The Scouting Guru peaks at the future

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent and teams in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

Guru Says: Now that signing day has come and gone… its time to look into the future. Here is our first list of underclassman that our service is watching for in 2010. Two things are a must for us to be put on the list.

1) If he is a junior, he had to have hit the field this past season.
2) He must be an academic qualifier.

So that eliminates Amat’s Wallace Gonzales or South Hills’ Jaime Canada from the conversation for the moment.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10…

(combine info an “e” means it an estimate based on game film.)

)1. Sioasi Aiono (6-3e, 280e, 5.3e, Offensive Tackle, South Hills) — I really debated on making this kid or Rufus my top prospect. In the end, too much evidence allows this prospect to hit the top. He made the National top 100 and he has offers from BYU and San Jose State. Interesting to note that their was a San Antonio League school that voted him as the fifth best offensive guard in the league. Hmm… maybe that’s why that particular school always starts fast and ends turning their gear in after week 10. Any He has that classic body to being a guard or center at the next level. Grades out very well in pass protection and can use a nastier streak in his run blocking. His offer from BYU will scare a lot of WAC and MWC conference schools away (they usually don’t like recruiting against BYU) and it will be very interesting to see how the Pac-10 schools grade him out. Aiono’s recruiting should go off the charts during the winter. Lots to like here.

2) Dennis Rufus (6-1, 181, 4.7e, ATH, Charter Oak) — His height and weight were measured at the Nike Camp at USC last year. Let me get this off my chest – I REALLY LIKE THIS KID. His athletism really jumps off the film when you watch it. Showed he was the real deal in the West Covina and Diamond Ranch playoff games last year. Can make every catch and makes the tough catches look easy. He does have to work on his attitude – always a work in progress – but with his mother being big fans of the guru (thank you Mrs. Rufus – I hear by name you president of my fan club!) we’ll over look that for the moment. I can easily see this kid with multiple D-1 offers by the end of the spring. Solid as a rock with us.

3) Rio Ruiz (6-2e, 190e, 4.7e, WR, Bishop Amat, Class of 2012) – Here is another kid that we really like… and another kid that has family that are big fans of the guru (Mr. Ruiz – we’ll make you vice president if that works for you?). All you have to do is watch the playoff game against Mater Dei and see his potential on the field. Has really nice hand-eye coordination and his athletism really jumps off the film when you watch it. If he goes down the baseball route, he’ll be off the list. But for right now, he’s perfect at this spot with us in our list

4) Jacoby Carter (5-7, 162, 4.75HT, DB, Diamond Ranch) – All of his combine data came for the National Underclassmen Combine held last year at the Home Depot Center. The 40 time was hand-timed. He was named Defensive Back MVP for the combine. Thought he played a real nice game against South Hills in the semis. A true lock-down corner with great agilities and nice transitional speed. Needs to show a bit more discipline in his reading of offensive pass formations, but he is very good and could end up being a second-to-third tier corner in Southern California. Layton has done it again.

5) Peter Nonu (6-1e, 280e, 5.5e, DT, South Hills) – This is one of those kids where the Nike Camp at USC and the summer college football camps are going to be huge for this prospect. Love the way he plays a 1-tech defensive tackle on his highlight tape and on a night when things didn’t go well against La Habra, he showed up very nicely on film. Has to work on his attitude, but the ability is there. He fits in as a D-1AA guy right now, and just might that big D-1A offer if he works hard enough in the weight room this summer.

6) Aaron Almond (6-0, 180e, 4.8e, S, Diamond Ranch) – Talk about a kid that made a splash on the scene. I remember going to the UCLA 1-Day summer camp several years ago and seeing this kid when he was entering his ninth grade and – believe it or not – he was the talk of the camp. Did a great job that day and his film from the past season more that passes the mustard test. Good size and he projects to be in a safety at the next level. Can he make one more good splash at Westwood this summer? If he does… I’ll be there to see it!

7) Chad Jefferies (6-2, 195, 4.8e, QB, Glendora) – I will say this… he has the potential. But, amongst those in the scouting community, he has sparked a great debate. Is he a D-1 kid or not. Those that say he is will look at the Chino Hills game as the best example. Those that they he can’t will use the West Covina game for guidance. For me, it’s very tough to sell a D-1A QB coach a kid that is hot and cold. I think he could be as good as SH’s Deen was several years ago For him, the camp and combine curcuit will be huge for this prospect. If he has any chance of getting a scholarship, he has to light it up this summer. I’ll be watching and cheering if he does make it. The odds are stacked against him.

8) Jay Anderson (5-11e, 190e, 4.9e, RB, Bishop Amat) – Another football player that has a major future on the baseball field. But, when it comes to the pigskin, this kid has a future. There is no question that he is a between the tackle type of runner. He is tough to tackle and the coaching staff speaking glowingly of his character traits. But, there is a major question with him and that is his speed. He is not a burner and that will scare off a lot of teams. But, if any take a chance with him, they will be handsomely rewarded. Lots to like here!

9) Andy Orozco (6-2e, 270e, 5.5e, OG, Charter Oak) – Let me make this observation about the class of 2011, there are a lot of offensive line prospects for colleges to take a look at (both in this area and in the IE… we are loaded with prospects). This kid is a two-time first team All-CIF pick at the OG position and he shows up fairly well on film. His lack of a height will be an issue with colleges, but he plays well and you don’t get to be a 2x 1st team All-CIF selection for nothing. Another nice product given to us from one of the best asst. area coaches in the business… Roger Lehigh.

10) Jeff Vargas (6-3, 230, 5.5e OT, South Hills) – I have to give credit where credit is due. Throughout the month of December, HC Steve Bogan just kept going into my ear telling me, “Don’t forget about this Vargas kid. He is a stud!.” Well, after hearing it for about a month, I decided to go back to the game film and take a look at the kid. And when I look back at the games against Diamond Ranch, Rowland, West Covina, etc, all I saw was this kid putting DE’s and DT’s on their back all night! With Vargas, he has a bit of rough go of it in the first half of the season. But, summon up the West Covina game on film and it leaves you breathless. And every week following that, he continued to get better and better. Rumor has it that he is going to be a manager at the IHOP real soon because of his expertise with pancakes! With his grades being very exceptional, I think this is a kid that will have his stock blow up during the spring evaluation period. If he was 6-5, 300, Nick Saban is coming by the school and looking at him. Folks, he’s good!

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  • Gurru did you miss Polonio?

    Guru, where was Polonio

    Polonio got a full ride to Villanova and his senior film is outrageous! He is shown blowing up DEs, LBs and anyone who got in his way! On one play, probably the one that got him his ride. he chases down a DE almost almost 20 yards down field at full sprint and lays him out. The kid is the most polite and respectfull kid off the field but Garrison made an animal out of him.

    Check out his highlights online folks/ You’ll be impressed as well.

    Google : Josh Polonio Highlights…..sorry not web savvy enough to insert link, lol

  • Where’s Andy Orozco?

    How about Andy Orozco from CO? He’s got two CIF Chmpionship rings and started every game for them since his Sophomore year on the CO OLine. Someone was making those holes for Adam Muema and andy was a BIG part of that.

  • whitey

    I laughed my azz off ! Guru , I had to get another blue moon, sans orange slice! your lists just crack me up, make half of it overrated guys from sh that Bogan whispers in your ear …… the way you were promoting Deen in 08, he was gonna be a Pac 10 recruit, yada yada yada, where did he end up, at one of the worst D1AA programs in the country, Northern Colorado, hell he’d be better off at MSAC, you’ve got Fred fooled obviously, but hell he knows nothing much about what he writes, as evidenced by his ignorance of the Libero position and the mound being at 43 feet this year, so I’ll take his promoting you with an even smaller grain of salt! best of luck to your scouting program coach waterboy!

  • whitey pitches a shutout!

    whitey you are in rare form! lmao! thanks for the chuckles.


    Swing and a miss!!!
    What about Christian BIG “O” Orduno? This is one of the best lineman in the nation @ 6′ 5″/ 290… Also, he carries a 3.8 on the academic side! Let’s not forget his 5 flat 40 time!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Dranchhhh

    Almond- more like 5’11- 205 now. 40- easy 4.5, 34 inch vert, and is second strongest kid on the team. Carter more like 5’9-185 40- again easy 4.5 electric, 38 inch vert and is third strongest on the team. Both kids have been invited to several big name camps and combines, such as Under Armor, Nike Training Camp, Rising Stars @ SC. Carter’s Highlight film is Ridiculouos. Remember he has lettered what will be four years now. Started 35 consecutive games @ DB. Looking for these two guys to be huge for DR coming into next year. Also after combine season I have no doubt that both will end up in the TOP 100 recruits for 2011 in Rivals or and wheel in major offers!!

  • Aaron

    Having seen Ruiz play twice, I know he’s shorter than your 6-2 estimate. Maxpreps lists him at 6-1, but IIRC he looked two inches shorter than Jerry McClanahan who is 6-1.

    I know you’ve chosen the your best of the best, but you should make a deeper list.

    Look at some of Bonita’s skill and line players. Some very solid guys that can put together a very solid season this coming fall. That said the only thing I don’t really like about your list is having Ruiz rated so high unless you’re saying he’ll play receiver because we haven’t seen him play QB.

  • Videoman

    Re. Chad Jeffries. A really shaky offensive line and the loss of his two starting recievers severly slowed Jeffries development down in the first half of the season. Hopefully this year the o-line will be better and he will have his starting recievers to start the season. If so he will probably do really well and get some seroius looks from D1 schools.

    Scouting G . I know you don’t come to far west. But I top player in this valley( east and west) is kevon Seymour from John Muir. This year he was only a 1oth grader. He is about 6ft 170lbs run in the low 11sec in the 100 meters as a 9th grader. In the first round playoff game he picked off Dennis Rufus and caugth a touchdown on Golden. And in the firest game against DR he had a int and a touchdown run. This kid is fast and has amazing feet. He has a change to be big time. Check his youtube highlight tape. A couple people in Stang said a Pac-10 school offered him all ready. Scouting G I hope you get a chance to watch this player , I want to know where u rate him. Because Miguel M. Is a bum when it comes to seeing talent.

  • IE baby

    This list is very laughable, this is not talent, Guru make a IE list and show the fishbowls what goes down in the IE.

    dranch- these camps “Under Armor, Nike Training Camp, Rising Stars @ SC” you have to pay for these camps, sorry bro no invites to these camps these are money makers, good try though.

  • ISN’T IT

    Isn’t it “peek” as in peek a boo. Not peak as in at the peak of the mountain.

  • ANDY

    I am right here at number nine , number nine , number nine, for all you Beatle fans.

  • sgv scouting

    Gee Whitey since you know so much about football, why don’t you become a coach? Oh that’s right that would require you to have a job… something you probably don’t have. Give me a better line dude!

  • whitey

    sgv, I have coached football DIII in WI.7 years worth look it up, at UWW, in fact they’ve been National Champions 2 of the last 3 years over Mt. Union, I was there from ’96 through ’02, and we had people of your ilk(no qualifications)mailing us tapes,sending faxes and emails et al, promoting kids , some were qualified, the vast majority were coach waterboys LSD flashback wild hair ideas………..just so you know coach h2o, I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to people calling themselves a scout or a service…….charlatan comes to mind!

  • Help

    hey guru… What about Allen Brown, OT San Dimas?? 6-3, 240. Is he a player or not?

  • weak

    please give me a break DIII WOWOWOWOWOW that’s like coaching in the valle vista right? I’ve seen HS teams that could put the smack down on a DIII.All creditability lost my friend you wouldn’t know a DI player if he smacked you on the hinie Oh’ wait you might like that heard about you Irishman like to wear dresses and sht.

  • whitey hits one out of the park !!!!

    whitey you Irish sob, lmao….keep it up….I’m rollin over here!!

    Keep up the pressure whitey…seems guru forgot the 1st Rule of Law….

    “never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to”

    your move guru…lmao

  • You are an idiot weak

    George Allen, Don Coryell, Greg Popovich. Dan Hawkins. D3 coaches. London Fletcher D3. Wayne Chrebet. Garcon WR Colts D3. D3 football is not a joke. But you are an idiot and wouldn’t know that.

  • Joe Amat


    Before you get yourself in too deep, and make a complete ass out of yourself, Pierre Garcon, WR for the Colts played at DIII Mt Union, who whitey mentioned.

    I know a ton of great assistant coaches at the DIII level that could coach circles around many D1 assistant coaches. there is that segment of D1 position coaches that are in place primarily as recruiters. DIII coaches in good DIII programs, because there are fewer of them, need to be well-versed in the game.

    Some of the most legendary *coaches* in the game come from DIII and a DIII coach is much more synonymous with a HS coach in that they understand the student/athlete for what he is forst – a student. That Wisconsin Conference also happens to be one of the best DIII conferences in the country because of the size of their schools. They are in the University of Wisconsin State system with enrollments upward of 10,000

    To question the qualifications of anyone that has coached multiple years in a good DIII program is ludicrous at best.

  • weak

    You are an idiot weak

    so you play in the valle vista that’s three and ?

  • whitey hits for power

    weak, you must be guru’s “sister”, lmao like I said, “don’t ask it you don’t know the answer” one crow burrito coming up!!!!! lmao

  • whitey hits for power

    weak, you must be guru’s “sister”, lmao like I said, “don’t ask it you don’t know the answer” one crow burrito coming up!!!!! lmao

  • weak

    I got your burrito

  • See


    You should consider peoples opinions and eliminate the Scouting Guru. Now that Aram Tolegian is back we have a real scout.
    Thank you!



  • LOL

    So the guru decides to mention the young Canada, but doesn’t even hint of his future superstar Jamel Hart? Oh yea, the Guru knows how to scout talent… hahahahahahahaha, sad part is they both go to SH. Wonder what hapend there, and BTW Mr. Hart did step on the field last year! Wasn’t playing like a future A. Muema, but he tried. Where’s ARAM at, I thought he was the real GURU now? Really hoped that would mean the old GURU was done writing šŸ™

  • Whitey is off the Hook!

    Whitey and Dan always bust me up!

    H20 Coach!

    That’s Classic!

    Don’t forget Radio


    You might as well give up while you can . You are fighting a losing battle . Seems you came to fight with no weapons. Par for the course seeing as you backing up the guru. Then you come back weak again with the knock on the valle vista . Why don’t you print your resume . Probably as weak as the guru’s . Well at least you know what to call yourself.

  • Blue and Gold Stud


    I know this is only the “first list” of players on both sides of the ball and we can expect to see another list in the coming days. When you get to the MLB core, don’t forget to check out #54 Michael Juarez from Bishop Amat, you can find his 1st year as a LB on the JV highlight at: and his 1st varsity year at:

    If your criteria is only about size, then he could be easily overlooked but if it’s about the ability to play the position at an elevated level, then he fits the mode. The varsity season marked his 3rd year ever of tackle football and he has raised his goals even higher knowing what he must accomplish atheltically to help achieve all the team goals at Amat next season. If any football recruiting takes place, great, but focusing on increasing his 3.5 GPA can provide options and allow him to walk on in his college of choice.

  • What-A-Joke

    WOW! First, it sounds like the parents have to be in the “Guru fan club” for a kid to get listed. That kind of makes you wonder a little bit.
    Second, what wrong with a D-II or even a D-III education? That should be the main goal to get these fine athletes educated. And rumor has it a big name D-I school is very interested in Jefferies so do your homework better.

  • Layton Coaching

    Wow! Layton must be ten times better coach than Bogan. Every year South Hills has up to five guys on this list but can’t beat DR who hardly has anybody. Who knew?

  • amat decleater

    Blue and Gold Stud the guru doesn’t have time to deal with 5-7 middle linebackers. DI Schools even DIII are looking for size, not 5-7 bean bags that will get pushed around at the next level.

    The Ranch coming for ya!

  • 2012 watcher

    I am glad Rio is getting attention and I wish him well – the first of 4 big football combines is in 2 weeks – the first of three Rivals/NUC combines and followed by the invitation only combine – if Rio comes out and shows that he is better than Nelson as both a WR and DB, I’ll never write a doubtful post again about your listing.

    Oh, let’s see – which college football athletic departments are already publicly looking at Nelson and are letting everyone know about it: LSU, Florida State, TCU, Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas A&M, not bad for a soph, check it out if you want to:

  • kh

    theres going to be some heated fighting at qb if podley opens it up with kc.wanting to play the summer passing league go bearcats

  • Nelson – Ruiz controversy – not new

    for what it is worth, about 2 months ago the Ruiz-Nelson ‘who is best’ controversy was on the valley players facebook and My Space sites – your No. 2 – Dennis Rufus wrote that Nelson was the best soph in the valley, he played against him

  • ????

    guru, what about the 1st year starters for next year. I have heard good things about sh’s ralphie bingochea, brandon arroyo, and levi osborn..I know they didnt start last year but it must be hard to start ahead of guys like geoff vaughns and miles bevel…plus bogan is known 4 breeding great dbs

  • Who the hell said I’m a guru? Sure wasn’t me. I want nothing to do with providing recruiting analysis of players I cover. I will let the pros do that. I just cover them and give my opinion as to what they’re doing.

  • Fred Who?

    I will say this much about Ruiz he is the most overrated sophomore football player in the SGV, at least by Fred. What Fred rated him as the second or third best quarterback in the valley next year. This is a position that he didn’t even play this year, and may not play next year, what a joke. Lucky for most of these kids the real scouts dont believe this crap that Fred writes.

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    amat decleater said:

    You obviously didn’t watch the video nor were you at the game that night. Try watching the video first before commenting or should I say speculating about what you don’t know.

    Look closely at the frustration of your “bigger” running back when he was arm tackled behind the line of scrimmage after blowing right thru the OL and don’t forget to watch the JV portion when he hit your “bigger” linemen & they fell like dominos. Lastly, all of Amats key starters sat out the 4th quarter in BOTH videos, out of respect.

    Maybe you know something the hospital doesn’t since the info posted on his size is correct, is he going to be over 6′ 250lbs, not likely, can he play like he is, let the experts (those that have real football knowledge) decide that, those that had selected him 2nd team in the Serra League or on the list of LB’s to look for in 2010.

    What-A-Joke said:

    Your right, nothing wrong with a D11 or D111 level of education, ANY education of higher learning would benefit a person the rest of their life. I’m not part of anyone’s fan club, I’m just trying to get people to see some of the game film that the guru and all others like him watch and base their opinions on.

    Not all athletes are depending on a D1 or D2 athletic scholarship to pay for college, for those that recieve them, I applaud them for working hard and hope they can maintain them until they graduate. For those that go to JC and work extra hard after HS and get picked up, the applause gets louder.

    Good luck in the coming football season to all athletes, coaches & fans.

  • Ur boy Fred said

    BREAKING NEWS: He’sssss Back, fasten your chin straps, Aram Tolegian is returning to the SGVN

    By Fred Robledo on February 6, 2010 8:45 AM

  • Friend not Foe

    Fred who? Why hate-just appreciate
    Rio overrated…more like underrated…this kid has lived up to hype big time in both sports…First of all he makes 1st team all league, in the flippen Serra league! Where every team has a D1-QB…someone has to catch all those balls, every team has 2-3 guys deep at WR…he impresses the hell out of LA Times prep writer Eric Sondiheimer, who names him the 2nd most impressive Soph in the southland…now that covers LA, Ventura and OC counties…he has 2 game winning catches this year, 1 to beat Loyola in OT and outplays or at least is equal to Victor Blackwell who is already rated the best WR to beat Mater Dei in the playoffs. Oh BTW that night, he had 8 catches for 120 yrds and a TD, oh and 2 picks, 1 to the house for 65 yrds but was called back…On Prime Ticket…He recently was named on the All- State Sophmore as WR (CalHisports).. oh and he punted this year Too..he literally could play anywhere on the field…yes even OL because he blocks excellent downfield…I talk to his Dad quite a bit…he reads this stuff but thats it, so I’ll tut the horn alittle bit…family is way too humble to get on here…and yes Fred loves him too because he is an excellent young man and Bishop is very luck to have him…of course the True Amat nation truly appreciate young Rio and how he has developed as a Champion Lancer…I don’t think there many D1 Sophmores who could make such claims…OH and Baseball…let me put it this way, when USC offers a Freshman in only his 3rd game into his Varsity career well that is special…2 USA gold medals at 14 yrs old…he is definetely underrated

  • whitey = new Guru

    Poll; Who here would like Whitey to be the new Guru?
    Hey Fred, how bout a new poll?

  • Ruiz Who ????

    Interesting, you comment “arm tackled” I watched that game you are talking about. The Ruiz kid looks like a great athlete that plays afraid. I didn’t see him make one proper tackle. I thought those coaches at BA would have taught him how to tackle by now. He plays like he’s afraid of getting hurt. Personally that’s also why I don’t think you will ever see him at qb at Bishop Amat. I don’t see him staying in the pocket and taking one for the team.

    This Guru ranks him third best in the valley over all those juniors out their, ok yea right. Then you read his comments and he starts talking more about the dad than the kid. Maybe I should start kissing his ass and he will rate my 9 year old son up their to.

    Then you have multi comments about this Nelson kid maybe better than Ruiz and he isn’t even on this list. Like I said before, lucky for all these kids out their Fred and his Guru don’t do the recruiting.

  • Forgive Them Lord for Thinking the Serra is like the Sierra

    Rio Ruiz, Jay Anderson, and Wallace Gonzalez are going to make all you haters eat your friggin words.

    Ask yourself why the interest in playing Bishop Amat has dropped dramatically after last season…why oh why?

    Ask yourself why Bogan and Farrar STRAIGHT UP refused to schedule the Lancers. These are “great” coaches right?

    It’s only Coach Hagarty’s 3rd year right?

    Rio Ruiz is overrated right?

    Wallace Gonzalez has no experience right?

    Jay Anderson is too small right?


  • Ruiz and Nelson Pizza Challenge

    Last night on myspace someone came up with a great idea, since Ruiz and Nelson both have national and world awards but in different sports and will not play against each other in football – they have a pizza eating duel – this idea must have been from Will Rogers – he said “common sense ain’t common”

  • joemama

    Why…cant…you…ever…try..talking…about…Damien…instead of..a…school……

  • Athletic vs Football Player

    You guys over at Amat keep talking about talent but the facts are you are lacking talent and that is the reason why you didn’t go very far in the playoffs. You sure didn’t beat Long Beach Poly with more talent, you beat them with coaching. Don’t get me wrong you are one of the top talented teams in the valley but not even close to what you think you are. This Nelson Ruiz subject is just one example of that. Personally I have seen both play and Nelson has much better technique than Ruiz, it isn’t even close. Ruiz is on the field at Bishop Amat because he is a great athletic. Please don’t come on this blog and talk about him being a great football player real big difference.

  • Jock Strap BS

    “ATHLETIC”…is a Rio a GREAT “ATHLETIC”…thanks for your…umm…..SUPPORT?

    Do you know the difference between an ATHLETE and an ATHLETIC ?


  • Jock Strap BS

    “ATHLETIC”…is a Rio a GREAT “ATHLETIC”…thanks for your…umm…..SUPPORT?

    Do you know the difference between an ATHLETE and an ATHLETIC ?


  • COChargerParent

    Charlie Avila #56 of Charter Oak
    Scouting Guru, since you’ve seen Andy and Dennis, surely you’ve seen Charlie Avila. He’s a young 16 year old junior with all the major accalades (CIF, Tribune, etc), stats, and measureables. When you watch COs defensive game film, you’ll see who is directing gap traffic up front.
    Quick, strong, hands/feet. Everything.
    Look him up. Thanks!

  • Charlie Avila for President

    Charlie Avila is the understudy to Perri and Williams. A decorated first team All-C.I.F. and All-League that in Coach Lehigh’s defense has thrived wreaking havoc every Friday night.

    Obviously, the Guru has some more homework ahead of him because not recognizing a starting defensive football player since his sophomore year on Charter Oak’s daunting defense is a major “Oops” on his part. Get the job done because a scholarship is in his future and he’s already being recruited..!

  • AthletIC vs Football Player

    Jock Strap BS,

    If that is the best response you have, let me say REAL WEAK.

  • Ruiz vs Nelson Newsflash – forget pizza

    Gil Romero of Senor Baja Fish Tacos on Gale Ave and Hacienda Blvd has offered to settle the Rio Ruiz and JR Nelson contoversy – Rio and JR can have an all you can eat meal with a handshake – not sure how all of this started but – I like the free meal idea, I’m the dad

  • Senor Baja dinner

    Since Jay Anderson knows both players Rio (obviously) and JR Nelson, if he sets up the dinner, I’ll get Jay a free dinner also

  • Hold the free promo dinners – there still is 7 on 7

    Senor Baja and Pizza Co. might want to wait on the free promo publicity dinners for Nelson and Ruiz

    Everyone has forgotten about the 7 on 7 this summer – there still is a chance the two may line up against each other, on both sides of the ball – you never know how the teams are paired at those things

  • The comment regarding Aiono and the all league voting in the San Antonio League is completely classless. First of all, how does he (guru) have access to the voting of the head coaches in the San Antonio League, that should be between the head coaches only. Secondly, a coach (special helper) at a school should not put down another school for not making the playoffs. This, in my opinion, is lack of character and shows a sampling of what this guy is all about. He might as well of had some guts and just named the school that “turns in thier pads after week 10”. This is one of the many examples why his comments are not taken seriously and there is a disclaimer before each of his posts.

  • WTF

    You parents that get on here and try to “Pub” your own kids are pathetic!!! Don’t you know that you are only throwing them out there to the Blog Nation, where Haters and Malcontents from all areas lurk! Do your kid and yourself a favor and let the kids play on the field do the talking. All this putting down of “KIDS” by jealous and basically infantile, school yard bully type “ADULTS” is sad. It truely is a frightening reflection of “who” is sitting in those stands watching these kids play. It’s really kind of scary to think that people/adults of such low character are going to be watching my kid play a game he loves, FOR FUN, and waiting for any mistakes so they can come in here and post how crappy he is and undeserving of any accolades he may get along the way. Very scary stuff. You guys, and you know who you are, really need to step back, grow up and just be better people. Ruiz, Nelson and Avila will be just fine. Just enjoy their play and keep the negativity confined to your own home. Later!

  • You Tell Them

    WTF, your absolutely right it is so ridiculous to read all this crap. These people love to see how funny or witty they can be to put down some kid out there trying to play a game. A PIZZA, FISH TACOS EATING CONTEST ? Just ridiculous your not funny grow the F up!

  • Hey WTF

    Hey WTF – if Senor Baja and Pizza Co. want to do something for HS football and have a laugh – what’s your beef – these two family owned businesses support B Amat, Wilson, LA, La Puente, and Workman sports – and even fund raisers at the middle school level – we should applaud their support and hope there are more that come along – there is as much rivalry between Senor Baja and Pizza Co as there is at LA and Wilson – it’s great for everyone – so take a deep breathe and dont take everything so serious – in fact it was a star QB neither from B Amat nor Wilson on myspace that suggested the pizza thing originally and it sort of grew on its own – so go rent a relaxation tape and chant theraputic music

  • What If

    That 7 on 7 is real interesting, being that both play WR/DB. They would be matched up against each other on both sides of the ball. What would happen if Ruiz gets schooled by Nelson? What would that say about our so called local experts (Guru, Fred, etc…)?

    Very rare in the game of football that you can actually match up two players head to head on both sides of the ball. Personally I don’t see this happening, Ruiz and BA has everything to lose and nothing to gain. What if this kid from Wilson schools BA’s best player?

  • friend not Foe

    This is ridiculous…nellie is trying to ride the coat tails of Rio since Rio is a named guy and Nellie is not…It is obviously one of the cheapest way to get on a blog…the Nellie camp thinks this is the only way because they both played on both sides of the ball, Fred doesn’t know him, and the Guru doesn’t know him…so how else do they get some pub in the SGV…Well kid it doesn’t work…Wilson had the worst schedule, absolutely played nobody except CO and Nellie got shut down by them…catching some 2 yard slants against Los Altos last year isn’t going to put you in SEC radar…Rio did his work against a who’s who in HS, just in League alone going against defensive back fields from Loyola, Crespi, NDame and then Mater Dei…Then at Lakewood they put Bailey on him…he demanded the respect by getting covered by one of the best corners in the country (going to SC)…he had 3 catches for about 30 yards and 2 first downs in less than 1 half of the game…Nellie’s camp nice try…but earn your spot with your game, not with your type writer…I would be embarrased if I were him…I’ll make it real simple, transfer to Amat- play against the best and see how you stack up…at least you’ll know in your heart how you did…never be afraid to challenge yourself if you think you have what it takes…next year Rio can be throwing you the ball in a playoff game…the question is will you game up and catch it or pucker up and fail…we know how Rio did when it was his turn…what will you do!
    To anyone out there…if you want to be the best, you have to play against the best…are you man enough to take the challenge…if you come to Amat you will know what all the magic is all about, and what it is to line up against some of the best talent in the country and have something special to remember about your High School football experience…

  • WTF

    Dude – I could care less about the Pizza – Senor Baja deal. Let it happen, that’s great! I may even come out and watch or scarf a few slices of pizza or eat a few tacos myself. I’m talking about all the ridiculous crap I’ve been reading,presumably posted by “ADULTS”, that belittle and demean our student athletes? That’s what I’m worked up about.

  • Dear Friend Not Foe

    Hey Friend or Foe – so is your recommendation to JR Nelson to tell those Big 12 and SEC teams to stop looking at him??? – or is it maybe they see something you dont – since he isnt at B Amat should LSU and Arkansas scratch him off of their list??? Since he isnt at B Amat should he tell TCU to stop sending him the checklist of info they want from him???? Since he didnt play against Crespi and NDame should he tell A&M, NEb, and Fl State he isnt tough enough???

    If he wanted to go private he would have gone to Orange Luthern for football and track – and a school with a great looking campus and student body

    Combines – start in 11 days, and JR’s dad has also registered for a big one in texas – since they seem to be interested in his talents

  • friend not Foe

    Nellies Dad or mom…Hey good things come in small packages, small schools have talent as well…your son might be a diamond in the rough…but to date, if he has not impressed his own league, come on… are you telling me Mack Brown is going to be impressed by game film of Nellie vs Los Altos? Please….Dont be confused with questionaires you may get verses a bonifide hand written letter, almost everyone gets them, especially if they payed for some sort of combine/camp, which sounds like you did, thats why they ask for your info and email…their is no history of your school sending out SEC talent…did your son even make All League? Im not saying it can’t happen, or that you may not be the one… but hyping up your kid VS a known commodity is not the right way to do things…I really hope your dreams come true and you get to go to a big time school to play have 2 years left, make the most of them…Go to O Lu then but do something somewhere against someone…change your destiny! Good luck

  • Radier Parent

    The source of some of these comments are very interesting. First off are the comments Nelson’s dad, maybe some but not all of them. Most of the negative comments seem to be coming from a LA parent. I base that on the fact that Wilson posted no stats last year, I checked. So the blogger had to be at the LA game.

    Wilson didn’t even start passing the ball until game 5 when they switched to their sophomore quarterback. Nelson was Wilson’s only real passing threat, so we always double covered him. We blew out Wilson but Nelson still had over 100 yards receiving. The best sophomore receiver I saw all year.