Breaking News: We have obtained the proposals for boys and girls soccer division realignment for the 2010-12 cycles, and the changes are big

The 2010 Boys and Girls Soccer Division realignments proposals can be viewed by clicking the thread. These are not final, but this is what CIF is sending to all schools, who will then have a chance to review and/or submit their objections. But here’s the skinny for you local schools …

Above: If the proposals are passed, Bishop Amat and Los Altos will be joined in Division 3 girls soccer next season with all the top teams in the Valley from the Sierra and new Hacienda League. Winning that title is tougher than ever now.

Girls Soccer: The Mission Valley remains in Division 7, with the Montview, home of Division 7 champ Sierra Vista, moving up to Division 6, with check this out, the Rio Hondo and Valle Vista League both dropping to Division 6 as well. The new Hacienda League, which includes Los Altos and Walnut, will move to Division 3 along with the Del Rey League, which includes Bishop Amat. What will make this division even more intriguing is that the Sierra League, with St. Lucy’s, South Hills and Charter Oak, will also be in Division 3, throwing all the area’s top tier teams in the same playoff division.

Boys Soccer: Baldwin Park, say goodbye to Salesian. The Valle Vista League will remain in Division 5, and will be joined by the Mission Valley League, moving up a division after Mountain View’s back-to-back D-6 titles. Salesian and the Santa Fe League goes to Division 4, with the Montview, Hacienda League and Del Rey league joining them in D-4. The Sierra League will remain in D-2.

Girls Soccer
Division 3:
Del Rey, Desert Sky, Empire, Golden, Hacienda, Mojave River, Pac-7, Prep, Sierra, Suburban.
Division 6: Academy, Camino Real, Condor, Garden Grove, Golden West, Horizon, Montview, Mountain Pass, Rio Hondo, Valle Vista.
Division 7: Almont, De Azna, Delphic, Harbor, High Desert, Liberty, Mission Valley, Mountain Valley, San Joaquin, Santa Cruz.

Boys Soccer
Division 2: Big VIII, Century, Desert Valley, Empire, Freeway, Golden West, Inland Valley, Sea View, Sierra, Southwestern
Division 4: Del Rey, Del Rio, Hacienda, Mojave River, Montview, Ocean, Orange Coast, Pacific, Pioneer, Santa Fe, Suburban
Division 5: Desert Sky, Garden Grove, Harbor, Mission Valley, Olympic, PAC 7, Rio Hondo, San Andreas, Sunbelt, Tri-Valley, Valle Vista

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  • Careful what you wish for

    Best of luck to Baldwin Park. I hope we continue of games that only enchance the “beautiful game”. Mountain View seems to be on a tear as well and should enjoy continued success. Not sure why Sierra Vista with 17 graduating seniors was moved up, if I’m understanding things correctly. The Girls Soccer “runs” will be even more difficult but on the other hand they cut down on travel, lol. Damien Soccer really had a rough run this year as they lost every league game this year, the first time a Damien team in any sport has been blanked from what some have said. With so much sunshine and open space it’s remarkable how talented the teams out here could be and with athletic scholarships tough to come by maybe Soccer is an avenue for some who couldn’t afford college otherwise.

  • diogenes

    The CIF chefs are cooking up another mess of porridge with this latest menu. How can they with straight faces put the boys and girls teams from the same schools in different divisions? And mixing huge schools in with moderate or small schools is always a solution to inequality. Not. It figured that the new Hacienda League would be bumped up to Division 3 with its combination of former 3 and 4 teams. The Big Sky and Mojave River have certainly proved they rate the bump by making the division final two years in a row. Going to hsve to be some serious upgrades in skills and strategy for a lot of our teams. Both Amat and Los Altos have real talent coming back next season along with always tough Walnut, and the Sierra inherits 19 game winner Charter Oak to match St Lucy’s and Chino Hills. Would be nice if all our area schools could manage home and home games with each other regardless of league. Be nicer if all the fields they played on were equal to the talent. Club teams are taking the field now. See you in the Fall.

  • SoccerCoach

    I am simply curious why you would mention Chino Hills for Sierra League when they have won 3 league games in the last two years – just seems kind of odd to me. For the Sierra to move down to D3 is somewhat ridiculous – the league is gaining a D2 team and a D1 team and a D4 team and that merits moving down a division? Very odd in my opinion

  • Anon

    Valle Vista is already division 6, so they are not dropping. Baldwin Park may be division 5 but the rest of the teams in VVL are division 6 already.

  • No Crying in Soccer

    Come on now, Baldwin Park should be in Division 7. Then maybe Coach Mira will have an opportunity to win a championship. And, most importantly, we will not have hear his lame excuses and all that crying.

  • larson

    Hey Fred, I hope this is not a reflection of how the tribune is going to cover the baseline league next year. I don’t see the baseline league in your proposals. I hope you cover Glendora even though there the only valley team in the league. Let us know what you’re thinking. My assumption is the baseline league is in division 1.

  • FredJ

    There is no way we’re not covering Glendora, can assure you of that. We may borrow more stories from Bulletin, but they’re one of ours.

  • MVL Fan

    So, on another topic, why is Mission Valley League division 2 and 3 for basketball and division 5 for boys soccer and division 7 for girls soccer? The basketball teams from MVL will not win any games in the playoffs unless they’re lowered to probably division 5.

  • diogenes

    Soccer Coach: You are so right. My error. Thought they were big and bad in everything.

  • soccer lvr

    Thought I was pretty much done posting here. But I had to stop by here today.

    As many of you have already noticed, I am new to high school soccer, but not to club soccer as my daughter was already in club before she joined high school this year. Yes, she was the only freshman on this year’s SV team.

    I am glad that SV moved up a division. Yes we might find it hard next year or for the next few years, but I have confidence that Coach Steve and Coach Rigoberto “Guerro” can help create another CIF championship team. It doesnt matter that 17 seniors are graduating. He did it once, he can do it again. I kind of like how the clubs have it, if you are in the top of your level, you can petition to move up a level. And if you are in the botton of your level you get dropped down a level.

    What I have a question about is how they moved the entire Montview league up. I didnt know this is how they did it. I just thought a school moved up to a league that is in the higher/lower division. I know, I am ignorant on this subject. So please enlighten me on how this division/league thing works.

  • SoccerCoach

    soccer lvr,

    CIF has changed the way they move teams from division to division over the past 6 years. It used to be based strictly on attendance, however, they now, supposedly, base it on the strength of the league and therefore move the entire league up or down a division if merited. They revisit this every 3 years, but sped it up this time by a year because of all of the leagues realigning. This is tough for those leagues that may have one extremely dominant team that pulls them up a division when they already have trouble competing in the lower division. Hope this helped and congrats on your daughter’s season – I was more impressed with their ability to hang pretty tough in the first round of state than any of their CIF wins – that said alot about the team.

  • soccer lvr

    I dont understand how they just move a whole league. Just like you said, I think it is going to be tough for a league if there is one dominant team, like SV was this past year. But I also dont think a team should be held back because the rest of the teams in the league are lower. I also dont think it should be based on attendance or the football team, as I heard. Of course I might be wrong there also about that, It’s just what I heard. I really do have alot to learn. I am sure the coach, asst. coach, and some players are tired of all my questions šŸ™‚

    (Thanks for your congrats. I am really proud of my daughter. She has only been playing since she was 12 (now 15). I didnt really think they would win state, I just wanted them to give a good fight, and they did. That is why I am so proud of them.)

  • SoccerCoach

    Just for clarification – the strength of the football team will not dictate the division that the soccer team will play in, however, it will (along with basketball and baseball) dictate what league you will be placed in for competitive equity (not going to be based on girls soccer strength) which can be frustrating for many. And attendance is only used for the state regionals now – it has nothing to do with divisional realignment for cif-ss.

  • Joe Amat

    I have to say, you guys on the soccer threads had some great conversations this year. This is a great otlet to get info on your sport out to the masses. Thanks for your contributions.

    If you didn’t follow the releaguing threads before, SoccerCoach and
    soccer lvr touch on some points that are problems. 1st when their is one dominant team in a league it makes it difficult to place that league in an appropriate division. Move them up and it’s not fair to everyone else, keep them down and they’re dominant (ie: Amat in D5 baseball). The other issue is placing a team in a league, largely based on football. Now there are a few “football only” leagues, primarily for private schools – but there is a better solution I’d like to see gain momentum among the AD’s/Principles in the SGV. That’s the relatively new “Association” format. Essentially 2,3, or 4 leagues could get together and form an “Association” and then schools could move up or down within the Association BY SPORT to balance competitive equity.

    If they were to create 2 of these “Associations” in the Inland Empire and the SGV it could go something like the groups below and you maintain some semblance of geography . You could move schools around however you like to start – because champions and cellar dwellers could move up and down from A,B,C or 1,2,3,4 and it would continue to self-correct in each individual sport.

    *Inland Empire Athletic Association*
    A. Baseline League: Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland
    B. Sierra League: Ayala, Chino Hills, Claremont, Damien/St. Lucy’s, Colony
    C. Mt. Baldy League: Chaffey, Chino, Don Lugo, Garey, Montclair, Ontario

    *San Gabriel Valley Athletic Association*
    1. Miramonte: Glendora, Charter Oak, South Hills, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar
    2. San Antonio League: Bonita, Los Altos, Rowland, Walnut, West Covina, San Dimas,
    3. Valle Vista League: Baldwin Park, Covina, Nogales, Northview, Pomona, Wilson
    4. Montview League: Azusa, Bassett, Duarte, Ganesha, Gladstone, La Puente, Sierra Vista, Workman

    Jump on the bandwagon and let’s fix this next time the cycle comes up!

  • SoccerCoach

    I like the idea a lot Joe, but you will still have the problem for leagues like the Mt Baldy and the Montview which would still be hard pressed to compete. This idea will at least emphasize more competitive equity and geographical considerations so you don’t have teams traveling 500 miles (round trip) early in the playoffs. Lastly, we are all free to schedule from any division we want outside of league so those teams at the top can still try to compete with the top tier teams in all of SoCal.