Now that Arellanes is heading to Los Altos, who will be the next coach at Northview?

You know that Erick Escamilla and Scott Morrison have been feeling things out, but will someone like former Amat coach Mark Verti look at this as a steppingboard for bigger things, which was the case with Podley, Zernickow, and Gano. That’s how this works, while the drama is ending for Los Altos, it begins for Northview.

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  • What about

    Workman, Bassett, and Temple City? Out of the four, rank who gets filled first and why?

  • he’s ready!

    The Next head coach at Northview should be Joe Brown the offensive coordinator at Covina. He was the brains behind thier high powered offense a few years back. He is in the district and I know he wants his own gig! He would be able to let the district save money and not hire a “new employee to the district”. If he wants it he will get it. Northview can’t open the job to out of district canidates due to state budget concerns and poor finanical handlings of the district. Food for thought!

  • Joe Brown Sucks

    Joe Brown will not be the next coach at Northview!!! This guy is one of more disliked guys around. He’s arrogant beyond belief and has no reason to be. What exactly has he done to be this way? Won’t even get interview.

  • kyle spears

    coach areallenes left us hangin after all we did for him this is how he repays us

  • One and Nine

    “after all we did for him” ????

  • stright out

    hahaha well damn leave areallanes alone
    i personally think he made a good decision too go there
    back with urieta and mayybe theyll go somewhere
    look what happened with ’08
    and kyle and one and nine saying he left us hanging??its not like you started??
    what you do for the program too??
    and he made a good choice
    cause northview is going downhill
    wrestling going down
    baseball who knows what will happen this year?
    softball lol
    basketball didnt go no where
    and the other sports who cares
    and look at all the other coaches who left
    zavala weise wengel ureita and many more
    come on ?!?!
    northview needs someone to turn around every sport there

  • V.V.L.

    Striaght out,

    Any idea why those coaches left or if any of them would be interested in coming back and taking over? I have a good idea who the kids at Northview would want to come back and take over or take over period.

  • Northview Faithful


    Disappointed in a Man that was suppose to be a role model to young men.

    Disappointed in a Man that was suppose to teach integrity to young men when faced with tough decisions.

    Most importantly I am Disappointed in a Man who would LIE…Yes I said Bold face LIE to those that have supported him for the past four years.

    I can understand taking a position or making a career change to better your future….BUT TO STATE IT AS ALL RUMORS IS JUST BU**SH**!! Especially when it was all out there for them to see and YOU so easily dismissed it.

    When Zavala left to take on Wilson NO one was mad or angry at him….WHY BECAUSE HE DID IT RIGHT. Sure we were sad to see him GO but knew that it was a good decision for him and his family. We all wished him well in his future.



  • 2011

    We played our hearts out for you Coach.

    Even with a 1-9 season we stayed with the program because you made us believe it was worth it.

    Guess you didn’t believe in it though.

  • Not an Arellanes fan but,

    Quit bustin this guys’ balls everyone.

    How soon you all forget that when ever Northview’s school district runs short on money, whose head gets put on the block? Seems like the past 2-3 years when there’s talk of a money shortage, Arellanes’ name comes up as one of those to be fired.
    I’m sure he’s not happy with the story getting released before he could tell the kids, but that was out of his hands.
    In the end, all he’s looking for is some employment stability. So would you, in the same situation.

  • Northview Faithful

    Quit Bustin His Balls?

    Very funny.

    Your right his name has come up every time there was a short coming of funds.

    BUT guess who showed up at district board meetings and spoke on his behalf to SAVE his job?

    That is where the betrayal sets in!! When it counted WE stood behind him all the way and were willing to speak on his behalf it’s too bad he did NOT give US the same consideration.

  • FallenVike

    Gentlemen, the question you MUST answer and look at is not about all the great names and candidates but TEACHING jobs. There aren’t any at Northview that’s why Arellanes left. So Morrison and Escamilla are out. It has to be an on campus guy. If there is a teaching job, that is a different story. There are a couple of other interesting names out there who have been applying, both with Northview ties.

  • Not an Arellanes fan but,

    Northview Faithful

    Yea, words are one thing, dollars are another. If the board WOULD have fired him, I just can’t see all you “supporters” crackin’ open your checkbooks, and paying Jim’s bills until he got rehired somewhere else.

  • V.V.L.


    Who are these others that have Northview ties?

  • Covina Valley USD

    This District has plenty of in district canidates.
    Joe Brown
    Kevin Glaspy
    Marcel Perez
    Brian Rice

    And who ever south hills has to name a few!
    Here’s the better deal. If you work at Northview and survive you will get a better job!

  • Reality

    Sports Fans

    It’s not NV or Covina Unified fault, we are in a serious situation in this state! Jim made the right moves for his family just like anyone would do!

    Sad for the kids, but someone will pick up the pieces at NV.

    Good luck to both program, life moves on!

  • FallenVike

    Covina Valley, those aren’t the guys we want. There are others out there, we just need to create a job for them. Don’t know if we (the school) can pull it off.

    V.V.L…..inside reports are there are a couple of good guys from Northview in the hunt for Workman. We will have to see what happens.

  • Joe Amat

    While candidates from within the Covina-Valley School District from the Northview, Covina, and South Hills staffs might get an early look, I’m going to throw out an out-of-district candidate that has to be considered a leading candidate if he wants the job. Brandon Rohrer, from La Puente HS.

    First, knowing that the teaching jobs in Covina are tenuous at best, it will be a chore for Principle Sims at Northview to pull in some favors. After negotiating with the Distrct Office to obtain some latitude, a call that I’m sure was the next one already made was to Brandon Rohrer at La Puente. I think Sims was a teacher/coach at Glendora when Rohrer was a student-athlete there and probably developed a pretty good relationship.

    When Los Altos first opened up I figured that BR wouldn’t want to leave after doing such a good job at LP in only one year – although being an “in-district” candidate would have made sense. He may also not have wanted to step into the hornets nest that is Los Altos and just decided to finish the job at LP. However, in light of the recent Academic issues at La Puente (as reported in the Trib it puts him in an entirely different situation. As one of the school that may have to shut down or drastically restructure after being listed among the state’s bottom 5 percent of schools he could be facing the same type of job-insecurity at LP that Arrellanes faced at NV.

    I’d look for Sims to lobby the District for a teaching position (and Districts have a little wiggle-room for special situations) then influence Rohrer to consider the transition. Sims had a short stint as an Administrator at Baldwin Park before taking the better position at Northview – a transition not too different than Rohrer would make, so he can use himself as an example of moving up.


    JA ,
    The low ranking on LPHS was changed as was the ranking of Azusa HS and one of the middle schools in Azusa. They were actually praised for the changes made by the administrations at these schools to get them back on track.

  • V.V.L.


    Nobody on Northviews current staff is going after the workman job, but a former Northview coach is a finalist for that job and the # 1 candidate for the Northview job is someone who is on the current staff or was on staff recently, and you can quote me on that

  • kurmugin

    Is it true that the HLPUSD board or some similar power base is considering at their meeting this week a new soccer field for Los Altos or enough of a fix to the LAHS stadium to make is actually useable year around? What does Tribune know?

  • NOT


    It’s a grass field and the school district spent all the LA funds on that pool that is a year or two behink schedule. They aren’t getting turf, the only solution is don’t use it as much. LA has those adult league’s playing on it, which is the first major issue.

  • New Coach

    I have heard that Hector Corona might be the new coach.

  • Northview Faithful

    Hector Corona the NEW Coach…Ya Right!!

  • black and gold

    Coach Corona is awesome over there, all the kids love him. great leader, and great x and o guy. but hes to young, his time will come soon though. i heard matt leyva taking over, thats the breaking news!!!! this guy pound for pound is the best coach an america.

  • V.V.L.

    Black and gold,

    Who is Matt leyva?

  • FallenVike


    What are you talking about? You don’t even know. Please re-write so you are clear. There are no Former Northview Head coaches in line… only assistants, both past and present.

  • Keep Guessing

    Isn’t Matt Leyva a Freshman Assistant Coach? Haha best coach in America, Now that did give me a chuckle. Doubt he would be the next Head Coach.
    Hector Corona is loved by his athletes, Wow which athletes? Was he not the wide receiver coach? And last year was his first year coaching.

  • V.V.L.

    Fallen Vike

    To be clear northviews former head coach ( before arellanes) is a finalist for the workman job. Also nothviews current top assistant has been offered the job and he is still trying to decide if he wants to take it. Decsion should be made by the end of the week. Is that clear enough for u?

  • Marcel Perez should be the man!

    The guy pondering over the job is Marcel Perez. Come on Marcel join the rank of head coaches! If you become the next head coach and survive you will get a big time job in 5 – 6years! Northview is a great place to become a first time head coach! Look at the past men who had that position. And by the way I know your reading this……

  • Paredes

    Corona a great X and O guy? Talking chromosomes or football? This young cat is still in diapers in the coaching world. This guy is up and coming (I’ve seen it) but put a binky in his mouth and let him coach the receivers for a few more years before throwing him in the war.

  • V.V.L.

    Latest info on Northviews job situation,

    Perez has been offered the job, but cant bring in any other coaches as teachers because the district has no jobs available at all. So there is a possibility that he wont take the job. We all know that he is the best candidate for the job so if you are a Northview supporter then stand up for the program and let the administration know that Perez is the coach that we all want and that they need to give him the support ( on campus coaches) that he needs to be successful.

  • concernedviking

    I’m not a basher, I bleed black and gold but I’ve seen Perez coaching the Frosh/JV Wrestling boys. I hope he is more motivated for football.

  • Perez fan

    If anyone has seen Perez coach football you know he hollars, motivates and works those boys hard. He has ALWAYS been the right coach for HEAD COACH.

  • V.V.L. INFO

    What do we even know about Perez? What are his qualifications?