Thursday Boxscores: Hoops madness, Northview girls beat Covina; Covina boys shock Northview; Mountain View soccer wins MVL; Kearney back in DRanch win; Los Altos girls soccer beats COak, 2-0

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Girls Basketball: Makaila Garcia scored 14 points and Claudia Ramirez had 13 to lead the Northview girls basketball team to a 52-31 victory over rival and league champion Covina at Damien High.

Boys Soccer: Any concerns about the Mountain View High School boys soccer team heading into next week’s CIF-Southern Section playoffs were put to rest quickly Thursday afternoon. Forward Javier Ramirez sent a shot into the back corner of visiting El Monte’s net 25 minutes into the game for a 1-0 lead the Vikings made stand thanks to some late heroics by goalie Ozzie Martinez.

Charter Oak 68, Los Altos 66

[AG-BODY]Golden Chiu 24, Alvin Tan 17, Curtis Isozaki 12, Jerad Chin 11, Hir Murauani 1.
[AG-BODY]Evan Barr 22, Anthony Franco 14, Jaden Radcliffe 14, Josiah Thropay 6. Kenny Saldana 6, Kyle Heidenrich 3, Louie Jacobo 2, Kyle Baxter 1.
[AG-RULEABOVE]Los Altos1216122566
[AG-RULEBELOW]Charter Oak1312172668
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 19-7, 6-2.

La Puente 48, Gladstone 41

[AG-BODY]Samir Sedam 21, Paul Flores 11, Robert Rosas 7, Danny Juarez 2.
[AG-BODY]Daniel Gonzalez 20, Jacob Sandoval 12, Andrew Garcia 10, Brandon Rios 4, German Pompa 2.
[AG-RULEBELOW]La Puente315181248
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Gladstone 12-13, 7-5; La Puente 14-9, 9-3.

South Hills 75, Rowland 64

[AG-BODY]Cody Doyle 14, Ify Umodu 14, John Reed 12, Joe Paul Rodriguez 11, Arrion Quinn 10, Joe Ruvalcaba 4, Georges Laguerre 4, Chris Le 2, Alek Karpuzyan 2, Darrell Chapman 2.[AG-BOLD]
[AG-BODY]Steven David 20, Brandon Ho 15, Joseph Dioniso 15, Sharif Watson 8, Robbin Yi 5, Michael Ball 1.
[AG-RULEABOVE]South Hills1319202375
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]South Hills 21-3, 8-0; Rowland (unavailable), 4-4.

Damien 45, Diamond Bar 39

[AG-BODY]Barlow 16 Nasir 6, Scott 4, Munoz 4, Batin 3, Olivas 2, Huang 2, Chu 2.
[AG-BODY]Reyes 11, Chakbazoff 10, Adams 8, Mansour 6, Morrison 5, White 5.
[AG-RULEABOVE]Diamond Bar11156739
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Diamond Bar 4-22, 2-8; Damien 19-7, 7-3.

Covina 41, Northview 39

[AG-BODY]Zach Ward 14, Treavon Francis 10, Kameron Germany 9, Nick Fuentes 6.
[AG-BODY]Edgardo Campos 14, Evan Hicks 8, Mike Peters 6, Nino Harrell 5, Kyle Chiu 4, J.C. Ellis 4.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Northview 16-10, 6-4; Covina 10-13, 4-6.

South Hills 64, Rowland 30

[AG-BODY]Melinda Gomez 13, Alexus Payton 11, Annie Nonu 8, Jackie Valle-Acosta 8, Renee Duran 5, Jennifer Yu 4, Marisa Gomez 4, Sharde Masley 4, Janelle Dryer 3, Candace Williams 2, Ebony Williams 2.
[AG-BODY]Kiara Chase 11, Bonnie Yen 5, Krystal Giuarovillo 5, Kelsey Ohara 5, Navilla Prado 2, Tomila Johnson 2.
[AG-RULEABOVE]South Hills819211664

Mountain View 1, El Monte 0

[AG-RULEBELOW]Mountain View101
[AG-INDENT][AG-BOLDIND]Mountain View scoring: [AG-INDENT]Jose Ramirez (unassisted).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]El Monte 9; Mountain View 10. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Abel Lopez (EM) 5; Ozzie Martinez (MV) 6.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]El Monte 6-4-3, 6-2-2; Mountain View 12-4-3, 8-0-2.

Rowland 2, South Hills 1

[AG-RULEBELOW]South Hills011
[AG-BOLDIND]Rowland scoring: [AG-INDENT]Kevin Meneses (Henry Calistro), Calistro (unassisted). [AG-BOLDIND]South Hills scoring: [AG-INDENT]Jorge Mandujano (Andres Irigoyen).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Rowland 14; South Hills 5. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Adrian Martinez (R) 3; Andrew Morales (SH) 7.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Rowland 16-4-4, 5-2-1; South Hills 4-14-2, 3-4-1.

Charter Oak 44, Los Altos 33

[AG-BODY]Eurasia Powell 12, Jackeline Perez 7, Raeleen Tellez 7, Taylor Hawkins 7, Merrissa Suarez 5, Adrian Williams 3, Breanna North 3.
[AG-BODY]Allie Salazar 12, Vanessa Campos 7, Jackie Alarcon 4, Liza Magat 3, Joy Graguin 2, Stephanie Pyle 2, Savannag Blackiston 2, Justine Zavala 1.
[AG-RULEABOVE]Charter Oak710131444
[AG-RULEBELOW]Los Altos9861033
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 9-16, 2-6; Los Altos 6-18, 1-7.

Diamond Ranch 65, Wilson 40
[AG-BODY]Chelsea Barnes 18, Janelle Kearney 13, Ariana Caffey 10, Erika Williams 10, Patrice Patterson 6, Erica Greer 6, Kassy Hall 2.
[AG-BODY]Naijah Calhoun 16, Jaime Hou 9, Kalli Calton 4, Caci Calton 4, Katie Yada 3, Heidi Galdanez 2, Tiffany King 2.
[AG-RULEABOVE]Diamond Ranch1222191265
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Diamond Ranch 23-2, 8-0; Wilson (unavailable), 1-4.

West Covina 70, Nogales 51

[AG-BODY]Kristine Reyes 30, Taylor Lamb 16, Natalie Lam 6, Amber Delreal 6, Kira Matila 5, Jessica Castro 4, Caitlin Matila 3.
[AG-BODY]Rochelle Aguirre 24, Franchesca Laza 11, Maria Alvarez 8, Brittney Villarazo 6, Miracle Gullary 2.
[AG-RULEABOVE]West Covina914321570
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]West Covina 16-10, 4-4; Nogales 8-18, 0-8.

Ayala 56, Glendora 44

[AG-BODY]Julian Alleyne 16, Ariel Marsh 14, Krishawn Tillett 14, Angela Weber 8, Rhena Gardner 4.
[AG-BODY]Sarah Letourneau 18, Katie Gannon 10, Kylie Baker 8, Haylie Corbett 5, Lindsey Vega 3.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Ayala 18-6, 10-0; Glendora 19-7, 6-4.

Northview 52, Covina 31

[AG-BODY]Makaila Garcia 14, Claudia Ramirez 13, Bobbie Johnson 11, Chrissy McPhail 8, Diamond Machabie 6. [AG-BOLD]COVINA (31)
[AG-BODY]Chelsea Khmela 11, Raven Dixon 10, Jackie Ford 4, Julie Ulrich 4, Ashli Baddrof 2.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Northview 17-8, 8-2; Covina 18-8, 9-1.

Los Altos 2, Charter Oak 0

[AG-RULEABOVE]Charter Oak000
[AG-RULEBELOW]Los Altos202
[AG-INDENT][AG-BOLDIND]Los Altos scoring: [AG-INDENT]Tara Cofer (Samantha Esparza), Ashley Richardson (unassisted).
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 12; Los Altos 12. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Lauren Gonzalez (CO) 9; Justine Padilla (LA) 10.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 20-5-1, 5-3; Los Altos 22-1-2, 7-0-1.

San Dimas 5, Ganesha 0

[AG-RULEBELOW]San Dimas415
[AG-BOLDIND]San Dimas scoring: [AG-INDENT]Shannon McKee (Amanda Garcia), Maribel Duran (Vanessa Trujillo), Erika Kalmar (unassisted), Brooke Lambert (Mckee), Jamie Quarternik (Duran)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT].
[AG-BOLDIND]Shots: [AG-INDENT]Ganesha 8; San Dimas 23. [AG-BOLDIND]Goalie saves: [AG-INDENT]Veronica Valdivia (G) 18; Rachel Jones (SD) 8.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Ganesha 10-10-2, 5-4-1; San Dimas 15-3-2, 9-0-1.

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  • Covina Fan

    The only shocking thing about Covina boys beating Northview was the fact that they did it despite Ron Rice getting his magical phantom foul calls and covina getting very few. Campos should have had 30 points, he was fouled every time he went to the basket. I was surprised the Covina coaches didn’t get a technical the way they rode the officials, but I guess the officials couldn’t call one due to the fact that Ron and both assistants were complaining just as much, even though they were getting calls. Great win to end the season for the young Covina Colts! This team will be exciting to watch next year, and could shock a team in the first round of CIF, if they don’t face a powerhouse.


    Covina only won the game by playing a box in one on Brian Johnson and holding on to him the entire game. Covina should of had 20 fouls called in the 1st quarter alone. It was the ugliest basketball game I have ever seen.

  • Saint

    The Colts Box & one’d Chris Barbato of San Dimas at West Covina Community Center and should have had 20+ fouls earli in an ugly game as well. The difference is San Dimas had other weapons to go to and won going away.

  • Are you kidding?

    Really, what game were you at? Covina had all the calls against them. Northview was lucky they suck at free throws. Quit crying and take the lost. As for the coach he did an awesome job. They just were not ready for them. Covina played with such heart!!!!!!!!!!

  • Covina Fan

    I am not a fan of zone defenses and was disappointed to see Covina using them so much this year, when in the past they have played really good man to man defense, like San Dimas. I was confused, and questioned one of their players which they said was the best way to use their big kid. I was disappointed to see the Box & one because it was clear that so many other players were good on San Dimas and the zone left them open. While I was not a fan of the zone, I think all zones are ugly, including Northview’s 3 2, I was encouraged to see that the Covina coaching staff tried something different in this game. Of course I would have preferred Man defense;). I don’t remember how physical Covina was with Barbato, but I was at the game and saw how both kids, the asian and the white kid did a great job of guarding Johnson keeping their hands in the way of passes and holding them up in the air as they went through screens so I don’t see how you thought they were holding Brian Johnson FREE4ALL, but you are obviously a fan of Northview and I can see how it is hard to be objective considering how much success NV has had the last couple of years. The one thing that Covina’s Box in 1 did prove about Northview is that they are clearly not the same team they have been the last couple years.

  • Covina Fan

    I agree are you kidding? Covina did play with heart, and I don’t doubt that San Dimas or Northview would of employed a Box and 1 if it would have given them an advantage against Covina. San Dimas clearly didn’t need it with their great man to man, but maybe Northview should have considered employing it against Campos! Now one thing that you need to consider Saint is that the Covina team is just as young as San Dimas was three years ago when Covina was using man to man and blew out San Dimas by 30 points. And that was a year that Covina could barely score. How ugly was that game! I am hoping that Covina keeps their offensive style for next year and plays man to man like they have the last couple years since the big kid is graduating. FREE4ALL, the box and 1 wasn’t the only ugly part of the Covina Northview game, how ugly was that 3 2 zone that allowed Covina to burn off 15-20 seconds per possession, I guess Northview was afraid to man up against Covina!

  • Fred Stanford

    Covina Fan did you know Syracuse uses a 2-3 Zone to perfection. Few would argue the validity of zone defenses and the pressure it puts on teams to be disciplined. Not everyone uses the junk defenses you hate but I was a big fan of the Triangle and Two. Drove teams crazy. I’d start in a 3-2 Zone and then switch into a Man to Man and then into a Triangle and Two. Usually I’d do two defenses in one possession, ten seconds in the players would switch. Do that twice down and see what happens. Doesn’t phase well coached teams but teams that took you lightly are in for a long night. Addressing your confusion, the best Zone defenses “look” like Man and the best Man defenses “look” like Zone. Never did use the Box and 1 but like the say, “One man’s “junk” is another man “treasure!” Caught some of the Gir’s JV game and I still contend it’s such a pleasure to see Girls basketball because they work so well together and the coaching is very supportive. Wish more boys would take teh time to watch the girls play, they might learn something about passing the ball and working as a team, and yes I know John Wooden has said as much.

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