Baseball, the preseason starting 9; Covina’s Matt Munoz has transferred to San Dimas

Above: Bishop Amat lefty Paul Paez is the area’s best returning pitcher.

With baseball a few weeks from starting, I thought I would get the conversation going with the area’s preseason starting lineup. The top 9 are as follows:

* It has been confirmed that Covina’s Matt Munoz has transferred to San Dimas, so pending eligility, we will officially list him as a San Dimas player from now on

Pitcher: Paul Paez, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Catcher: Jerry McClanahan, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Infielder: Erik Lewis, Damien, Sr.
Infielder: Christian Ibarra, South Hills, Sr.
Infielder: Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, So.
Infielder: Matt Munoz, San Dimas, Jr. *(pending CIF eligibility)
Outfielder: Jay Anderson, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Outfielder: Jacob Smigelski, Glendora, Sr.
Outfielder: Chester Pak, Diamond Bar, Sr.

Covina’s Matt Munoz shown here as a freshman. The junior recently transferred to CIF-SS Division IV champion San Dimas.

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  • Baseball Wire

    Munoz from Covina left for San Dimas last week, you can bet CIF will stick their nose in on this one.

  • Don

    The munitions department does seem pretty well covered here.

  • Commisioner Stauton u chonker


  • athletically motivated

    You think so especially when 4 of his travelball teammates are at San Dimas. Fred is CIF trying to implement a new rule where he a kid like this situation could possibly sit out his senior year as well?

  • Zookeeper

    The Animal has been biting his tongue lately but he will return with a vengeance. He has learned to channel his hatred and become domesticated off the field but beware of him when he crosses those white lines.

  • shhs

    what about jake shirley at sh?

  • Basic

    I don’t like this rule because it hurts kids and no one else. This rule says, “We will hurt your chances to go to college if you transfer” but it does not punish the school.

    I think kids should be able to transfer for whatever reason, this would force schools to better themselves…Do you ever hear a kid not being able to take a certain advance class because he transferred? so why do athletes have to get punished but not kids that are academically motivated? Yes some kids transfer for the wrong reasons and some are just as**es and think they are so much better than anything else but hey they should be given the chance to make fools of themselves.

    So in my opinion, if you don’t want transfers, then punish the schools that accepts them, otherwise, let it be a free for all and I am sure the schools will sort it all out by themselves. They will eventually get tired of loosing kids and MONEY and focus on getting kids back in whatever fashion they want, sports, academically, arts whatever…

  • Rock Day

    Keep it real Matt’s move was good.

    As for starting 9 Jacob shirly,hands down should have that middle infield spot..!!! Big arm and bigger bat.

  • transfers

    Munoz will get not be able to play as it was a athletic transfer. He dad made it perfectly clear in his meeting at the VP. He did not see eye to eye with the coach which is ironic since the dad was on the board the hired the new coach.

  • baseball

    good first effort, but I agree…Shirley has to be on this list.

  • haha

    Where is Aaron and KH telling us how half the Bonita team should be on this list. Actually, I am interested in your take KH. What do you think?

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Two things here. From experience take Matt and will get a great player but not a team player. He will do more damage than good.Brutal!as for your list. Why would you not list last years ESPNs top froshman of last year? Ty france should be on it

  • Just Observing


    How is it the schools fault for the kid transferring? The kid knows the consequences for transferring so it his fault if he loses the scholarship. Why should the school be punished if the kid chooses to go there. That is the kids choice, the school didn’t go to him and tell him to transfer. The kid needs to sit out the year as stated per CIF and pay his dues for transferring.

  • haha

    i agree with Observing. By rule, coaches are cannot even talk to a transfer until they have officially transferred so why would you punish the school when they already are not allowed to recruit or talk to transfers. If they are doing that, then they are already breaking the rules and are subject to punishment.

  • Basic

    to J.O.

    My comment was made more to those schools that recruit, but I see your point. However, my opinion is that this rule is just lame and it only hurts the kids, these kids should be allowed to play regardless. You never hear “you can’t be in our High School Musical cause you transferred” do you?

    I just think enrolment should be open, this way kids could go to where they want to go and schools could decide what is important to them and excel in those fields, and to make it somewhat fair, the school has to accept you, a little college-like application, you apply to where you want to go for your own reason and they decide to take you or not. Of course you are still allowed to go to your home school…

    Just my opinion…

  • Just Observing


    Kids can do that, it’s called private school and you pick that school before your freshman year.

  • WTF


    Does CIF sanction “Musicals”????? I don’t think so, so that will never be heard of, SORRY….

  • Basic

    You can do that at any school your freshmen year, so that is not the point, the point is that this rules sucks and only hurts the kids. Don’t get me wrong I HATE loosing kids from Bonita that go to better athletically gifted schools but it happens so why not make it open enrollment no matter the year??? and umm yeah last time I checked, Private schools cost money, so not everyone can do that…

    Do you think if school A is loosing a ton of kids, that school A would not change in some way? At the very least, it would force them to ask WHY and then do something about it because they would be loosing MONEY. After doing so they could decide “hey we are not a football school but we have a great English program, or Baseball, Golf, Band, Art, Basketball, etc” and they would sell that to new students and make up the numbers…

    It doesn’t really matter to me, I just think that it does not help anyone not to let these kids play. Like I said, I would love to keep athletically gifted kids at Bonita but it’s not happening now so if you are going to allow certain ones and not others why not either say NO you must sit period unless you physically moved or say anyone can move anywhere and play right away, of course this would also come with some limitations, like can’t have multiple moves in the same year…Again, I just don’t think it’s fair for the kids, look at S.H. and Canada, I don’t really like the school and how they went after him but the kid should have been allowed to play, and in that case maybe punish the school. UNLESS you go with open enrolment…

  • COChargerfan

    Basic, per Calif Law every kid has the legal right to seek a transfer to a school district other than the one they reside within, however, the general rule is that the district of residence must agree to release the kid. The major exception is that if a kid is transferring to a designated District of Choice (in our area this is Glendora) then a release is not required. As a practical matter, school districts do not attempt to block a kid from transferring to another district probably because they do not want to face an ugly, expensive lawsuit. So, if a kid wants to go to a certain school for academic or non-sports extra-curricular activities they are free to do so as long as they are released.

    But, athletics are an entirely separate issue that is governed by CIF rules, which, ironically, are drawn up and administered by the very same educators that are running the schools. And by restricting athletics but not drama or band, arent they saying that sports are more important? Seems to me to be a warped thought process by our educators.

    In the past, Ive been critical of how the CIF administers the rules, notably in the Canada boys who were denied eligibility even though they physically moved their residence within the SH District. With that said, the transfer rules are a necessary evil otherwise we would have open recruiting with kids transferring year to year to the perceived best team for the upcoming seasonpotentially a big, big headache that nobody wants. Munoz knows the rules and he should now have to sit out a year the same as his former teammate Jeff Moran is sitting over at SH.

  • No rule change

    Play by the rules. I am so tired of students moving around after freshmen year. Parents; please think long and hard about what you want to teach your child. Did anyone learn anything this past high school football season.

  • Aaron

    The comparison of not barring a kid for transferring academically makes little sense.

    As far as baseball is concerned, I have no opinion, however I hope my Bearcats have another fantastic season.

  • As I see it

    Top nine – you have to be kidding me. How could you not have Ty France, ESPN Top Freshmen, Jacob Shirley, UCLA Scholarship and Rouric Bridgewater 3B Diamond Ranch on this team. It is my understanding that as a sophmore last year Bridgewater won the Miramonte league batting and OBP title while coming in second in HR’s and RBI’s. From what my sources tell me he is being recruited by Oregon, Oregon State, UCI, Fullerton and ASU and is an absolute beast. Also, what about Kenny Matthews from Diamond Bar a Fullerton early commit and even Jonathon Munez, Diamond Bar, a second early commit to UCI.

    I know that some of these kids are on the other side of the valley but it is supposed to be the whole valley not just BA and a few others.

  • As I see it

    As I see it:

    Chester Pak, Northridge Scholarship – he is not even the best player on his own team let alone the valley. Northridge you have to be kidding me.

  • kh

    as for covia,bonita crushed them last year,it was like playing a j.v. team fred.glendoras and bonitas both have better size and power at the s.s. position then covia.inless he was sick and didnt make the game we played them,theres was only one ss i waqs watching his name was miers. do your home work fred or steve ,the best prospect on covia team last year was there catcher,he was best your own scouting,.

  • Rock Day


    Nice try!!!

    Matt is not the only one who got out of that train wreck.Jeff Moran went to south hills and a year before that Jason Diaz went to WESCO.Guess they would rather take there lumps,and keep sanity.3 strikes and who is next.??

    somebody wake pete from this bad dream!!!

  • baseballguy

    C.J Saylor from South Hills just committed to San Diego State this past weekend. Ty France has two offers on the table. It would be hard to pick a top 9. I think the top 9 was done just to get some discussion on some of the area top players. You also have Plutko as a pitcher going to UCLA.

    KH, why are you such the authority? Give an honest answer on why you opinion matter over everyone else. Please post a legitimate answer not the rambling stuff and without knocking someone else.

  • fio


    Munoz leaving Covina is unfortunate, but what is most unfortunate is how a coach chases his two best players from his program moran and munoz and keeps what is leftover. hey born and raised in sgv…do u know Munoz? the freshmen class at covina was crap last year and Loaiza cant even captain the ship without pleasing the crew. and athletically motivated…i happenn to know that half his bomber team plays at amat so why didnt he go there?

  • Preseason baseball

    Fred, you should put out a top pitchers in valley list im thinking Paez,Plutko,Shirley,Matthews,Huerta,Baltierra you can add on the rest

  • kh

    my opinion is what it is. mine
    and it comes from what i see,not what i if i dont see what you see, then no big deal. i have signed many pro baseball players to big money contracts. have a eye for projecting pro talent,signed players out of ind.ball and put them in org. ball to the bigs, they made it.,not me.hard work is the only way to make it up the ladder,when somebodys tells me this kid is great,i dont pre judge him.i well go see him play them i will have my own opinion ,see thats how i do it,easy isnt it.have you ever left the usa to scout players around the world mr baseball guy.then what the hell is your opinoin worth a free bowl of soup.i get paid for my opinion on baseball.we just signed a former big leaguer today to go play in taiwan.if anymore ? on resume just ask,you shall receive. scouting director of int.dept.of asia baseball signed first contract as a player 1980 to 1992 as a player then manage in the pros 2002 and beem involved in scouting and development dept.have signed players all over the world my friend.just gus a student athlete signed a letter to go to a big college,dosnt make him abetter player then the kid going to mt-sac or citrus.pete rose pizzas theres tons of players who werent drafted high or went to the big college,and made a great living playing you tell me for you son playing two season at mt-sac or seating two season at you might be like sallow hal,thinks she the prettest thing ever,and i might think we throw her over broad so she dosnt sink the ship..

  • baseballguy


    Why did I know you would answer that way? I just asking an honest question and was hoping for answer without all the rhetoric. What organization are you currently working for? Can you let us know what organizations you have worked for in the past? Who in this area would consider opinion to be valid? Not questioning your knowledge but who else in the area know the kids.

    I found you stats in the baseball cube. So you did play pro ball.
    Year Team Lg Age Org. Level Pos Ln G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO HBP IBB SH SF DP AVG OBP SLG OPS
    1980 Idaho Falls Pio – CAL Rk of 48 166 32 35 7 2 3 16 2 2 24 36 1 5 2 .211 .311 .331 642
    Salinas Calif – CAL A+ 3b 10 21 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 3 9 1 1 0 .143 .280 .143 423
    1984 Savannah SAL – STL A of 48 156 20 31 7 0 4 26 5 2 26 33 1 0 0 3 .199 .312 .321 633
    1987 San Bernardino Calif – – A+ of 23 82 16 22 4 1 1 11 5 2 12 21 0 0 0 0 .268 .362 .378 740
    Minor League Totals – 3 Season(s) 129 425 69 91 18 3 8 53 13 7 65 99 3 6 5 .214 .319 .327 646



    Funny thing how Regan claims he didnt know anything about Munoz.

    The guy is so full of prozac he doesnt know when to tell the truth.



    Funny thing how Regan claims he didnt know anything about Munoz.

    The guy is so full of prozac he doesnt know when to tell the truth.

  • Bird Dog


    Some of us here at BHS know the truth about you! Get off your international crap, the signature isnt yours… LOL

  • kmon Robledo the kids name is McClanahan.. dont even know how to spell the kids name right, give me a break.

    munoz over shirley is pretty ridiculous, and how can u have a guy going to northridge over guys going to top tier D1 schools in the outfield.. lets do some research before we put up a list of any kind.

  • wow!

    Fred you’ve been exposed, for all the times Jerry Mac has been in your paper and to not spell it correctly! weak, very weak, no wonder nobody buys the Trib, although after reading soberman or kh, whatever he is, his being exposed as to what he really is/was is even more laughable…..ahh the laughs are memorable

  • i agree

    800 high schools and how many Freshmen in California and you neglect the local player named Freshman of the STATE — you have got to be kidding me. mark my words you will be eating your words, or lack of words, the whole list is lame.especially by naming a kid who isn’t even going to play.

  • corrected

    before you start let me correct myself in saying the list in general is lame not the players –all are great players but putting this out there with a player who who isnt even going play as part of top 9 to watch, thats lame. no SD cif champs listed thats lame too.

  • haha

    Wow Fred – I hope you get paid a lot. The abuse you take is beyond ridiculous.

  • baseball first


    Nice list, but I want to remind everyone that this is one mans opinion. There are many players out there that deserve to be on this list and aren’t. There are also kids that we have not heard of that will out perform the kids on this list. What matters is seeing this list at the end of the season, it won’t look the same. It is not about how you start, but how you finish.

  • FredJ

    Thanks for the catch on the name correction, I got it, I got it, you all are too funny, “you’ve been exposed.”

  • funny

    The Freshman at South Hills really went thru a stringent evaluation to be named Freshman POY. Here’s what the article said:

    “Freshmen: Ty France (South Hills, Covina)

    At the CIF Southern Section Division IV finals, we noticed an impressive freshman behind the plate and then watched him hit. It turns out that France was not just a member of the South Hills varsity, but was the team’s leading hitter with an average near .400.

    France was a first-team all-leaguer, played on the varsity football team as a freshman and was a second-team All-CIFSS Division IV choice. Since he was such a strong player as a freshman for a team that won a CIFSS section title, France gains the state freshman player of the year honor.

    Other highly-ranked teams and numerous stat lists were checked out to see if anyone could beat France. No one did. Besides, it’s nice to see South Hills with another young baseball player on the rise.”

    They saw him play ONCE – and then checked some stats! REALLY? Good player , might be great – but HARDLY the best freshman in the State. Especially after that evaluation process.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Yes I do since the bombers team. Munoz best chance to play is at SD. He would not have the same PT here at AMAT.
    I can say last years frosh group was solid last year. We played against that group on several occasions, they were the bandits with Ty France at one point, the Chino Titans with Carlos Martinez (Nogales)and hollenbeck with Rio. Are they big? no, can they play ball? yes. Northview wanted that group.

    As for the Coach chasing out his 2 best? I agree Munoz is solid, however after Moran threw out his arm what good was he? His hitting numbers were not there, he cant pitch anymore (like he did). He could only play first base.

    Bottom line Munoz was a good fit and was learning from Loaiza and the addition of Coach Gill Adame from So El Monte (those that know Adame cant say anything bad about him), however daddy did not like the structure of the practices because that not how the Bombers do it. I wish the kid the best as for the dad, FTP.

  • Adame is a Joke

    Gil Adame is a joke. I remember him from his Rosemead High School football coaching days. He is a complete idiot. He was jealous of our best running back. He ran him off because the kid was better than him.

  • Baseball Wire

    Interesting to here all the rambling from people who really don’t know what the are talking about. Ty France hands down the best pure hitter in the state as a freshmen. He played third base, pitched, played first base and hit clean up. Facts are the facts, South Hills won CIF. Ty France was off the charts during the entire play offs. In four of SHHS CIF wins TY France and CJ Saylor had either the go ahead run or game winning RBI as freshmen. Ty’s performance was not based on one game, it was a consistant MVP performance for the season and he was named second team all CIF.

    According to Perfect Game Ty is ranked 25 in the country for the 2012 class. Other Top Freshmen in the State, Trey Williams, Tanner Rahier, Ruben Ybarra, Corey Oswalt can not claim the same accomplishments start to finish.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    “Adame is a Joke”? He ran off a kid because he was better than the coach? That does not make any sence whats so ever. Please re submit your comment. I would really would like to understand what that means. Besides I am not sure what kind of football coach he was(don’t care really) but as far as a bsaeball coach, he seems to know the game really well.

  • Who Cares

    Baseball Wire,

    Perfect game only rates the kids that go to there events.

  • Softball

    What about a softball top 9. All these baseball blogs and no love for softball.

  • PG rates others

    PG rates players that have not attended their events.

  • asdfas


    is not as dumb as we thought hes boring us with soccer and basketball, throw in wrestling and now teases us with a baseball thread he knows softball is the daddy of them all and is saving the real thread for later. Nice going Fred your going to get me fired for checking my computer too much.

  • funny

    Baseball Wire -just read what was written. Guy saw him once and looked at stats

  • SGV coach

    Where’s the kid from Bishop who committed to USC?
    Jordan Mcrany

  • What Stats

    What gets me on the this award, what stats did they look at? SH has no stats posted on maxpreps. Just wondering where they got there stats from.

  • so what

    funny, who cares if the guy saw him once and looked at stats why are you going to discredit an honor to a kid who if you have seen play even once you’d say wow. all of us who have watched him play since he’s been six years old knew he was going to great-very deserving honor with many more to come.

  • Baseball Wire

    Funny Said:

    You are only making the point with your posts. “800 schools in California”, he was watched once then stats reviewed, if he reviewed all the top HS stats in the state the decision made was the correct one. If you have any insight into the game once is all you need to know!

    If he watched him (Ty France) at Anaheim Stadium in the CIF Div III championship game as his only game, nothing else need to be seen. 3 for 4, a double off the right field wall two singles and 3 RBI’s two put outs from third base. The stats from 800 schools only backed up what he saw in person.

    Fairly simple decision!

  • BoHi


    I’ve heard you say that Bonita is losing athletes to other schools. I’m curious to know what athletes are they losing and to what schools. I graduated recently and from when I was there the only athltes we lost got kicked out because of grades. Do you have a list of the athltes that Bonita is losing or lost to other schools? Something will need to be done especially if they r transferring illegally.

  • kh

    hey bird dog.
    who you doggy next the coaching staff
    do you know what a bird dog is..its u
    bird doggy the coaching staff.begging 4 your sons playing time good luck

  • Bird Dog


    Bird dog is too funny… That is exactly what you are…. They called you out. I love it!!!

  • Birddog

    Congrats to these young men who have made verbal commitments to there Schools of choice. It seems this line-up that was put up seems to be a personal choice? Friend of a friend? Who knows? With a numerous amount of talent in the Valley this is good for discussion. Since you were talking about Catching in some of your blogs there are a few in the Valley. Popular vote? The one to watch out for is the young man Arman Valenzuela from Northview HS signed with LMU this summer LA Dodger Elite at Dodger stadium lights out put on 15lbs this summer 6’2-185. 2010 MLB draft top- prospects have him in the top 10 catchers Nationally. Scouts myself included still can’t believe he just turned 17 in Nov. Pitching Plutko/Glendora HS the real deal has gotten bigger and stronger Gabe Encinas/St Paul HS. It’s unfortunate the best OF/Ath. in the valley will not be on the field this season Wallace Gonzalez/Bishop Amat.HS

  • Found you out!!

    Born&raised sgv

    As soon as you mention little freshmen and bandits you gave your self up.Got to hand it to you,When you guys said you would be running the Covina baseball program.WOW.!!really WOW.!!!Good job..Fueld Loizas joy for gambling,moved your buddy Gill in,chased away the Buster..bad mouthed any player in your way(is that the Bandit way!).You should
    run for office.!!you called Mr.Munoz a @uto.!! Got to hand it to you got balls.So tell
    us Carillo whats your next move when will you be at third base calling the shots?

    enjoy your fruits and stop hammering the ball players. Go pound sand!!

  • Colt Insider

    Relax found you out….Im Carrillo and I would never call Munoz any names like that the guy is a good guy his kid just got his mind mixed up a bit. Secondly, munoz was in favor of bringing in Adame but ultimately it was the coach who decided to bring him in 2 days a week. I don’t know where you got your info from but neither Munoz or I had any pull to make decisions like that. Munoz has a tremendous amount of talent but he was starting to be a cancer on the team with his attitude. Kids on the team stop respecting him when he was too good to do certain drills and threats of quiting or transfering all the time. So who ever you are “found you out” worry about your own school and life. Just because 6 friends attended the same school and those same 6 parents happen to attend booster meeting doesn’t mean we run the school. It might seem like it when the same 6 parents are the ones who attend work parties and any fundraising events but it’s called caring for the school and kids in the program.

  • kh

    hey birddog.the quote from you. scouts myself cant beleive it he turned 17.
    ok birddog who do you work sound like your opinion matters.whos your team your birddog
    ing for.
    the dukes.maybe the arc.astros.let us know ,it seem like you do some reading up on local talent,then you give us a break down on bonita baseball for the up coming season,mr i love it.feel us in onwho lead the team in hitting ,pitching, rbi whos the sleeping out of the pin.thats your job to let the real baseball people know whos hot,good birddog will shake the trees and fined the leave nobodys wants to turn in.because there srared to death,thats why super scouts and reg. scouts.then again the want to bees guys like you call themselfs birddogs.what a joke.fred you left out my last blog.lots of good infor. dont blame you ,dont want to show to much too fast .

  • ? for KH


    You never answered the question of what organization you have worked for? Be specific. Who do you currently work for? You still have not given us that info. Don’t rant and rave to try to change the subject just answer the question. Who do you and who did you work for? Plain and simple.

  • another ? for KH

    What are the name of the area scouts who cover this area? Since you are in the know fill us in. Who are the people/ hs coaches/ travel ball coaches in the area you feel are in the know and why?

  • Adame?

    Adame in at Covina?
    I thought the whole retiring at S. El Monte was to watch his kid play etc.? Yeah right, this has been in the works for awhile. Is Adame really the answer to our problems? He’s the personal workout guru to the stars? I’m not sure, but haven’t heard much that this guy is legit. What has S. El Monte done?

  • Catchers

    Let’s see if we can change the tone of this thread. Let’s start with some tops catchers from the area. Let’s try not to bash anyone. Who else is out there?

    Arman Valenzuela-Northview ’10/LMU
    Joe Winterburn-Glendora ’10/UCSB
    Derek Goodwin-Diamond Ranch ’10/Sacramento State
    Jerry McClanahan-Bishop Amat ’10/UC Irvine
    C.J. Saylor-South Hills ’12/San Diego State

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Found nothing out…Believe me, I know Munoz from Bombers dating back to oldest son and his oldest. This is a re run episode.

    I have seen this happen before. I just hope this doesnt back fire since he will have to sit out one year since he has not moved.

    CIF can set up on my front lawn if they want to see Matt leave school every morning from Covina.

    Hope JV is worth it.

  • Jackie Moon

    Adame is only helping out 2 days out of the week to spend time with his kid.

    are going to speak to the baseball coaches about the upcoming year as you did in football? Who are the studs and the upcoming guys?

    Get speacifics on all position not just catchers.





  • Old Timer

    Just a comment on the situation that is going over at Covina and at lots of other programs around the SGV. For those that know I hardly ever comment on anything on the boards here as most of the readers are either kids that do not know anything about the situations or are just defending there school right or wrong. Parents that try to promote there kids or think they know all about the sport “baseball” or the topic at hand. And most others are either just trying to fit in somewhere on this board and throw out comments that make “zero” sense. But then again there are a “FEW” here like myself that have been around the SGV and High School Baseball or Football and been around the highest competetion for well over 25 years and have seen the real trends and seen how the Valley has changed over the years and most are not for the good to be honest. Before people chime in like always and get defensive just hear me out and listen.
    Covina has made a huge mistake in hiring this coach. I mentioned it on this board the day it was announced that this would be the Colts downfall. Im sure Fred can go back and see that I mentioned here that this was a horrible hire. Now I do give Loaiza credit in standing his ground and not bending if that is what has happened over there. FYI I did not go to Covina or have a kid there or anything just so everyone knows. I have seen this on many occasions in this Valley with kids coming in with huge talent and the school or coach letting the kid run the program and his or her parents run all over the coach. There is no way in hell that a parent should be on the board that choose’s the next coach and there is no way in HELL the kid should have any say so. With that being said I think the Kid is a punk for leaving his team and the fact that his parents are pushing it as well is really a bad sign and its just the begining of the craziness that is going on here in this Valley.
    This kid should not be allowed to participate next year no matter what IMO, open enrollment would ruin this Valley from the first day. A kid doesnt start “Transfer” argument with a coach “Transfer” team doing bad “Transfer” and you dont think the other schools will be all over these kids daily. I wont give that coach at Covina any more then 2 years, they will let him go probably faster then that. Covina should of went and got a big name IMO.
    For all the schools that are down right now, keep your head up as its all a trend it will come back. Example: Back in the day Bassett had some horse’s on the football field and were dominant, about 8-9 years ago Northview was garbage in Baseball and the Valley Vista League was a monster league w Covina and South Hills and Bonita battling every year for the title w pitching duels galore. Gladstone for that matter was top 5 program in this Valley in Baseball and could beat anyone anytime on any given day. So I say to the kids keep your head up and it will come around again.
    For the Old Timers like me that actually know these Coach’s,AD’s, on a personal level and actually have played and coached at the highest level (besides high school) keep up the good work w the comments etc.

    Recap – Open enrollment is a huge mistake and that kid should sit out just as those kids from Duarte did last year, agree 100% on that call. Just cause you dont like a coach doesnt give you the right to leave, if you leave once you will leave and quit your whole life.

    Old Timer

  • Basewall Wire

    Rumor has it that Ty France Sophomore at SHHS will also committ to SDSU shortly if not already. This kids a powerhouse with a bright future.

  • Basewall Wire

    Rumor has it that Ty France Sophomore at SHHS will also committ to SDSU shortly if not already. This kids a powerhouse with a bright future.

  • Basewall Wire

    Rumor has it that Ty France Sophomore at SHHS will also committ to SDSU shortly if not already. This kids a powerhouse with a bright future.

  • kh

    checking to see if blogs are going thru.

  • I don’t know who you are, do you ???????

    Why do so many people always say so many stupid things in here. Old timer, how are we suppose to remember what you said or even know who you are if you just blast away and never use the same screen name ? Allot of people do that to.

  • catchers!

    Remember this name catcher Seby Zavala! He is a junior at AMAT!

  • I agree

    I agree old timer!!! What will happen the next time something goes wrong. The transfer rule is there for a reason. It’s the old me, me, me, before team.

  • WhAT

    What Seby I did no know we are looking back up catchers now. He has to wait for J.M to leave. So he can start for now he is the bull pen catcher.

  • Old Timer

    I always use the same name. I just choose not to address all the nonsense here. Most of the people here that have been around know the block know what I speak is the truth!

  • open your eyes most schools do it

    I think it isa joke that every one is up in arms about this kid Munoz i mean ok lets look at football only a couple of years ago did CIF start looking at kids Transfering lets look at Wrestling NORTHVIEW use to recruit all over the southern section i mean Shad thier state champ a couple of years ago was suppose to be going to Ontario. Larry medina was suppose to go to Kaiser i belive nick inclan was suppose to go to san dimas but they didnt their baseball program CIF is late to the party when it comes to schools recruiting they set up a punishment and a system so as long as the kid follows that system let him play and if he doesnt then hold him out for the year simple as that. Damien recruits south hills does charter oak does alot of high schools do

    February 10, 2010 10:08 PM

  • kh

    i try to anwser your ? with deep roots of who and where and with i work with.
    but for some reason fred and staff wont put the last two blogs thru.thats why i did a blog ck. it went right i wasted my time again,fred dosnt want any body with morales of insite to input,he just wants all the players to be haters ,he thinks that keeps the blog birddog come see me at the bonita game and would love to talk baseball with you.fred must have something out for us t.c. guys..he probably got worked over sometime in his life.dont feel bad fred your werent the only t.c. ram hater.will see if this makes the big bad blog.boys

  • hey kh

    I dont think it is Fred. I had a few blog entries not make it either and they were pretty harmless. Probably just lost in cyberspace. Try again and cut and paste your entry from a word doc and you wont lose it.

  • Objectivity Is Key

    I found it interesting someone mentioned Seby Zavala, I believe he also goes by Bernardo Zavala. If so, this kid plays for the Southern California Bombers. Anyone that has seen him play, including Division 1 recruiters, knows about the skills and abilities this kid holds. He is extremely smart, and quick behind the plate. He displays strong baseball kowledge and as such has the ability to call his own game. He also hit for power. Rumor has it, he is being looked at by several Division 1 schools including UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, and CSUF. Although he appears to be “the back up catcher for Amat,” he could have definitely started as a Freshman at most other San Gabriel Valley school. In fact, I believe the fact he has chosen to play under McClanahan (2010 Graduate; UCI) and Murakami (2008 Graduate; USF) shows this kid’s loyality to the baseball program and more importantly the patience and drive it takes to have a long a prosperous baseball career.

  • Nieto Out?

    Anyone from Amat know if the rumor is true about a flyer going around Amat campus to campaign for Nieto to be axed…heard it has names of those wanting him out. Confirmed?

  • just sayin’

    I will say there is a bit of an issue with the multi-sport athletes and Nieto’s power struggle on campus. Not that anyone should be surprised. Hagerty has put it out there that he supports the dual sport kid. It would be hypocritical for him to go back on that. Now it’s up to Nieto to take a stand and make it work. Get along or move along – that’s how I see it.

  • Amat

    Hagerty say he doesn’t mind two sport athletes as long it doesn’t interfer with football. Last June he gave guys grief for going to the USA baseball championships because they would have missed a few workouts in JUNE. Others football/baseball guys were punished for missing a few summer football workouts due to attending some showcases for baseball in June and July. He is upset right now because baseball players are not going early morning football weightlifting in February. He even asked Rio if he made the national team last year if he was really going to play because he would miss some practice. I think both guys need to get along for the better of the programs.

  • kh


  • Old Timer

    Problem w Hagerty and Nieto is they truly think its all about them, and have not realized its the kids that make the school and this is there time and should enjoy it. I hate coach’s that make kids choose. If there wasnt spring football,summer football, summer weights etc there wouldnt be issues. Same with Baseball in that regards, both coach’s need a good slap!

  • Who’s Bonita?


    Surely not anybody from Bonita! They’re weak with the stick and on the hill..

  • kh

    whos bonita.
    just seeing if theres any fans with some insight,
    it wasnt about bonita.
    right now d.r has the leading hitter from are league last year,but bonita dose have number never know whos going to have the great season,theres aload of talent surrounding the valley.
    so your brains short minded and only waits like a stark to pray on.
    list some players

  • I couldn’t believe it.

    south hills and northview met up on the diamond this past friday, where northview came out on top 3-2. now i was VERY much pulling for south hills to come out on top of this game, but northview was looking like the northview of 2008 rolling up double plays like it was a walk in the park. Our boys jumped out on top b 2 in the 1st inning, do to the slow defense of nv. but after that northviews #9 shut it down getting too comfortable. this northview team suprised the hell out of me. these kids didnt care about the volicity of the pitcher n the lead off hitter proved it when he lined a single to left off ibara, and a big boylining back to ibara making it a scary look for ibara.These kids for a young team are loud, they play defense very well. and are relaxed on the field by jokingwith eachother? ive never seen tht before such foolishness on the field. nv was down 1-3 in the 6th before there #3HITTER hit a sky rocket out of left center with 2outs n a runner on 2nd to put them over the boys for the rest of the game. south hills wanted this game bad. they never took out a single starter. even cody doyle was there for the showdown. im sorry i doubted this nv squad do to there experience. all around great game to both teams. ..Go dawgs. alum….I still dnt think nv is gonna be able to make a cif run. france went a shocking 0-4 stay in there kid, your still one of the greats

  • kh

    bonita who,
    your yesterdays news.
    go back to your mamas womb.

  • Recruits

    How many transfers did Northview get in this year? When is CIF going to step in on these guys and stop this from happening? I’ve heard there entire infield transferred in.

  • fyi

    All of northviews starters have been there for all of there highschool careers except the shorthstop, the infield is all northview originals except for the 3rd baseman/shortstop molina. and it was because he acually did move. so get your facts straight. ramos, grijalva, juarez, n pedroza are all northview originals. Dont be mad cause northview just plays baseball. what the hell ever happend to justplaying baseball and staying off the kids backs.

  • Recruits

    Were all these guys on there JV team last year? Cuz none of them were on the roster for last years team. Hmmmm, now what?

  • stats

    i couldn’t believe it — france had a sacrifice fly to score sh 1st run and a walk so he was 0-2 not 0-4.

  • lolololol

    Yes is the answer to your question. Grijalva, Ramos, Juarez were on the jv team last year at Northview. Outfielders Ortega (jv) Mravic(varsity) and Urbina (varsity) were all at Northview too. Pitchers Pedroza and Martinez were at northview too.

    Northview- here come the haters…here they come…and there they go…the hell with ’em.

  • Scared!?

    Damn budy dont you feel stupid. “recruits” you reallyyyy need to get your facts straight. Your trying to talk trash about a program you know nothing about, a simple comment was made about a game and from the sounds of it a good one but why did negativity have to come out of it…..learn something about the program BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR SELF SEEM LIKE A JACKA**!

  • Hags has issues

    Hags may publicy say he is in favor of two sport athletes but the truth is he pressures the kids into being full-time football players. I know for a fact that he has spoken to both Rio and Jay’s parents about getting to the weight room at 6:00 am. I feel the kids stay after school for practice until 6:00 pm so they should not have to be there at 6:00 am. And as far as Rio representing his country in baseball, Hags will say he is in favor but he told Rio last year that it would affect his playing time. Good job for Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Anderson for sticking to their guns and not forcing their kids to lift weights to prove theior loyalty top the football team.