CIF State pairings: La Verne Lutheran gets No. 2 seed, with Amat girls No. 5; Damien and Diamond Ranch girls also get bids; Mnt. View boys, Sierra Vista girls hit the road

Here’s the CIF State pairings for area teams
Boys basketball
Division II

No. 13 Damien (22-8) at No. 4 San Diego Hoover (26-6)
No. 11 L.A. University (19-14) at No. 6 Pasadena (24-7)
Division V
No. 15 L.A. View Park (15-17) at No. 2 La Verne Lutheran (23-8)
Girls Basketball
Division II

No. 9 Diamond Ranch (26-2) at No. 8 San Diego Westview (26-5)
Division III
No. 12 San Diego Academy OLP (23-8) at No. 5 Bishop Amat (23-7)
No. 11 Frontier (23-8) at No. 6 Muir (21-8)
Division V
No. 15 La Verne Calvary Baptist (18-8) at No. 2 Los Angeles View Park (27-6)
No. 11 Pasadena Poly (22-4) at No. 6 Fresno Christian (21-7)
Note: All first round games are at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Quarterfinals and semifinals are slated for Thursday and Saturday with the regional finals scheduled for March 20 at Galen Center and Colony HS. The state finals are March 26-27 at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield.

Boys Soccer
Southern California Regionals
Division II

No. 5 Mountain View (17-4-3) at No. 4 Dinuba, Central Section (22-3)
Note: First round games are Tuesday at home sites at 4 p.m. The tournament continues Thursday with semifinals at home sites with the finals scheduled for Saturday at Warren HS in Downey.
Girls Soccer
Southern California Regionals
Division II

No. 8 Sierra Vista (24-3) at No. 1 Coronado (21-1-3)
Division III
No. 5 LACES (8-6-2) at No. 4 Flintridge Sacred Heart (19-2-3)
Note: Division II first round games are scheduled for Tuesday at home sites at 4 p.m. The semifinals, also at home sites, are Thursday at 4 p.m. with the finals on Saturday at Warren HS in Downey. Division III begins on Monday at 4 p.m. at home sites. The semifinals, also at home sites, are Wednesday at 4 p.m. with the finals scheduled for Friday at Warren HS in Downey.

The CIF-State Playoff teams and brackets for boys and girls soccer and basketball will be announced by 5 p.m., on Sunday.

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  • spartan fan

    Go Damien!(:

  • cifstate

    With Granite Hills and South Torrance losing do Amat, Los Altos, or Sierra Vista have a chance to get into CIF State for DIV2?

  • FredJ

    Of those three it’s probably Amat, on paper just a hair better than Los Altos, though Los Altos’ schedule is slightly tougher, it’s a close call. Hurting Sierra Vista’s chances is they don’t have wins in a big tournament, or big nonleague game. It’s not that they couldn’t handle it, just never had that opportunity, plus Amat and Los Altos have better won-loss records.

  • Lut fan said:

    said:Trojan nation would like to invite to all basketball fans to come and watch the Lut boys make a run at a state title,if we get the top two seeds, we will host the first three rnds at home court either at LVH or possibly at Univ, of La Verne we will post corret location! Go Trojans! PS: thanks to all the posters for all the love!

  • Tough Road

    Fred – Two questions for you:
    1) Do you think Mt. View will get a division 2 state spot ahead of Harvard-Westlake?

    2) Do you think they deserve it?

    They have a common opponent in Salesian. HW beat Salesian 2-1 while Mt. View tied Salesian 1-1. Also, Mt. View has a bad 1-5 loss to Animo on its record. Animo didn’t even win their division!

    It will be a close call. Is a D 6 title worth more than a D 1 2nd place finish???

  • AJ

    First of all Harvard Westlake is in Division 3 and if it comes down to them and a Mt. View league team of course they get it, look at that resume and the fact that they can actually win a few games with Swooppe and Cain.

  • >>>

    To AJ:

    He is talking soccer.

  • >>>

    To AJ:

    He is talking soccer.

  • >>>

    To AJ:

    He is talking soccer.

  • Tough Road

    AJ – I’m talking about soccer. Harvard and Mt. View are both division 2 teams for the SoCal State Tournament. They have enrollments between 1000 and 2299. Those are the D 2 figures. I’m sure of it. Division 3 is for all schools below 1,000.

  • FredJ

    Breaking News: I might not be around when the state playoff teams and dates are announced at 5, will update later tonight, so someone feel free to break the news in the comment section

  • Still Waiting

    For some reason I can’t get to the CIF State page. Has anyone heard anything yet?


    Girls soccer pairings out, yet?

  • lvhoopsfan

    Damien at #4 Hoover(san diego)
    View Park(LA city)@ #2 Lutheran

  • LA Futbol

    Soccer brackets are posted….BUT the morons posted the brackets form LAST YEAR!

    Good job CIF!

  • LA Futbol

    Sierra Vista made the regional tourny! Only area team. Congrats Dons!


    Congratulations and good luck to all 3 SGV Teams!
    Go FSHA! Go Sierra Vista! Go Mountain View!

    -Steve L.

  • >>>


    Maybe one time you could mention Calvary Baptist in La Verne. They made it to CIF Finals and are in the State Tourney.

  • >>>


    Maybe one time you could mention Calvary Baptist in La Verne. They made it to CIF Finals and are in the State Tourney.

  • >>>


    Maybe one time you could mention Calvary Baptist in La Verne. They made it to CIF Finals and are in the State Tourney.

  • LA Fan

    Wow i thought Bishop Amat or Los Altos would have made it to the tournament. Sierra vista is good but if they had played Bishop or Los Altos this year they would have lost. Wish them the best but unlikely they will win the first game.

  • sgv resident

    To LA Fan:

    How would you know if Sierra Vista played Amat or Los Altos, they would have lost? Have you ever seen SV play? Unless you’ve been to any of their games, please don’t comment at all about them. Thank you.

  • Congratulation to Sierra Vista on winning there division and make it to the state tourney..
    Good Luck.

  • soccer lvr

    WOW! I just knew it that it would be seconds, if not minutes before someone from BA or LA starting saying stuff about Sierra Vista. You won Los Altos! It took you like what, 12 minutes to start bashing Sierra Vista!!

    GO LADY DONS! I am so proud of you!

  • montview league parent

    hey stupid ass LA fan, get a life you comparing apples and oranges is ignorant of you. SV play’s who is in front of them and cannot control who their opponents are. Give them credit not envy you stupid ass hater.

  • Lut Fan

    Lut said:with our #2 seeding and not having to face #4seed Windward and #1Foothills of SD till the finals, we have a great chance to get to reginal finals ,should host yhe first three rounds at home court!We hope to represent the SGV all the way to Bakersfield in the finals,we will be the only local team that is guarranteed to play at home come and support your SGV team Go Trojans!

  • LA Futbol

    Sierra Vista, please don’t let the opinion of one stupid person who claims to be a Los Altos fan get you riled up. Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

    LA Fan, Shut the hell up. Let them enjoy their success. We had our successes this year, let’s focus on those.

    My apologies on behalf of the true LA Fans who celebrate the successes of ALL SGV teams this year!

  • LA Fan

    Its not jealousy or anything, its just that comparing the records and strength of schedules against that of LA and Bishop, Sierra Vista cant compare. Yet I wish them the best because they were chosen to represent the SGV and no one can take that away from them. However, I see it as a tough task beating the #1 seed on the road.

  • FredJ

    With regards to Los Altos, Bishop Amat and Sierra Vista girls soccer, this is tricky, because I love the passion at Sierra Vista, how they conducted themselves and they deserve every accolade imaginable for winning the championship. But I thought the SoCAl at-large berth looked at strength of schedule and overall record, which would have given Amat and Los Altos the inside track. Amat’s only loss came to a team that won the D-4 title and is in the D-1 state playoffs. Sierra Vista did lose to Arroyo. That’s the reality of it. It was obvious that winning the title gave Sierra Vista the at-large, and if that’s what sways the committee, then it should be written in the bylaws that CIF champions have priority, and I would agree with that, because champions should have first consideration in my opinion. But that’s not the case, which makes the decision to select SVista over L.A. and Amat confusing because LA and Amat played in tougher leagues, tournaments and both had better won-loss overall records. And if I’m being honest, the level of soccer betweem D-4 and D-7 was noticeably different, just like I thought the level between D-4 and D-2 was noticeably different after watching Flintridge Sacred Heart destroy St. Lucy’s. And by the way, FSHA finished behind Harvard-Westlake in the Mission League, and lost to Beckman in the semifinals, and both those teams are in the same D-2 playoff bracket with Sierra Vista, and that’s without knowing how good the other D-2 state playoffs teams are from the other sections. Do you see where I’m going with this? Bishop Amat and Los Altos wouldn’t win the division either. They both would have been over-matched too, but given their resumes, tournament titles, semifinal appearances and having watched all three, I think they would have had more of a competitive chance. Again, this is not a knock on Sierra Vista, like I said, champions should go. But given the criteria and being objective and looking at it from all teams point of view, Amat and Los Altos do have an argument for being snubbed. I’m not trying to rain on Sierra Vista’s parade, we’re all pulling for the Lady Dons, but this is a real David and Goliath scenario they’re in now.

  • kurmugin

    As a season long follower and supporter of girls soccer, particularly Los Altos, I have no idea of how they would have fared against Sierra Vista. SV looked damn good to me. LA did fine all year. All the coulda, woulda, shoulda cant change that. The Amat game early in the year was a toss up then. They should not have tied Bonita, could very well have lost to Santa Ynez, who I thought was the best team they played all year, and were lucky to beat; and should have topped Granite Hills. Defending champion Sultana edged Amat and soundly defeated GH in the final. Neither Amat or LA made or won the finals in their division. Sierra Vista did. They proved themselves all year. All hail Sierra Vista. Hope you win.

  • Ring Master Fred

    Fred you failed to say which of the two, LA or BA, you would have chosen, how convenient.

    Tough to say SV doesn’t deserve the nod over teams that didn’t win. Even tougher to extend and promote “doubt” that the SV Girls deserve to represent the SGV. EVery team has a chance to control their own destiny. LA and BA looked past their opponents expecting to meet up in the Championship Game and it cost them BOTH. Now we hear now from those same schools again expecting something to happen when they BOTH had control of their own destiny.

    Sorry sounds like sour grapes from the peanut gallery and “bad form” from Ring Master Fred.

    Good luck SV, here’s hoping the Soccer Gods throw some egg on the doubters/whiners collective faces ! Wouldn’t that be a story !!!

  • Amatfollower

    What you all fail to recognize is that Sierra Vista will now go on the road and lose something like 8 or 9-0, hopefully they can keep it to 5-0. What Fred is saying it they’re totally outclassed now, they’re facing totally different types of teams, teams with club players sitting on the bench. You’re not facing the Montview League, which the second best team in your league was below .500. You thought Alaverno was tough? That Alverno played Flintridge Sacred Hearet, of the caliber teams of teams you’re going to see in the state tournament and you know what happened, Alverno got beat by FSHA 6-1, only because FSHA called off the horses at half, or it could have been 10-1. You’re comparing an AYSO all-star team to super elite players. granted, you deserve your title for the type of division you’re in, but this is like selecting San Dimas football to represent the SGV over Bishop Amat in a state tournament against the Mater Dei’s, Orange Lutehran’s etc, just because they won a title. It’s not that people don’t appreicate your championship, but lets keep it real, you’re not on the save level as Amat or Los Altos, they could at least compete at this level, that’s the honest assesment of it. Stop being so touch-feely and dramatic, if you can’t see that plain fact, you will see it on Tuesday and feel it on the busride home after a mismatch of gigantic proportions.

  • Uh, oh

    Sierra Vista, look at this website, this is what you’re up against, be careful what you wish for, this is like asking you to play Mater Dei? Bunker up and hope baby

  • AJ

    Should be a real tough game for Damien, Hoover is loaded with size from tbeir star center to their big small and power forwards. It should be interesting to see how Chris Reyes does against a junior bigger than him, one of the first true center/power forward he has faced this year other than Cerella from Chino Hills and Kelley from Los Osos.

  • Kevin Henderson

    CONGRATS to BA girls basketball team. Good luck and play hard.

  • AJ

    Should be a real tough game for Damien, Hoover is loaded with size from tbeir star center to their big small and power forwards. It should be interesting to see how Chris Reyes does against a junior bigger than him, one of the first true center/power forward he has faced this year other than Cerella from Chino Hills and Kelley from Los Osos.

  • sgv soccer fan

    Both Mountain View and Sierra Vista soccer will lose. They might have won CIF but their divisions (6 and 7)are really weak. They are playing the top dogs now. Sierra Vista will lose by the bigger margin because the level of skill difference when it comes to girls soccer is huge. Mountain View on the other hand could put up a fight.

  • SoccerCoach

    Many of us are scratching our heads trying to figure out the “formula” used to determine the selections for the soccer regionals. Bishop and LA have great arguments. You also have some pretty good arguments from LB Wilson, Santa Margarita and definitely Corona Santiago.

  • socal hoops fan

    Damien will have a tough time traveling all the way to san diego and playing in a small high school gym that will be 90% home fans. Years ago I was in SD for business and attended a state game where Lynwood with the late and great Ernest Killum was playing some Chula Vista area team. Gym was small with a very hostile crowd. Lynwood had a good team and was able to win by a small margin. Even Bill Walton showed up at the game. Hopefully some Damien fans will make the trip down as the refs can be homers even though they are said to be “neutral” refs.

  • current spartan

    so cal hoops fan:

    i go to damien and TRUST ME we have about half our school going to the game tomorrow. all our students are willing to make the trip just like we did to redlands vs eisenhower.

    GO DAMIEN!!(:

  • socal hoops fan

    Hopefully Damien will bring some fans out tonight in SD. Big difference playing at REV which was a more or less neutral court 20 miles from Eisenhower which does not travel well. In state games they let the home team play in these band box type gym giving the home team a huge advantage. Better get their early as these gyms fill up fast. SD teams are not that great compared with the cifss teams.

  • soccer lvr

    SGV Soccer Fan, You know what? That is exactly what people said about the Montview League. And a team from this league won CIF. Why shouldn’t SV go to State? BA and LA had their chance. What makes u think they can win at this level When they couldn’t make it past semis. Why do they deserve a second chance? Perhaps SV will lose, so what! BA and LA would have lost too. SV deserves the chance because they went all the way. Yes this program from the Montview League!

    Good luck Lady Dons! WE are proud of you, no matter what happens!

  • AJ

    It is not looking good for Damien, Angelo Chol 6’10 and one of the top juniors in the country will destroy Chris Reyes tonight, this kid is a freak averaging a double double and one block short at 8.9 of averaging a triple double. The kid is very good, uh oh spartans.

  • Hey Soccer Lvr

    I’ll tell you what is bothersome soccer lover, why should D-7 teams have an advantage of D-4, D-3 or D-2 teams when it comes to selecting SoCal Regional at-large berths for Division 2. Of course it’s much easier to win a D-7 title, and you were grouped into a division that was comparitevely fair and you deserved your title. But the state is supposed to take the best teams possible that fall under the D-2 state enrollment based on win-loss resume’s and strength of schedule. That is what it said on the state website, so selecting a team like Sierra Vista over semifinalists and or finalists in much, much tougher divisions and whose teams played much tougher schedules doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What you fail to understand is that you’re so outclassed today that it’s not even funny, you will understand after the score today. That’s not giving Sierra Vista it’s due, that’s embrassing them. You’re going to end a great season with a 6 or7-0 loss .. you were better off ending with that trophy over your head.

  • So which is it, LA or BA, because it can’t be both !

    Hey Soccer LVR couldn’t the same be said of Damien? Damien has lost every single big game this year against worthy opponents. Yes a few were close but in the end they lost. So what makes them worthy of a State bid if they get blown out tonight? SV actually won, whereas Bishop Amat and Los Altos didn’t. That’s a huge hurdle when you’re negating SVs bid. So let’s give the doubters their due. Which team would they pick and why? Los Altos OR Bishop Amat because you can’t take BOTH. Wait when BOTH had a chance to make a statement their final say was a match up TIE and a Semi LOSS. Now why are we discussing this? Sour grapes right? So your feel good is SV losing and telling everyone for years “WE WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER!” Well when you COULD have you DIDN’T and that’s the truth, sorry! Damien like SV has a CHANCE to COMPETE and that’s all anyone gets in a State Tournament.

  • Soccer Lover

    You still don’t get it, this isn’t a shot at Sierra Vista, it’s a shot at a process that sends the equivalent of an AYSO all star team against a powerful lineup of club players. It’s such a mismatch it’s not even worth playing. It will be worse than 5-0, guranteed.

  • SGV Dad

    First off I want to congratulate Sierra Vista for winning Div 7. Winning a championship is no easy feat. But most BA and LA supporters have an issue with CIF not SV. The issue revolves around the selection process. CIF State decided to take another route when selecting teams, they chose champions, which is okay with most if they had known that ahead of time. Amat lost 1 game this year to Sultana the Div 4 champions. LA lost 2 games this year one to the Div 4 finalist and another to the Div 2 semi-finalist. Amat and LA played more than their fair share of ranked teams and had plenty of quality wins to assume they were gonna get an invite. Both teams had great seasons; both will enter the CIF record books for the number of shut-out wins. IMHO I think the CIF Soccer Regionals need to be expanded to include more teams; either more divisions or more teams in each division (go from 8 to 16, similar to basketball).

    How about we all move on and put together lists of potential all-valley players, there is no way Fred had a chance to watch all teams in the SGV this year. Nominate a few from your team

  • soccer lvr

    “Hey Soccer Lvr said:
    I’ll tell you what is bothersome soccer lover, why should D-7 teams have an advantage of D-4, D-3 or D-2 teams when it comes to selecting SoCal Regional at-large berths for Division 2.”

    Why? Because this D7 team won when your D4 teams lost in the semis. Los Altos lost against Granite Hills. What makes you think they can win against them in state, when they couldn’t in the semis? Poor babies, they got snubbed in state. So what, Sierra Vista has been snubbed all year. Fred said something like “they (SV) will have to prove themselves). The Lady Dons didnt cry, they just went out and proved everyone wrong. Remember the Montview league sucks. There is no way anyone from this league can win D7 title, oh wait, SIERRA VISTA did!

    In today’s Tribune: “We’re happy for Sierra Vista,” Gonzales said (Bishop Amat Coach). “The (committee) should make it more clear on how they pick teams, but the bottom line is they won a CIF championship and we didn’t. We would have liked to continue our season, but we didn’t do our part by winning a title. They (Sierra Vista) did.”

    Just couldn’t write a nice piece about SV without mentioning BA or LA yesterday in the Tribune could you? Just had to ruin it. Just remember that you ALSO doubted that SV could get to the finals, least of all win it.

    Besides, all I have been hearing all year is about tough schedules. It’s ok to lose to big names, cause you have a tough schedule. Now Sierra Vista has a tough schedule. So if SV loses, that makes them a good team cause they played against a tough school, right?

    “…it’s a shot at a process that sends the equivalent of an AYSO all star team against a powerful lineup of club players. It’s such a mismatch it’s not even worth playing…” Since someone brought this up, I know of some AYSO teams that can and have beat club teams. I know this cause my daughter is in club.

    With someone in an earlier blog post worried about Carlos and Chata playing at SV and not somewhere else where they could be noticed. Well, they are being noticed. Some people have been talking to Carlos, and Chata has been approached from a Club.





  • FredJ

    FYI, I never said Sierra Vista didn’t have a chance to win the D-7 title, it was just the opposite, if you go back to the semifinal predictions, I said Sierra Vista had the best chance of advancing to the finals than any of our semifinalists knowing what type of teams Los Altos and Amat were up against, and that Sierra Vista was playing an Alverno team they already crushed. I never overlooked Sierra Vista this season, they’re still where I believe they should be in area rankings, behind Amat, Los Altos and Walnut, they’re the fourth-best team in the area and deserving of a D-7 title. If soccer lover and other Sierra Vista followers think that’s a snub, I’m sorry, that’s my honest assessment after watching all four teams play this year. I’m wishing them nothing but the best today, but allow me to keep it real.

  • soccer lvr

    You never thought they had a chance all season cause they were in the Montview League. Remember when you ranked them #5 in the paper before CIF even started, you said they had to prove themselves. Meaning you were not going to back them until they advanced in CIF. Once they got to the semifinals, you started to take them seriously. Well atleast you moved them up from #5 to #4. I guess that is something. Thanks for Finally believing in them.

    I didnt say you snubbed them during CIF, but way before that during their regular season when they were winning practically all of their games. Yes they lost to Arroyo. Believe me they wont forget that. They had an off day, picked themselves up and continued on their quest for the CIF title.

    Well, got to go now. Off to San Diego