Mid-Valley champ San Dimas stepping up to the plate, will host Rancho Cucamonga in Week 2

Saints Football schedule: Week 0 – Bonita (A); Week 1 – South El Monte (A); Week 2 – Rancho Cucamonga (H); Week 3 – Monrovia (H); Week 4 – Nogales (A) *; Week 5 – Baldwin Park (H) *; Week 6 – Pomona (A) *; Week 7 – Northview (H) *; Week 8 – Bye; Week 9 – Covina (H) *; Week 10 – Wilson (A) *

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  • SD MIlf ( . )( . )

    Our boys have Rancho this year and will show them how San Dimas plays ball. Too bad Rancho Lost every decent player this year to graduation. Rancho wil be a .500 team next year.

  • Aaron

    That’s huge, good luck. However I’m very saddened that the Smudgepot is not mid season. Still should be a good game.

  • kh

    thats good for them, now they will see what its like having a losing record to start off league.i know for sure we will kick there ass this up coming season.thats bonita are talking about.

  • who??

    Scott Morrisson…LOS ALTOS NEW HEAD COACH!?
    can anyone confirm this???

  • BookWorm

    SD Milf… get over yourself and put your bag back on your head. Rancho has more talent in the school than you can even fathom. SD is a nice little program but they barely get 100 kids out in all three levels. Rancho has over 200.

    Good for SD…. it is win/win. Rancho has great talent.

  • FredJ

    No truth to the Morrison rumor, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t applied, just means they haven’t named a head coach and from what I’m hearing, interviews start next week.

  • SaintsR4real

    WOW, great job Z.. I take back all bad thoughts I had on you!! (Not that you care)

    I’ts gonna take every tool in the box to succeed with this schedule, but as we know, we have PLENTY of TOOLS!!

    I believe it’s not the winning/losing schedule Z’s after, it’s prepping your team for the playoffs (D-ranch style).

    Words no longer heard…SOFT WHO????

  • Phase1Sports

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  • New York

    Good for them. Graduation or not, Rancho is always deep. This will be a great test for SD’s line of scrimmage.

    I think my jacket is still soaked from the title game.

  • Dan

    Great for the Saints to step up and Challenge themselves, Rancho is a big school and even if they lose most of their studs this year they have a lot to choose from every year.
    Question for the Saints fans, what do you guy’s have coming back next year? One other thing, weren’t your lower levels were doing pretty good the past couple of years?

  • rIO hONDO fAN

    Who’s schedule is TOUGHER?
    Monrovia 2010 Pre-Season
    week 1- Glendora
    week 2- Arcadia
    week 3- San Dimas
    week 4- South Hills
    week 5- Paramount
    San Dimas or Monrovia?

  • Go Bearcats


    What a jerk off! Don’t you get tired of listening to yourself. I know our coaches in football and BB do!

    Fans, this guy doesn’t represent any fan base here at BHS.

    KH, get in the stands and shut up.

  • New York

    I assume Rancho is tougher than any team on Monrovia’s schedule, but I think Monrovia’s schedule overall could be tougher week to week. There is certainly no South Elmonte on Monrovia’s schedule. Hey, we have to play the defending champ. SD has to play only the defending runner-up, right? Maddox did a great job of putting together a schedule that should have Monrovia’s players and coaches motivated throughout the off-season as well as the entire pre-season.

    Paramount has an enrollment to support a monster of a program if they ever get their act together. Maybe Don Markham could turn them around. It seems to be his type of situation.

  • henry

    Their schedule is still weeek lol there’s nothing to hype up here

  • Cat attack

    KH lives in his onw world. Noboday cares about him or is kid. From his stories of Glendora to how good his kid is..fo sure a jerk off.

  • Joe Amat

    New York,

    Did you hear Markham got re-hired at Rialto? Not my cup of tea, but still going strong at 70.

  • New York

    Joe Amat,
    I was not aware of Markham’s latest assignment. I thought he was building another European team…Why was he at Amat only one season?

  • Joe Amat’s Twin

    Joe Amat,
    Did you hear Paredes left R.C.C. and was rehired at J.W. North?

    Is there any truth now too that since Dubois resigned at Citrus Hill that he may come and coach with Hagerty for a year?

  • Joe Amat


    I did comment on the Parades move earlier.
    New HC at RCC, Tom Craft, and Mark’s input as OC wpuld have drastically diminished. Good Move.

    New York,

    Markham was trying to start an Athletic program at American Sports University in San Bernardino. Kind of a shady upstart college and things didn’t work out.

    As for Amat – square peg in a round hole. Football genius. Educator? Not sure. Definitely out of place in a private school environment. He thought he would coach his son (who was an underclassman – fr/so?) but the boy only lasted a short time. Not sure he made it through summer school. STUD footballer though. Wanted to keep roster size down (cut kids) to fit into his philosophy. Had some run-ins with kids in his PE classes. Not a real “Booster Club” kind of guy – and that didn’t win friends or influence people at Amat. All that added up to one-and-done.

    It was a good time for Parades to step in. I thought at the time, Mark wanted it when Markham was hired – but wasn’t ready to give up baseball. Some other interesting young, inexperienced candidates interviewed too, and I’m trying to confirm/remember – but if I’m right they turned out to be some pretty big names.

    In all fairness to Markham, he really began the trend at Amat to get “Bigger,Faster,Stronger” and I think at least Troy Auzenne can thank him for his professional football career. He took a 6’4″ 170 lb non-athlete, and started him on his way to being a 6’7″ 300lb NFL pro.

  • Justrab


    You can also give credit to Markham for getting rid of the the white practice pants and blue practice jerseys for essentially actual game day uniforms. God bless Patricio, but those uniforms were not the most exciting. I understand Markham took some heat for ordering the new stuff when the budget was tight.

    He also had Amat ranked 5th in the nation for the first time in 15 years. I still say Carlos Hernandez was in bounds on that long pass in the end zone against Eisenhower.


  • kh

    cat attact get some sleep,stop prawling around the streets at night.its getting closer to valentines day.be nice and go get your mother some flowers. dont be calling out kids on the blog.

  • Carlos Hernandez?

    Are we talking about Eric Bienemy’s team?…the one that lost to to IKE in 1986 by the score of 14-7?

  • GHS

    Cat Attack

    Good Post! Glendora set this guy packin because nobody could stand him! At from what numerous coaches say at BHS, time has changed much!

  • kh

    ghs and ca addict.why would i send m kid to a school that theres no love for real athletes,look what a.d. did to bj,only a fool would let a player with his skills and size leave the area.a fool thats right.maybe the coaches only can train good kids with no problems,and when a kid comes with a little attitude its off to another school.my way or the highway.we at bonita have beat them glendora every single time k.c. has played against them.so you tell me who made the better choice,we play again on the 27 of feb. at glendale and we will be trying to hold are crown,tell me that glendora wouldnt want k.c and bj in there world classic line up,you tell me the haters will say something stupit but the real baseball men would love to add them both if you dont beleive me just watch the hs allstar game next year and you see them both inless like next year some head coach pulls his bullshit.it happens,there where guys on that team who didnt have allstars years..polltics baby,
    ilke ive said all along hs is just a stepping stone to bigger and better games.

  • GHS


    I guess its the AD fault for his behavior starting in Basketball, then to Baseball, then to football. Its called student/athlete KH, but then again you wouldn’t understand the concept!

    And off to another school was OLD MAN trying to pull off a BS story(hardship) and got nailed by CIF.

    Get the facts before you act like you always do! And alot of us know that gig! LOL

  • KH Shut UP UR A Dumb@$$

    Are you serious BHS has put up with problem kids before. You know your football CIF Title guess what if you know anything about Bhs then you know your RB was a kid Nicknamed TANK and tank had lots of off field problems not just at school but with the police whe was charged with assult was acussed of Rape maybe the AD at bhs is tired of problem kids just after him and trust me he was not the only one i was a coach and there is only so much you for a kid with problems or an attitude before you have to let go cause in sports there is such a thing called a team and it is not fair to the other kids on that team for one individual to screw things up i have dealt with parents like you before probably trying to live your athletic dreams through your child and your kid might not even be that good and you talking talking him up is a way to make you feel better.SO SHut up be a good parent and teach your kid the thing called hard work and respect not crying when things dont go your way.