Aram fishing again, reporting that Northview’s Jim Arellanes the front-runner for Los Altos job.

The job is Arellanes’ if he wants it, sources tell “In the Huddle.” Now the question is, will he take it, keeping in mind what Arellanes posted on his facebook back in February. Arellanes has had discussions with Los Altos since former St. John Bosco coach Kiki Mendoza turned the job down, but Arellanes disputed Aram’s claims that the job is his if he wants it.

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  • Fred,
    Since were on the Los Altos subject.I think you should write in your blog about Wilson H.S. and La Puente H.S. being in the bottom 5% of the states results, and put in there the 1 of 4 choices they have to comply to.
    The reason I bring this up in here , as you well know Los Altos has been brought thru the ringer in here about there education as well as sports programs.
    This could have a great impact on the athletic programs in Hacienda Heights school district.
    In case you did not read or see it, there is an article in todays paper.

  • Corrections and Retractions

    Wilson on the bottom 5%, come on rgd, get your worst of the worst correct………It was Workman. Lobo Power!

  • C and R
    I was trying to stir the pot with some blog-buddies. You caught on to dam fast.But it is true it will effect the whole district.
    Your not the one i wanted a response from.
    ( dam you )

  • Wilson Parent

    Just to set the record clear Wilson always scores higher than LA on those tests. It has been common knowledge that all the top schools in the HLP school district are on the Wilson side. Wedgeworth elementary was ranked one or two in the SGV last year.

  • who cares?

    Schreiman…who cares? Is that why you sent your son to LA?

  • Wilson Football

    You want to know why Schreiman sent his son to LA because he lived around the corner from the school and his son wanted to give it a shot since Gano was gone. You want to know why he left, because his son told the father he would never play football for Felipe, he had lost all respect for him as a coach. I don’t know the details but I do know it was the son’s decision to leave LA. Which was clearly a great choice now looking back on it. How many 120 pound 5 10 sophomore starting varsity quarterbacks have you seen?

  • kurmugin

    The two schools mentioned were La Puente and Workman, not Wilson, as was mentioned. When do demograhics enter the conversation? It appears schools south of the 60 Freeway have larger percentages of “upper middle and upper class” white and Asian students than those north of the freeway. They score higher. They stay in school. Does that, or should that, have an impact on those scores? No, but it does. It does because of who writes the tests, what they are designed to prove, and how or what the students have been taught, or learned, up until then. And how the schools are graded on the other aspects of these evaluations. I fail to see what impact, if any, these test results will have on sports programs. From what I hear the entire district is in a world of hurt in an out of the classroom, on and off the playing fields, and all the way up to the top. Like most USDs these days it comes down to money. There isn’t enough of it, partly because of the overall economy, some to generous pensions and comfortable salaries, postponed preventitve maintenance, and declining enrollment. Classes are too big and teachers too few. Sometime, somewhere, elected, hired, and appointed people failed and are failing in their jobs and responsibilities. The results of those failings can, in part, be measured by these scores. Do we fault only those in charge now or those ruling the roost in our school days or those of our parents? That won’t do a damn bit of good. We have to get past fault finding. These kids need our involvement, our help, now. The gap between the haves and nots is real, parents and teachers buying equipment and suuplies because districts can’t or won’t. Others unable to even that. You hear calls of back to basics, cut out all the frills, dump art, kill music, trash sports, retreat to the classrooms and the ABCs. Nice for some, maybe, but that would cost more than it would ever save. If it is these evaluations and all the dropouts that bother you, you will have to teach to the tests and focus your attention on keeping kids in school by making our schools meaningful and measureable to them. Not to some academics and administrators, nor to politicians and philosophers, but to them. There has to be a positive impact to them from all this book learning. Others do it in other places. We can to. It has to be about them, not bureaucracy or those who practice it. Kids first? It works for me. Is it too much for HLPUSD to clean up it’s act?

  • who cares?

    Wilson football…I have only seen one 120 pound quarter back and when I did see him, he was horrible! Baltiera at 5′ 3′ tall would have been a much better choice. To be honest with you…I felt sorry for the kid after seeing him get his a@@ whipped every single play! At LA he would be good enough to be their water boy and nothing else! The dad is an idiot and a joke!

  • Wilson Football

    Baltiera, 5′ 5″ 135 pounds and he wasn’t even Schreiman’s backup on JV at the beginning of the season, thats why he quit. I will start with Brandon, the dad made a comment on this blog about your quarterback being better than his son’s. Hate to break the news to you but statically Schreiman was the best quarterback in Hacienda Heights this year. Your quarterback Zamono, senior threw 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and averaged about 50 years a game. Schreiman played in 6 games and had way better numbers, as a sophomore. Now the father, he is the most supportive parent in the football program. I know why you guys are so pissed off with him; but he is doing exactly what you have been doing to Wilson for years.
    Dont hate the player hate the game.

  • who cares?

    If LA played the teams Wilson played, Zamano’s stats would be off the charts! schreiman is the best supporter as long as he gets his way. Trust me…I have k own him for over ten years and he is a total idiot! His son on the other hand…is a good kid but not a good football player! At any other school he would be riding the pine.

  • Wilson Football

    who cares?,

    Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. Schreiman was the starter at the Covina, Los Altos, Rowland, Charter Oak, Bonita, and Diamond Ranch games, the toughest part of Wilson’s schedule. He didn’t get to rack up big numbers on the soft non-league games like Zamono did. Your argument makes Zamono look even weaker.

  • who cares?

    Wilson football…let’s keep the argument simple and compare oranges to oranges. How would you compare Brandon’s performance with Zamanos performance when they played each other. If you will, include Brandon’s amazing stats based on his amazing performance.

  • Wilson Football
    Stats or no stats.
    Are you gonna actually say that Schreiman is a better QB than Zamano?
    As far as him leaving LA to go to Wilson. What a great way to teach the kid, wha-wha, i dont like the coach, so i wanna transfer, You have to be kidding you think that was the right thing to do.
    What does that teach the kid?

  • Wilson Football

    I will say reading through these comments “Who Cares?” your arguments are so stupid. Oranges to Oranges Schreiman and Zamona were playing against two different defensive, please give me a break. Sorry but you make some of the stupidest comments. Please reread the comment before you send it, you really make LA bloggers look stupid.

    Now Rgd2626, What you are saying is all these kids that LA has recruited over the years is wrong. What does that teach the kid? What a piece of work an LA blogger talking about not transferring out. What is it ok if you transfer into LA but not out of?

    You LA guys need to grown up, face it you suck.

  • LA Fan

    Los Altos might not be good but when comparing them to Wilson, Los Altos looks like a division one school. Its funny how you say we suck when this year LA beat Wilson pretty badly, I think the score was LA 54-Wilson 17. If LA sucks then Wilson is worst

  • Wilson Parent

    Yes you did beat us last year. Wilson was always working at a disadvantage when playing LA strictly by the numbers. Wilson has enrollment of around 1600 students and LA has enrollment of 2400 students. Now that being said if Wilson has 100 kids in their football program then LA should have 150 kids in their football program. During LA’s glory days the ratio was way worse than that. I remember when LA had more kids in their freshmen program than Wilson had in their whole program. Current numbers are skied the other way both programs seem to have similar numbers in there football programs. Which should make for a very interesting game, week 2 next season. Those numbers were also one of the factors used to move Wilson down to the VVL, a league with schools similar in size. Now LA stayed up with schools similar in size to them. So I guess what I am basically saying is LA can beat Wilson and LA can still suck but Wilson doesn’t. Do you like that one RGD2626. By the way I promised I wouldn’t comment on the other issue. But I do have to say Wilson Football did a good job representing.


    I beleive one of the 4 options is to close the school. If you close LP and Workman you still the jewels of the HLPUSD LA and Wilson to absorb those students. Maybe that is what rgd2626 is saying when he writes of impact on the athletic programs.

  • Wilson Football And Parent.
    I don’t believe any kid should be able to transfer once they start school unless there family moves.
    Again Wilson football you say something you are totally wrong about.What i said to your buddy is if a transfer comes in and is better then they should play. I don’t like transferring but if the kids do, what are the coaches suppose to say.Your better but since you transferred your not playing? As long as it is allowed then the beter player should play, that has been my gripe with your buddy all along.That does not mean i agree with transferring and i (do not ).
    Since the beginning of summer last year all we heard was how you guys have better players now, better coaches now, and according to you a better QB but the outcome was the same. you got waxed , and bad.Then after the game all we heard was how your not gonna let Wilson play LA again,your going to that meeting and putting your foot down, again your wrong.I asked you two questions.
    Do you really think Shri is better than Zam?
    What does that teach the kid letting him whine about the coach so he leaves?

    I dont think wilson’s Qb is better than Zamano but like i said before, your son is one tuff kid and can play on many it like I see it.
    By the way. was up at the park next to stimpson school today with my grandaughter, a great park for kids. Drove by Wilson and said hello to you guys.

  • Wilson Parent

    The transfer issue I have is not kids transferring in and the best kid plays, it is coaches going out and recruiting kids to fill their weak spots. Why dont they coach up what they got?
    As I have stated in the past Zamano is a better quarterback than my son. We could all see that at the LA-Wilson game. That being said he, my son saw his weaknesses and is working on them this off season.
    “kid letting him whine about the coach so he leaves” I will explain to you what happen, My son had an issue, he meet with Felipe, left the meeting with an agreement between the two of them (I was their). My son followed through with his part of the agreement and Felipe chose not to follow through with his part of the agreement. We called Felipe multi time and left messages, no return phone calls. My son then came to me and told me he lost any respect he had for Felipe and will not play for a guy he has no respect for, asked if he could transfer to Wilson. At no time did my son talk about leaving LA until that time. I personal thought my son handled that situation perfect on the other hand Felipe show to me he wasn’t ready for the head coach job. Now that being said what would you have done differently?

    My son does appreciate your comments, epically coming from an LA supporter.

  • Wilson Parent
    First of all, about the transfer situation.I coached 4 different sports during a 35 year span,my main goal was to do my best to make my teams the best they can be. I would hope all coaches feel that way.I learned a long time ago (do not )try to please any 1 player or parent, it does not work, you do what you think is right to give your team the best chance to win.I know how you feel about Gano, and also you know he is a very good friend of mine.I support him as much as anybody, that does not mean i think he never makes a mistake.Hell, I used to have a list of there mistakes after games.But the way you hounded him did not make sense to me be cause all the top teams have a lot of transfers playing. There was nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, but dam you went way overboard.And I (don’t) like it when anyone transfers, just my opinion. and I told you and Fred I wouldn’t argue with you about this, and i’m not, that’s just my opinion, just like you have one.
    Los Altos to Wilson-
    Gonna be honest with you like I always have.When my son was getting ready for high school, First of all his mom and i live in different cities, one in Covina one in HH. So I asked him, do you want to go Los Altos where you probably wont get as much playing time, or go to Western Christian where you will play all the the time. But wherever you choose you are staying there, no transferring, no turning back.He chose LA, best move he could of ever made, didn’t play a lot till he senior year but was with the kids and friends he grew up with and played with.Could not of been prouder of him for making that decision.
    So you asked me what i would of done. I would of said, your gonna work or play with a lot of people you either don’t like , or don’t respect in your lifetime.You work harder and stay tuff and things will work out.And seeing how tuff and strong minded your son is I really think it would of for him also.That is just the way I am and the way i would of did it.You guys chose your way , maybe it will work out maybe not, but you did what you thought was best for your son.

  • Wilson Parent

    I replied last night, it never posted.

    I do agree with you that I did go over board, but you do need to understand that all the crap talking that Gano did in those coaches meetings and on the field got back to me. I got updates daily, so I felt he didn’t want to back off then why should I. Please understand it wasn’t one coach, I had three different coaches on his staff informing me of the comments he was making.

    As far as leaving LA, with the issue my son had and my issues with Gano I just didn’t see any other option. At the time Gano was the AD, and made it very clear the war wasn’t close to over. Someday we can talk, don’t want to go into details on the blog, but it was very clear there were games being played.

  • Mr. C

    Mr. S and Mr G looking at this from the outside in it’s very very very enlightening. I see both your points clearer now and will apologize to Mr. S in advance for some of the perspectives I’ve had in the past. Your son is a very brave player and as a former QB I can tell you he has the ability to stand in the pocket and throw the ball deep, get smacked in the face and get up. That’s as hard a thing to do in football as anything else, well that and hitting a FB at full speed from the Safety position, from a full sprint. BTW Mr. G…your son does it better than most!

    Mr G. I see your points as a coach but I differ in my opinion regarding dealing with one parent and how that affects the team. It’s no different than how one player affects the team…cancers are cancers and fortunately most cancers are treatable and don’t have to be treated in the fashion that some present day coaches do, in a very vindictive manner.

    I’ll give you an example. Gano came to Damien and had a cancer on the team. Ask him you’ll know who I’m talking about. Happened all season long and it was a blatant as anything I’ve see in 35 years around the game. Gano and every coach on that staff will tell you they might not have handled it well but they did indeed “handle” it as they did…and that’s the rub and makes Mr. S’s position less dismissive and makes your position somewhat suspect.

    Coaches are human beings and as such are prone to every conceivable human flaw imaginable…why is it that only parents are singled out for having such faults. If “our” sons are held to the standard of being up front, addressing the problem head on and coming to an understanding how can’t coach be held to a similar standard, and by extension…the parents as well?

    Here’s a novel thought…when a coach has a problem parent call them into the office and have a one on one talk. Be blunt, be polite, be professional, scream, holler, spit or throw blows… whatever , just don’t take it out on the kids. That’s just being a coward, not saying that’s the situation here mind you.

    Coaches have a history of being fooled by new systems but eventually they figure it out….maybe the “blog” is a system the coaches haven’t figured out yet or maybe it’s one they think will go away like problem parents…in a few years. Not likely.

  • Wilson Parent
    That sounds good.We might walk away with the same feelings about the situations but also would be a little more understanding about both .
    No more bad mouthing from over here.I think a situation to agree to disagree, and thats not all that bad.
    Lets let it die down and lets talk in a few years or so. Make it easier on everyone concerned i would think. Good Luck

  • Curious Comment

    rdg2626, you never answered the question of a situation where a parent and and coach go at it and the kid suffers. Was that the case with Wilson Parent? You would know? Seems Wilson Parent has called you on that. So was is an over reaction by both parties or just one…as LA fans make it out to be? You would know? The floor is yours, let’s put this urban myth to bed.

  • C.C.
    First of all, you come in here after W.P. and i have been talking for about 3 years now.Our conversations had nothing to do about what was said at any practice or meeting.Our conversations were about W.P. not happy with Gano for playing a transfer instead of a player that had already been playing at LA.In my opinion i think the best player plays, his opinion was the other.I have never asked or ever heard a word about what was said in meetings, on the phone or at practice.My beef with W.P. was attacking a good friend of mine as a person.I know Gano as a coach but mostly as a friend and Father. My conversations with Gano are very rarely about football.So if W.P. says stuff was said i have no reason not to believe him, i wasn’t there and would not want to be.So as for calling me out, your barking up the wrong tree.
    And as for Damien, i have absolutely no idea what your talking about and i don’t care. Again, that means nothing to me. And as far as a kid suffering from a parent -coach conflict, I have no idea if a kid suffered.
    W.P. and i have disagreed on a few things but i never said i thought he was not telling the truth, and visa versa i would think.
    Maybe you just dislike Gano to, if so, thats ok that happens, just say it. W.P. and i are fine.

  • Wilson Parent


    In looking at your comments about transfers we totally agree on most items. I guess the only thing we disagree on which player was better in that incident. I have been told that the line coach wanted the returning player to start and Gano overruled him and said no start the transfer. I have no problem with starting the best player. I don’t approve of RECRUITING Juniors and Seniors. Putting them in fake residents, like what LA did with the Bishop Amat kid. It was very clear what Gano did, what are we teaching the kids when a program playes these types of games. I think that is why Bobby Godinez didn’t get the LA job. He is a great Recruiter and a great Coach. LA wanted a great Coach only. Personally I would have taken Godinez in a second, and am glad LA didn’t.

  • pick up the phone!

    626 seems pretty stupid then that you would have this conversation on the public blog when you could just as easily pick up the phone if you wanted no one to make any observations, pretty stupid indeed. wp and you know each other and obviously could talk off line, hey even exchange emails so why make this Gano and WP issue so public. sorry but I lost some respect for you on that one. seeing as you’re hard to pin down I’ll leave you two alone to a very private public conversation.

  • Wilson Parent

    No actually I don’t knwn who he is, all I know is he is a real good friend of Gano’s. He does know who I am.

  • Pick Up The phone
    Who’s the stupid one now?

  • Wilson Parent-
    I see where your coming from,like I said earlier I wasn’t there and have no idea who said what.
    I would think on (most) teams the (head) coach has the last say, but I do hear what your saying,especially being a parent involved.
    And If a fake address was used , I agree that is not the way it should be done. Even though you know as well as everyone else does, that goes on (all) the time.I know a lot of people say and use relatives addresses and or there parent in which they actually don’t live, that is the same thing just doesn’t look as wrong as a fake address.

  • seems stupid to have a two way when most of this could be cleared up in person

    rdg2626 don’t you know WP personally? He says he doesn’t know you but you do know him. So pick up the phone and call the guy. Seems simple enough. Or do you want me to give him your number, seeing as I know both of you? seems odd to air this out when it’s personal and should be addressed between the two of you. Why air out his kid and your friend with slanderous accusations or behind the scenes info when it’s easier to have a man to man talk between you to to finally squash it all.

  • Seems Stupid
    What is it you do not understand? I do not know him!!!!! I just know who he is.
    I guess, sorta like you do not know me but you know who I am.
    And again your confused, this is and was not about a kid, it (was) about his dislike for Gano. period.
    I get it .
    He gets it.
    Why don’t you.
    Like I said, if you don’t like Gano, that’s fine.
    If he walked by me right now, I wouldn’t know it was him.
    There is nothing to clear up. he says that was said, I believe him.