The Scouting Guru drops in with random thoughts

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

By the way, you have to love how we have made the Scouting Guru a household name. Check this out.

The Guru says: Some random musing and notes post Signing Day while wondering when the CIF-SS will sanction Ice Hockey as a sport? (It probably won’t happen because if kids wanted to transfer from the east coast to the west coast, the CIF-SS will probably not let them play because it’ll be “athletically motivated.”) To continue, click thread

* Speaking of the CIF-SS, principals and activities directors be warned… you memberships dues will most likely get raised again. For the past several years, the CIF-SS has had Toyota as their main corporate sponsor for their championship games. Well, as you know, Toyota has had a tough time of it lately with their cars. It is rumored that they are spending close to a 1 billion dollars in their marketing campaign and recall efforts with their cars. So the question has to be asked… what will Toyota do this year? Will they make their cars safer or spending their money as a sponsor for high school sports? Any reasonably smart person knows what the answer is. Now, the CIF-SS will say that they are “good to go” for the rest of the 2010 season. OK, so what happens after the season is over with? Like I said HS principles, you’re dues are likely to being raised for the 2011 season.

* Here is a message to the football coaches in our area that are part of the CIF-SS football advisory committee. Something has to be done about the lack of sportsmanship that is being displayed by football teams. Now, I’m not going to sit here and list all the stuff from this past season, but when the Press Enterprise labeled the 2009 season as the “worst season in the history of the IE” something has to be done. What makes this more appalling is that if you want to coach in the state, the state CIF office makes a coach go through a sportsmanship class online and makes the coach pay $50. And for what? To see coaches point at scoreboards at the end of games? To have coaches mock the home team fans at halftime of a football game? When you have head coaches pushing opposing assistant coaches at halftime of games, this has to stop now! When I mentioned to a CIF-SS official about the situation, his response was “What do you want us to do…fire the coach? We’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work.”
I’ve never said that. How about suspending them for a game? Or, how about taking a home playoff game away from them? (They do it for some silly rule regarding using a Spaulding football for the playoffs.) There has to be some kind of statement that addresses this issue. You may not like me saying this, but the CIF-SS is looking a lot like the CIF LA City Section. And that is not a good thing.

* Here is your junior day update. South Hills’ Peter Nonu, Siaosi Aiono, Charter Oak’s Dennis Rufus and Bishop Amat’s Wallace Gonzalez were invited (and attended) UCLA’s Junior Day several weeks ago. Aiono was the only area player to get an invite to attend USC’s Junior Day several days later. St. Francis’ Patrick Carroll was also at both Junior Days. While that may not sound as important to you, from a recruiting end – this Junior Day’s are huge for schools like USC and UCLA. These are unofficial visits that allows the recruits to develop relationships with the college’s position and area assistant coaches.

* Which brings me to the point regarding Wallace Gonzales. There seems to be a perception that he is going to be offered early before the start of the 2010 football season. Well, the chances of that happening are about as good as me getting married this weekend (which is to say, it’s not going to happen). And the reason is simple. The prospect didn’t play in 2009. And when you don’t have junior film , plus you transfer to another school, it doesn’t add up as well. And you can be sure that if any college coach goes to Glendora HS, I don’t think you’ll see a whole lot of coaches speaking fondly of Gonzales. If I was him, I would follow the path that was taken by South Hills QB and future UCLA star Jacob Shirley. He worked his tail off to becoming a big-time baseball prospect (without even playing football or baseball thanks to King James at the CIF-SS office), got an offer after a baseball camp and had a terrific season of high school football in his senior season. So good – as a matter of fact – that Shirley had caught the eye of several D-1 FCS coaches who wanted to know if he was interested in playing football in college. If it worked for Shirley, it can work for Gonzales.

* I’m going to be very interested to see how the pre-season is going to work itself out in the East SGV this year. We have several teams that have taken a significant upgrade in their pre-season schedule. And some of them are in the Mid-Valley Division. I had a very sharp observer tell me recently, “Here’s the deal. There is a significant drop off in talent from the teams in the Southeast Division to the teams in the Mid-Valley Division. It’s very apparent.” It’s a theory that will tested to the hilt this year. You have San Dimas taking on Rancho Cucamonga, Arroyo playing Hart, and Baldwin Park (along with Monrovia in week 4) playing South Hills. Of those games, the one that really stands out is the San Dimas vs. Rancho Cucamonga game. It took four years for South Hills to defeat R.C, the best that Charter Oak could do was tie them two years ago. So – in my eyes – it will be a monumental upset if the Saints win. But, with HC Billy Zernikow in the captain’s chair, never count them out.

* With the economy as tough as it is, my first prediction is that there are going to be an influx of people that are going to decide to get into the ranks of officiating this fall. And it’s a good thing for the people involved with the Foothill-Citrus officiating unit. If you play your cards right, you can make a little bit of money working games on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday. If you do a underclassman game, you’re getting paid around $65. When you mix in working several underclassmen games, you can make close to $200 for a week. And when you mix in a varsity football game on Friday night (at around $73 dollars a game), it all adds up at the end of the year. Plus, it won’t be bad to see a new influx of younger guys into the unit.

* I had a assistant coach at one of the Serra League school tell me recently, “I think the coaches at Bishop Amat do a great job. They don’t have a lot to work with, but they get the most out of those guys.” I couldn’t agree more. Its my opinion, but the area Coach of the Year should have been Steve Hegarty.

* The more I see of Bonita QB Garrett Pendelton, the more I am intrigued with him. He is one of the more accurate QB’s in the area and you know that he can handle reading coverages. I’m making him the favorite to being the Hacienda League’s first-team QB at the end of the season. And keep an eye out for offensive lineman Tarez Lemmons. I thought that he had a nice season up front.

* And I am also very intrigued with San Dimas TE Kevin Kolbeck. This kid caught the eye two years ago when I saw him play against Northview. On film is not the fastest cat out there, but he has good hands and shows decent athletic ability.

* When you finish up watching tape, there are players to you just want to see in their senior year. I’m not saying their D-1 guys, but – they are worth watching. One of those guys is Glendora TE Corey Murphy. He’s listed at 6-3, 230 and has decent blocking ability. Just a prospect to keep your eye on.

* We are already looking at the Class of 2012. If you have read us in the past, you know who much we like players like Jamie Canada, Jamel Hart and Vincent Hernandez of South Hills and Rio Ruiz of Bishop Amat. Several other players to keep you eye on include Diamond Bar RB Jamaal Clayton, Damien LB Alex Arevalo and West Covina CB Chris Solomon.

* For those of you on the west side of the SGV, keep your eye on Alhambra Offensive Lineman Chris Salgado. Another kid that we call a “phone booth prospect” (meaning he’ll be a guard or center at the next level) but he is a prospect. The best offensive lineman in the three newspaper zone is Patrick Carroll of St. Francis HS. He is very good!

* If you are using game film, there is no question that the best QB in the three newspaper zones is Schurr QB Aaron Cantu. His film is way more consistent than Jefferies of Glendora and Clements of La Habra. If I had to rank them (from a college point of view) this is how we would have it….

1) Cantu (Schurr)
2) Clements (La Habra)
3) Jefferies (Glendora)

I will say this, these guys are better than anyone that is out there in the IE. Not a good year for QB’s in the IE.

* I have a question for our “big man” Aram Tolegian. Who going to coach varsity football at Bassett?

And now to my non-football area thoughts for the week….

* Here is what I think is going to happen to USC and their football program. As you all know, no school holds greater cache than the men of Cardinal and Gold. The conference needs them to be on TV. If USC is doing well, the conference is doing well. So with that being said, my prediction is that SC will be docked some scholarships and will not play in a bowl-game in 2011. Need a current impact of what USC means to the Pac-10? Did you see all those people being masked as empty seats during the night session of the Pac-10 Basketball Tournament at Staples Center. Last year at this time, semifinal night was a sell-out.

* Wasn’t that a great hockey game between the USA and Canada for the Gold Medal? It was riveting TV to the end. But don’t look for it to have the same impact as the Indiana State vs. Michigan St game was for the NCAA back in 1979.

* And if you haven’t been to a Kings or Ducks hockey game, you should go. It is a blast.

* The high school basketball season is like hockey season. It never ends!

* Did you see the finish the Etiwanda vs. Mater Dei boys basketball game last Saturday on Prime Ticket? Why do I get the feeling that Etiwanda will be getting that apology letter from CIF that South Hills got two years ago. That was not only a foul, it was an intentional foul!

* And here is my high school baseball thought for the week. I know that everyone wants to be number one – but to hear the talk this week on the blog, you would think that the CIF-SS Toyota (did you like that one Thom Simmons) Baseball playoffs were being held this weekend. Yeah I know that Bishop Amat is off to a hot start and that they are rolling. But, there is a theory that goes around in sports like baseball, it’s not how you start – it’s how you finish. Last I checked, players are playing for CIF-SS Toyota (like that one again Thom) baseball championships, not to be listed as the number one team in the area. I think it’s a slap in the face to men like Darren Murphy at Northview, Dan Henley at Glendora, Kevin Smith at South Hills that are having great starts to the season but are getting pushed to the side because Bishop Amat is defeating Capistrano Valley, et al. The way some of the talk is around the area, you would think that baseball started and stopped at Bishop Amat. Last year at this time, all the talk was Amat this and Amat that. And when push came to shove, San Dimas ends up winning the division. And what is your reward for being number one in the paper? A pat in the back. When you end up winning a CIF-SS Toyota (like that again, Thom) Championship, you get patches and rings. Let’s slow down and start talking to me in April and May when you have to play teams that are familiar with you. And if you think that is not a factor, talk to Pete Carroll about it. It’s your league that are the toughest games…not some of your pre-season games.

* My last thought of the week is a tough note to write about. On Thursday, news came out that Merlin Olson passed away. For me personally, this was a tough to take. Many people will remember Olson for his accomplishments on the football field and in the movie industry. For people like myself, I will always associate Olson with Dick Enberg doing football games. Before the days of cable and satellite TV, football games on TV were a big thing. I used to remember going to my uncle’s house on New Year’s Day for a family gathering and one of the constants was Dick and Merlin at the Rose Bowl. As a matter of fact, it was the Rose Bowl and then the Orange Bowl with Don Criqui and Bob Trumpy. That was New Year’s Day. Bigger than life for guys like me back in the day. The only time that I didn’t hear Dick and Merlin at the Rose Bowl was in 1986…that’s because I was at the game to see USC take on Michigan St. I remember looking up in the press box and there they were. Dick and Merlin at the Rose Bowl. How cool. Yes, some of us are getting a bit older now when you hear about great gentleman like Merlin Olson passing away. Wow, how time flies.

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  • The Facts

    Again Guru, your not getting your facts straight. You make it very hard to believe what you say on any issue when you constantly report what YOU DONT KNOW.
    Aiono was not the only area player invited to the USC junior day. Both Gonzales and Jeffries were both invited and attended.
    I used to follow you and give some thought to what you say but more and more I could careless.

  • Come on….Really

    Would the Glendora coaches really bad mouth a kid and comment on another team’s player negatively?

  • truth

    Come on…Really – it is really important to a coaches credibility to simply tell the truth when talking to colleges. Not bad mouthing – but you can’t lie either. You’re word becomes your connection for trying to help someone later – if someone asks – you better be right or they’re not calling back

  • cjpackfan

    ahhhh guru(coach h2o)……nice left handed compliment “hegarty for coach of the year” at least spell the name right, it’s Hagerty! way to use the bully pulpit, porr sh, they got such a bad deal from the Cif-SS office, we wuz robbed, cheated..yada yada yada, give it up , they got caught, fess up to it, turn the page, and Mission Viejo lost a home playoff game(s) because they tried to make a Wilson football looke like a Spaulding with a Sharpie, Spaulding was an official sponsor and their contract mandated Spaulding footballs be used in all play-off football games, at least tell the whole story willya! one last add, when it comes to college football Southern Cal does not, never has nor never will have the most cache….if they did they wouldn’t play in a dump(LA coliseum)they’d have their own network, think the Irish and NBC, plus ND on syndicated radio, nationally with parts of Canada thrown in…. and you’d spot their gear in the Eastern time zone or the Central or the Mountain, ND has the grotto, the four horseman of the apocalypse(famine,pestilence,death and destruction)touchdown Jesus, the golden dome,Rockne(win one for the Gipper)Rudy,a coast-to-coast schedule ,24 teams in an intra-mural tackle football program, the ND victory march! and their kids all live in dorms with the other students , all graduate too how about that! only a deaf,dumb and blind man would say southern cal matches or exceeds ND, when it comes to cache…………


    Wallace Gonzalez on film:

    He’s 2 years older, he has better hands, he is more agile, he is faster, and he will be playing for Bishop Amat.

  • 88 not 86

    Rose Bowl Games

    1-1-85 = USC vs. Ohio State

    1-1-86 = UCLA vs. Iowa

    1-1-87 = ASU vs. Michigan

    1-1-88 = USC vs. Mich. State

  • Reno

    @The Facts
    The Feds are watching you, BUDDY…I know who you are. I have the resources! Some informant you are…chump

  • Feds? Who this sounds serious?

    Wait…who’s Reno?

    Was that a veiled threat at someone? Not sure what set that off between you guys but apparently you have some serious issues in your past that “both” of you need to work out.

    This blog isn’t the place.

    Be men and work it out with a phone call. Comments like that are kind of over the top. Not knowing what was said, just seems weird.

  • JFR

    How is it that anytime someone bashes the guru a new blogger appears “Reno” to have his back. Nice try Radio eerrrrr…… guru.

  • sgv football

    JFR, thats because the Guru can dish it out but cant stand the criticism he gets back.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Let’s stop the hate people.

  • AmatBB

    Steve, Hate is a strong word. I dont really think anybody is writing hate comments other then whoever Reno is. I think what the bloggers are trying to say and it’s not only this post but other post’s the Guru has made in the past is that he doesnt really know what’s going on here factually. He seems to have an agenda against Wallace Gonzalez with his little jabs here and there. My gosh let the kid just play the sports he enjoys playing without putting a guy named GURU on here telling us all what he thinks is going to happen in the future for him.

  • reality

    I remember Guru propping WG all the time. He has been all over his next level potential since the beginning and has always ranked him high

  • Gonzalez and Jefferies Fan

    Decided to look at Wallace Gonzalez’s highlight tape because he’s always been very polite to me and I’m a big fan, and always will be. WR’s are a special bunch, that much is clear. A every level their value in stretching a defense, over loading defenses and their ability to win a game in one play is invaluable at all levels.

    Just look at the highlight tape at 2:05 and see what he did to Damien’s defense the year he lead Glendora back to victory. Single coverage was useless against a kid with that size and that length yet Damien went “solo” with no safety on top. Pretty comical considering how deep he caught the ball and the “beehive” that ran after him while the ball was in the air.

    Next he does it against everyone, over the middle, one handed in the corner of the end zone, deep balls…over and over he’s killing kids who aren’t at his level, and he was only a true Soph. What he would have done last year is scary considering he earned All State status as a 15/16 year old man child.

    Also caught Chris Rix’s tape of QB drills and guess who’s the QB…you guessed it Jefferies. Kid has tons of potential and apparently is doing next level drills with a very very good QB coach. Lets give Chris credit he’s done wonders with QBs.

    Whatever Amat is it’s clear they are loaded with outstanding superior coaches and tough as nails kids who respect talent and hard work. WG is now 6’5″ 234 lbs….that’s huge for any WR and he’s going to do magic next year, just watch.

    WG needs no one in his corner, as his time at GHS has proved, to succeed but I will always be a huge fan because he’s dealt with AH adults since he was 12…. and that’s a crying shame.

  • questions for GURU


    any insider info on new coaches at


    also wat do u think about Arellanas at Los Al?

  • sgv scouting

    A couple of things to make clear.

    1) I never said that Gonzalez was not a talent. I think he is a talent. The problem is when a school starts to investigate why he left a school DURING his junior year after one game, they’re not going to be happy with the answer they are going to get. Obviously if he has great senior tape, he’ll be looked at closely. But, he won’t be able to play over until week 4 (I think, I know it’s on the CIF-SS website as to when he can play), so he’ll have the odds against him a bit. Plus, here is the age old question… Does he want to play football or baseball. Many schools will not allow him to play both…that’s just the way the business is now-a-days. So, it’ll be a very interesting spring for him. The point is, he needs to be on senior film right away…

    2) Couldn’t help but notice the post made by cjpackfan about Notre Dame football and how they are the best name in college football. Well, answer me a couple of questions…

    a) Why haven’t they been to a BCS bowl game in a while? I have one word for you…RECRUITING.
    b) You want to explain to me why the Athletic Director at Notre Dame is exploring the avenue of Notre Dame going to a conference for football if conferences like the Pac-10 or the Big-10 expand? Just google Notre Dame football and you’ll see the story that was in the Friday editions of the New York Times. BTW, the Coliseum is just fine for guys like me on Saturday afternoon’s. Beats the bench’s at the Rose Bowl. And if you think that kids are bending over backwards to go to Notre Dame, then you have been living in a recruiting cave. Either that or you don’t have a subscription to Rivals and Scout and are not keeping track of recruiting nationally. Oh and one more thing, when was the last time that Notre Dame beat SC…can’t remember either.

    One other thing, I forgot, Michigan St played USC in the 1987 Rose Bowl. I have the program from the game to prove that I was there. My mistake. Didn’t say I was perfect.

  • sgv scouting

    We’ll address the LA hiring in my column next week. Thanks for the question…

  • cjpackfan

    coach “get back”(the guy holding the phones on the sideline who yells get back to the kids, lol) you used the word “cache” when describing southern cal, as in, they are the be all and end all in college football, wrong and wrong, again……….cache in the 21st century means something vastly different than the W-L record hence my comments, (but if you go strictly scoreboard, it still ain’t southern cal! look at what Florida and Texas are up to)as far as you reference to and when have they ever had Boise St. or TCU ranked anywhere, 1 word never! recruiting is an art not a science, coaching is way more important than being a so called 4 star recruit , especially when the idiot rating you has never seen you before, to compare schools recruits as a group, ala the above mentioned “experts” absurd! so ND joins the BigTen, a longshot at best, it won’t take effect for 8-10 years, the cache examples given will still trump southern cals, by far….. in 2010 their NBC exclusive deal will have run 30 years! all the other examples will still be valid….jaime open your eyes, there is football east of the AZ border, trust me on this, as opposed to not seeing any southern cal gear once you leave the greater los angeles area, the Irish roll EVERYWHERE….btw do you guys use Arrowhead or tap water on the sidelines? lol

  • sgv scouting

    cjpackfan: I like your passion for the Irish. I hope that you continue to love the green and gold after this season. Just keep in mind of one thing, one of the main problems that ND had this year was their defense. Their new DC just came from a school that was LAST in the conference in team defense. And the way they recruited nationally this year, don’t look for the defense to improve in 2010.

    Best of luck with coach Kelly. They tried getting St. Francis’ Deitrich Riley and that failed. They tried to get Kaiser’s Josh Shirley and that failed and they tried to get Corona’s Jordon James and that failed. Oh well, I hope they recruit well in Ohio.

    Oh and it was Arrowhead water… in case you were wondering. Thanks for asking…lol

  • jcaz

    You know Guru, every day I go to Amat and pick my kid up from school, and on some of those days, I see allot of the football players including Gonzalez out there, just hanging arround at school playing a pick up game of basketball.

    Anyway maybe sometimes, kids make mistakes, and maybe sometimes, those same kids actually learn from some of the mistakes they have made in the past, but what I guess that i’m trying to say here is that regarles of any of that, what you ulitmaly have here, are just a bunch of kids.

    Just kids….

    Guru, maybe the kid had some issues in the past, but really, who cares anyway. Really.

    Remember, Guru, in the end, Alex is still just a youngster, and when you put out stuff like that about a high school kid, then stuff like that really dosen’t give me a whole lot of good feeling about what your saying or doing in here.

  • curious

    what exactly was said here that was negative about WG? I don’t see anything.

  • Team Player

    I wish the best for Wallace Gonzales also, but he needs to learn to play for the name on the front & not the name on the back. He is very talented, his size is off the charts. I know without a doubt that The Glendora Football coaches acted as most coaches would of. Quit making excuses for WG’s part in this unfortunate incident. If you were a part of that GHS team you would know what really happened. I agree with the people saying that Wallace was mistreated by some parent’s in the past. Alot of people thought negative of him because of his size & dominance. Personally, I hope he succeeds & maybe we can all learn from this & move on. Give him a clean slate & see what happens this year. By the way, he has alot of size, & decent hands. But to say he is fast is a reach. Good luck Wallace, don’t let the past affect the future. You are at the age where blaming others for your situation is gonna only keep you from what you can be. Amat Fans are the most loyal in the valley. So you will have alot more supporters than detractors. So it’s up to you Wallace. I always pull for the young athlete to succeed. I am not critical, just want to see Young Wallace be all he can be. Amat fans have not seen enough of WG to post all of these opinions. Amat fans are loyal & sometimes blinded by their own passion, which means they are incapable of being objective. JOE AMAT & AMAT73 are good & knowledgeable bloggers with a passion & a loyalty to their kid’s that I think is great for young athletes. They don’t badger kids, they just state opinions. JCAZ, I have witnessed you on many occasions attack bloggers, or state negatives. I have also witnessed you be positive & praise kids, & blog responsibly. Bottom line, you are full of B.S. like the rest of us. I have respect for Amat & the schedule that they play every football season. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. You know Jacks–t about what went on in the inner workings of the GHS F-Ball team. So keep stating your opinion without knowing all the facts, so the lesson of accountability will disappear, & all that will be left is a bunch of kids that have a terrible work ethic and expect their asses to be kissed. After all, he wasn’t coachable, that is the bare truth.

  • Annenberg school Alum.

    What the Guru said was one mans opinion. But, he did make reference to some of the athletes past problems with his former high school. How does this Guru know that the coaching staff at GHS high school will not speak fondly of Gonzalez to college coaches? Did he personally talk to the coaching staff to find this out? My guess the coach’s will mention there was issue but not go into detail about it or if anything had happened. He thinks he is so sure of himself that he makes a statement about Gonzales not getting an offer before the 2010 season starts would be like him getting married this weekend. I dont know how you read it but that sounds like a jab to me. My guess is Guru should report whats going on in the valley regarding football but apparently he cant do that right when reporting who actually attends Junior day invites.
    Guru your style of reporting needs a little more investigation and a little less criticism. Maybe you should use your instinct to criticize when reporting on college or the pros. After all these are high school kids looking to somehow find their way into college playing the sport they love with very sensitive parents.
    Stay positive, Trojan for Life

  • jcaz

    Team player

    Yup, Ill go along with thatthere a more than a number of times that Im full of BS in here…..No doubt about it, so at the very least, we can both agree on something right off the top here right ?

    Oh and BTW, if you havent figured that one out by now, then I dont really know where in the world you have been, for the last several years !!

    However, having said all of that, there is one thing that I can absolutely say about me my good friend, and that is that I am not a total waste of human sperm like you are.

    Tell me something, what purpose do you hope to gain out of this posting about a kid named Wallace Gonzalez anyway ? Why in the world is it your responsibility, or even your duty to somehow tell the world all about how bad of a kid this young man was over at GHS ?

    What do you hope to gain out of all of this anyway ?

    Look, like I said earlier, I do say some outrageous things in here, and ya, Im full of BS more often than not, but do yourself and me a favor, and stay away from the kids when you feel that you want to criticize someone. Think of it as a Megans law kind of a thing ok…

    Blogger, believe me when I tell you that you dont have to go that route to feel that your a big man. Realy, you don’t.

    Oh, and one more thing.. Like I always like to say, I dont have a problem with people like you going after me. Allot of folks do, and truth be told, I sometimes look for it, and more often than not, when its not out there, I kinda seek it out, because in the end, I guess I just like to have some fun every now and then.

    However, where I draw the line, is when it comes to kids.

    You know, the reason for that is because I once called out a kid for making a mistake in a football game a couple of years ago. A blogger came in here and did me a big favor by ripping me a new one. She was absolutely right you know. I never should have said what I said in here, and I never should have thrown that kid under the bus the way I did. Maybe you should do the same thing and re-think what it is that you put out in here just now.

    One last thing ok…

    Tell you want, Ill make a wager with you. If you can tell me, with all sincerity that you have never made a mistake in your life, and at the same time, if you can sit here and say to me that you have never had any regrets for some stupid things that you have done in your life before, then Ill say to you that youre a better man than me. But somehow, Ill wager that your just as human as I am, and in the end, Ill bet that we will both agree on at least two thing in here. Number one, that Im full of BS, quite a bit, and number two, that youre a complete waste of…..

  • Evan Leigh

    Why does anybody respond or post with regard to anything James Escarcega writes (sorry, there is no way Im calling a get back coach the Guru)? He is no more an authority on football or football talent than I am on nuclear physics. Ask anybody at South Hills High School about The Waterboy and theyll have even less flattering things to say.
    Fred, you have Aram back now. He has forgotten more about football in the area than James will ever know. Please do us all a favor and stop giving this guy legitimacy. I know you do it because people have strong comments (see my post as proof of that) and that always makes for good copy. The problem is that some people here will actually take his posts for those based on even a remote football experience simply because you have given him a forum. In the end this is not a good reflection on you.
    His bias for South Hills and all things Huskies and his obvious disdain for the CIF and any private school is obvious ridiculous. Please stop legitimizing this fraud.

  • Untested

    Viewed the You Tube clip of Wallace and that looks all good as Glendora played a young and has been team in Damien. Wallace is in a different pond now playing pac5 D1 football. It will not come as easy and he will be tested. Good for Amat to get this kid but the jury is still out. He gets to play in 6 of the 10 games and possibly a playoff round or two. Biggest question is who will get him the ball Rio? Is Rio the QB? if Not then who is the QB?. The way Amats line broke down in that 4th quarter against Lakewood thats the area of improvement that needs to be addressed, because without that line there will be no QB to Wallace connection. Wallace as big as he is should be carrying tacklers after a catch ala Blake Ales a few years back, Wallace seems to go down on a hit.D1 is allot different the hits will come at a faster and more aggressive pace..

  • D1

    Poor Speed as a WR in football and “K”s” ratio in BB not good!

    Next level way different!

    End of story

  • Mike

    Great comments about Merlin Olsen, I loved the Rose and Orange Bowl on NBC too. Here was the introduction to each on new year’s day 1988.

    Rose Bowl 1988

    Orange Bowl 1988

  • Dam this Blog is AWESOME. If you wrote this any better i would think you were a super human. lol nice.:)