The winter all-area first teamers for all sports have been notified, a reminder that pictures are today from 2-4 at the Trib .. Smiling faces only

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  • Lut fan said:

    said: word on the street, that the most heavely recruited player in the valley(Grant Jerrett) cannot make your first team wow! fred have you taken the time to see him play other than the Cif finals? FYI fred UCLA Wash.,UNLV,Arizona,USC,SMU,and others, dont believe a blogger ck. for yourself and you will find the hottest recruit is in your backyard and you dont know it, i think that is news!

  • Fred WTH????

    Hey LUT Fan, have you heard who has made it to the all areas boys 1st team??? I also heard NO one from Amats Boys team made it??? WTH they play in one of the toughest leagues in so cal make it to the semis almost upset #6 team in the state, and no one from their team makes it??? Fred I thought you were at the Price game????

  • FredJ

    won’t discuss any of this until after teams are released

  • Reality check

    We also know that Amat didn’t win many of those big league games and their playoff bracket had them play a 13-15 team in the quarterfinals before losing to Price…How many big games did Amat win besides losing to Bonita and Damien? Did you know their three playoff victories came against three teams with losing records? That’s some road to the semifinals.

  • Fred WTH???

    Reality Check, OK Amat lost to Damien by 1 Bonita, and Chino Hills all without their 6’5 center. But look who they beat they killed San Dimas, C.O., Northview, and every other team they played against from the SGV.
    Not to mention big wins in a tough league against Cath and Bishop Mong.Fred I just think one kid should have been on you All SGV team

  • c’mon

    I don’t know how many first teamer fred gets, but I gather from this that the top teams were rewarded,not the second-tier top like Amat. That means probably bonita, lutheran, damien, south hills, etc, etc, and you have to think guys like bobby miles at workman or smith at glendora is on here somewhere …I wouldn’t even know who to associate Amat with in terms of best player. they had a lot of guys that were basically the same, no standouts..

  • Unfreakinbelievable

    If Grant Jerrett is not on the 1st team then you don’t know squat about basketball. PERIOD!