CIF Polls out, the snubs already taking place, NO Northview in D-4 Baseball and No Bonita, Trib’s No. 1, anywhere in D-3 Softball rankings

With a guy like Eddie Pedroza, how can Northview not be ranked in D-4?

Baseball Polls

1. Crespi, 2. Redlands East Valley, 3. Yucaipa, 4. Palos Verdes, 5. Foothill, 6. Loyola, 7. Glendora, 8. La Mirada, 9. Cypress, 10. Chino
1. South Hills
, 2. Quartz Hill, 3. Paramount, 4. Beckman, 5. Bonita, 6. Downey, 7. Corona del Mar, 8. Hemet, 9. Lancaster, 10. Charter Oak
1. Bishop Amat
, 2. Fullerton, 3. St Paul, 4. El Segundo, 5. Palm Desert, 6. San Dimas, 7. Torrance, 8. Kaiser, 9. Calvary Chapel/SA, 10. St. Bonaventure.

Someone needs to remind the D-3 Pollsters that Bonita is already 4-0 and has outscored its opponents 27-3, winning the Palm Springs tournament.

Softball Polls

1. Tesoro, 2. Glendora, 3. Los Altos, 4. Chino HIlls, 5. Crescenta Valley, 6. Oaks Christian, 7. Ayala, 8. Alemany, 9. Chaminade, 10. Cajon.
1. North Torrance, 2. El Segundo, 3. La Quinta, 4. Paloma Valley, 5. Torrance, 6. Bishop Amat, 7. Santa Monica, 8. Hesperia, 9. Ocean View, 10. Aquinas.
1. Whittier Christian, 2. San Dimas, 3. Heritage, 4. Village Christian, 5. La Canada, 6. West Covina, 7. San Jacinto, 8. Northview, 9. Woodcrest Christian, 10. Riverside Christian.
1. Marymount, 2. La Salle, 3. South El Monte, 4. Maranatha, 5. Grace Brethren, 6. Arroyo, 7. Oxford Academy, 8. Ramond Convent, 9. Big Bear, 10. Nordoff.

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  • +++++++

    Hey Meally do you still think the palm springs tournament was weak? look at the teams that were there and where they are ranked above.

    Marymount – bhs wins 6-0
    San Jacinto – bhs wins 9-0
    Heritage – Aquinas wins 4-1
    Aquinas – bhs wins 7-1

  • Give’m their due!

    Don’t know darn thing about baseball but the Northview pitcher loooks loke one focused dude!! Come on will someone please give it up to the Pedroza Boys and to the Northviw school that continues to produce, produce, produce!!!

  • DH

    Reminder idiot bloggers: The first poll that comes out is based on how teams finished LAST YEAR. Things start to change in the coming weeks.

  • socal baseball fan

    In 2nd round action in the Chino Tournament Redlands East Valley beat Valley View 6-2. REV earlier lost #2 pitcher-ss sr Tyler Shreve who was expelled from school for a fight with the head coach James Cordes who earlier had dismissed him from the team. The replacement ss jr Drew Hernandez is a better fielder than Shreve. Big bat for REV was sr Bradley Burcoff who hit a 2b-hr in the 5 spot. Best pitcher for REV was the reliever soph James Jacome a tall soph lhp who pitched 2 scoreless innings. The Chino tournament has a lot of bad teams and first round mismatches. Defending champion Yucaipa decided to play better competition and is in the El Segundo tournament. I would pick Yucaipa to win the CBL with REV 2nd and Redlands 3rd.


    A do u know who won between Los Altos and Los Osos?????

  • VVLscout

    San Dimas will be strong once again but Northview, not as much. I like what’s coming out of Covina. Haven’t seen anything on BP yet.

  • ?

    Los Osos 7-4 is that even a qustion? LA makes mistakes again! another long year for LA.

  • kh

    a homes,not sure man who won,but maybe s a fred will fill dude.

  • MVL Fan

    Okay, what does Mission Valley League or CIF have against basketball and a few other sports in MVL?
    Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field have to compete in division 2 or 3, and soccer and softball get division 5 or 6? It’s not like the higher division sport teams from MVL are successful in the playoffs. When is the last time a boys or girls basketball team in the league won in the playoffs…they would certainly win a lot more if they were division 6 like the soccer teams.
    Oh well, no one cares. Congratulations Mt. View soccer for your championships.

  • GHigh

    MVL fan: Basketball playoffs are determined by school enrollment while soccer is based more on competitive equity.

  • MVL Fan

    I understood basketball is in a pilot program like soccer where success or failure is used along with enrollment. If it’s true they should be moved to division 5 immediately. If not, then their playoffs are Christmas Tourneys and league and then lose in first round.

  • JOKE

    Sorry Fred, must hurt showin how much you actually DON’T know.

    The Trib rankings are a joke in every sport. I will say this, SD should not be ranked either. Northview should be ranked ahead of them. SD is way down this year but the Trib is a JOKE!

  • Don’t act like you…

    If the polls are based on “how teams finished LAST YEAR”. Then why is San Dimas so low?

  • FredJ

    Thanks for coming to the blog joke, we appreciate the hits counts.

  • kh

    i wouldnt say there a joke,just alittle bias
    at times.
    the baseball polls are some what close,give or take a few spots.
    amat and sh
    should be on the top
    glendora watched them yesterday,there defense will make or break them.and at the end of the glendota trn.
    we will have the legit # 3-4 -5 -6-7-8-9-10-
    bonita wins back to back then there #3

  • San dimas?

    San dimas ….strong again? i just dont see that happening . Northview IS coming back as the best team in that league and beating south hills proves it. coming back down 5 in the 6th inning against Bonita proves it(not a knock on Bonita) , northview iscoming back as one of the better teams in the sgv and we’ll find out just how good tomorrow night against glendora.

  • gold glove

    Brea Olinda Tournament

    Saturday 3/6/10

    Esperanza 5
    Diamond Bar 0

    Villa Park 7
    Dana Hills 2

    Sunny Hills 1
    El Rancho 0

    Laguna Hills 3
    El Dorado 2

    La Serna 10 Mercy rule
    San Juan Hills 1

    St Lucy’s 5
    Brea Olinda 3

    La Habra 2
    Northwood 0

    Orange Lutheran 10 Mercy rule
    Bishop Amat 2

    Thursday 3/11/01
    Championship bracket

    St. Lucy’s 10
    La Serna 0

    Esperanza 6
    Villa Park 4

    Consolation bracket

    Diamond Bar 5
    Dana Hills 3

    El Dorado 5
    El Rancho 0

    Brea Olinda 12
    San Juan Hills 1

    Northwood 5
    Bishop Amat 2

  • BAHS

    Hey Gold Glove, I hope you’re enjoying that tall glass of HATERADE, Ha, Ha, Ha! Amat is still ranked #1!!!! GO LANCERS!

  • Gold Glove

    To BAHS

    These are softball scores idiot.
    BA softball is not ranked #1

  • hmmm

    Where is the hate?
    Gold Glove is just reporting the brea scores.
    BAHS must be a little sensitive about losing.
    Did not Amat loose to orange lutheran 10-2 Mercy?
    How about Northwood 5-2?