South Hills’ Ty France verbals San Diego State

South Hills sophomore Ty France has joined fellow sophomore CJ Saylor in announcing his attention to go to San Diego State. This Huskies team already is loaded with Jacob Shirley going to UCLA. Between South Hills and Bishop Amat, this is a lot of D-1 talent. I said it once and I will say it again, baseball is our best sport in the SGV, I would take an all-star team of SGV players over Orange County any day of the week. Already there are plans in the works for an SGV-Long Beach all-star baseball challenge … More on that later.

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  • Amat Man

    Don’t forget about Adrian Franco (2011) from Bishop Amat who also verballed to San Diego State.

  • Baseball Wire

    One would wonder if the original “Top 9 preseason top follows” were a bit hasty. So much top talent coming out of the SGV early predictions are hard to say who will be in the top ranks at the end of the year. Great follows are Eric Gonzalez Freshmen at Nogales, DJ Larios Sophomore at West Covina, Shawn Kennedy at San Dimas and the Three Amigos from Los Altos, Stepehen Camberos, Joe Mumoz and Chris Corona at Sophomores. Don’t forget Cody Doyle and Dakota Behr both Seniors at SHHS.

  • Baseball Wire

    Amat Man:

    My mistake, Adrian Franco can flat out rake, great glove speed and arm. As mentioned so many greeat ones to follow, the SGV will be exciting to watch. Add Dylan Goodwin Diamond Ranch, Travis Santiago Charter Oak etc. the list goes on. Keep up the great works boys you have a bright future!

  • theeaglehaslanded

    theeaglehaslanded says, this is so much b.s. about kids that have not even started their soph baseball season saying that they have verbally committed to a d-1 college. what is worst is that you fred make it a head-line. If san diego state is chasing freshmen in high school then they must suck. give the kids a couple more years and see where they have landed….total b.s.!

  • it’s ok

    the eagle has landed,

    your player will do just fine at the JC of his choice.

  • Don

    This is all fine and the young man in question is certainly an excellent ballplayer but most people reading the headline walk away with the assumption that the kid has been awarded an athletic scholarship to play ball for Coach Gwynn. For that component of your readership that encourages their kid to spend more time in the batting cage than on the graphing calculator that provides false validation of a poor plan.

    Ty has three more seasons to play, five more semesters to work on that GPA, ACTs and SATs to pass, all hopefully at the same high level of play and injury-free. THEN he might be awarded some of the 11.78 athletic scholarship money D1 Baseball programs are allowed to administer each year.

  • Dan

    Did I miss something? I would think winning an individual state championship in wresting would qualify as an athlete of the week in the newspaper, West Covina’s Samantha Ortiz won a State Championship in wrestling and she isn’t listed in todays paper, was she in last weeks?
    We also had a State runner up in Alyssa Luna
    wouldn’t that also qualify as an athlete of the week. If you already listed them in last weeks paper my apologies.

  • Just a Fan

    I am just going to say congrats to both Ty and CJ and leave it at that!!

  • Cameron Saylor

    It consistanly baffles me when people that don’t know what is taking place continue to wrtie like an authority! If you only knew that since colleges have shown interest in these kids their grades have gone up, not down. GPA’s are in the top 80% of their respective schools, they have taken PSAT test already scoring very high and studying for their actual SAT. France, Saylor Ruiz and most others are on an NCAA track to meet their college requirements and will probably be complete by the end of their Junior year. Tell me how many sophomores have a plan. I know of several that do and they have all been mentioned over the last few days, kids at this level aren’t there by accident it’s deliberate, through hard work both on the athletic and academic fields.

    The bottom line is – those writing negative comments don’t have a clue about the kids they write about nor the requirements to make themselves successful. I know the type, it’s always someone else’s fault! What about me? How come I never had a chance? It’s pretty obvious – you never had a plan- these kids do. Be happy for the kids, the school, the community don’t be jealous.

    Theses boys all of them mentioned are driven in baseball, school and life. Wake up develop your own plan you’ll be better for it.

  • iluvthehills

    iluvthehills – don’t let your panties get in a bunch saylor….everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • guess what

    to theeaglehaslanded

    you say: If san diego state is chasing freshmen in high school then they must suck.

    now they won’t in 2013


    Congratulations from the WCALL family.

  • Cameron Saylor

    Agreed everyone is entitled to their opinion! So I stated mine based on facts. Most people base opinions on facts, draw and itelligent conclusion then state their opinion – not just what they think is the popular thing to say. Those type of opinions are more commonly known as “dumb comments”.


    First of all who says by the time their senior year is up the majority of these phenoms don’t go the Jio route and sign that nice major league contract and skip college altogether. A vebal commitment is not as binding as signing the letter of intent and either way both mean nothing if the pro route is chosen . Many things can happen on the way to graduation . Hopefully they will keep the academic part of the plan going because God forbid they get a carreer ending or threatening injury during high school and all they have left is academics. At this time just praise them for their abilities and wish them all the success in their future. DON’T HATE CONGRATULATE.

  • dunbar

    Ty France is a Stud!!!

  • dunbar

    Ty France is a beast!

  • HuskyMan

    Baseball is Soooooooo Boring i would rather watch soccer.And Fred i would have to to disagree with you.I don’t think baseball in SGV could compete with baseball in the OC there are just to many quality baseball programs out in the OC.

  • whatif

    So now Don is inserting a cautionary tale of “best laid plans”. Sorry Don but that’s been done before, and better. Think back to the student athletes in your high school years who were meatheads and ask yourself is this place really the venue for this cautionary tale? Really.

    Cal State entrance requirements are little less than the minimum to get into the Army, basically a “C” average and an SAT that requires not spelling your name wrong. SH is an excellent school, so we know Ty will be fine, even without Don’s crystal ball warnings.

  • Don

    Dear Crystal Balls,

    Exactly what was it I said that wasnt true? You travel ball guys here get worked up kind of easy, dont you? Tell ya what chumley, dont let the rarified world of the Bombers or the Bandits or the Arsenal go to your head. Its a long hard slog.

    FWIW I did say the kid was a good ballplayer, read my post. It had to do more with the tone of the report than the boy but maybe that was too fine a point for someone willing to tout a High School sophomore here online.

  • big leagueballs

    does anyone remeber demetri de la fuente from south hills? Wasnt he another huskie who had a div. 1 scholarship to pepperdine?? Where is he at now??

  • ? for Don


    Don’t you think the program Ty and CJ’s comes from explains the whole process to them? Their program explains to them that after committing you need to keep working hard in the classroom and on the field. Nothing changes in the work ethic. What rarified world are you talking about? If this is Don of past posts you should know how their program works.

  • Good Stuff

    Great News for Frenchy! The kid is a hitting machine and he simply makes all the plays at the hot corner. Talk about baseball IQ, he is off the charts – quite a player. Regarding all the “what if” questions on SDSU’s integrity, injury, grades, premature commitment, MLB draft, continued focus, etc… stop the nonsense. I’m sure the kid and his family sought advice on this important decision and acted accordingly. Get a grip and congratulate the kid for an achievement few obtain at such an early stage.

  • Really…..

    Hey Don, instead of worring about a sophomore from a school 10 miles away, why don’t you focus on your problems in your own back yard (no need to elaborate). Ty and CJ are good kids with good parents who know what they are getting into and knows exactly what has to happen over the next 2 and a half years. They both have great support systems and will do very well. Their success is based on their talent and hard work. SDSU verbally offered and they verbally accepted and this blog covered the story. Just say congrats, tell them to keep working hard and move on….they don’t need your guidance and we don’t need your commentary.

  • 10 MILES

    if it is the same Don I am thinking of since when is the distance between SH and WC 10 miles . Is that you Bulldog Don.

  • Really

    No…it’s La Verne

  • Crystal Don

    Don take for what it’s worth. Your graphing calculator remark was plain stupid. Don’t complicate things with cautionary tales as if the kid lacks parental guidance, maybe yours does but mine doesn’t and I’m sure most parents would agree, mind your own business. Congratulate the kids and move on. How dare you assume every D1 recruit is a marginal student and every “prospect” is parented by knuckle scraping apes. Put that “chum” under your lip. What happened Don, rough day at work? Did you take hk up on his offer to evaluate your kid? How did that go? Yes we know who you are. Graph that!

  • kh

    dons taking the heat.
    bring the heater on .we love to wrip your mid high fastball.
    two years ago south hills league mvp is redshirt at mt sac.
    great kid,the program dosent have them ready.
    what is every kid going to sdst. kid only a soph. to committ,what the hell for,can he get out of this verbal,or dose he have to go to that asking ? dont really know.sounds more of a ego thing then a positive thing.i hear there holding the h.s umpires client at s.h this year again and the number two guys get to do the s.h playoffs. where do i sign up first, pitch of the game am calling a balk,just to get it out of the far as don saying what he said hes right ,hes a baseball man,love to talk ball with don.if you dont like somebody just stay the hell away from them.but because what are two boys bring to the ball field everyday ,dont be a hater.keep teaching your boy to slap and run..and bunt for that ave. every team needs a punch and judy hitter so the real hitter will drive them in.see u at the field brother.

  • Wow

    KH – you are unbelievable. How did I know that you would defend your Bonita bro Don. He can stand on his own two feet and does not need your defense. It actually gives him less credibility if you defend him.

    First off, don’t assume that every parent’s kid does not have talent. The fact that CJ and Ty both have offers from SDSU speaks to their talent. So what that they committed. Why would you hold that against them or criticize them. Why do you even care. JUST SAY CONGRATS AND MOVE ON. Can’t stand the fact that they may have more talent than your current Bonita roster. Talk about the balk all you want, but these 2 kids as freshman drove in all 4 runs against your senior heavy team. Stop the freshmen and you would not have had to worry about an umpire call. They are both outstanding ballplayers who have been guided by good parents.

    Also, stop talking like your better than others because your son is talented. Do you really need to demean other kids playing abilities. Most of them are hard working HS players who are just playing to the best of their abilities. It does not make you a better parent because your kid can play the game and it makes you sound like a Jack A$$. Boy, I bet your just loved over at Bonita.

  • Don

    Its amazing how worked up some of you can get when my only comment about the kid was; the young man in question is certainly an excellent ballplayer. You would have been on me with pitchforks had I said anything bad about him but by now you know I dont make negative comments about kids and I didnt here. What did seem to strike a note of nastiness in some of you was my reference to parents who encourage their kids athletic efforts and ignore the class work. Sorry if that hurt anybodys feelings, I should have known someone would take it personally even though I was speaking to that component of your readership not the Frances or the Saylors. We all know (place your favorite schools name here) never had a problem with a player missing games because of academic ineligibility or had a blue chip prospect pass on a four year deal because he/she didnt have the grades. Yeah, that happens everywhere else, right?

    Someone called it a cautionary tale, a pretty baroque definition for a 31 word sentence but hey, you have to consider the source. Speaking of the source, Its interesting to note that folks comfortable with posting anonymously should make such a big deal about how much they think they know about me. I would encourage them to remember that most of us who take the time to post commentary here do not make inflammatory statements or negative remarks about any kid regardless of how clever you think you are or how protected you think your anonymity makes you.

    I questioned the blogs coverage and get a defensive dad and personal attacks. I answer by asking which part of my original post was incorrect and get, thats right, more personal attacks. Some of you need to just read whats written rather than try to read something into it.

  • Why…

    Don – I see your intent, but it did come across a bit wrong.Why do these blogs have to always turn into a running debate.Truth is this news should just be celebrated and everyone should just wish the boys well without all the added nonsense

  • Joe

    this is to kh,

    I’ll keep the words small so you can follow.

    You are an idiot. Stay off

    the blog.

  • Strike Three


    Kh is not respected here at Bonita. The coaches in BB and FB just think he’s an @ss!

    If you really want to see if his kid has talent, check out Maxpreps! LOL

  • COChargerfan

    In my book, these verbals are pretty silly…heck, we are now hearing about 12 year olds committing to colleges for football. And these verbals have about as much real value as the Monopoly money in your closet…ask yourself, where you going to spend it? And, most of all, they are a one way street for the benefit of the colleges because if they don’t want you when the actual time comes to sign they’ll say they never knew you kid. And, if you are really good there will be many colleges after you and at that point the same college will be in your living room talking about honoring your committment. So, while verbals are nice for the ego, in reality you are being played…

  • heater

    Kh why don’t yoi spend some time telling everyone how you ended up in LV. Your boy couldn’t hang so you found every reason to run. How does it feel to have people talk about your boy???

  • kh

    explain yourself,
    about how we ended up in l.v.
    you seem to know something i dont even know.
    we moved to l.v after i got divorced.k.c. and i moved here.thats are story.
    i have never been on the run,like you say.
    think about it,your on the run not stating your name,your running from that little scared moster your building up inside of you.get some help.or maybe your just a drunken fool,you can get help for that to .i learned inless my house is prefect then how can i worry about yours.

    stop it with everybodys hates us here in lv, your breaking my heart.they didnt hates us when little man came off the broken foot and rattle off 12 or 15 tackle to give s.h. the biggest shake up of there when knott or podley dosent want us here we will respect that and play the next season at a jc his senior year.go take one of there 9 spots.theres not any of you guys going to stop me or son from any thing we want,the writting on the wall,quit hateing and get out there and train your kid.where looking for a huge season in football,trying to bring home the why hate on that,i dont talk about the head coaches,if i say were going to win and they fill the presure,good,earn your money and demand respect by kicking the other teams ass.its not about how you play the game,thats a bunch of bullshit my friends,its about beating the crap out of the next team,every single game,thats it.if fred would change the format of blogging,making the blogger accountable for his name behind there blog.this thing will fold.or it would really take off and the haters would have to rethink there thaughts,because now there going to have to face there hidden mosters .now many guys would be calling out kids and there dads if they had to go face to face with them.once the season starts wont here from me,god i hate too leave most of you drunken fools

  • Jokeman

    C’mon KH.You are not going anywhere. We have heard that many times.

  • World according to COCF , sux !

    Come on COCF what’s up with that? If your son got a verbal you’d pee your pants. Where do you get off minimizing what is a hard earned acknowledgment of a kid’s promise and potential.

    As far as “verbals” go the Bulletin did a nice piece on a Colony RB who gave a preseason “verbal” to Portland State then ran for 2000 yards his senior year and was offered an “official” visit to Washington State, you know…in the Pac 10. Kid “turns it down” because he …”GAVE HIS WORD”.


    Hope I didn’t name call you. Just calling it as I see it. Stop being a turd.

  • COChargerfan

    Hey World, first of all I never mentioned any specific kid and, instead, was talking about verbals in general. And whether one likes it our not, I do know one thing is true and thats a verbal is a worthless “promise” that colleges are now playing on kids for THEIR benefit ONLY…because they and only they are the one holding the keys to the scholarship offer when signing day comes. So please explain what good comes from a kid giving a verbal to a college only to become the jilted lover in two years? Especially, since it happens a lot and will become very common as this whole verbal scheme continues to proliferate. Take a look at signing day in football which has become such an overblown affair with so many kids changing their minds on their verbals and having press conferences to announce their final decision…just makes me shake my head. As your example indicated, a lot can change over the course of a year and a kid would be seriously mistaken to stick with a verbal if a much better athletic and educational opportunity was offereddo you really think if Texas showed up at the France residence with a full ride offer that he should summarily turn it down? What if young Mr. France wants to be a doctor and Stanford showed up? Would he be wise to turn them down just because he gave a verbal two years before to SDSU? In the end, these verbals are a lot to do about nothing. As for my kid, if he were ever in the mix for an athletic scholarship, I wouldn’t let him verbal for the very reasons that I have expressed.

  • March Against Complacency or M.A.C

    COCF, “in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”.

    You aren’t blind as much as you are jaded, in both eyes. Ok my frined, explain this…..

    Every school that verbals a kid puts that information out for all to read, see and act on. Wouldn’t you agree? So when little old SDS “verbals” a kid doesn’t he pop up on everyones radar? Everyone from bigger & better funded &more successful schools plus the major leagues. Everyone “steals”, in theory, your guy, or at least tries to. Is that not right?

    As far as the Portland State and Washington State example, that’s called integrity. Something, from your past Norco comments you know very little of.

    The point being made or the inference being made in your earlier posts are only more blatantly reinforced when you say a “verbal is worthless”. Maybe in your opinion but not many others, which is fine.

    Many students recently took their PSATS and if your son has an email account he can see who has interest in him. My son just got his invitation for Summer classes at Brown, Northwestern, Chicago and yes even “that” school. Are their “overtures” meaningless or are they based on potential/promise. Promise as in aptitude…in case you start nitpicking when your brain power cells go ……dddddddaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

    Here’s my point, life is a series of challenges. Along the way there are many “markers” telling you where you are and where you’re headed…”if” you continue along a chosen path. Verbals are like that if you chose to see them that way. You are correct, it was a lot to assume your comments were “cautionary in nature”, my apologies. In truth they were the words of a man, jilted was the word you used, who has never understood the value of promise, potential and or acknowledgment.

    Give kids a chance, let parents have their day in the Sun and in the words of Martin Luther King free you mind of pettiness and shout yourself free of trying to teach the world that “reality is accepting normal”, come on say it with me…..FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST…THANK GOD ALMIGHTY I’M FREE AT LAST!!!!!”

    Still no name calling, your only defense.

  • Questoin

    Do colleges really pull verbal offers or are you just assuming they do. I know they are not legally worth anyting, but I follow FB recruiting and do not ever hear about colleges pulling offers from kids except when the kid opens up his recruitment to other schools.

  • COChargerfan

    Actually, I’m a realist that sees something for what it is…nothing more and nothing less. And my kid scored in the 97% on the PSATs and is an honors student and yes we have received literally hundred of recruiting literature plus emails including from most of the best universities in the country. And you know what I do with it…I throw it away. You know why…because it is worthless junk mail. But, what will matter is when he starts applying next year and then receives a real letter of acceptance…then it will be time to celebrate, not before. Some folks don;t count their chickens before they hatch and others do.

  • Ivy League Junk Mail

    Junk mail huh? from the best universities in the land? junk mail huh? really? he’s a soph right? okay, no need to wake you up, sleep tight over the holiday and then go talk to your son’s counselor and ask a professional their opinion on said junk mail. you may be surprised. best of luck and keep us posted on the results of your reality check.

  • COChargerfan

    Ivy…actually he’s a junior so around this time next year he’ll have a decision to make and not a minute before.

    In parting, I wish young Mr. France the best of luck but if he were my kid I’d tell him to keep your options open because if you continue to develop as a player and person you may want to explore what is out there in the big world.

  • SH Supporter

    Congratulations to Ty France and his family on the verbal. Picking a college and the timing is never going to have everyone in agreement, so accept that this is your decision at this time.

    Was at the Northview yard yesterday watching our boys play Northview. Northview won 3-2 in a good game. Hats off to them for their pitching. I am a SH fan all the way, but I do respect the Northview staff for the beauty of their field and how they get the most out of all their kids.

    We’ll be ok. Go Huskies!

  • Dad

    Without mentioning my son’s school I have a concern that I’m asking the public’s help please.

    My son is currently pitching on the Varsity and is a Freshman. He has potential and probably since were not a top tier team will have to pitch for his team.

    My concern is he’s “raw” and never played travel ball before so he NEEDS coaching. Our school does not have a “real” pitching coach so I’m asking anyone to guide me towards a private pitching coach.

    Is their anyone locally in the East San Gabriel Valley that is reputable that could help my son get to the next level meaning survive as a Freshman pitching at the Varsity level versus teams like South Hills?

  • kh

    you dont need pitching lesson.
    dame hes on varsity as a fresnmen
    now that could be tough.
    heres my e-mail love to work with kids.for now just keep playing exart long toss,and stop throwing the curve ball, its shorten the arm strenght.theres no presure on him. hes only a little fr. thats kool,make sure this head dosent get to many negative this season and i have a summer team always looking for young arms.where local and play in the senior babe ruth league. e-mail do you guys play us this up coming season my sons a jr. on bonita dont get your check book out too your money,if your schools like are ,you will need about 600.just in booster funds good luck

  • kh

    you dont need pitching lesson.
    dame hes on varsity as a fresnmen
    now that could be tough.
    heres my e-mail love to work with kids.for now just keep playing exart long toss,and stop throwing the curve ball, its shorten the arm strenght.theres no presure on him. hes only a little fr. thats kool,make sure this head dosent get to many negative this season and i have a summer team always looking for young arms.where local and play in the senior babe ruth league. e-mail do you guys play us this up coming season my sons a jr. on bonita dont get your check book out too your money,if your schools like are ,you will need about 600.just in booster funds good luck

  • joe

    verbalitis isn’t a bad disease to have there are much worse like suckitis which obviously he doesn’t show any signs of — but I’m sure the France family appreciates your concern.

  • Excellentitis hits Northview Baseball team…News at 11 !!!

    I know this is all in good fun regarding verbalitis and suckitis but no one seems to talk about the outstanding job Northview does every single year. Some one has to give these coaches credit. My brother in law coached quite a few of them in Little League and most weren’t the most well off financially yet here they are earning full rides to some top universities against all odds. any one have some info on the Northview coaches and their background in the game. Big props to them and all the Northview Fans who get it done for those kids.

  • Old Timer

    Northview was tired of getting there BUT kicked every game in the Valle Vista so they too went the South Hills route and started to recruit all those kids all “summer” long. I remember one year not that long ago NV getting smashed by Covina 24-0 ( giving up 18 runs in the fist inning with 0 outs ) I saw this and I knew things were gonna change, therefore the cough cough recruiting started, amazing huh

  • Old Mess

    Oldtimer were the Pedroza’s recruited? Maybe you know their story as well. Maybe then I”d believe a single word you say. Haven’t the Pedrozas been the back bone of that program’s rise?

  • COChargerfan

    Just wondering that if this blog is only about France, then why are there so many pot shots at kh? My initial comments were about verbals in general and some of you cats just turn it into a personal attack.

    Big difference with Golden because he is a senior, not a sophomore, and Wash St actually offered him a real scholarship for next year and not a promise in 2013. And News flasher, the France’s should make their own decision and I would never purport to tell them what to do but am only saying what I thinkand I provided the reasons to support my position. And anyway you cut it, these verbals 3 or more years before a kid graduates is just Monopoly moneyIm still waiting for one of you knuckleheads to post something that disputes this fact.

    Regarding the pitching lessons question, I heard that Chuck Tiffany is giving lessons until he reports to his independent team in March. If you are interested, let me know and I can post his contact information.

  • Old Timer= Carillo

    When you are good, you don’t have to recruit. Like all professions, you will get sought out. When you are not, you do what Covina does, start up a Covina High Prep Program – Covina Vikings Football. You guys have the nerve to say others recruit. Come on now. No one made a comment about Covina and you throw the first punch towards us? Why did you do this Carillo? Now, you will have to read crap about your kid on here (not from me), but from those who do that. Respect your kid and all programs and just be a dad.

  • Track Record on VERBALS

    COCF you said, “if he was my kid I’d tell him”, ready for this , I’d tell him DIFFERENT. If that not telling him what is? So why on earth would you say the verbal was “worthless”. How dare you. Now you’re asking everyone else to validate your “put down”, dude you’re getting creepy. Isn’t it easier to look back on the past three years and see who actually “verballed” and how “worthless” those “verbals” turned out to be. Ask that question and get some empirical evidence for you Monopoly Money analogy. Fair enough? OK baseball fans how many kids received Verbals in the past three years and they turned out to be worthless. Seems Amat, SD, SH, CO and Northview had a few in the past three years. Let’s hear what happened from thos ethat know first hand.

  • happen to know

    Carillo wouldn’t post under an alias–he’d use his real name nor would he dirty up a thread like this, they are good friends.

  • Real Deal

    Tiffany doesnt know squat about givin pitching lessons. A kid over drafted and now going to independent ball. If you don’t want a kid teaching kids go to:

    Dave Coggins former big leaguer helping kids out!

  • COChargerfan

    I don’t know why you think that calling a verbal worthless is a put down as I never intended it to be such…what I’m saying is that it is not a contract or offer that confers any legal rights…which is why it has no actual value (i.e. is worthless, Monopoly money, etc.)it is what it is.

    And my original post started with the silliness of recent news that 12 year olds are giving football verbals. Does anyone out there really believe that this isnt an exercise in silliness? If so, Id like to hear why. And Id like to hear at what age does the silliness start/end?

    For me, it ends per the NCAA rules that first allow baseball coaches to make written contact on Sept. 1st of the start of a kids JUNIOR year or telephone calls and off campus contact on July 1st, which is after the end of their junior year. Let me repeat that againno contact at all before a kid is a junior and no telephone calls or personal contact before JULY, which is after a kid has completed their junior year (e.g. they are now seniors).

    So, it is against the NCAA rules for any kid that hasnt completed their junior year to personally meet with a coach or any other college representative. And that a college cant actually offer a scholarship UNTIL a kid has met the academic entrance requirements. And a kid cant even register with the NCAA clearing house until they are juniors.

    Hmmso the NCAA has specific rules to limit this silliness but Im the one whose opinion is absurd? Get a grip folks, get a grip

  • COChargerfan

    Real Deal…his name is COGGIN not Coggins. And, how do you know that a 25 year old Tiffany can’t teach pitching to a high school kid? To be honest, I’ve never seen either of these guys teach pitching…have you?

    And are you aware that after Coggin was in the bigs for 2000-2003 he then ended his career in 2007 pitching for an indy team? Obviously the dodgers didn’t believe that Tiffany was overdrafted when they handed him a check for $1.1 million…BTW, what makes you an expert? Remember folks, the “best” coach for each kid is the one that connects with him/her…it is not a one size fits all deal.

  • Christy Brown

    COCF, it’s amazing how incredibly dogmatic you can be when confronted with your foot in your mouth. Truly you are an artist.

  • Get a clue Charger Fame


    You are correct that a coach can not call or have of campus contact with a player before his Junior year. The player can call the coach at anytime but the coach can’t return the call if he misses it. The coach can visit and talk with any player as long as the player is on campus. A coach can offer at anytime they feel. You can register with the clearinghouse before your junior year. Why do you have such a woody on the subject? Why do you care? So every college in america that has offered a player early has commited an NCAA violation? Give is your background to be such an expert.

  • Confused Parent

    Congratualtions to Ty, Cj and their families, this is wonderful news…….
    I have a few questions that I am confused about….
    How is it possible for a college to discuss anything and offer an unofficial visit with a player, if they are not suppose to communicate with them until the end of their junior year?? Are their grades as a freshman and sophmore not considered at a 4 year college (I thought they were)??? Am I to assume the average 2.0 student can be offered a full scholarship solely based on their athletic abilities???
    I am not saying anything negative about these boys they are obviously talented players, I am a little confused on NCAA rules…

  • Admitting you have problem is the first step to recovery

    ChargerFan I always knew your were a Confused Parent, now apparently you do to. NIce try.

  • Admitting you have problem is the first step to recovery

    ChargerFan I always knew your were a Confused Parent, now apparently you do to. NIce try.

  • Admitting you have problem is the first step to recovery

    ChargerFan I always knew your were a Confused Parent, now apparently you do to. NIce try.

  • Baseball Parent

    Mr Charger fan (poor You) does everything out of your mouth need to be so negative… Did you write the NCAA rules?? That parent was just asking questions, you obviously were offened for something that has happened to you… This could be a parent of a freshman trying to learn the rules, why cant you just be helpful instaed of an ignorant IDIOT!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Thanks for the “artist” compliment Christy but I beg to disagree because my feet have never even come close to my mouth and, instead, as the discussion has evolved the opposite occurred. For example, it is funny how get a clue makes a crack about my expertise background on the NCAA but at the same agrees 100% with what I saidthats because what I said is true. To answer you clue-less, there is no EXPERT certificate necessary to read the NCAA rules… one just needs to be able to read and understand basic English…which Im guessing is probably why you are able to understand them. And I never said that an NCAA infraction occurred via an offer and, to the contrary, the fact that none has occurred just reflects what these verbals arebecause if an actual offer was made to this sophomore, than that would be a violation. Folks, reality and negativity are often the very same thing but the problem is that the eternal optimists just cant see the difference…their problem, not mine.

    And Confused parentthe NCAA rules specifically prohibit coaches from personal contact and/or offering these kids anything before their junior years so youre not confused at all but, instead, appear to understand what I am saying (and before me Don also said and was verbally attacked for it)…and that is that SD State has not actually offered anything. This is not a negative comment towards Mr. France but is simply the NCAA rules.

    And Baseball parent, what are you talking about?

  • Dad

    From every comment I’ve read the name Coggin seems to at least have the best resume. I appreciate the offer from kh and Tiffany may be an outstanding alternative but a neutral third party without either having recently played for a local high school or that currently has a son playing for a local high school seems to be more fair, impartial, and objective with instruction. This is critical also is the teaching component. How do I go about getting in contact with Coggin. I actually had a parent this afternoon say the best high school pitching coach in the Valley is Damien’s pitching coach. Is he the best employed pitching coach in the Valley? Gentlemen too every one of you I really do appreciate your sincere help and giving back to my son just a young local kid trying to get better in game he loves more everyday.

  • Ask a professional

    Interesting take by a professional recruiter from UCLA’s Randy Taylor concerning Verbal commitments. As part of the National Scouting Service Association his position is clear. Verbals are non binding. They are also “only as good as the coaches/schools that offer them.” His views were very informative and gave insight to the process and rationale from both perspectives, the student and the school’s. No where did I read that verbals were worthless, in his professional opinion, and in fact did mention that going back on a verbal reflects poorly on the institution as well as the student. Interesting read, of only because it was from a professional who obviously understood the merits of tact and decency when discussing the futures of young students and anxious parents.

  • kh

    dad said,
    kh here,didnt know you where going to pay for the lessons,
    i was going to do it for free .i really dont have alot of down time,
    dave would be great,hes good .there another local here in la verne with a pitching mound in his back yard and he play pro ball and went to fullerton,
    but if you want me to give you a local big guy i do respect its,
    its chad clark ,he went to glendora ,then drafted high, turned it down went on to usc then on to the pros.i would take him over coggins only because ive seen what he can do with young kids,they play for my winter team,yesterday he brought out two hs kids and w throw then in and they did fine we won and it was the championship game,plus chad closed out the game he was throwing 92 to 93 yesterday.if you want his number call me 626 253 5986,good luck,i put my cell out there because i really dig helping young players and there parents ,see there boy ripe the ball or so guys,lifes so short with are glory years with our sons .god bless you

  • Teddy

    I always laugh at these people who pay big money to have lessons done because there is so many people out there who will do it for free or little money, but the baseball society says that if you pay it must be good, so the good high school coaches and some travel guys get ignored or its implied they don’t know squat because if they did, they would charge. For instance, Bonitas coach was a good college pitcher, so why is he not good enough to work with your kids? Who is Damiens pitching coach? how do you say that guy is the best? There are some very good hs coaches out there and you guys keep looking to pay for no reason. save your money, the kh’s and tiffanys of the world are more hot air than anything.

  • COChargerfan

    Heres a link to an article on the world of verbals that includes comments by Coach Schiano from Rutgers and recruiters.

    Im trying to post it again because for some unknown reason it was censored the first time around.

  • Stubborn to the end

    Maybe Fred was trying to save you from the egg that was going to be on your face or maybe Fred was trying to take the foot out of your mouth. Thanks for the link as it supported everything everyone else was saying, “a verbal is only as good as the particulars involved”. No where did I read that a “verbal was worthless” or comparable to “Monopoly Money”. I did read where someone said “there is no honor among thieves” but I doubt that applies in to SDSU or the France family so again your points were tactless at best or poorly timed. Thanks COCF I hope this puts a end to your stubborn ways. BTW I was going to link you to college recruiter and high school counselors opinion of you “junk mail”. but then I thought, why be like you? Enjoy your world view and allow others to enjoy what they see as a personal and prideful accomplishment.

    Good day sir.

  • COChargerfan

    Stubborn, you apparently didnt read the title of the article which is “In the fickle world of college football recruiting, the only sure thing is a letter of intent.” Let me say it againTHE ONLY SURE THING IS A LETTER OF INTENT. And the article is about the rising number of decommittments. And apparently you missed the part about how North Carolina pulled the verbal out from under Malcolm Bush. And what about this quote: “The earlier you have a verbal commitment,” Callahan said, “the greater chance there is for there to be a change in that commitment.” Hmmseems that your reading skills are a little deficient so Ill say it again, there is a direct correlation between early verbals and a kid never attending that college.

  • Old Timer

    Comment for a few:

    My name is Old Timer not Carrillo ( I dont know who that is ) Ive been around a long time and I dont post under alias’s I just say the facts

    To Teddy: Bonita’s coach threw out his arm after high school and didnt really pitch that much or at all at APU FYI… good kid though and became a good hitter back in the day.

    Too Dad: If you have a chance hit up Remkus at GHS and see if he would help you out. He has done amazing things with lesser talent for years, as has Stevens at Sierra Vista. Both of those guys have been around well over 25 years and are very smart baseball people.

  • Big Blue


    The term overdrafted relates to a propect that was paid to much money and tanked in the end. One good year and the blue crew set him packin.

    The pitching coach at Damien is Kevin Gross! Ever here of him?

  • COChargerfan

    Big Blue…apparently you dont realize that Tiffany was traded in 2006 with Edwin Jackson for two established major league relief pitchers…Danys Baez and Lance Carterthat the Dodgers were desperate for because of Gagne’s poor health…so the Dodgers didn’t dump him. To the contrary, at that time the Dodgers didn’t want to let him go but Tampa insisted on getting Tiffany (not Jackson) in the deal. And in 2004 and 2005 in the Dodgers farm system, Tiffany was 16-9 with 275 strikeouts in 210 innings…is that tanking? In 2006, he hurt his shoulder and underwent major surgery, which derailed his career. I was told that he is presently throwing 96 mph but the big league teams consider him too big a risk so he is going to see how indy league goes. So you are misinformedhis talent was never an issue but like so many other pitchers, he suffered a serious injury.

    I was already aware that Gross is at Damien with Leyva…after both left Claremont. Just wondering how many CIF titles did Claremont win with Leyva/Gross at the helm? And how many pitchers were drafted during their tenure? So, they arent superhuman after all. Now, Im not saying that they arent good coaches but that there isnt some magic recipe that a guy has just because he played in the bigs. In fact, there are many very good coaches out there in all sports that werent very good players.

    So folks, find the coach that your kid likes and understands because baseball isnt rocket science so there are a whole lot of coaches out there that are able to teach the game even though they were not able to physically play it at the highest level. Anyone ever heard of Tiger Woods coach, Hank Haney? He cant play a lick but teaches the greatest golfer on Earth.

  • Let’s not forget

    Just in case anyone forgot, congrats to Ty and family!!

  • kh

    tiffany pitched for us 3 weeks ago,with the pasadena redbirds.
    no crumming on him but he was hitting 88to 90 mph.
    sorry co fan theres wasnt a pitch close to 96 95 94 93 .hopefully today has you say thats what hes bringing my friend.good luck chuck.

  • COChargerfan

    kh…I didn’t say that I clocked him at 96 but, instead, that’s what someone told me he was throwing again. If you clocked him at 90 tops than there’s the truth. But, 90 mph is still pretty good velocity…how was the rest of his stuff?

  • kh

    lets not forget.
    we got it
    the blogs been on for weeks.

  • Let’s not forget

    KH – that was an attempt at subtle sarcasm. What should have been a blog full of congrats and nothing else turned into typical nonsense from parents who think they know more the next parent. I just want to congrat Ty and his family and say that I am sure they put thought into this decision and know the risks associated with it and we should not pretend to know what is best for Ty and his family.

  • kh

    lets not forget
    the whole thing gets blowing out,the kid can hit and hit with moster power,ive seen two games against us two bombs,cut the blogs scroll in half,that way it will be off the srceen sooner.i have a jr so hereing all the comments was ok regaurding towards school,but taking shots at the soph.not cool at all.
    c.o. fan tiffany was up all day it looked like he had not pitched to a live hitter in awhile,but he got himself out of the jam.pitched ok and didnt give up a ran.see ya later off to work kh

  • Who’s to say?

    Here’s a link for the college junk mail aficiandos who want to throw it all away. It’s a reasoned, well balanced view of the landscape reflective of the country’s shrinking dollar. COCF maybe some of those colleges you throw away have a need for a student just like your son, and are willing to pay handsomely for the honor of educating your son for next to nothing. Which would be nice I’m sure.

    My son would have never known about Swathmore, Hamilton, Colgate, ect if they didn’t first reach out to him based on his PSATs. The point to the junk mail is every school has a need and they are being more aggressive in their efforts to grab a kid’s attention and by extension, the parent’s as well, to fill that need, whatever it may be.

    There are outstanding schools all over the country who are situated in areas with devastating economic times so they are forced to increase their out of state applicants/admits and under represented segments of their student body to reflect the new world we live in.

    Maybe verbals are nothing more than an advance on a relationship that college coaches seek to make with young talent. The France family, having earned that distinction, deserve to be respected in their choice to start a relationship based on their understanding of the issues at hand. Is it a marketing ploy for other recruits? I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Is it a hedge bet? Probably. The point is NOT EVERYONE GETS THAT HONOR…SO HOW IS IT WORTH LESS THAN NOT EARNING THAT DISTINCTION?

    COCF you say you’re a realist. Fair enough. But allow that your real world view has changed from the time me and you went to college to the one our kids will encounter. Open up your mind a crack and enjoy the light that might shine through.

    Here’s a question for you, all things being equal if two applications are in front of you and both kids have 4.8 GPAs, great community service work, great essays and such which applicant do you take? The one from Loyola or the one from CO? Seeing as a 4.4 at either school would have been equally earned, right?

  • TeachDGame

    Just dropped back into this thread, why I don’t know. There are some very good comments in here and some ludicrous one’s. A great deal of misinformation but that is life on these blogs. Trust me, “verbaling” early has its’ risk, no crud. In baseball it is getting earlier and earlier, not to mention the article that USC and Lane Kiffin have offered and gotten a verbal from a 7th Grader in Delaware (ok, now that one is really crazy even if Mr QB Guru say’s he’s gonna be the best ever). OK, if anyone is still reading this, feel free to e-mail me at and I can help dispell some of the myths…. you can e-mail me too Don as you have read the NCAA reg’s very thorougly (as have many of us) but what has transpired can happen and does happen every single year. NO I am not looking to charge a fee or whatever, like many I am here to help wherever I can. Its’ about helping the young players make informed decisions. Do I know everything – absolutely NOT….. not even close. But we go through this process every year with many kids. God this Blog should be labeled “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, INFORMATION CONTAINED INSIDE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH…” HAHAHA. Ahhh, but entertaining none the less.

  • Big Blue

    NEWS Flash

    Tiffany never touched 96,95,94,93 on a consistent bases in his life. Ask Tommy and look up the scouting reports.

    The arm is beat and thats why is ending up on a last ditch effort.. Teach, now that a joke in itself. Gross forgot more than Tiffany is goin to know! Laughable!

    Thank is dumb daddy for his problems.

  • Texas Christian is a small parochial school near Katy, Texas, in the greater Houston area and is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. It has only 42 students in its entire student body. Accordingly, it plays six-man high school football.

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  • Well maybe not exactly classy. The (very blurry) photos of their grand opening show women (and men) swinging on stripper poles and dancing on bars, circa 2000 Coyote Ugly. Isnt the lecherous bull riding competition (which is sadly available on youtube) at City Limits Saloon enough ridiculous entertainment for one town? A simple game of cornhole could suffice, a live band maybe, or even a pool table or two. Also, gimmicky restaurants/bars dont seem to work in this city either.

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