Aram breaking the big one, reporting that Northview’s Jim Arellanes leaving to Los Altos

Read all about today’s developments, “In the Huddle”

Meanwhile, the Mid-Valley guys are still sorting things out. Check 8 minutes in.

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  • since when did zoo animals learn to use a camera? who are these clowns??? I will never be able to get the last ten minutes of my life back….. what’s the world coming to?

  • That’s hilarious!

    Tim’s right, coaches have been known to shoot something down then end up doing it a few days later. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

    The dude on the left just didn’t want to believe it. I hope he’s doing OK today. What a harrowing experience it must have been for him.

    Trib/Star no competition. Football good. Sources good.