Glendora Baseball Tourney, Monday’s Results: This is more like it, area powers Charter Oak, Glendora and Northview all win

Crescent Valley-Charter Oak and Glendora-Claremont were rained out Saturday and will make up their games today, Charter Oak at APU at 7, with Glendora at home at 3:15 p.m. The only game at Henderson Field is Northview vs. Ayala at 7 p.m. To View the entire Glendora tournament with updated scores, click thread.

FYI: Bishop Amat has a big nonleague game today at Mater Dei, 6 p.m.

Monday Results
Charter Oak 5, Crescenta Valley 0
Glendora 10, Claremont 1
Northview 6, Ayala 4

Tuesday’s round robin
Diamond Ranch vs Glendora 3:15 Glendora H.S.
Crescenta Valley vs Alta Loma 7:00 Henderson

Glendora Tournament

Friday, March 5
Claremont 6, Diamond Ranch 5
Bonita 21, Ayala 1
Alta Loma 12, Charter Oak 11. 8 innings

Saturday, March 6
Northview vs Bonita, 7-7, 9 innings

Monday, March 8
Charter Oak 5, Crescenta Valley 0
Glendora 10, Claremont 1
Northview 6, Ayala 4

Tuesday, March 9
Diamond Ranch vs Glendora 3:15 Glendora H.S.
Crescenta Valley vs Alta Loma 7:00 Henderson

Wednesday, March 10
Pool A 3rd vs Pool B 3rd 3:30 Henderson
Pool C 3rd vs Pool A 2nd 7:00 Henderson

Thursday, March 11
Pool C 2nd vs Pool B 3rd 3:15 Glendora H.S.
Pool C 1st vs Pool B 1st 3:30 Henderson
Pool A 1st vs Pool B 2nd 7:00 Henderson

Friday, March 12

Saturday, March 13
Pool A 3rd vs Pool C 3rd 11:00 Glendora H.S.
Pool C 2nd vs Pool A 2nd 11:00 Henderson
3rd Place Game 3:30 Henderson
Championship 7 p.m., Henderson

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  • DamienScore

    Damien plays Paloma Valley in the 2nd round of the Chino Tournament today, after pounding Fontana HS 16-0 in the opening round. James Guillen went 4 innings against FHS then the bullpen took over. Go Damien.

  • amat follower

    any update on the amat mater dei game

  • jdub

    yea, Amat up 6-2 in the top of the 7th.
    Go Lancers!

  • jdub

    Amat won 7-2. 3B hits 3 homeruns.

  • amat follower

    who was the starting pitcher for amat?

  • Yep

    Seby Zavala hit 3 HR’s tonight.

  • are you kidding me “amat follower”– you really don’t know the starting pitcher READ THE PAPER…….WHAT KIND OF AMAT FOLLOWER ARE YOU ?




  • amat follower

    i didnt get the paper today so dont get pissed off over a question like that

  • joee

    seby hits three jacksss

  • watcher

    Amat is the real deal

  • DamienScore

    Damien wins in the second round of the Chino Tourney. Antonio Gonzalez started on the mound with help from the bullpen, Damien gets the 10-6 win. Next up, Rialto HS at Damien on Wednesday.

  • BAHS

    I think I have to say good job to Coach Nieto for NOT putting us in the Glendora tourney. “In My Opinion” I think we take the Tourney without getting the tests that we have gotten from the caliber teams we have faced thus far. Our current schedule is a much better measuring stick of where we are at this point. So far so good. I have seen some really good Lancer piching performances and some clutch hitting and execution in tight situations. Keep it up Lancers.

  • Don

    You have a Glendora Tournament post here with 12 comments, 10 from Amat bloggers and two from Damien fans. Its time to see the writing on the wall Freddie.

    The paper needs a full time Amat blog.

  • just sayin’

    C’mon BAHS – you know Nieto didn’t want to be in the Glendora tournament because he was afraid of all the powerhouses in the “Fishbowl”
    He’d much rather face scrubs like Palm Desert, Santaiago, Mater Dei, any one of Capo Valleys 3 D1 scholarhsip pitchers, then take his chances facing someone like JSerra, Foothill, Tesoro than take a chance at any of the scary rosters in the SGV.

  • kh

    how many players were drafted off amat last years,bonita had two players last season,1 st rounder and the other opt for ucla.there should be no doubt amat should be the bomb every year,jays from clmt.the catcher from t.c. jordon from la want me to keep have a hs allstar team and got smoked by sd last they had a player drafted last year toit would be a joke if all the pubic schools did like you guys.stop popping off and just bring home the gold..

  • BAHS

    kh – c’mon dude for minute there I could almost get past all your type-o’s because you sounded like a well seasoned old timer…BUT, now you bust out with the, this kid is from here and that kid is from there routine. Just because we parents elect to pay tuition to go to Amat doesn’t mean we were recruited. Hell if there was a better FREE school (public school) in my opinion, I would send my son there to play sports and attend school. BUT as it stands I chose to send my son to AMAT. Because of the open enrollment which by the way, IS available to ALL ATHLETES, STUDENTS, FAMILIES, you/they could do the same!Just because Athletes, Students and other Families DON’T chose Bonita is not a foul by AMAT! Don’t lower yourself to the masses. Or maybe I should say keep trying to elevate your game by at least trying to sound intelligent (you almost had me fouled).And if Amat got smoked (in your opinion) last year against SD, then perhaps you my friend should stop…smoke-ing!

  • Fredo


    I thought you were friends with Nieto? Didn’t I see you two share a hug over the summer. Why knock your buddy’s program?

  • SGVfan

    Who’s the big kid Martinez who pitched for Northview against Ayala? Where did he come from, never seen him on their team last year? Was impressive.

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