Division 5AA Championship: Bruce English puts some English on his game-winning shot that bounced off the rim and through as time expired, giving Lutheran a 62-61 victory

All during the playoffs La Verne Lutheran boys basketball coach Eric Cooper kept saying he didn’t care how the Trojans won as long they finished a point ahead when it was over.
Talk about getting what you wish for. The Trojans turned what would have been March Sadness into their own March Madness in a dizzying final seven seconds.
After inbounding the ball down by a point with 7.2 seconds left, La Verne Lutheran won in dramatic fashion when junior Bruce English lined up a 15-foot jumper from the corner. He bounced his shot off the front of the rim and through as time expired to give second-seeded Lutheran an amazing 62-61 victory over top-ranked Windward in Thursday’s CIF-Southern Section Division 5AA championship at Colony High.

Wish we had better video of the final shot, but there’s no hiding the emotion …

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  • Basketball Junkie

    Any thoughts on the Private School CIF Championship? Two great recruiting schools going at it at colony.

  • AJ

    Give me a break with “two great recruiting schools”, basketball junkie stop sitting and crying because your school or your kid isnt playing this weekend, lets celebrate La Verne Lutheran and actually come out and support them, i’ll be there. They should win, they are better than Windward, i have seen both teams and unless Wes Saunders gets 30 tonight, Lutheran wins easily.

  • j-Dub

    The Big Wind…will win…by 12.

  • Ben

    Basketball Junkie, was last friday the Private School CIF Semifinals??? if Amat would of won they would of played Orange Lutheran, would that of been also the Private School CIF Championship?? All of your recruiting and blame the private school issues are absurd.

  • Recruiting

    Congrats to LVL. Please quit ur whining about private schools recruiting, they can recruit legally. I don’t like it, but it is what it is, accept it.

  • Linda

    How sad. LVL wins. I guess anybody can buy a championship. CIF MUST separate private from public or there can never be a true champion.

  • Fred Robledo

    Linda, time to be quiet, give the boys their due

  • Prep Fan

    Linda, have you even looked at the 5AA bracket? Their are only two public school teams in it, San Marino, the last place Rio Hondo league team and Silver Valley, a tiny desert school.

    Give credit where it is due.


    WE worked for this win we didn’t buy anything and with a school of 160 recruiting doesn’t matter anyways.


    Great game! too bad The Tribune kept the best team in La Verne under wraps all year long. Coach Cooper should be congratulated for teh job he’s done. Enjoyed reading where he said “revenge” had nothing to do with this game and how the “team” that beat LVL was gone and “this” was a new season with a “new” team. Of all the “revenge” motivated games LVL, who didn’t use this device..won!

    Had to wonder where Nick Colletti goes to school if LVL doesn’t exist. Does he go to Damien and sit and join Adams & Reyes or does he go to Glendora and help Smith out. Or does he go to Bonita and helps CJ Miller become POY.

    When you think in terms of the level of instruction Cooper gives these kids and the level of competition they play it’s not hard to see why college coaches have taken notice. More power to LVL and to teh kids who put the work in. Some say that’s just buying a Championship but that’s sour grapes and complete ignorance talking.

    Fred you guys didn’t do the Trojans any favors this year and yet I bet Cooper is as polite and open with you as any area HC.

    Way to represent guys!! La Verne is a Basketball Hotbed…who would have thunk it? lol

  • Great game

    So Fred do you rank LVL now?

    CJ Cooper was pretty special. Seen him the past three years and he’s developed every single year. Tough to deny this Coach Cooper’s program is head and shoulders over most in the development department. CJ can do it all.

  • ballislife

    It’s not private schools in general that are the problem, just those that choose to attract athletes in the wrong manner. And its not just some privates; I have seen public schools do it too. I don’t think separating publics and privates would fix the problem. I think separating those who build their teams in a legitimate manner from those who do not would solve the problem. But, unfortunately, that is really not feasible.

    Private schools may be able to recruit students, and they need to do so in order to get students. But there is a difference between telling a kid about all the great things the school has to offer which also may include athletics as opposed to telling a kid he should come to school here simply because he is a good athlete and they want him to play ball. That’s where you run into problems.

    I think if your program is really that good, you shouldn’t have to go out and tell kids to come play ball at your school; they will want to come be a part of it because it is already good.

    Hating on the privates doesn’t solve the issue; hating on the undue influence that some schools or coaches may take part in seems like it should be a better way to attack the problem.

  • FredJ

    Umm, you the same Lutheran fan that came running out of the stands rattling me and saying I told you so …, It’s all good, that was some raw emotion, one of the best finishes in years. As far as the coverage question, join the club, no one ever has enough coverage. Where do I rank this team? Near the top, they’re strong at all five positions, athletic, organized, and Jerrett’s length would give a lot of teams around here trouble. The Coopers, English, they’re all impressive. But after watching Amat-Price and how Amat stayed in that game, and with Serra, there’s no knowing for sure unless they play. Same with Bonita and Damien, they both beat Amat too. Until we see Lutheran-Bonita, Lutheran-Damien, there’s no knowing for sure. As a newspaper that’s what intrigue’s us, great matchups. That’s what sparks coverage. I guarantee if these teams ever met, the Valley would flock to see it and so would we.

  • Super Dave

    Great job LHLV!

    Sour grapes Linda, come on! If a great coach chooses to work for a school is it not natural for talented players to want to come there? Are you saying that students should only choose a school because of the teachers? That’s what natural means to you? Bonita and Glendora both have had players that use a local address to be able to play for those schools, it happens all the time. Did the Murrays go to Glendora elementary schools? Perhaps you are associated with a player who was on the team at LHLV and lost his position when more talented players came in…welcome to life boys! You’ve got to work harder or find something at which you are better.

    I’m an alumni and I’m proud of them!

  • BB fan

    Obviously Linda didn’t attend the game tonight – otherwise she would have seen the refs in the other team’s pocket. Buy a championship – sounds like sour grapes to me. It’s always suspicious when the coaches & refs are buddy, buddy before & during the game. A gentleman who doesn’t have kids who attend either school, was shocked at the horrible/1-sided refs. Inspite of the 1-sided calls – LVL came out victorious! Congrats Trojans for a great game!

  • Here is a link to the final shot of the game. Not very good quality but the excitement translates pretty well.



    Congrads to LVL whatever division it is at least you kids made the SGV proud..

    Where do they rank in terms of the SGV??? its hard to say? They did lose to Price by 30 plus but they have also beat many ranked teams..

    Fred next year you and the Tribune are going to have to host an All SGV torney with all the teams from around the area. Im sure there are alot of schools out there who would want a shot at LVL. Here is a few of the whos who in the SGV that should make some noise in 2011.

    LVL- is going to be great next season again Who do they really lose Salley?? They havnt played with him all year so in hindsight there pretty much bringing back the whole team… The Coopers are going to be great. Jarret, English and Coleta make this team the new ” FAB FIVE ”

    DAMIEN-yea they lose Adams but Reyes is coming back and is only a JR. if this kid ever realizes how special he could be, there would be no stopping him. Him along with J.P. would give LVL fits. Reyes and Jarret battling in the post to see who is the best big man in the SGV.

    Glendora-Can you really expect Le Duc to have another down year? I dont think so hes probly re-tooling as we speak. Hes a legend and legends never stay down for long. He has Donward and Doering returning so be prepared for a big season. Le Duc and Coach Cooper standing across from one another. I buy a ticket.

    Bishop Amat- Rodriguez returns and he was the heart and soul on this years semi team. Next year its his team and dont be surprised if they make another run on his shoulders. Who wouldnt want to see Rodriguez and Cooper play for posibly next years SGV MVP.

    San Dimas- Barbato next years Chris Adams. This kid can shoot. Can you imagine Barbato going against defensive speacilist English how intriging would this match up be.

    These are just a few teams that would love a shot at LVL. Theres still Northrup and Bonita, Coach Hart and his ball hawking Braves…

    Fred it is up to you and the Tribune to make this torny happen. Good luck and hopefully next year at this time we still wont be having this discussion of whose better LVL, Damien, Bonita, Amat, Glendora ect ect…

  • trojan fan said:

    said: the bet part is the whole team comes back next year so please come to our state run and be the judge if the hype is deserve!

  • Recruiting is less than 1%

    Bishop Amat is an interesting story. Unlike so many teams in the area Bishop Amat was actually a different and better team by the end of the season. I seen several Lancer games and early on they were an average team without much chance of doing major damage but they came together and had the added benefit of Wiard’s influence, and it showed.

    Same could be said of San Dimas who came together as the season progressed. That’s the sign of well coached teams, they improve.

    This whole recruiting thing is utter nonsense and spoken and addressed by people who don’t have kids currently playing. The travel ball circuit has changed everything as players know and see each other early on and sometimes change teams. That’s more a product of the times and everyone wanting to say they play “travel ball” when what they are really doing is paying fees and buying uniforms, and little else.

    Sometimes it works as in the case of Bonita who benefitted greatly from the La Verne Stars program. I hear Covina has a great travel program as well.

    The bottom line is this, parents are trying to deal with the ever changing sport’s landscape and finally it’s hit basketball like it’s hit Softball and baseball years before, pay to get noticed, pay to develop skills and pay to eventually have your travel ball coach coach you in high school. Sign of the times.

    I personally like what Chino Hills has done with their Sports Program. They encourage kids to play multiple sports, hire great coaching staffs top to bottom and have training facilities that are out of this world, and they win! Also you NEVER hear or read any comments from Chino Hills players or parents complaining about anything over there…why is that?

    Damien and Bishop Amat and now LVL are the only privates who could be lumped into the private vs public conversation and all three are as different as night and day, so there goes any consistent argument lumping them as having an advantage over any area school, especially when CO and SH have a gentlemen’s agreement to share players, jk. Out here kids play for coaches or they play to be with their friends…few play because they were recruited, and by few I’d say less than 1%.

    San Dimas has a basketball player that was recruited “openly”, if you ask his mother, by a local private school assistant coach and the kid and his parents decided it was best for them to “stay at home” where he would be the teams star, hey it works for them. Recruiting goes on but it’s up to each individual to assess for themselves what’s best….like buying a Toyota. Like I always say, “A mule can make a car go fast but it takes skill to slow it down!” The same could be said with recruiting, it’s never a problem until you crash!!! lol

  • Baseball NUT

    This private and public scholl debate needs to quiet down. Let me be the first to say I went to AMAT (private) while my kids attend South HIlls (public). This has been going on for years. Did Amat have kids from miles away? Yes, I came from Diamond Bar! In fact Diamond Bar High was not even open yet and my option was Walnut with a average of 45 kids per class OR a private school. Because I wanted to be with girls I chose Amat over Damien. To say that private has a recruiting tool, or “all-star” kids is not really looking at the picture. You all MUST be just regular complainers in general.

    Where are all of the complainers too argue the other side of it:

    South Hills winning 5 titles in baseball with 8 final apperences, or 4 football titles this decade.

    Northview winning all those titles in wrestling. I suppose that little pocket of Azusa, and Cypress has something in the water to produce SO MANY champions in a tiny section.

    Where are the complaints with Charter Oak, AND Los Altos having 10 CIF titles in football the last 15 years?

    You going to tell me that a Brea Olinda with a city population of less than 35K has THAT MUCH talent in girls baseetball to WIN over 14 CIF chapionships the past 20 years?

    Or what about Artesia winning all those championships in boys hoops, or who can remember CARSON & BANNING in the 70’s, Or Glendora basketball in the late 80’s or early 90’s. ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS, shall I continue, or do you get the point.
    In the old days it was said that if you were good enough the colleges would find you. And it is STILL that way. Difference is kids are NOW being showcased at camps, travel ball, AAU among other things, starting as early as 9 yrs old. Lets say One kid plays Summer ball who lives in Diamond Bar, another kid from Claremont, and yet another from Ontario, and their all on the same team. They have played together since age 10, and ALL decide to stick together and attend Damien. Why is that a problem?

    Bottom line is lets say IF your daughter is a top notch basketball player who has busted her butt since 5th grade, and she lives in Diamond Bar, are you going to make her attend Diamond Bar High, where they MAY make the playoffs, OR would you let her go 5 miles South to attend BREA Olinda, where they have the exposure, travel to the East Coast, and send their starters to college every year. It really is a NO brainer.

    It doesn’t matter if your school has 500, or 5000, they practiced hard and won a CIF title.

  • >>>

    To further enhance baseball nut’s point, which was very well stated.

    One of the LVL player’s is very close to Cameron Murray and could be attending GHS.

    What does that tell you about kids wanting to play for Coach Cooper, as well as the respect ex-players have for his program.

  • >>>

    To further enhance baseball nut’s point, which was very well stated.

    One of the LVL player’s is very close to Cameron Murray and could be attending GHS.

    What does that tell you about kids wanting to play for Coach Cooper, as well as the respect ex-players have for his program.

  • >>>

    To further enhance baseball nut’s point, which was very well stated.

    One of the LVL player’s is very close to Cameron Murray and could be attending GHS.

    What does that tell you about kids wanting to play for Coach Cooper, as well as the respect ex-players have for his program.

  • just askin’

    >>> – you forget to tell the Murray/Coooper/LeDuc/GHS/LVL back story regarding gym usage and the stalled Prodigy proposal for LVL facilities. Why don’t you share it with the readers. THAT is the biggest factor in the Murray influence. As in most – it seems if you want the answer…. follow the $$$

  • >>>

    City of La Verne blew that out of the water long ago.

    I would say way past stalled, I believe it is dead. But not an insider, so could be wrong.

  • >>>

    City of La Verne blew that out of the water long ago.

    I would say way past stalled, I believe it is dead. But not an insider, so could be wrong.

  • >>>

    City of La Verne blew that out of the water long ago.

    I would say way past stalled, I believe it is dead. But not an insider, so could be wrong.


    Hey Fred why dont you and the Tribune try and sponser the Covina torney and call out all the big boys of the SGV. Im sure a sponsered torney with you being the host would make some sense. Talk to Coach Coop Im sure he would love to take us over there and prove whos the number 1 team in the valley…..

  • FredJ

    LVL Fan, if Lutheran reserved a sport for an area tournament, it would probably happen, but they’re playing in big tournaments, nonleague games are more like it.

  • just askin’

    >>> -not inside LVL or the City so I didn’t want to assume the project was dead, but let’s be realistic. THAT was the beginning of the Murray influence. He was nixed at GHS got his feelings hurt and went to the next connection (LVL asst. coach and former GHS/Amat player) for the pipeline to begin. True or not?

  • FYI

    For the record the Murray’s have nothing to do with La Verne Lutheran. Why is the Murray name always thrown into what Coach Cooper, LVL, and the players have acccomplished without any help from the Murray’s. None of the Murray’s are on the coaching staff, the board, or have any of their children enrolled at LVL. Stop hating the Murray’s,tying them into LVL, and give credit to where it belongs. Congratulations to Coach Cooper, the LVL boy’s and staff. Job well done!!!

  • >>>

    Those are questions for Cameron, not for me.

    I know of one player who he is close to, I think you are overestimating his presence/influence.

  • >>>

    Those are questions for Cameron, not for me.

    I know of one player who he is close to, I think you are overestimating his presence/influence.

  • >>>

    Those are questions for Cameron, not for me.

    I know of one player who he is close to, I think you are overestimating his presence/influence.

  • Charlie Murphy

    Nick could have gone to three different schools. If you think for a second he wasn’t directed to LVL, you’re either naive or a Trojan fan–Nick is Tracy and Cameron’s most loyal pupil.

    Did the coaches dress up for the ‘ship, or were they still rocking those absurd sweat suits?

  • Basketball Love

    Come on now, lets be honest. No one is hating on the Murrays but they hand delivered NC to LVL and almost got BV there as well. Be honest, no one is hating. BV was scheduled to go there and instead, as is always the case, his nutjob Dad got light headed, and took him down the road a spell. BV was also scheduled to go to Damien but once again the numbers didn’t fit Mr.V’s liking. The Murrays , especially Cameron, mean well and have done well by most. Cameron means well and his heart is in the right place and every time I talk to him he’s garcious and extremely polite. Tracy is Tracy. Tough being a legend and then being a former legend but he’s there for his brother, ’nuff said on that.

    The real issue is, drum roll please, what do the Murrays offer that scares local coaches? Playing time, with their Prodigy Program, and Skills Work. Just look at the best players “not” at LVL and see the huuuuuuuge differences in their game. or what they believ is “game”. Most can either shoot but can’t dribble, dribble but can’t shoot. If they are lucky enough to be able to shoot and dribble…It’s with ONE HAND!!! lol As far as big men go, nada out there for kids. Where are all the classic McHale moves, the automatic drop steps, up and unders. No where to be found!…okay maybe once a game.

    That’s where the rubber hits the road in basketball. For example, Damien’s big man is 6’7″, that about an inch, give or take, from being the size of Kobe! Yet he never shoots a jump shot? Same goes for their big time shooter who averaged 17 points a game. That’s 5 point better than an average second option guy at most powerhouse schools, so how does he stand out? I tease them all the time, 30! or 40! points…they smile and say…”I wish!!!” They know what I mean and in the end both are outstanding kids, so we’ll see.

    Time and again I see Freshmen touted as all that and what that means is they’re “athletes” and not basketball players. Basketball takes skill, honed over hours and hours and hours of practice…before you get to practice!!! When practice starts it’s about the “skill” and “IQ” of the game…few even know what that means and all you have is parents yelling “PUSH THE BALL!!! SHOT THE BALLLLLLLLL !!!!” You gotta laugh.

    Tracy once told me the reason kids can’t shot jumpers today is simple. “They don’t shot thousands of jumpers a week!” The best coaches, like the Murrays show kids what it takes to “be” a basketball player before they show up at school tryouts. When I hear people talk about this kid or that kid I go see them and walk away saying, “that’s not a basketball player, that’s an “athlete” who plays basketball!” There are so many like that now it’s really sad.

    Give Coach Cooper credit he’s getting his player college ready, unlike so many local coaches who don’t. Layton at DR is the same, he coaches kids to be college ready and every single year recruiters are at his practices/games taking first hand looks. I still haven’t seen a point guard on CJ’s level yet, although Northup comes close, who can shoot, dribble, drain, dish, finish near the basket, create space, run teh open floor, rebound, defend and understands…major drum rollllllll….TEMPO !!!

    LVL shouldn’t be put in a corner and brought out at the end of their four year run…that’s an embarrasment that The Tribune allowed to happen, in my opinion. They should have been promoted and area coaches should have taken notice. Maybe then college recruiters would have respected “our” boys brand of basketball. Seeing the look on the faces of the Gonzaga coaches the other day at the CO playoff loss said it all… “Good athletes but basketball players? Not with out allot of work!”

  • Whats wrong with helping everyone???

    My son and daughter workout with Cam quite often. What I do not understand is you people are going after Cam as if he has not worked with at least one child from every local program. I see Bishop Amat, Damien, Northview, Glendora, San Dimas, Claremont, Etiwanda, Rowland (where we train with him every Sunday) MLK, Summit, even kids as far as Calabasas, Cambel Hall, and San Diego kids. The only school in the area not mentioned is Bonita because the coach promissed if any kid is working with Cam that they would be kicked off the team. Its sad because every kid in the 10th grade class at Bonita trained with Cam from 6th through 8th grade. Usually every Spring, the Bonita seniors play in the Prodigy Spring league because the Bonita coach can not do anything to the seniors who are graduating.

    All of the Lutheran kids have been close friends since 6th grade. They all won a aau national championship together. The ones that did attend Lvl are stars at brea, campbel hall, etiwanda, ike, serra, mater dei, and other power schools around california. These kids including nick came together without any help cam or tracy. Cam is good at what he does, I have never seen him try and sway a kid to Lutheran. TRUST ME, plenty of parents ask him where to send there child……. he supports ALL programs. Why are you people bashing the Murray family?? I have not seen many other families giving basketball camps for 12 years, helping to improve our kids, talking about the many mistakes and regrets they (cam and tracy) had in the past. When Glendora high was winning no one never criticized the murrays for that, cam works with damien,and Bonitas 10th grade class will be pretty good thanks to 3 years of work. Is this a time to say thank you? Or is it a time to BASH lvl, cam and what his family does for my kids and many others?

  • Carroll Wheatley and Murray Fan

    Actually no one helped Bonita’s basketball team as much as Carroll Wheatley who really was the heart and soul of the La Verne Stars programs and introduced upgrading the training and tournaments local kids were involved in. Credit goes to him for sure as well as others who did the best they could for the kids in the area.

    The Murrays, especially Cameron, is doing a great job teaching kids how to shoot the ball, which is in huge! Dribbling is another area, as I’ve said before, where local kids really come up short. To this day I don’t understand how any basketball player doesn’t know how to dribble with out looking down, or can’t dibble with either hand by the time they get to high school, much less when they are on Varsity teams. Yet you see it all over the Valley so many times it’s not funny.

    Like I said, too many athletes playing basketball and not enough basketball players with high basketball IQ’s to go around. That’s why when you see Bobby Mile-Serrano and you compare him to Smith or Adams you realize what a skilled “basketball” player Bobby really is. The same can be said for the LVL players, who really understand the game. Adams is a great shooter with a beautiful “release”, Smith is a very good “system” guy and Bobby is all of the above, and more!

    Always comes back to the same thing…COACHING MATTERS!!!

    People understand QB Camps but have a problem with BASKETBALL SKILLS instruction? How does that make any sense?

    Keep up the good work Cameron, see you around town.

  • review

    1st congrats to LVL! Great work by all.
    Points out that the development and club teams, the LV Stars, Quick Shot, the Murrays all are needed to bring kids to another level. Open enrollment and private school enrollment has impact, but as pointed out by many this has been around for decades. CIF can only do so much. City section has many club teams that are actually school based, might be why CIF allows year round coaching now.
    None of that should take away from LVL and the sucess they are enjoying. Gain congrats.
    As for some local tourney with the LV schools or SGV, sounds good but understand the limits on games imposed by CIF rules, league sizes and this becomes something that sounds good but tough to pull off. And again what do the large schools have to gain, they win, then they should if they lose to a small school, they are ripped?
    As for comparing players, apples and oranges to a point, big school players Adams, Miles, Roderiquez, Northrup seem to play their level or higher each time out, smaller schools play smaller schools at least during the season right? Northrup-Cooper? They are book ends, same size, quickness, ability, role on team. Almost bird and magic. Adams-Jarrett inside/outside same results for their team. On and on. But all play different schedules. Tough to compare the stats and skills.
    Again celebrate the champs!

  • LVresident

    As a resident of Laverne and a fan of bonita basketball, i wanted to congratulate LV Lutheran on their CIF title. They have a very good team and deserve credit for winning no matter what division or league they play in. They can’t control the division or league, but they do control the nonleague schedule and they play a very competitive schedule. I think there are now 3 good basketball programs in the city of La Verne, with Bonita, damien, and LV Lutheran. Coaches Eckler, Dunn, and Cooper have all done great jobs in building solid programs. and the future is bright for each of the schools.
    Good luck to LV Lutheran in the state playoffs.

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