Does Bishop Amat stand a chance? Really? Seriously? I’m not kidding .. The line is set at 34

Price, with Cal-bound standouts Allen Crabbe and 6-foot-9 Richard Solomon are ranked eighth in the state by MaxPreps, and winners of nine CIF-Southern Section titles and six state titles since 1999. They won the 4A title last season and have defeated four reigning Southern Section champs this season. They pounded our small school giant La Verne Lutheran 79-45 earlier in the season, which could answer the always intriguing question comparing Lutheran with other teams in the Valley that never schedule them. And why don’t they schedule them? I don’t know, it’s like they’re Lex Lutheran to some of our Valley teams. But hey, since Price beat Lutheran by 34 points, that’s where I’m setting the line, at 34 points. Will Amat cover? I know, I know, you’re wondering if they can win, right? C’mon now, I’m a Valley homer like all of you and would like nothing more that to witness our Hickory moment, but not even Steve Hagerty sitting on the end of that bench will make much of a difference … Damien, on the other hand, is going to knock off Eisenhower. Why, just one of those feelings, karma maybe.

Friday’s semifinals
Division 2A
No. 4 Damien (22-7) vs. No. 1 Eisenhower (26-5) at Redlands East Valley HS, 7 p.m.
Division 4A
No. 1 Price (27-3) vs. No. 4 Bishop Amat (21-8) at West Covina HS, 7 p.m.
Division 5AA
No. 2 La Verne Lutheran (21-8) vs. No. 5 Pasadena Poly (23-4) at South Pasadena HS, 7 p.m.

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    LVL also played Damien’s opponent, Eisenhower. LVL beat them by 8.

  • >>>

    LVL also played Damien’s opponent, Eisenhower. LVL beat them by 8.

  • >>>

    LVL also played Damien’s opponent, Eisenhower. LVL beat them by 8.

  • featherhead

    Can’t wait until next year to see these guys running on Pete Newell Court @ Harmon…
    Wait for the bruin beat-downs!

  • Amat Fan

    Come on Fred thats why they play the game. Give our boys a chance. They worked thier tails off all year. Of course a few things need to happen

    1st.. T.Golstons got to stay hot from the outside
    Once he gets going beyond the arc he is almost impossible to stop..

    2nd.. Rodriguez needs to continue to be that quite star he is. The kid is a JR and leads Amat in scoring rebounds asst and steals.

    3rd.. And most importantly Dion needs to control the ball. He is lighnting fast and needs to use his awesome speed and game to our advantage.

    If these 3 things happen and we get our normal extra contributions from Adam, THil, OLu, and JDavis anything can happen….Just control the ball and keep the game close…Who knows come Fri night this might be Hickery…

  • FredJ

    Amat, of course I would love to see Amat pull this off, can’t you tell, I’m trying to fire them up šŸ™‚ And yes, they have a chance, not a good one, but a chance.

  • dad of a player

    its the end of the road for those hacking Lancers oh unless the refs are from Amat i forgot about that.

  • I couldn’t agree more withthe Amat fan…and that is you still need to play the game and unlike almost any other sport home court advantage plays. The fact the the home court goes to Bishop Amat is a big plus, the fact that the game is Friday night and the Team/school and SG Valley following will be there in mass will speak volumes to the home court advantage. the only real analysis that one could do between these to teams is common opponents ans for that Price appears to have the edge and that is, both Price and Bishop Amat have played Pioneer H. S. and Serra H. S. (Gardena) the #2 ranked school in the state. Price beat Pioneer 71-32 and lost to Serra 75-79; Bishop Amat beat Pioneer 82-42 and lost to Serra both times, however BA lead Serra into the 4th Quarterat at Serra.
    But let’s face it the numbers don’t favor Bishop Amat and that’s precisely why you play the game…anything is possible on any given night. The team the plays their game and plays together, shoots better and plays defense….WINS!
    That’s my prediction! Ole Hickery

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks Fred . You know we like the underdog roll. Let’s hope our Men in Blue come out firing and who knows stranger things have happened. Might be a good idea to put Hags at the end of the bench. Going off subject but did anyone catch the show on NFL Network ,great high school rivalries. It was on the Mater Dei / Servite rivalry . Great production with in locker room footage of pre-game and half time talks by both . Very good insight on Rollo and both schools and why this is such a big game to them . If you like high school football you need to watch this . The year was Barkley’s senior season.

  • Where are all the Amat basketball fans? I’m sure I’ll see you all on Friday nite. But where have you been? Used to be a pretty large contingent.

  • Just sayin’

    Aram – that was a different regime back then that was a little more well like/respected around campus. They earned some respect. To be honest, it’s hard to earn respect at Amat playing the schedule(the Rosemeads, Bassetts, Pioneers, etc) that these Lancers have been playing the past few years. When’s baseball start?

  • Dion Hater’s club

    Dion please pass the ball, oh and dont shoot out of 5 ft!!!

  • AMAT 73

    just sayin,
    Come on now . Is it the players fault for the scheduling. Coaches make the schedule and the players play the games . If you don’t want to respect the coaches that is all fine and your right but don’t take it out on the players. They are out there busting their azz and making a hell of run this year. Save the politics for the coaches and speak to them about those issues. Let’s just support the players because the last time I checked AMAT was written across their chest not some coaches name . Also it seems by reading this blog there is the same problem in baseball with all the hate being thrown around on Nieto.No respect for him. Is the difference because the baseball team has a proven track record of winning and basketball doesn’t .

  • ikemob

    As an Ike Alumni
    and an Ike supporter..
    I wish Damien luck…
    If they do beat us..They really deserve it.
    But it’s gonna be tough..Ike is stronger this year i think..
    Cant wait til Friday!

  • Sparta

    Who cares about amat cuz damien is going to state. New rule lets the final 4 of both division 1 & 2 get an automatic bid to sacramento.

  • Just sayin’ said:
    Aram – that was a different regime back then that was a little more well like/respected around campus. They earned some respect. To be honest, it’s hard to earn respect at Amat playing the schedule(the Rosemeads, Bassetts, Pioneers, etc) that these Lancers have been playing the past few years. When’s baseball start?
    Fortunately or unfortunately, I believe what you see is greater parity within the in this sport rather than let’s say football. I have no comment on the scheduling of such inferior teams as you infer, but more often than not these matchups result as an issue of tournaments that teams select to participate with. I did check with Max Preps to review some of these scheduling regularities as you suggest and although I did not find BassetT H. S. on Bishop Amat’s schedule, I did find Monrovia, Rosemead, Wilson, La Canada, San Dimas, Charter Oak Bonita and a game with Chino Hills at Chino Hills. Most of these teams worked their way into Bishop Amat’s schedule as a result of tournaments. Conversely I looked at quality year program and a head to head combant, Damian and guess what I discovered, the following teams had worked their way onto Damian’s schedule: Rowland, Wilson, san Dimas, Azusa, and of course Chino Hills, form the outcome of this last test I believe Damian and Bishop Amat would have been better served to have phoned those contests in, just kidding, but again that’s why we play the game.

    The point I am so circuitously trying to show is that in this sport unlike football many pairings result quite by accident depending on how successful you were in a previous matchup. The other explanation to your question is this…this sport begins to ramp up during the holiday season, many times to much distraction for most and then winter break occurs and by the time students return to school most teams are deep in league play and for many their seasons have already been decided, so there you have. By the way how many games did you see in December and during your winter break?

  • Amat allum

    Fred I am so happy Amat basketball is back on track. I know they loose many transfers for different reasons, but its good to see them heading in the right direction. Its great that we are basically having a home game playing at West Covina H.S. Do you know if any of the boys on the team are home grown from the area? GO LANCERS

  • OK, fine. Feel how you want about the coaches and schedule. But they have an exciting group of kids who have really put out a great effort the two playoff games I’ve seen. There will surely be more fans at Friday’s game, but for those who hadn’t seen this team prior to that, they really missed something.

  • socal hoops fan

    No way Damien can beat Eisenhower. Damien did not win the sierra league title and the league was very weak this year. Chino Hills was overated as the #1 seed. The eagles will win by 12-15 pts. Eisenhower played a tougher preseason schedule and once they began CBL play no one came close to beating them although the CBL is a weak basketball league. Best basketball league in this area was the baseline league.
    Price will easily beat Bishop Amat as Price school was formed to win basketball titles.

  • Games

    Fact is that Lutheran did play both Price and Eisenhower…tough schedule for sure, and they lost to Price while missing some starters and beat Eisenhower without some starters. Amat has a tougher match up, but best of luck. Too bad all these schools couldn’t have better relationships so that they could share X’s and o’s come playoff time when they play in different divisions…that’ll be the day.

  • socal hoops fan said:
    No way Damien can beat Eisenhower. Damien did not win the sierra league title and the league was very weak this year. Chino Hills was overated as the #1 seed. The eagles will win by 12-15 pts. Eisenhower played a tougher preseason schedule and once they began CBL play no one came close to beating them although the CBL is a weak basketball league. Best basketball league in this area was the baseline league.
    Price will easily beat Bishop Amat as Price school was formed to win basketball titles.

    I believe i’ll take some of that action Mr. SOCAL hoops, 15 points and Damian, does that mean you are providing 34 points and Bishop Amat too?
    Where do I place my wager? lol

  • Justrab

    Sorry for the non-basketball comment, but this is a Bishop Amat thread. I saw in the LA Times that Dionza Blue (Freshman running back) has left for Chamanade. I recall his dad did not seem happy throughout the year (sat next to him a few times) so I don’t know if it was the commute (SF Valley) or something else. He looked promising, but I don’t know much about him. Any insight Lancers?

    Are we getting in-bound tranfers (freshman) this year? Perhaps that drive is wearing on Helinski at Notre Dame HS.

  • just sayin’

    Aram asked a question and I gave one of the reasons. As everyone at Amat knows, and we’ve seen in other sports, everything starts with the coach – so unfortunately for the kids, this is the hand they’re dealt. Amat used to play in good tournaments, events and single games. In the past few years they’ve gone from playing in Tournament of Champions, Glendora Tournament (when it was good) and out of area tourneys to low level tourneys like Calvary Chapel, El Rancho.
    Old Hickery – the individual games mentioned were not in tournaments and were sought out. My gosh, they played Basset home&home one year just to get wins. That’s weak. It would be pretty hypicrytical of Amat to boast about the football/baseball schedule and then support that. So good luck Friday. It would be great to shock the world – but if we’re being real, they’ve beat three at-large teams with overall losing records in these playoffs. Not excited about that yet.

  • 32 Team Tournament?

    In the State Finals does the Div 1AA and 1A and Div 2AA and 2A all get their Final Four teams in the State Tournament? Are you adding Price in Div 4A as well? How many teams are going into this diluted tournament. State Tournaments belong to Championship Game teams only or else it makes the playoffs meaningless and the State Tourney more so. Does anyone think Mark Keppel and Baldwin Park belong in any State Championship given how difficult it is to get a Football State Bowl invite? Kinda weird.



  • Spartan Fan

    Damien is going to beat Eisenhower this year! Its payback baby and this we are going to beat you at your home! Our team IS stronger than last year. Hopefully alot of Damien fans are able to make it since its all the way out in Redlands. Good Luck Spartans.

    P.S. Amat tough game. Best of Luck to you Lancers.

  • Damien Pulls One Out !!!

    Damien has yet to beat a team when they were the under dog this year. Hopefully that changes Friday where they are the under dog for this exact reason, not being able to put teams away that are better than them on paper or on the sidelines. (Chino Hills, Los Osos, Bonita, Ayala, Renaisance, Etiwanda) All those games were winnable and in a season those things happen and should make you stronger, plus losing JP for a stretch hurt but helped because it gave playing time for others and made Bolden another offensive weapon to count on. For Damien to win senior leadership will be key, along with a steady diet of blocks from Chris Reyes and 3’s from Chris Adams, lol. Haven’t seen Eisenhower but I thought I read where they lost their big inside force and their long range bombers from last year. Anyone know why they are so highly ranked and what makes them so successful?

  • socal hoops fan

    This division has to be the weakest of any from D1-3. The 3 teams Damien has played in the playoffs have combined for 35 losses. Don Lugo had 14,Westlake 10,and University 11. Eisenhower has a good defense and puts a lot of pressure on the guards. This is how they beat a good Redlands team twice in league play. I am not sure why Eisenhower chose REV to play which is a long way from Eisenhower. Not sure why they did not chose Rialto hs or AB Miller. Perhaps they have played well at REV and like the gym.

  • Sisters of the Poor

    can’t believe how weak the Bishop Amat playoff bracket is. They’ve beat three teams with losing records that had to apply as at-large teams. To get to Amat, St Francis beat Gabrielino who was 9-17, 2-15 going into league. Lawndale had to beat San Luis Obispo, another at-large team with a losing record. Price beat a 9-19 team in the 1st round. That’s the playoffs?

  • Trojan Fan said:

    said:Lutheran past opponents in CIF playoffs:Eisenhower-semis,Centennial corona-quarters top seed,Pasadena-Semis,Compton-Semis,Leuzinger-Semis,Foothill Christian SD-Semis,Ocean View-Semis,Price-Semis,now that we played out of area top competition lets get to the finals, and most properly play last yrs, state champs- Windward in the finals,and hopefully next yr or even in the off season,Fred with your contacts you and your paper can organize a show case with the top local teams lets hope we brig a title to the valley and most of all represent with class and good sportsmanship. Go Trojans!

  • AJ

    Damien pulls it out- Eisenhower is so successful because they are all quick, good shooters and can defend, they press full court starting at the opposite free throw line and make you use all your energy, they trap and press and fastbreak with their squad of all athletes and shooters. Their strength is guard play, if Terrell Bolden,Clayton White and Chris Adams cant handle the pressure and get past half court and run a set, it will be a very long night.

  • binoculars

    hey wheres that fella who wore dat uc berkeley no.5, stayed all nine games at stat table & liked to shoot 30+ footers at halftime most recently at the APU showcase last month? where the hell’s has that gym rat been? somebody find that foo! facebook myspace anything!

  • Football Lancer

    Jastrub – Last I heard Blue’s dad was quite happy with Amat. The drive may be a factor but as of now, I haven’t heard about a transfer? Blue is a great player if things don’t work out for him here at Amat I wish him all the best. I really don’t think it’s a football issue but most likely a commuter thing? I hope you’re wrong, Blue makes a fine Lancer.

  • Justrab

    The LA Times had an article about major freshman transfers and it cited Blue as having moved to Chaminade. It also mentioned hsi commute which is way too long so gather he wanted to go to Amat for some good reason with half a dozen good private programs closer to the SFV. Good luck to him.

  • Lancer backer

    Jastrub – Blue left Amat at the semester due to Commuter issues. It was a tough loss but that’s what happens sometimes. Good luck to him at Chaminade.

  • Rockee Balboa

    Really Fred, 34 points. Will you take my action. Serra beat Amat by 19 & 15 pts with Amat being ahead in the latter most of the game. In typical Serra fashion they fired a 3 pointer at the buzzer after Amat had conceded. Price lost to Serra by 4. A more accurate line would be 18.

  • Rockee Balboa

    Get a clue “just saying”. The coaches schedule the games based on the players/teams ability. They might throw in a lock win once or twice but do you want to schedule Mater Dei and Westchester and play in Nike tournaments even if you know you cant compete? Last I checked Amat is in a pretty tough league too. You want to give the kids a chance to compete. Not demoralize them by getting it handed to them just to satisfy the ego of some knowledgeless fans.

  • Frank

    Blue is a really good player its to bad he left.But from what I understand from people I know in the SFV, Chaminade is recruiting a lot of players. What ever the reason is I think Blue will do well, Good luck to him.

  • Chris

    I would like to see Price play one of the real schools like Mater Dei..

    Hopefully Amat & Damien can pull their it out..

  • C-dawg

    postseason showcase

    price vs. mater dei
    yates vs. findlay prep
    lutheran la verne vs. oak hill academy
    bishop gorman vs. la costa canyon
    loyola vs. st patrick
    montrose christian vs. etiwanda
    northland vs. westchester
    girls – brea olinda vs. long beach poly
    small schools – besant hill vs. maranatha christian

  • sparta

    the Big Latino (Chris Reyes) will be a beast tonight. Eisenhower is not that big so he can go to work. Chris Adams will show up and be the monster that he is as usual.

  • Let’s Do It!

    I propose a LaVerne area pre-season basketball tourney next year featuring



    LaVerne Lutheran

    San Dimas

    I know that LVL would happily play. Would the others?

  • Trojan fan said;

    said; to above post on the post season show case ,Fred and the Trib. has the clout to make this happen ,the only challenge is that Lutheran has been already invited to several out of state top tournaments my idea is to have a showcase right after cif and state playoffs . Fred lets make this happen!