? Please just stop and grow up. Everyone who reads this knows exactly who the people causing all this crap is and it is really disappointing, didn’t you learn anything?

  • onlooker2

    Never underestimate the power of good networking and “friendships”…lol. SD has some good, strong talent that’s been underused for whatever reason. Find it hard to believe this was the only player good enough to represent as the best and the one to look at from this school. No hating.

  • oldfart

    The intent of your comment is genuine but naive you see hahahaha, fredmeally and onlooker are the same idiot who has chosen to stir the pot. He lives in a make believe world and yes it includes conversations with himself. Someday this loser will find humility and let us pray it happens soon. You would have thought that the events of this past year personally for this guy would have changed that. Its inevitable now that his dd has finally made varsity and deservingly so be an every day starter, she may very well get some positive press of her own. This is obviously what he has so desired for so long. It is in her best interest for this loser of all losers to keep his comments about innocent players and parents to himself. Food for thought (whatever) don’t always believe what you read. Let us hope a lesson is learned here and coach P. doesn’t penalize any of his players for the lack of good judgment by a stupid parent.

  • updater

    SAM! where did you get your info from? If you read both AZ and WMichigan website they never playes a scrimaage against each other..and when they did play against each other in Tempe AZ the score was 14-1 AZ winning and DL went 0 for 2 with no basehits and no Rbi’s..I try and follow the girls in collage but my friend Sam you were way off!! Just read the teams web-site..

  • I forgot to mention that Hanna F pitched really good this weekend. and the catcher from LA did really well in Las Vegas..just glad to here others are doing well from SGV..I know this is a High School blog just trying to give some love. and about my last comment it was AZ 13 WMich 0.. if any oneelse has any new news please share.

  • onlooker3

    SD does have some good talent and in your own words “under used for whatever reason” That’s the key and to your own admission. Here are a couple of facts you should have considered before you pressed enter. CH hit.425 highest amongst returning starters and let us not forget she had two of the five total team hits going 2 for 3 in the C.I.F championship game. I believe that’s batting .667 in the biggest game of their young lives. Not to mention defensively has one of the strongest arms in the area. Please enlighten us with a better prospect (no hating)? looks like Fred did his homework here.

  • ?

    and the catcher from LA did really well in Las Vegas..

    What school is she attending?

  • updater

    ? I beleive she’s playing for a small school in New Mexico (Highlanders) Waldusky looks like she had a great weekend as well..good job!!

  • Onlooker2


    wow, you really got her stats down. Does that good against the better teams, too? Must be a standout on her TB team. Just hadn’t heard that much about her for being such a stud player. The whole area, huh? Ok, should be a great season of softball. Didn’t realize I hit a nerve, calm down. Her teammates on the bench should be so protected against any legit questioning instead of being punished “for whatever reason” and threatened on this blog.

  • onlooker3

    For someone who was so opinionated in your first blog. I ask you so kindly again who would you pick that would better represent SD in the starting 10?

  • onlooker3

    that’s what I thought.

  • onlooker2

    Ok, do you want people to just fall in line or get thrown under the bus by the PR machine and player agents out there? Bench is underused. That’s all that needs to be said. relax.

  • Whatever

    Onlooker 3, get over yourself already. It doesn’t really matter who is in the starting 10. There are allot of good athletes out there and we all know why you are hung up on the starting 10. Stop looking for an argument and let the girls play the game without the big heads, it gets them no where! Focus on the girls and the game as a whole, if you need to be reminded, it’s not one player that makes the team, it’s all of them.

  • onlooker3

    Point being its easy for you to make a negative comment,referencing a player and hiding behind a screen name. But when asked to make a positive comment to support your argument your scared. With know merit behind a statement it might be wise to just keep quiet?

    You need to worry about whatever the last time I looked it was still a free country. Lucky for me I was blessed with boys and have no horse in this race. Its amazing to me how softball parents are so quick to post judgment,along with blatant assumptions.”It doesn’t really matter who is in the starting 10″ Are you kidding me, read that to yourself again please? Lets all hold hands now and sing a happy song blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know a few poor people who are struggling to feed the kids,let alone pay for sports and since your so high and mighty about the team throw a few ducats around to even things up! (Its about the team remember)

    “It is and always has been an American seal to be first in anything we do and to win and to win and to win”

  • Onlooker2

    Scared? Anyway, I thought I was being positive. Why not play girls whovhave a consistent record of having the ability to hit for distance offensively and would go threw a fence defensively? It’s no secret except to you and you seem to know the team. For someone who doesn’t have an agenda, what’s with you? Look at the bench and whose on it. Not just one who could play more and make a difference. ltr, I’m done.

  • onlooker4

    “Find it hard to believe this was the only player good enough to represent as the best and the one to look at from this school.”

    “I thought I was being positive.”

    I wouldn’t call this being positive.


    And the Hits keep coming. Please get all of this garbage out of your system now! So when the season starts you might have something meaningful and positive to say. The bottom line is the girls still have to get out on the field and play the game. Did any of these young ladies ask to be on this Top 10 list?? When the season is over and your DD didn’t make the list (because she might not be that good) there’s no reason to cry. Just have her work a little harder for next year. This just one mans opinion and this list will change several times as the season goes one. No need to complain now. Complain at the end of the season when bench warmers make first team all league. Then you will have something to talk about.
    And for those CH haters, get a life!! Bashing the youg lady is sick and pointless. Bashing any kid on here is just plain nuts. Yes this a Blog and free speech and all that junk.. but you need to draw the line some where. I’m more than sure you wouldn’t be happy if someone was talking crap about your kid. Please have a little class.

    Thanks Fred for all you have done. You have gotten the season statred off in the right direction. You’re doing a bang up job. Keep it coming!!!!

  • ?


    What college did Waldusky go to?

  • updater

    Dana from Glendora plays for UC Davis along with freshman Liz Santana from the IE, both are making a huge impact on there teams.

  • softballGuru

    Updater thanks for the updates please keep them coming.BIG DADDY Nice to see your still around and Congrats to the family.Now that the dust has settled and the first week drama is flushed down the can lets really talk softball.Has anyone seen the San Dimas Classic tournament schedule?well if you haven’t the link to the SD sight is up and listed below check it out.

    Etiwanda the division II C.I.F champs lost only two players to graduation in 2009’and after reviewing the schedule for this years tournament it’s clear to me and no offense to the teams in their bracket “but wow” could Don have made it any easier for them to get back to the ship.CO you truly have a shot and should get to the semis to face Etiwanda good luck!both teams can hit but Etiwand has to big guns in the circle.The other side of the bracket is loaded with top local teams and should eventually give clarity to Fred’s early top ten whatever that maybe.Good luck to all the teams in the S.G.V and your family’s but lets seriously talk softball match-ups, predictions and how does your team look?


    WOW, yep Etiwanda will have a cake walk to ship in this tourny. My DD plays with several of the young ladies from Etiwanda. They are the real deal. Great bunch of kids! They will be a true Power House this year. I would hate to start the season off facing them.

  • BAfan

    Besides Fred’s news of a possible transfer whats the story at BA this year? According to max preps it looks like BA lost six seniors.

  • Mikey

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 said:
    And if you mention the word kryptonite I’m going to throw up.

    Why bring us a crappy rec ball team?

  • Diana Patterson Fan

    PATTERSON .143

    Score was 4-2 WM?
    more like….
    Western Michigan vs. Arizona 0-13 (L)

    she went 2 for 3?
    more like 0 for 2.

    Nice try.