Softball: Season begins March 5, Previews next week: Who are your top ten teams?

Will San Dimas, Glendora have another crack at a title?

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  • softballGuru

    Fred whats the scoop on BA?

  • whitey

    Fred knows next to nothing about softball, as evidenced by his proclamation a couple of weeks back that the “new” pitching distance was going to be 43 feet this year! NOT……….still 40 feet, except 16u and 18u travel ball,

  • Whiteywhiner

    Whitey, what do you know about softball other than the pitching distance…he askeda about the best teams, not the field paramaters

  • updater

    I think BA should be alright this year, for some reason they play pretty decent. Maybe they lost some key players from last year, but there always pretty decent.i wonder if BA stills has the big girl that threw for them last year? if so they should do well..Good high school pitcher! H, Fraijo had a tough weekend UCLA and Portland St. A, Lwin from BA who now plays for UCR had a pretty good weekend. Waldusky had a so-so weekend she only pitched some inning against Portland St. Any body have any news please share.

  • softballguru

    I believe BA graduated six seniors including A. Whiteman the senior pitcher from last year. A tall order replacing six as does Rowland need to replace eight. Both will need help from their respective freshmen class.

  • Diana Patterson Fan

    PATTERSON .143

    Score was 4-2 WM?
    more like….
    Western Michigan vs. Arizona 0-13 (L)

    she went 2 for 3?
    more like 0 for 2.

    Nice try.

  • Brahma93

    Word on Diamond Bar…..A pretty good group of freshman to acompany Larosa and 4 girls who can pitch!

  • Diana Patterson Fan

    If you note the date and time I posted, that was the scrimmage they played the day before that game you are noted. Nice try ……

    Noticed you posted her current batting average at .143 2 for 14. She also has the best pitching era on the team at 2.17 with 9.2 innings pitched. Since you looked up her stats just woundering why you didn’t mention those numbers losser.

  • Diana Patterson Fan

    I noticed a few other comments on the other thread about Diana Patterson’s stats. I got my stats from Diana, I also noticed that they weren’t on the websites. Diana stated that it was a scrimmage game, as I stated.

  • updater

    Diana Patterson fan did you say you got your stats from Diana, I dont think you should put those statement out there! They never played a scrimmage against AZ not even the day before, they lost to AZ 13-0 no biggie AZ is rank #2 in the country.. she went 2-4 against Ole Miss with 2 rbi’s which is great.that final game was 21-16 so it looks like everone had a great game. And when she started against Oregon the same girl that beat LA last year in the final play-off game started the game with a home run that went 30 feet past the fence. She did pitch 7 inning in that game and gave up 7 hits and 3 earned runs..and only lost 4-0 you have to remember that she pitched against a Pac-10 team which are all good! and give Diana some credit she’s only a Freshman and will only get better in time! I think she’ll be fine at the plate and the circle!!

  • ?????????????

    1-Bonita: Hey they turned a lot of head last year. Watch out for CW & BS.
    2-Glendora: Always plays there best in crunch time. Who will be the leader this year?
    3-Bishop Amat: Team filled with some solid players, will pitching hold?
    4-San Dimas: CIF Semi’s will the rest of the team carry the tourch this year?
    5-Los Altos:Post DLP, CG will have to carry the team this year. Good thing she has big shoulders.
    6-South Hills: Lead by BR,will she have some help?
    7- West Covina: Made a great run last year, can they repeat? DM will be the differance.
    8-North View: Will CMac be able to carry the load! Young team.
    9-Diamond Bar: SL will make the rest of the team step up this year.
    10-Covina: A dark horse lead by JA. Great group of kids. Can they make it click this year.
    (11-Charter Oak: Will they return to softball Glory?)

  • updater

    ??? you might have a good case in your top 10. I think pitching is huge in High School and Glendora and Las Altos lost there pitching due to graduation. LA had alot of young talent on last years team and with the leadership of CG who has verbaled to Washington (Huskies)already will be a big for them this year. Bonita still has there pitching from last year, that’s the team that should be the team to beat in there league.BA should do well they always put a good team together. I think SH will do very well this year very strong at the plate and circle.

  • luvnit

    helping our school? like when she left runners on during the cif championship game and hit right back to the pitcher to get out? or when she let the weak ground ball go between her legs to let WC get the win?

  • ?????????????

    Luvnit seems like you are swollowing a tough pill. Hey the game is the game. I’m sure you never missed a ball or two. What every happens on the field to affect the out come is something the players have to live with. If we didn’t make mistakes in life, how are we suppose to learn?
    Now since this is a blog about the status of the areas team, how is San Dimas looking these days?
    I heard that your piture is nursing a back injury.

  • FredJ

    I deleted several comments over coaching drinking habits, if you want to complain about coaches, stick to what happens inside the lines, not their personal lives, please!!!!

  • luvnit

    yes, damn sr8t that pill is still stuck in my throat! mistakes are mistakes but a little bit of humbleness woulda helped. Fred deleted some messages so if u dont know who or what i’m talking about…that’s why. anyway, THIS year… we r lookin good. yes, pitcher nursing an injury, didnt pitch this past weekend so dont be too happy SH’s…we will be a force to reckon with if we meet again.

  • $

    who you talking about?

  • Diana Patterson Fan


    You are a idiot….

    Frist off you try and put a negative spin on her 2.17 era.

    Then you go on to say that their wasn’t no scrimmage, Diana was lieing. Please explain to me how you know their wasn’t no scrimmage.

    For the record Diana was suppose to be their starting SS, she wasn’t even suppose to pitch.

    Don’t be hating on SGV best ……

  • updater

    Diana Patterson fan: Please dont take this personal, I know for a fact they didnt play a scrimmage game, I know some parents and players on the AZ team..again they did not play a scrimmage game they lost 13-0 and thats ok for WM . I did not down play DL pitching at all, just saying the truth which is not bad at all.I’m glad she representing the SGV and doing it well but dont get your stats and news mixed up! thats all, like i said she will do fine at the next level!! but dont try and hype what is not true..

  • ???????

    luvnit is talking about Shelby Dopps, she is the newest assistant coach that Fisch hired. She is trouble. Fisch has also hired his son to coach the JV coach, what a joke!!! SH should have a great team but heard fisch was thinking of playing DADDY BALL, put his daughter on any team and there is no way she will make any varsity team she wont even make JV. Heard that there are some players who are thinking of transfering out because they dont want to deal with Fisch’s BUll!lets see what he does to screw things up this yr.

  • Unforgiveable BS

    To the DLP hater. Let me get this straight. you’re picking on a girl? A girl who was POY, All CIF, won MVP honors, plays college softball and pitched as a Freshmen against a Pac 10 school. You’re picking on a girl who plays a position where opposing pitchers tower over her yet she’s given the ball and loses 4-0. She plays SS and is generally a tough as nails kid who’s endured one slimeball hater after another because most slimeballs hate her Dad but don’t have the nuts to confront the man himself, so you pick on his daughter, whatta punk! DLP is a stud and anyone who’s seen her play will tell you how remarkable she is. I was at the Bonita vs LA Game last year @ Bonita and was surprised how small she is, how calm she is and how much her Dad did for that team. He was a chatter box for sure but he put himself out there when Gano left, that’s Gano the Dad, not the SS. Tough to see what people didn’t like about LA seeing as they did their best and went as far as they did.

    Doesn’t take allot to bag on DLP yet no one has ever said a negative word about her as a person…which makes the BS all the more unforgiveable!

  • $

    got it hows St.Lucy’s doing any news on them with the new-v—men coach?

  • updater

    unforgivable: I was just pointing out some stats that DL was involved during the game she pitched agains Oregon a Pac-10 school, which I think she did very well. I’m sure she deserved all the awards given to her during high school and well deserved. Not hating over here, And I’m sure like I said before she will represent SGV well. I think she’ll be a very good asset to the team as a SS and even if they give her the ball she’ll do well. And we all no what she can do with the stick. And about the Dad, dont know to much but just heard certain things which I dont know if there true, but I’m not the one to judge..but I’m sure he’s helped her out as much as he can and hey you cant knock a parent for that!!But when people put stuff on here that’s not true, I mean come on!! get real, just read there website…that alone will tell the story!!

  • MS

    Attention ?????
    luvnit is talking about Shelby Dopps, she is the newest assistant coach that Fisch hired. She is trouble. Fisch has also hired his son to coach the JV coach, what a joke!!! SH should have a great team but heard fisch was thinking of playing DADDY BALL, put his daughter on any team and there is no way she will make any varsity team she wont even make JV. Heard that there are some players who are thinking of transfering out because they dont want to deal with Fisch’s BUll!lets see what he does to screw things up this yr
    Why not identify who you are? I am sure you are aware of all of Fisch’s accomplishments over the past 20 years as the head coach at South Hills and his reputation in the softball community. I have worked and coached with him for the past twenty years and there has been only one common goal. To put the best product on the field that would gives South Hills the best chance to win and be fair to all girls. If you or any other parents knew the nonsense that a head coach has to put up with in high school sports. With social networking, email and blogs, coaches are unfairly criticized and ridiculed for anything by parents when they disagree with the coach about playing time. It is a shame that all travel ball parents think their daughters and sons are going Division 1 but can’t make a varsity softball team in high school. Why bring up his family? “DADDY BAll?” Go to a game and will find the players who are playing are ones helping the team win! What players are thinking of transferring? Maybe some the JV travel ball players? Parents need to more appreciative of the time and energy that high school coaches donate. If some of you parents are so unhappy, why don’t you offer your time to coach high school sports????

  • sh

    HAHA. Look at Kortnie Clark!!!

  • SH

    Everyone always bags on those who have accomplished something. Everyone hates winners. Do you not have any idea about how much Fisch has accomplished? He is one of the most well known respected coaches in the entire valley. He puts the best team on the field possible. There is no reason why he would sabotage his chance of winning to get back at a few players and their b*tc*y moms. Go out to their practices and look at the players that are on the field. If you find a better lineup during practice, tell him. Stop complaining about Shelby. What happened to the days when players actually listened to their coaches and did what they were told. If players just did what they should have done in the first place, no one would have any problems.

  • sierra supporter

    glendora and have stud arms, (i know they are out of the area code )but the best arm in the sierra lg is j.hall for the ayala bulldogs. this race again, will be heated and highly entertaining.

  • ?????????????

    Does any one how St. Lucys will look this year? I know that they have a pretty good lefty pitcher. Do they have the fire power to support her?

  • urNuts

    SH and MS…your nuts and obviously dont know what ur talking about.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this thread appears to be gettiing smaller for some reason? Digital Liquid Plasma is daddy coaching at LA or calling pitches at WM lol?

  • ?????????????

    This is the question of the week:
    Softball: Season begins March 5, Previews next week: Who are your top ten teams?
    What info do you have about your team, other than bashing players and coaches. We have been waitng all year for this and this is the best we’ve got? There has to be some positive things to talk about.
    Who will be pitching for Glendora and Los Altos? Was last year fluke for Bonita?? Now that Shore is gone , what will San Dimas do? Come on people give me somthing.
    Top Ten Reasons we love High School Softball
    1: Our DD is Playing
    2: We get to Talk trash about other schools & teams (Not Players)
    3: We get to Brag about our team
    4: The cross town rival game (All the Hype)
    5: We finally get to wear our school colors (I have a couple of cool hats and pullovers)
    6: Waiting for the Top Ten Listing each week
    7: Bashing Fred because he screwed up the Top Ten
    8: No HS softball No Blog!!!
    9: We Love the Game
    10: We have a legitament reason to leave work early.

  • $

    stop being such a sour puss you have to admit some of this stuff is pretty funny. The best part of softball season for me is watching my dd play ball.Try not to take all this blog crap to serious,everyone owns an opinion and its a free country but ultimately the players who put up the big numbers year end and year out get the last laugh.DL,DW,AS are all getting an education and the bonus is they get to play the game they love good for them and the rest of these young ladies who make the SGV proud.Teach the youngens to have thick skin no doubt will be needed at some point in life.

  • ?????????????

    Cash $,
    Well I didn’t think I was being such a puss. I really was making fun of the whole situation. I was trying get something started. But since you have chose to open your mouth, how is your team looking? Are they even worth taking about this year?

  • Let’s have a laugh bagging on girls and making them tough !!

    Its always funny when people say, “Kids will need to have thick skin because someday” as if they are doing every one a public service.

    Today a guy in a black truck almost ran me off the road, almost rear ended me trying to change lanes and almost hit the guy in front of me when he cut him off. Then to make matters worst he squeezes in between two cars not to be along side me. When he couldn’t and we found ourselves side by side I asked him to roll down the window. He rolls his eyes and tells me, “Okay Big Guy you want to tell me something?” I said, “Yes my daughter and her friends are student drivers and parents walk their kids along this street from school. Maybe you can slow it down a bit so they don’t get hurt…or the elementary kids coming up in about 400 yards.” He looks at me and says, “Oh I thought you were going to say something stupid!” I said, “No…one of us being irresponsible is enough…God bless you and please slow down.” And then I roll up my window and he flips me off!!! Great I thought…”You almost kill me but God forbid I hold you accountable.”

    That’s the level of intelligence of bloggers who say kids have to have thick skin and to not take things here too seriously…as if they know how everyone is going to take things or as if it’s their right to flip off the world and toughen them up.

    Is that what this blog is? An opportunity to FLIP OFF ANYONE because your life sucks or because hurting someone’s feelings is a joke these days?

    A friend emailed me the link for the 67 year old white man who beat up the 20 something year old black man on the Oakland Bus. He thought it was funny. I told him, “The white man provoked it and at 6’1″ 280 he pummeled the right target, a much smaller framed and shorter black man, and almost killed the kid!” That’s what passes for humor today….pretty disgusting. I told him YouTube Mexican beats up White guy and see how close someone comes to dying in a fight for fee street fight. He still hasn’t called back, seems that link disturbed him…seeing a man one knee drop from sure lights out. Lets try and elevate the ladies thread if for no other reason than it’s stupid to pick on girls.

    Last year softball had a running feud going about travel ball politics that was pretty crazy, let’s hope that doesn’t happen this year.


  • softball rep

    taylor langdon is suppose to be some stud but i have had my eye on the argyle girl. she is a true pitcher and know how to compete. taylor is just a thrower doesnt hit spots and just tries to over power everybody. argyle a jr just flat out can pitch and go out and hit her spots and make quality pitches. thats that glendora needs i was at a game and in upland i watch argyle beat the girl going to UCLA from Ayala. glendora should be great this year another run in the playffs for sure! go glendora!!!!

  • LA FAN

    The catcher at SH is a stud!! Brittney Rodriguez, this kid can flat out play! Heard she verbal somewhere as a freshman last year. With her behind the plate providing the leadership SH should have a great chance at winning the big one this year. LA lost a lot of seniors so I think it’s a rebuilding year for us, but we will get it done!! Season starts in less than a week, good luck to everyone!

  • $

    Let’s have a laugh bagging on girls and making them tough !! said:

    Are you serious?
    you need to go live in a plasitic bubble. Your statement was a little long but naive for these parts it helps to explain the diversity that plagues America today.

  • Too late

    Brahma93 Author Profile Page said:

    Word on Diamond Bar…..A pretty good group of freshman to acompany Larosa and 4 girls who can pitch!

    It’s over for Diamond Bar!

  • Judy

    From one SH softball parent to many other South Hill parents–All I have to say is that some of you should be ashamed of yourselves! You need to get a fricking life!

  • $

    Maybe you should stimulate the economy a bit the bottoom feeders have more time then money lol.

  • Hahaha!!

    Judy, it seems like you have just as much time on your hands. You need to get a life along with the rest of us!!!!

  • Very sad
  • enjoy ur DD

    Thoughts and prayers to the Matthews family at such a difficult time. How sad and unfortunate! Hope that serves as a reminder to keep the game in perspective. They are all young ladies fortunate to enjoy the game and have coaches willing to take charge. Let them play and enjoy life!

  • shelbydopps

    i really wish i would have seen all the nasty comments you parents left about me. it blows me away that you people were starting rumors about my personal life, because none of the rumors about my reason for leaving colorado were anywhere near true. my reason for leaving colorado was very personal and emotional and i dont feel i need to explain that to anyone.

    its amazing how you forget about all the blogs that have been written about me and how well i played and that i did get a full ride scholarship. you’re right i did make some errors, i wasnt a perfect ball player but i learned and grew form every single mistake, and i live that way on and off the field.

    all i wanted to do at south hills was help. i felt that what your daughters were stressing about and going through, i was just there. i brought drills, and hard work to the practices and everyone seemed to appreciate my hard work except about 2 select parents so i have no doubt in my mind who is writing these blogs.

    all i cant say to these parents is grow up and come address your issues to my face and stop attacking an 18 year old through a blog that she had no idea about! i would have had no problem sitting down and setting everything straight but instead you had to make up lies and get me fired from a job that i was in love with!