Glendora Tourney Semifinals: Crescenta Valley and Glendora both win, will meet in Saturday’s championship at Henderson

Saturday’s championship
Crescenta Valley vs. Glendora, 7 p.m., Henderson Field
Saturday’s consolation games
Diamond Ranch vs Alta Loma , 11 a.m., Glendora HS
Northview vs Charter Oak, 11 a.m., Henderson Field
Bonita vs Claremont, 3:10 p.m., Henderson Field

Glendora-Northview game story: Behind a steady pitching performance from 6-foot-3 senior Jacob Cage, Glendora defeated Northview 3-1 in the semifinals of the 33rd annual Glendora Tournament on Thursday at Henderson Field and advanced to Saturday’s championship against Crescenta Valley at 7 p.m.

Thursday’s semifinals
Crescenta Valley 2, Bonita 1
Glendora 3, Northview 1

SGV BigTimers: It’s early, but Damien (3-0) is undefeated playing at home in the semifinals of the Chino Tournament on Friday at 3:15 p.m., against Redlands East Valley. South Hills (5-0) is undefeated and playing in the championship of the Don Lugo tournament on Friday at home against Chino Hills at 3:15 p.m. Bishop Amat (4-0) is undefeated and will play Orange Lutheran at Hart Park in Orange for the championship of the Newport Elks on Friday at 6 p.m. And tonight we have this little business between undefeated teams Glendora (2-0) and Northview (1-0-1) in the semifinals of the Glendora Tournament tonight at 7, which is where you, I, and all of us will be with our hot chocolates, beanies and blankets. I’m already off to a bad start though, Glendora and Northview haven’t even posted their rosters on MaxPreps yet … it must be baseball season.

For Glendora tourney schedule and results, click thread

Glendora tournament
Tuesday’s Round-robin
Glendora 17, Diamond Ranch 8
Crescenta Valley 4, Alta Loma 2

Glendora Tournament

Friday, March 5
Claremont 6, Diamond Ranch 5
Bonita 21, Ayala 1
Alta Loma 12, Charter Oak 11. 8 innings

Saturday, March 6
Northview vs Bonita, 7-7, 9 innings

Monday, March 8
Charter Oak 5, Crescenta Valley 0
Glendora 10, Claremont 1
Northview 6, Ayala 4

Tuesday, March 9
Glendora 17, Diamond Ranch 8
Crescenta Valley 4, Alta Loma 2

Wednesday, March 10
3:30 Diamond Ranch (Pool A 3rd place) vs. Ayala (Pool B 3rd place)
7:00 Alta Loma (Pool C 3rd place) vs. Claremont (Pool A 2nd)
both games will be played at Henderson Field

Thursday, March 11
3:30 Crescenta Valley (Pool C 1st) vs. Bonita (Pool B 1st) semi-final game
7:00 Glendora (Pool A 1st) vs. Northview (Pool B 2nd) semi-final game
both games will be played at Henderson Field

Friday, March 12
7:00 Charter Oak vs. Ayala at Henderson Field

Saturday, March 13
11:00 Diamond Ranch vs. Alta Loma at Glendora High School
11:00 Charter Oak vs. Claremont at Henderson Field
3:30 3rd Place Game
7:00 Championship Game

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  • DamienScore

    Damien is 2-0 in the Chino Tournament and plays at home on Wednesday against Rialto and if they win, they play the winner of the REV vs Colton game on Friday.

  • Aaron

    Who does Bonita play next?

  • yeah guys

    yeah guys, its one thing not posting stats, but rosters? What are you hiding from, get off your lazy butts and post them for the kids, for your fans, that’s your job.

  • DamienScore

    Good luck to my Spartans tommorrow. Good luck to BA, represent the SGV well and to the rest of the SGV, may the best teams win.

  • socal baseball fan

    REV and Damien are 3-0 however neither team has beaten a quality team. REV first played San Bernardino the worst team along with Pacific in the San Andreas league. They next beat Valley View which I attended and VV only had 2 decent players. Next they played Colton which is a 2nd tier team in the SAL. Damien beat Rialto which is not among the top 4 teams in the CBL. The Chino tournament has lost a lot of good teams and now has a lot of bottom feeders among the 32 teams.

  • ?

    So Cal Baseball, Did Dbar win?

  • Psssst…

    MaxPreps new baseball rankings just came out.
    Bishop Amat #1 in California.
    Congratulations Amat.

  • Skyler

    Congratulations to Coach Henley and Glendora Baseball for making it to the finals of their tournament with their win over Northview tonight 3-1. I was really impressed with the pitching from both sides. Pedroza threw a no no for 5 innings before giving up a couple hits in the 6th. Shutting Glendora down is tough to do with all those hitters. Cage threw real well too. Classic pitchers dual. Teams played ok, but pitchers were impressive. I was told by a Northview parent that they lost over 10 seniors from last years team. Considering that stat, I was impressed with the team they put out there with virtually no experience.

  • socal baseball fan

    Diamond Bar 6 Downey 5. Jr lhp Kenny Mathews improved to 2-0 on the season striking out 9 and giving up 4 runs in 6 innings. In addition he was 2-4 at the plate. Downey is the #6 ranked D3 team in the preseason poll. Tuesday game the brahmas lost to Woodbridge 10-7. They are now 2-2 and play saturday.

  • kh huh

    went on max prep to see how the glendora boys are doing with there stats,no stats get with it reason for lack of duties,in less this big classic has all of his e-r g- if am a college coach interested in a glendora player,what i have to call the coach and find out,maybe they dont want the kid or school knowing there watching him,i see every time i go to a game up there theres someone with there hands out for my money,dame we pay almost 400 dollars to play baseball at our school/with our money at least can we pay for some good umps the same umps who do the pony league games up about if us parents get our kids to hit over 500 and drive in 30 pop maybe 7 hr and still 10 plus bags any refunes,hey and mlb should fund all hs baseball,there the ones in the long run who benefit from the players.nikes spends 100 million on tiger woods.should of just gave him hulks wife.tiger and obama, proud to be a american

  • LOL

    Hey KH – shut the hell up. Glendora staff doesn’t owe you anything. If you don’t want to spend any money up there, then don’t go. I am sure the umps had a lot to do with that a$$ kicking you took last night from Claremont. Still think your team is a top SGV team. 1-2-1 now. I guess Knott finding how difficult it is coaching without a couple of MLB draft picks on the roster.

  • who won

    who won championship game, the tribune did not cover or this blog

  • kh

    you shut the hell up.
    they own your city a championship,
    just like bonita owns our city one.
    what did your son do,work the snack stand.

  • kh

    you shut the hell up.
    they own your city a championship,
    just like bonita owns our city one.
    what did your son do,work the snack stand.