Baseball, softball ranking adjustments come Tuesday, No. 1s are not safe

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  • Talent

    If you SGV fans want to see a true stud, go check out Scott Frazier at Upland. This kid will go high in the June draft.

  • Fred
    Los Altos is playing Cal High Tuesday 6:00 PM At Rod Dedeaux field ( USC).Nice for the kids to get to play there.
    They are a Good young team!

  • Softball Top 10?

    How is Amat softball in the top 10. Let’s see what they did this weekend at the Brea Olinda Tournament. They were mercied by Orange Lutheran 10-2, lost to Northwood 5-2, beat a second year high school-San Juan Hills 14-3, btw, SJH was mercied every game in the tournament, and Amat lost the 9th place game to El Rancho 9-2.

  • BullPen


    South Hills

    After #5, it’s a crap shoot.

  • No way


    Damien is not a top five team. There play against one good team exposed their lack of pitching, defense skills and having some kind of plan at the plate.

  • Gold Glove

    There were a couple local teams at the Brea Olinda Tournament that were not reported in the paper. The scores probably never got called in.

    Brea Olinda Tournament
    Saturday 3/6/10

    Esperanza 5
    Diamond Bar 0

    Villa Park 7
    Dana Hills 2

    Sunny Hills 1
    El Rancho 0

    Laguna Hills 3
    El Dorado 2

    La Serna 10 mercy rule
    San Juan Hills 1

    St Lucy’s 5
    Brea Olinda 3

    La Habra 2
    Northwood 0

    Orange Lutheran 10 mercy rule
    Bishop Amat 2

    Thursday 3/11/01
    Championship bracket

    St. Lucy’s 10 mercy rule
    La Serna 0

    Esperanza 6
    Villa Park 4

    Consolation bracket
    Diamond Bar 5
    Dana Hills 3

    El Dorado 5
    El Rancho 0

    Brea Olinda 12
    San Juan Hills 1

    Northwood 5
    Bishop Amat 2

    Friday’s results 3/12/10
    Championship bracket

    Sunny Hills 2
    Laguna Hills 1

    Orange Lutheran 3
    La Habra 2


    Esperanza 1
    Sunny Hills 3

    St. Lucy’s 3
    Orange Lutheran 5

    Consolation bracket
    Diamond Bar 7
    El Dorado 5

    Brea Olinda 0
    Northwood 8

    Saturday’s results 3/13/10
    Consolation bracket

    Villa Park 2
    Laguna Hills 1

    La Serna 4
    La Habra 5

    Dana Hills 3
    El Rancho 4

    San Juan Hills 3
    Bishop Amat 14

    last consolation game

    Diamond Bar 0
    Northwood 5

    Championship bracket

    9th place game
    El Rancho 9
    Bishop Amat 2

    7th place game
    Laguna Hills 6
    La Serna 0

    5th place game
    Villa Park 1
    La Habra 4

    3rd place game
    St. Lucy’s 6
    Esperanza 2

    Championship game
    Orange Lutheran 5
    Sunny Hills 3

  • Head First

    Hey, Why no coverage of the final game between Glendora and Crescenta Valley in the Clint Harwick Glendora Tournament?

  • ?


    How come no coverage in the SGV Tribune about that waxing Bishop Amat got the other day. Not even a Box Score. Just wondering… Looks like pitching might be an issue after Peaz.

  • Between the lines

    My Top 5
    1. Amat
    2. Glendora
    3. South Hills
    4. Dbar
    5. Damien

    As for Amat people can be in denial all they want but they have the players and the coaching so expect them to be have continued sucess.

    GHS has had the talent for the last 3 years and if they truly have mature the are going to be very tuff. From what I saw Saturday night…it was a strong indication they have mature.

    Haven’t see alot of South Hills but the several times I did see them it didn’t seem they were deep enough across the board to be special. But they will have a very good year.

    DBar has some good players but are way behind the curve as a team. I could see them droping over time.

    Damien still has a lot to prove. They are gearing up to out slug teams but over all the pitching (week in and week out) in league will win out. The program is heading in the right direction but they are just not there yet. That being said expect them to have some nice upsets this year however that will be the extent of it.

  • fair

    good softball rankings should majorly be adjusted especially after the san dimas tournament… who knows why south hills is in top 3 …

  • LA Fan

    I agree, besides SH catcher Rodriguez there isnt much to say about SH.

  • DIran

    Working for the latimes for more than 20 years I’ve seen alot of coaches who have the ability to put together teams strictly based on talent. I have seen travell ball players who are college bound D1 athletes not make varsity programs. I’ll never understand why you would purposely choose not to. Today as I set out to see Breanna Duran cousin of Olympic softball, ucla alum andrea duran. Keep in mind I have seen Breanna duran hit the very best pitching college level. Etiwandas and bonitas pitchers arguably the two best pitchers in the San Gabriel valley, both division 1 pitchers and she was batting 9th on JV. I stayed long enough to see her rob west Covina of a line drive shot that she chased down on the run and made an incredible grab. She doubled with two RBI’s. I wanted an oppurtunity to speak with the varsity coach Scott Fisch who was unavailable. Breanna Duran here’s the ugly truth lifes not fair. Regardless you still gave it your professional style and grace. Coach if you could tell me what’s not to love about the next Duran, I would appreciate your input.